2016 3 caprice tours Sanya secluded Bay House in MGM


The age of 30 years old,

It is to me,

Meet someone who likes, is hard enough.

Encounter a love hotel, and then went to sleep for a few days!

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM


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I love to travel, have been on the road.

If travel is a disease, and I definitely is on life support, no help.

I can do without nice clothes, don’t fancy shoes that don’t pretty bags, but absolutely cannot not to travel.

When I look back, over many time I went traveling, is the origin of a special ticket.

This time, also see Hangzhou to Sanya air tickets was more than 400, and have once again the urge to Sanya for a holiday.


Greece Santorini blue roof of the Cathedral has been rooted in the heart and I have always wanted to go to Greece, Sanya in China also have a source I fondly dream—-reputation, an environment, comprehensive and cost-effective, one-stop holiday–MGM resort Yalong Bay!

【Seven years ago…】

In 2009, I together with my colleague Helen to Sanya for a holiday, booked a couple of nights Gloria Cactus Hotels in Yalong Bay, Yalong Bay, a relatively affordable luxury hotel, 2 nights stay plus dinner, 1200, high cost performance, swimming pool is very beautiful. I told Helen that we can swim in their hotel watching the stars at night, you can stroll past the five-star hotel Yalong Bay during the day, Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton … The hotel to get to the higher and more beautiful beach rub the edge of the swimming pool Sun. I was Gung, Helen immediately advised me to say: why not spend some time and effort on the job, make more money, after a five-star hotel this side of the Bay again!

My life is no dream.

But after Helen a pointing, I suddenly had a dream: to live all over five-star hotels in Yalong Bay!

To this end, I have been trying for many, many years …

“The dream was always to adhere to, and if implemented it? 】

After many years, I have been longing for luxury hotel in Sanya tour, as a way to motivate yourself to work harder. Also has been concerned about what new good hotel in Sanya. When I see the swimming pools of Yalong Bay, MGM, he was very excited. The beautiful blue water of a swimming pool has been surging waves on my heart. I saved up some money, got a holiday, to a luxury hotel in tour.

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM



After the spring festival season, cheap tickets, cheap hotels, and the birthday is coming up, plan a perfect birthday trip. See Hangzhou to Sanya air tickets was more than 400 more decisively kill. Tickets save some money, just booked 4 nights at MGM, so wayward!

My perfect travel plans, just a “you”. “You” where is it?

Wanted to take my mom with me to Sanya to see the sea, eat seafood, coconut dream Gallery sunsets. Booked air ticket hotel followed by MOM talk to Sanya for a holiday of it. At first my mom was heart, speak with me to see the sea. But home business too busy, busy! I thought last winter to Sanya for a holiday with the beautiful sister, she took 9 sets of swimsuits, I took 7 long skirt, we had a pleasant holiday. Unfortunately, starting a few days ago she told me that something can not go. I have thought of last week playing in the Qingdao junior partner, she was ready to buy a ticket, was to retain the leadership cannot go.

Is this going to go on vacation? Would that be too boring?

Finally the day before departure, a sister told me that she was disappointed in, want with me to relax! 

That’s great, I don’t have to carry a tripod to shoot here!

(However, eventually most of here or with a tripod and remote control camera)



Starting a group notice:

1, facing the sea and coconut trees

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM

2. under the coconut palms stroll

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM



 3. Coconut Grove by the sea and in a daze Pavilion

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM


4. also Coconut Grove

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM



 5. the MGM pool blue

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM


6. the pool here

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM


7. the MGM is the beautiful swimming pool

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM


8. never tires of watching swimming pool

2016.3 caprice tours Sanya: secluded Bay, House in MGM


9. send a swimming pool


10. sea view room


11. find object


12. Coconut Grove under the Seaview breakfast


13. seaside daze Ting lunch break


14. sea yarn


15. MGM also is the gauze curtain


16. one more piece of yarn


17. the hotel private beach


18. bubble water park of the hotel, cool summer



 19. betel nut Valley of the Li nationality customs show


20. the ends of the romantic




“The journey”:

I love the island, often go to Sanya: or alone, or 35 friends swim together, or welfare of all my colleagues in the annual holiday, Sanya, the last time was 3 months ago. Famous attractions in Sanya ends of Nanhai Guanyin, Connaught rainforest, nest resort Yalong Bay and wuzhizhou Island cave, Monkey Island, West Island, Queen’s Bay, fishing, deer … All have been to; Sanya Bay, the East China Sea, Yalong Bay, Le Méridien Shimei Bay, Bay … Have all gone. So the three ADB, not for the shopping area, but simply in order to look at the sea in a daze for a holiday. In terms of costs, reduced spending on tickets for sightseeing, an increase of proportion of seafood and budget hotels. In addition to the first night last night and ordered the airport near budget hotel apartments, four nights are all five-star hotels in Yalong Bay, MGM, one-stop holiday.

