2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

When I set foot in Lhasa, I don’t have any excitement. Did this to you? Why I can’t get excited. The reason can’t be full ride? Definitely not, never thought of from the outset must ride my ass, I call the shots, even joking with people on the train, buy tickets directly to Lhasa, and then holding the car in front of the Potala Palace, take a picture. With my personality, I think I would totally shameless to such a degree.

I said to Ray, and now all he had managed to realize why so many people ride to Lhasa, but wrote on the wall of the hotel “stupid ride to Lhasa.” Yes, really stupid, why do is Ah, what’s the significance. Perhaps on the way met those people’s eyes, we already are out-and-out silly.

Did not choose to live in the hostel, where people are too noisy, on foot, car, bike, self-help travel, everyone has a life, and doesn’t want anyone to listen to brag. Picked up a traffic convenient hotel settled down, not far from the Norbulingka, these days together with Jr.

Little Lhasa, few roads, jinzhu road, Beijing Road, Jiangsu road, but also some not-so-long, see the map to be able to remember again, want to lose is difficult.

Originally thought, went around the Potala Palace, the first time touch, but planned, it’s raining. Well, wash sleep.

2nd day the first thing put all the clothes are washed, and this is a big deal. Then walk along the street, before I knew to the Tibet Museum, free of charge, visit. Is a little strict security checks, in addition to camera phones, are not allowed to take anything, not even water.

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

I regretted it since, what crock of 2000 years ago, 3,000 years ago, stone, soil from 5,000 years ago. Difference between the mud that play with as a child? I read too little, and you don’t lie to me!

Look that adorns the container purposely labeled “pot” you straightaway put a “chamber pot” o death, my life is definitely a chamber pot, hundreds of years ago, the Tibetan people have urine, now historic.

The only one who can understand is the legend of Emperor songtsen-Gampo married Princess Wen Cheng allegedly Princess Wencheng into Tibet only lasted 3 years, cycling less than a month from Xian to Lhasa, and sister Princess ride a horse ride gone for 3 years. I am quite puzzled, she is high? Physical fitness is really nice

Flatline, fortunately, the Museum has many young MM also visited, looking a pair of young artists like, I don’t like the literary youth, but beautiful face innocence. Clockwise around inside the Museum when the defendant, and containment, blocked the way to appreciate MM seem realistic, I want to be a law-abiding visitors. Only chance is a footer row, from the second floor to the third floor, is very hard.

Yak sheep for n days, managed to see the young woman, say, this woman is compared to the yak-attractive, engaging, all fresh and delicious.

Not that one Chamber, is a pottery, unsightly chamber pot I didn’t shoot

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

This did not know what, anyway, out for a Merida extreme 96 should be no problem

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

The MM read, we Flash, waved it for three or four hours

Take lots of photos in the Museum are deleted, and worry about keeping more

Who again, I would still recommend Museum

Look, can find a lot of things, it helps to understand the history of Tibet

This uneducated people or forget

Out from the Museum turned a corner, saw the Potala Palace and approached, how could it not pictured above Grand? More carry excitement has even pretended to be quite difficult. Go to booking tickets, to another, always going inside. Get reservation tickets is at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of 20.

Along the road, this is the business district of Beijing, some two or three line brand in mainland cities, especially in Sports leisure network, but found no McDonald’s and KFC, the brother, Mao, a lot of small town has. Seemingly was monopolized by the DiCOS, words, DiCOS was what?

Encountered an alley, Tibetan style is heavy and curious look, don’t want to walk for a while, went to the street. Whoa Oh, Jokhang Temple suddenly appeared, a lot of people, where incense.

A whistlestop tour to see it again, in addition to the Tibetan people come to worship, is full of stalls selling crafts and tourists.

Here is not today’s excursion goals, again another day.

Today, there is a very important things to do-buy a ticket. Heard that is very difficult to get tickets early, had to go. From the street went out to play, opening 30 Yuan is not metered, 30 and I don’t complain, don’t play table is a bit uncomfortable, fares will have to be transparent. Or take the bus now, buses are not conveniently located, not to wait half an hour, bus stop can not read, not my IQ questions are not place names, first, second, what the plane. Miss Wuhan into civilian life.

