And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

“Their nagging”

As a city, met in a hotel. As a hotel, falls in love with a city.

Sunny weekend, I went to Guangzhou, get together with friends, as is cure May.

However? Evergrande team pass by, listened to my story ~

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team


For the purposes of this metropolis of Guangzhou, not what needs to be done, and is not the first time I went to Guangzhou, so basically I bought a bus ticket, said go!

Prior to playing in Guangzhou, many attractions are gone, so to just a few of the attractions in Guangzhou, we can refer to it. Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shang Xia JIU pedestrian street, long long fun world, chimelong Safari Park, not covered by the major attractions in this travelogue, but is visited, if readers have any questions you can leave me a message! I will answer.

“Travel costs”

Eat: dinner in hotel (Southeast Asia buffet) 138 Yuan, remaining over two days in Guangzhou around food and beverage costs about 200 Yuan.

Guangzhou hengda hotel, I stayed in a deluxe room, through a network of where to book 600 Yuan.

Line: train tickets to and from Guangzhou, Nanchang 247.5+232.5=480, rest of the traffic is in Guangzhou Metro + bus + taxi a short distance, about two days a total of 50 Yuan.

Entertainment: consumer 328 aromatherapy massage.

Total: 1800 Yuan (because I am a man, so costs are higher, if 2 person travel together, accommodation, catering, transport can be shared)


Intercity transportation: Nanchang T171 18:34-07:02 → Guangzhou East Guangzhou East Nanchang T172 → 18:53-07:03. Starting from Nanchang to Guangzhou weekend 2nd tour, select two train round trip to be the most appropriate. In addition, on a train often ran says this line, often buy or not buy very early sleepers, but driving around 6 o’clock the night before the Government would vote, so you can buy other trips, but don’t worry, wait until the day before to change.

Transportation: Metro has a wide distribution in the city of Guangzhou, many area can take the Metro directly. (The Guangzhou spring and summer is rainy, Metro will receive free raincoat, if brought out can spend 20 Yuan to rent umbrellas, within 15 days of any Metro station returned the umbrella back deposit. )

1. Red designed factory creative Park took Metro to Member village station b export; Hou has received connection car (battery) to red designed factory 2 Yuan, but not recommends ride, because really of is near, in took battery of location left (right road is seal died of), then again left into a article only a car car wide of path, on can go to Park are door has.

2. sand to sand by subway station exit e, after exports across the road along the river you can see the sand surface.

3. the haizhu tram by underground to Maxell Wai station or Guangzhou station can take tickets 2 Yuan.

4. Guangzhou hengda Hotel Chabay shuttle bus connecting subway station exit b and Heng Sha Station Exit c, ticket 2 Yuan.

5. Metro APM line is a trip to and from short with the tower and the Tianhe Sports Center in Guangzhou subway, full fare of 2 Yuan.


For one night only in Guangzhou, together with yourself, choose Guangzhou hengda hotel, this is where the stars most likely to encounter in Guangzhou evergrande.

Price: where to book the price at 450 Yuan, for facilities, five-star hotels and guesthouses, and price is very high.


Self drive

1. Guangzhou, inner ring road (by CHA) → → jinshazhou bridge (left River) CAI bin North Road 5 minutes → evergrande Royal scenic peninsula;

2. the direction of Foshan, Guang-fo Expressway → → export → jinshazhou sand Bay Road (Riverside) CAI bin North Road 5 minutes → evergrande Royal scenic half ring of Foshan toll station → → export → Li Heng Feng gang straight ahead turn left → evergrande Royal scenic half.

Evergrande Royal scenic peninsula floor bar

1. the Royal scenic peninsula West of timing and routes: line of Guangzhou Metro Line 6 sand Bay Station Exit b or Heng Sha Station Exit c → Royal scenic peninsula (need to 2 fare, not exact)

The first train to last bus: 6:30-23:30

Peak hours: 07:30-10:00;16:30-19:30 (every 10 mins)

Off-peak hours: 06:30-07:00;10:00-16:30;19:30-23:30 (every 15 mins)

Scenery: the hotel is Baroque style of architecture, Garden Super and in the Pearl River, if you want to live in Riverview, need to bring book Oh!

Other: evergrande football residence hotel, evergrande football residence hotel, residence Hotel evergrande football team! Important things to say it three times! Let the body of the other!