Travel time: March 2016 15-21

Number: 2 people

Rough schedule

D1: Hangzhou to Sanya, Sanya Bay, Cheap apartment hotel

D2: Sanya. Bay: Bay MGM Hotel infinity swimming pool, sea view Beach Daze, hotel dinner, night Beach;

D3: Sanya. Bay: Yalong Bay, MGM Grand, Hotel SPA, Beach Daze, crabapple restaurant, buffet breakfast, Jin Hui health food lunch, specialty in Hainan poly restaurant dinner;

D4: Sanya. Bay: Yalong Bay, MGM, the poolside restaurant seafood hot pot, betel nut Valley day trip;

D5: Sanya. Bay: Yalong Bay, MGM, gym

D6: Sanya. Sanya Bay: Sanya Bay, Cheap apartment hotel, coconut dream Gallery to see sunset, ends of the Earth to see the sunset

D7: Ningbo, Sanya, return


Traffic: a roundtrip air ticket + round-trip airport shuttle + Sanya fare = about 1500 per capita;

Hotel accommodation and meals: 2 night +4-night economy hotel Yalong Bay in Sanya Bay five-star, hotel breakfast lunch dinner = approximately 3500 per person;

Tickets: betel nut Valley day tour tickets for performances and car Shuttle, hotel gifts;

Recreation: the Hotel Spa SPA, friends

Shopping: local supermarket to buy some coconut, coconut sugar and specialty, and some mango pineapple fruits such as Durian-paramita, about 300;

Total cost: about 6,000 per person


Not wordy, and

Graphic records of the Sanya’s journey:

First day: Sanya is already 1 o’clock in the morning, back at the hotel, wash your sleep, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. Short break.

Second day: sleep till 10 o’clock get up, check out way to the Bay, passing through Sanya Bay seafood, famous spring of Park square, to see that all over the restaurant across the street popular, open public comment see also good, went to a brunch. Sanya is, of course, want to eat seafood, accompanied by sister dinner, I let go of the stomach and tuck.

I ordered a more familiar mango screw


Friend ordered a lobster


Two, three or four vegetables, seafood stuffed full, go to Yalong Bay!

12 o’clock noon until MGM to Yalong Bay, hotel occupancy to about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

How I spent 3 hours?

Left-luggage, first went to visit the public areas of the hotel, to see the beautiful swimming pool of my dreams.



“Visit hotel”

Are a few of the Lions at the gate, MGM Meng Chong Leo



Hall also has Leo



Lot of time checking out guests at noon, many children, the hotel lobby and Panda and Mickey Mouse to play with you.


Was a children’s paradise



Openwork design in the lobby, lighting is very good


I said, how the cage is a bit like catching eels?


In the lobby buffet get your boarding pass


Meng Chong to Sanya for a holiday?

Haha, I can think about is my big waves Huang Goulai Sanya picture


Outdoor public areas is large, I heard that often can be seen in the fountain place around four o’clock in the afternoon Rainbow


I dream of swimming pool








Private beach




Bubble water park, children’s playground





Very suitable for sea of Green Lawn wedding, I’m going to start looking forward


Seaside Lawn wedding or beach wedding, wedding or beach swimming pools, are good romance good romance



An outdoor temperature of 27 degrees, it is too drying, go check






Rare holiday, booked a sea view room


Open the curtain, is the best in the Bay-Bay front line sea view


 Bedroom light warm colors, soft and warm


Lying on the bed will see the sea


Furniture matching stylish and fresh


Tiffany blue table, accompanied by warm shell chandelier in the shape of, a pleasure


Bathroom with double sinks, spacious


Balcony sea view daze is good


Open the tripod and self-timer mode


Terrace space, I want to be with then Sanya wedding, invite some friends and family, are available in the terrace party


Family and friends gather to chat, drink cocktails, blowing wind, watching the sea, good good Ah


One here


 “Afternoon tea at SPA&”

Early morning flights, travelling, strolled along while the hotel, a little tired. To you Spa a SPA








 After renewed, in the lobby drinking English afternoon tea



Like the embedded in the swimming pool sofa



“Eating in MGM”

1. pool-side restaurant seafood hot pot


Swimming-pool and watch the sunset to eat hot pot, eating hot pot watching Fireworks










2. poly restaurant specialty in Hainan, Hainan buffet







3. Jin Hui restaurant health food





4. the secondary Rainbow Cove seafood restaurant breakfast buffet





5. specialty in Hainan poly restaurant dinner


Like the areca flower coconut chicken,


Drink chicken soup after eating chicken and coconut shells are brought back in the room slowly dug inside the coconut meat














Eating hot pot until it is dark by the pool, pool show


From time to time there are surprises


Stuffed lying by the pool for a while looking at the stars


Or go to the beach and found all sorts of interesting scenes





“Around one day tour”

Areca Valley day tour

















“Sea yarn”








Last day in Sanya, coconut dream Gallery to see sunset, far away watching romantic sunsets in the first markets a herbal tonic, for a seafood dinner, go home

Remember Hainan herbal tonic


In the lively first market ran into snow, long time no see friends, she advice me to buy a digital SLR, and invited me to dinner, found family members most popular restaurant meal




Romance ends


A person roaming,

Goodbye, Sanya! I swear to the ends of the stone: with boyfriend next time!