The Lhasa railway station cups, full-field bus to a stop, it is no wonder that road was deserted without, you say the buses don’t go soliciting, stop doin ‘ here, constipation.

Is very quiet on the square, an armed police came over and asked us to do,

Do buy the tickets

Here already work, and come back tomorrow

Your sister, for the first time spotted a train station bearing the Windows service industry night and work

Not used, not used

Public transportation does not open, go back to nature also became a problem. No fear, brothers from Tibetan ticking over, don’t bird you walking, why not just four kilometers, appreciate the night scene of liuwu bridge in passing.

Because these little things, general impression of Lhasa city.

Next morning dashed to the station, a chastened, I ride a bike. I get to buy a ticket, Jr in the car outside, really TM, and quite a few teams, never even seen half moved a step further. Evening decided not to sell tickets are calculated, efficiency is so low during the day.

Displayed on a large screen to Guangzhou, Chengdu, none of these directions in XI ‘ an, especially Guangzhou, not until 29th, today 19th, is impossible to Wuchang, and infinite melancholy. Lhasa for Shanghai’s car had a few tickets, he first sat at the Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan is convenient.

Whole team waited for 3 hours, was also not kind to fart in the queue, and wanted to get back at him, but put it out. Jr also bored to death outside and pulled police talk for a long time. In all public places, have stationed heavily.

Tour the Potala Palace in the afternoon, still plenty of time, ride to Lhasa along the Lhasa River Road Bridge in that position, experience from Tibet Elvin 318, many Tibetan children on the bridge screaming at us “Welcome to Lhasa”

NN, thank you, really warm

See we don’t even have baggage

Palace, the Palace of …

Not quite looking forward to, but not inside, it’s probably not willing to

Zhang spent transition

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Spent 100 Yuan, also along at such a high ladder climb

Why not learn about yellow crane lifts?

Thought of the yellow crane Tower the fakes, I’ll egg pain

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

In the rear rows of visitors, said the daily limit of 4000 people, it doesn’t seem that many people. Of course, this is just my incomplete statistics

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Here, officially entered the Palace of brigades, which only partly open to allow tourists to visit, and can’t take pictures and cannot wear a hat, says is disrespect for the Buddha, Buddha Park wearing a hat.

See importing the stairs did not, very steep, there are quite a few stairs, immobile people look carefully into it.

We get a tour guide, listen to her explanation

But many fail to understand, what this is the Dalai Lama’s Palace, it was built by a couple of the Gelug sect, the clouds

House and labyrinth, even though I feel a sense of direction can, find North, above I have been assigned to steal books, almost certain to fail.

The biggest impression, has statues of the place is thrown on the ground, visitors to donate, there are a lot of Red votes

Money is like this, if you have $ 20, but only wants to donate 1 can find 19

If you are not careful color blindness, find a red

Not to mention, I’m evil.

Tour guides speak of hoarseness, team visitors limited to visit for an hour from here, on the other side, a trip is finished. Her narration of the much faster speed than normal speech, rush all the time.

When we open, and absentmindedly ran out

Palace tour came to an end

Heartstrings that 100 tickets, bought a chicken to eat well this

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Backdoor discovered big bear’s reincarnation

In fact, there’s also a cat is more funny, falling asleep lying on the Rails, making for a long time refused to open his eyes, did not jump up and run. You give buddy response OK, I really want to slap its fan to the ground

I feel I should believe in Buddhism, and even the Potala Palace cat practice so the eggs set

“Florida,” real end of Xia Sha Po wei Lee Wu

Whether a white cat or a black cat, a good cat Darling let me make

Or is it because you really are the reincarnation of the great bear?