Morning tea: mixed-style pastries, eat Cantonese feelings.

Zpc Glen restaurants: Guangzhou hengda Hotel buffet restaurant, located on level 1, Southeast Asian cuisine dinner buffet.

Coast restaurant: Guangzhou hengda hotel’s restaurant, located on level 2, famous for its featured Cantonese cuisine.

Tea: Bao Thai shopping mall, is located in the East of Guangzhou East railway station, lining up in long queues in milk cover every day tea.


Shangxiajiu pedestrian street: three traditional booming Guangzhou City, Center of Commerce, Chinese and Western commercial pedestrian street, you can say everything.

Oriental baotai: downtown Guangzhou Tianhe CBD business in San Diego, at the gate of the Guangzhou East railway station, on the train might as well here before shopping.


DAY 1: the East railway station of Guangzhou haizhu trams → → → redtory, Guangzhou Pearl River new town tower → → Guangzhou hengda hotel

DAY 2: Guangzhou Shamian Hotel → → Oriental baotai → Guangzhou East railway station

“Travel details”

  DAY 1 

Redtory creative Park

7 points off the train in the morning, eating breakfast, they start to my trip to Guangzhou. Guangzhou twice before, and has no time to see redtory, so this time, first select the redtory.

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

Redtory, Guangzhou first home the real meaning of non-business real estate package Creativity, is an international standard defining the center of art and life. Now, redtory is a modern point of view, international platform, explore, create rich fashion, creative, artistic and humanistic spirit of new areas.

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

Park has a lot of container design

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

Even the shop is inside the container

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

Redtory named, spiritual meaning on the one hand, the original cannery was built in 1956, a time when both red and expert, will power and mental exertion is heated; another is the meaning of physical, plant materials many of the red brick building, so access to the “brick” homonym of a Word, use “red factory”, a special name. English “Redtory” red “red” and factory “factory” combined with a sense of fashion and creativity.

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

There are many creative sculpture park, sculpture in public areas are free to watch; there are lots of exhibitions, free of charge, can choose from one or two to enjoy.

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

The sculpture park which is the most representative, which I call the “big head”, visitors will take a picture here as.

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

Small railway station within the Park are the most popular places.

And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team
And pass by the Guangzhou evergrande football team

Retain the old train tracks, memories immediately come to mind, my mind flashed a lot of poetic images.

Many photographers into this shoot, some creative, some practice. In any case, are full of art.

Mottled clock, while the pointer is no longer rotating, but it still is so meaningful.

Green girls track photo shoot

I saw this goat must take a picture

Creativity everywhere, trash can be art.

There are many old trees in the Park, and makes a taste, it’s the marks of time ~

Cute cats, is not shy with strangers and mingle with visitors. Here, you will be able to meet a small animal overpopulation makes you love.

Redtory what is this called “Dragon,” a BMW. It combines the variety of Chinese craftsmanship, such as calligraphy, gold-plated, seal cutting, and can be used in normal traffic on the roads, is a walking piece of art.

As can be seen from the details, the creators put a lot of thought into this work. Know stick with a value of more than 1 million of the new BMW while she expressed surprise and surprise. It is said that the author was also struggling, because you need to punch holes in body, but for the pursuit of the art of beat heart’s entanglements. Therefore, I am puzzled and surprised, transformed in order to understand and respect.

Redtory magic lies, be able to meet these unexpected exhibition, but also unexpected harvest.

Cattle bone carving bikes

Here carries the dreams of many people in art, sometimes, daydreaming can do, who knows the dream was a good idea!

Haizhu trams

From the Red recoil to Maxell Wai MTR station, follow your identity is easy to find haizhu tram stop.

Haizhu streetcar is first tram line in Guangzhou, between Guangzhou and Maxell surrounding towers.

Traffic every 10 minutes or so, operating hours of 9 o’clock to 21 points, fare of 2 Yuan, you can use the Yang Cheng Tong.

The 7.7 km are on the ground, dock site Maxell Wai, pazhou, pazhou exhibition East and South of the bridge, exhibition, exhibition West, southerly, PA tikk and the Tower of liede bridge in Guangzhou and South East Tower, Guangzhou.

Do not brush the Yang Cheng Tong, need to take a ticket at the ticket machine brush QR, and tickets at the travel process will be the conductor.