The “practical guide”:

1. essential goods: cameras, sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, and a tacit companion and a went and left heart;

2. purchase ticket: flights to most major cities have direct flights to Sanya, I from Hangzhou, with a range of about 3 hours, see tickets 2 weeks in advance, Hangzhou to Sanya is more than 400, Super deal! If you are going to Sanya, may wish to take extra special care of special fares.

3. public transportation: Sanya’s public transport is developed from Yalong Bay Sanya Bay, or ends of the South Sea Avalokitesvara in me, or go to the airport, you can choose the cheap buses. Because of the large luggage, travel in Sanya, but sit outside the hotel’s free transport, the other a taxi, taxi software is used around the car easily. About convenience, and price is not easy to hang. Some years came to Sanya, taxis are not metered, ridiculous price, pleasant journey tone because of black drivers.

4. What: If you do not have bargaining power, also is in the hotel buffet.

Like I such smart of people, has once in first market buy dish actually also will was pit, buy dish of when next was followed, said followed she to seafood shop processing can has offers, results to processing of when, processing fee is price, 4 a seafood processing fee received has 140, which a big lobster of processing fee on received has I 50, and 200 buy of a only big lobster, burn good is cut broken of, are not know has no was bait-and. If you really want to go to the first market for seafood, Xinmin road, suggested that street is the most popular word of mouth is best, moustache in that business for more than 10 years, to eat a few times, tastes good, the price is not. (I picked shop law: which shops where most people go home)

Sanya overall consumption is high, and most are not too many good choices close to the hotel. Select the best hotel is the breakfast, because in addition to live outside urban areas, ran out early in the morning to dinner is a very real thing. To Sanya, the better to taste the local cuisine, featuring four famous Hainan’s Wenchang chicken, aggradation, duck, goat, and East happy crab, plus coconut chicken, hold Luo powder, herbal tonic. Herbal tonic that had several homes, in front of the first market that taste good, 10, is enough.

5. tropical fruit: when it comes to Sanya fruit, you have to take out one spoke. And Hainan’s Sanya fruit four famous rival. Sanya is located in the tropics, a rich fruit, coconut is the most common roadside coconut trees everywhere, is the more common green coconut, street is the 6-10 one, Golden Palm of your … Sanya local fruit except for coconut and mango, mangosteen, custard apple, pineapple, pineapple honey, star fruit, and so on. If you live in the city or near the East China Sea, fruit shop a lot. Airport of Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay, Bay where it is difficult to find a fruit shop and fruit in the hotel is expensive, downtown taxi back and forth more than 100 pieces, is not realistic. So the reason I chose to live in the East China Sea, is a very correct decision!

6. with regard to hotel: Sanya is the best China resort city, rather than a tourist city, so quality of hotel quality resort also plays a decisive role. Book hotel must not be too casual, my logic is this, if you go out and play days, so didn’t need too luxury hotels, as long as clean and safe is OK; other days will stay in a hotel most of the time, so be sure to choose a comfortable hotel. Sanya in this time, not for sightseeing, but pure vacation, so select comfortable luxury five-star hotel.

 Generally speaking, quality hotels with beach in Sanya, Sanya Bay development first, worst quality of beaches, hotels are relatively cheaper, but the relatively old facilities. Lived in Sanya Bay arrived the first day an established five-star hotels, room decoration and facilities are old, and I don’t even have the urge to press the shutter. Dadonghai Beach better than Sanya Bay, the traffic is convenient. Yalong Bay Beach is the most beautiful, more upscale hotels, quality assurance, but on price advantages, nothing around food and beverage service, is far to downtown to the airport is far away. More remote haitang Bay, beach is beautiful, good water quality, but the waves were very high, around basically nothing, to drive more than an hour in the urban area and higher grade hotel, great price advantage compared to Yalong Bay. Wuzhizhou Island accommodation Beach here was the sea, Yalong Bay, with higher than a grade, hotel quality is also good, just on the price/performance than Bay.

7. play: Sanya Yalong Bay, ends area, Nanshan cultural tourism zone, North of tropical rain forest, Valley of the betel nut, size cave scenic spot, scenic, Deer Park, the East China Sea, Sanya Bay scenic area, hole area and West Island, the wuzhizhou Island marine park and other famous attractions. If you like playing offshore project, and wuzhizhou island in the local day trips attractions can be a single report, or you can play one all inclusive price of 1399 playing was more than 6,000 covered dozens of offshore project, but one day more, up to then play diving, parachute, boat, 35 projects.

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SINA’s microblog: @NB fly girl


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