Big bear I don’t curse, maybe it hasn’t died yet

Forgive me this cat charged, some

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa
2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Little girl behind the far end is the Potala Palace, the most famous attractions–height toilet

Legends are built on a cliff

Pulled out a pile of poop, it takes several minutes to “bang” hit the floor with a

Unfortunately, at this time in my belly is out of stock

No way to experience

Pity pity

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Finally pictures outside

The weather was good today

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

This should be a drain channel and next there is a relatively modern sewer pipe

Side photo bar described in detail the process of renovation of the Potala Palace

Worthy of a great Palace

If not read, I had to take a horse farts

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Down the road the same twists and turns

One deer eating grass on the mountainside, wanted to shoot

To visitor’s image, and I can’t

Then again, climbing quite tired

Yamashita is a long turn lane

Many turning prayer wheels lined up in there

How much better it? I am selling are tired, go and see for yourself

Because I’m not

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

At yaowang mountain side of the viewing platform BU Gong Quanjing, said is the best viewing position is higher than the ground more than 10 metres

But managed to avoid following a light post

Charge two dollars

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Two dollars is not expensive, night to night

Unfortunately, you don’t have a tripod, long exposure

Beauty ~~ beauty

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Next morning went to the Norbulingka, and when I arrived at Lhasa saw Norbulingka road, think this is a nice name

Then turned to a book author in the bookstore’s arrogant to say that

Territory of the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama, Norbu lingka was the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. Tashilhunpo Monastery is the Panchen Lama’s domain, gongjuelinka is the Panchen Lama’s summer residence. This is for Tibetan people simply could not be more simple truth.

Simple? Not to seem simple

Hey, swims very tired and learning culture, and then next time

Two people are so are apart, Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse

Winter Palace Summer Palace, on top of the Potala Palace, the Office should be more cool in the summer

Norbulingka tickets are 60 Yuan

Couldn’t get into anyway, it just like the Potala Palace, head

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Most tours in Lhasa, Jokhang Temple should be the value of a place, although I hate those hundreds of walking around in the street arts and crafts booths, same thing, Hada, turning prayer wheels, accessories, knives, are like a factory wholesale. Each area has this kind of souvenirs for sale.

Jr is a curiosity very big kid, what to see, what to buy, and also specifically list the night before. I retort, sells these why Ah, look just that hid the knife, took it out, engraved knife very nice script “Mongolian knife”, I, professional work, the boss also awkward, hastily printed wrong was wrong.

Crowded, no photographs of desire, don’t like to shoot people head.

Square full of armed police, special police, holding rifles and going, some high place there is waning, first make me jump. Intersection with camouflage cloth into a bunker-like outpost, five or six men stand back and combative. Just kidding, they more often in trying to answer visitors ‘ questions, looking at those forces, security can be assured.

Later accompanied his stroll, buy it, buy buy love. Slip to the Jokhang Temple doors to see those Tibetans kowtow, women, the elderly, the monk, the middle-aged, also wears a Tibetan young man. Really shocking, keep kneeling down and climb up, knock is a few minutes without a break, faith, belief, something I can’t understand

Even if they can’t understand, still sitting on the floor watching reluctant to leave. Want to Pat these pious men, seems inappropriate, while not trying to escape the tourist’s camera, I think it is not so convenient for me to bother them, others just doing something that make sense of things, but we see their eyes, somewhat bizarre.

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Beauty, and beauty. 30 degrees left eye had a beauty wearing large sunglasses have been sitting there for 1 hour. Wow, Nice deep, so petty, petty bourgeois, sitting for so long, you want to pee?

Even the dogs are sleepy, Jokhang Temple dogs would look for a place to sleep, so noisy, slept with? Absolutely no noise concept

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

A group of dudes on and see what faith

“At that moment, I stooped down to Nestle to kowtow, not for kissing your footprints, only because my mom forced me”

Handsome, handsome ~ ~ overturned my impression of Tibetan children.

Next to an uncle accused refuse to take off your shoes

His mother said small children

The uncle said “small will take off, shoe crossing the dirty”

~ ~ Let me take a deep breath

Indeed, everyone likes to knock off shoes in, good condition, comes with a mat. Occasionally, people who wanted to kowtow, you can rough it on the floor, bare quartzite ground in front of the temple

2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa
2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa
2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa
2010 West travels of ten of the arrival time in Lhasa

Later in other parts of the city have sera, near the Ramoche Temple turned

Feels so play no, on Tibetan culture and religion do not understand, no way deep inside

Here, the pure contemplation is not necessary

Humanity is the essence

Give a little bit more time, I’m still willing to get to know this strange land

Had the opportunity to talk about it, and continued to build a new Tibet dream

August 21, 2010, Ray took me to the train station and on the road, a road home.

Lhasa, goodbye!