All sites will be able to get on or off in the Middle, but not bordering with Metro. Station is the color of the roof, energetic feeling.

I was looking at the we love know haizhu tram, so it has been, but no way together with a loved one, I think next time I will bring him to sit again.

The Canton Tower

Soon, at the Guangzhou station, after getting off the tram, is majestic small waists stood in front of us.

Also known as Guangzhou new TV Tower Guangzhou Tower, nicknamed the waistline, is located in haizhu district, Guangzhou, China (Yi Chau Island) near chigang pagoda from the Pearl River South Bank of 125 meters, and Hoi Sham Island Ibiza and 21st century CBD area of Pearl River new city, Guangzhou, across the river. 454 meters high Guangzhou Tower (Tower platform height 488 m), antenna mast height of 146 meters, with a total height of 600 meters.

Opposite the Guangzhou CBD Center

Subway APM line, full fare of 2 Yuan, pit stops are not brushes Metro cards, but directly into exiting the station does not require a subway card, direct induction door, and in and out of stations in different ways in the past. Towers take the Metro line from Guangzhou Pearl River new city, CBD that piece.

Guangzhou hengda hotel

This afternoon, I arrived at the sands, Baiyun district, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou hengda hotel, ready to spend a leisurely weekend. However, just check-in, you learned that evergrande football team two hours before leaving the hotel, the mood of regret and regret immediately comes to mind. Don’t know here is easy to catch evergrande football stars, but once you know, kind of mood, well, ~~~ is good! Anxiety! Wound!

Since has lost opportunities for close contact with the players, so I won’t be able to live up to this great vacation time?! To see how hengda Hotel fun!

Throughout the hotel’s architectural style is Baroque, landscape with Palace clever fusion, like to live in a castle. The Royal dome 23 metres high, people feel valued, trance, a throwback to ancient times, and he is royalty.

Five theme Lake garden, seven stories, six customs square, hundreds of species of rare plants, century-old twin Gu Rong, more than million adult trees, Western romance and harmony of Chinese here found a perfect unity. If you are staying at a Riverview room, then just standing in the bright window can see views of the Pearl River in the distance, from time to time there are ships passing by.

Soon night fell, at the dinner hour. Zpc Grand restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, this is the easiest place to encounter evergrande football stars! Said that many customers in this harvest the signature and photo.

Dinner theme buffets in Southeast Asia. Dining environment knows, of course, is good. Food was great too, shrimp, crab, fish, not one less, other vegetables, fruits, and drinks were not rationed, of course, assorted desserts and refreshing ice cream.

Now the price is RMB 138/person, plus buy four, get one!

After dinner, stroll around in the Hotel Park. Hengda Hotel at night, become resplendent Hofburg breath more. Walking on the trails of the hotel, a pleasant, it is indescribable beauty.

Integration in the hotel mirror, makes the customer’s vision feels very spacious. Meanwhile, for self-love us, really really excellent.

Next, introduce rooms. + In addition to the entire Hotel Royal Garden construction area of 200,000 square meters, rooms are big enough to not friend! Hotel is a deluxe room, I think has an area of 45 square metres. Spacious room, in which I want to how to play how to play.

Then is to start the self-timer mode. One night, or so high. A bed, toilet, entrance area placed the painting is said to be from the hand of the famous, entire rooms made of cells is very high. Sleep in visually more than 2 metre wide bed, caps a “cool”!

This afternoon, there will be a room service complimentary fresh fruits. At night, there will be room service, free newspapers and cookies. Eating the fruit reading newspapers is the right open.

Hotel room service is timely, I called a few times, is to hang up the phone after 2 minutes to solve.

Sit in the lap of luxury on the tiger bench brush Twitter, brush your circle of friends … …

Furniture is retro-style, gives a sense of calm and peaceful.

Opened retro bathroom door, journey into amazing caves.

Shower and bathtub combination, children can play in the bath tub, shower room shower, no effect. In addition, shower rooms and toilets are made of transparent glass, so as not to give the feeling of depression, while wet and dry separation.

All baths are TOTO brand out there, and find out.

Finished room camera, was almost dinner to digest, came to the sport center, in preparation for a massage.

22,000 square meters of sports center, much of which is with the room card for free. Heated swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court, volleyball Hall, table tennis hall, billiard establishments are in accordance with international standards of venue construction, there is a gym, yoga room, dance room, children’s playground, don’t have to worry about no place to play here and should worry about is the lack of time to play.

Treat yourself, I went into the center of the scenic water, experience an aromatherapy lymphatic drainage massage, comfortable to want to go. Usually busy working we too need to come through here and du Mai.

Aromatherapy lymphatic drainage massage is 328/time, 90 minutes plus clock 138/45 minutes. In addition, heard chatting to other customers when it comes to Thai massage and Indonesian pair is also good. Girls do a spa here, will be able to sleep very well at night, maybe romantic scenes will appear in a dream!

Pleasant day, rest is a good night’s rest and a good dream!

  DAY 2

Guangzhou hengda hotel

Morning or last night’s restaurant, still dreaming to encounter constant star.

The evening, breakfast good, energetic day. Zpc Grand restaurant breakfast is also rich in nutrition.


After breakfast, I came to the surface, about a friend in this together.

The sand, once called the picked green continent because of Pearl River alluvial sand, hence the name sand. Sand is located in the southwest of Guangzhou City, South of Hangzhou Pearl White Swan pond, North of sand Foundation, with 623 across an island, there are size eight streets, an area of 0.3 sq km. Sand in the song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty China’s domestic and foreign trade key locations and tourist sites. After the opium wars, the Ching emperors Hsien-11 years (1861), English and French concession.

Sand is the attractions they visit before, but each will have a different feel.

For example, did not find sand surface of Fame for the first time, and this time met!

Sand is Christ Church United Kingdom Church in Shamian Guangzhou British concessions to establish a church dedicated to the worship of aliens, five in sand Street, was built in 1864.

His five buildings within the Catholic Church belongs to the French concession, formerly known as sand church because the Church garden South of the original building a mountain of Notre Dame, place sauce named after the Virgin Mary, is France Catholic religious life and the establishment of the Consulate-General in Guangzhou, located in Shamian Street, Shamian Street, at the junction of the North-East corner.

Visit lower body into the Church dressed not in above the knee, or borrow the Church’s free scarf, wrapped in.

Customs premises in the case of concession buildings, was used as a Customs House. Before liberation “Red Chamber” is a Club of Guangdong Customs, only the middle and senior officials above are eligible. After liberation, it was used as a customs employee dormitory.

The building is composed of a well-ordered task from Australia Pahne architects to design and build. The building faces South and is located in East end of Shamian Street, due to its special location and building a unique style and distinctive tone, making it a sand surface landmarks. Main colors are red, known as the “Red Chamber”. And because of the Soviet Consulate on Shamian Island, West end’s main color is red, so called “red East”.

Red House is open to visitors.

The architecture of this building is sand in my favorite, simply because of its color.

Sand building, built for the late 19 century, and Western-style, mostly historical buildings.

The sand is a good place to take photo

Messenger’s brother became a scene in the picture.

Shamian island green is good, old trees more than 150 more, fresh air, good sanitation, can be called a paradise in Guangzhou.

Guangdong Museum is the first Museum of local Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs, it is located in the 20th Guangzhou Shamian Nan Jie, is a built in 1890 of the Baroque-style building, formerly the Republic of France Consulate General in Guangzhou, Shamian is category a heritage of buildings, national key cultural relics protection units.

Shamian island has more than 150 European-style building, which has 42 outstanding characteristics of the new Baroque style, imitation Gothic, coupon Gallery, neo-classical-style and Western-style architecture, is the most exotic buildings in Europe.

Bring friends here to have a good creation.

There are a lot of petty Cafe, stroll tired may rest.

Like the sculptures, cute ~

You shot me, I shot you.

Twice came to the surface, people who see their wedding photos, so cute couple VVV, or head a see you later, and so cute.

Oriental baotai Mall

Baotai came to the East in the afternoon around here are really eat everything. Lit in front of the time are sent here.

The friend of a beverage store in Guangzhou, many different types, but the most representative is the original Hei Zhi Zhi tea. It is said that every day was to be a long long line, recommended to go after the purchase, for about 20 minutes to come back, so don’t waste time.

Tea tastes sweet, often sweet and very rich with milk covered. While tea is different, the reason is probably because of the cheese, a little salt, so it won’t be so tired.

Two-day Guangzhou, although the time is not long, but don’t rush. Next time, will discover what fun? Looking forward to ~