Beautiful 4 days 3 nights tour with a lover and drunk to the landscape

       Visit Guilin, surely most people like us, from elementary school textbooks that “Guilin landscape is the best” came. Choose to buy online, and also avoid travel troubles. Travel itinerary to the way cattle, we are only responsible for beautiful scenery pictures.

      Holiday the day before, received the way line from cattle are as follows:

9.1 11:10 North Station, take the train to Guilin, staying listed local five-star hotel in Guilin (about 2.5 hours from Guangzhou to Guilin North Station, arrival to arrange)

9.2 longji terraced landscape, from the hotel to travel to 8:00 (about 2 hours drive from Guilin to Longsheng, activity time is approximately 2.5 hours)

9.3 from Yangshuo hotel to travel to Barry Gallery—8:00 River (approximately 45 minutes by car, travel time is 4 hours), 14:00 end of the cruise, at their own expense to choose to visit silver rock, Dragon River rafting and watch the impression Liu sanjie

9.4 7:30 from Guilin, Yangshuo hotel to travel to visit elephant trunk Hill, Jingjiang Princes City solitary beauty peak, walk on their own – zhengyang Street; return journey

        Below to share this journey travels



Xiangshan hotel
> Zhengyang road > Guilin two rivers and four lakes

The year 2015-09-01

Guilin beginning experience

    Pack backpack bags, took a lover, travel with pleasure and excitement begins! A journey it began to rain, this process adds several poetic and parting.

      When to Guilin, are visible through the Windows Grand towering peaks in the distance, one quickly came into view. First time I saw such a towering steep mountains, wide, can’t wait to pick up the phone Kaka took a photo, can not help but more looking forward to the next journey.

     Outbound, scheduled driver meet us, Guangzhou and only 3 people, after the man a ride to the hotel to rest in Guilin. Taxi all the way master was so kind to us all of the local attractions, feel the warmth and hospitality of the people of Guilin.   About Guilin House stands is 4 stories high, due to its “Mountain King” solitary beauty peak as a benchmark (216 metres above sea level, high plains 66 m) must not be exceeded.

Xiangshan hotel

    Xiangshan business hotel rooms (about 30 minutes by car), a beautiful environment, clean and tidy; there is a small balcony to drink tea viewing; 3 floor, poor sound insulation of the room, heard some noise in the street below at night.

Zhengyang road

       Settling baggage after a short NAP and just get to know friends to Guilin city bustling – zhengyang pedestrian street, because not familiar route, took a taxi for 25 Yuan (actually only 15 Yuan) came back to see next to the hotel you can take the 99 bus directly. (Just 2) about 15 minutes to reach the destination, next to the pedestrian street is the two rivers and four lakes. (Below is the zhengyang pedestrian street markers–large clock tower)

    Is 17:00 is reached, 3 of them on the road to feed! Guilin special snacks: rice noodles, tea, wormwood leaves Baba, like squid, see kebab is also on the street, the price is not expensive, there are local Braised chicken, we have chosen is the famous Guilin rice noodles! Look at the menu: rice flour 3.5 12, 4-22, have such low prices!! Recommended stores is a steamed dish of rice noodles, I ordered the beef noodles, 3 of us ate until dinner 15 · · · I’m really surprised. Think powder is slightly hard, no imagination and delicious, but the presentation was good, huh. Later that authentic Guilin rice noodles at zhengyang pedestrian street next to the clock tower’s “people of Guilin, stone recorded” old store, want of delicacy friends can find Oh

Local snack bar prices are very cheap, shop decoration, the environment is also good, tired with your friends can sit and taste!!

Guilin two rivers and four lakes


   After dinner with friends along the trails in the Park, blowing breezes walking in the River, along a stone road together to find traces of the twin towers · · · Isn’t kind of romance and enjoyment. Guilin “two rivers and four lakes”, which refers to the Lijiang River, taohua River, mulong (iron-containing Tang), Guilin, Banyan Lake, and near which, the city water system is 7.33 km, surface area of 385900 square; is a natural card of Guilin, a tourist destination.

    Far towers can be seen standing in the Lake, on the reflection in the crystal clear water of the Lake; criss-crossing between the two sides of trees, accompanied by Dim and the lights shine, people like being in Wonderland, deeply immersed in the world of the brightly glowing lights bedeck · · · Visitors also can take a cruise around these two rivers and four lakes, enjoy the lake views in the ship, feeling the realm of heaven.

After dinner the couple can meet to the Lake to enjoy the scenery, and railing overlooking water flowing under the little bridge, accompanied by Iraqis, do not have a taste.

Along the way, encounter many unique shops, for a group photo would ride the same way back to the hotel to rest.



Huang Luo Yao village > Dragon Ridge terrace

The year 2015-09-02

Dragon Ridge terrace

    8:00 collection, joining Tuan swim team leader named Ray, is a young and cheerful, Shandong guy, humorous tone that made me think of small Shenyang. They claim to be doing guided tours have been for 9 years, and undertakes, such travel is hard work. Our team of 50 people, mostly from Beijing and Shanghai metropolis, mostly middle-aged, must try to broaden their horizons more travel, make new friends. Dragon’s spine about 2 hours drive, along the way, Ray told us about the history of Dragon Ridge terrace culture, customs and other aspects of the situation.

Huang Luo Yao village

   Open my eyes when entering the scenic spot (estimated to be halfway up), first visited the world long hair village Huang Luo Yao village, enjoy the groups hair dressing the show. Total of 60 families in the village, women hair left longer wear one, the longest up to 1.7 m.

    According to the hair type can be classified into 3 types: singles: turbans all wrapped hair with a headscarf in front embroidered with Wang Yin; married no children: long hair into a flattened disc, front hair no balls; married with children: the long hair into a flattened disc, front hair exposed balls. They all 3 hair, a tie was at age 18, cut (cut only once in a lifetime), a tie is usually collect the hair, and a sheaf is the head of all together on the head.

    After the show in the nearby scenic walking everywhere, there are many ancient village with local characteristics, and Bridge Road, listening to the stream of noise, accompanied by insects and birds get free roam happily ~~~~ also must drop to 32 photo!

Dragon Ridge terrace

   After enjoying the show and return to the local restaurant and simple meal and catch the shuttle bus up the Hill the, 30 were in a car, our team is split into two teams, a team was on its own mountain, a team is take the cable car up the mountain (needs at their own expense, and from 100/person and 70 Yuan one-way). Individuals do not want to miss the beautiful scenery, select mountain (journey to 2 hours). 18 road bends all the way (friends remember to prepare for motion sickness motion sickness pills), too admired drivers brother very good technology, that turned my giddiness. As we go on, the higher, more steep road, ears ringing up. Probe to the window overlooking mountains and steep as if planted, looked at couldn’t help two feet and knees · · ·

   About 30 minutes we arrived at the gate of the longji terraced viewing area. Antique buildings against the mountains full of vitality, like rice paper that large tracts of green hype on splash-ink painting.

   Be physical friends where you can take the cable car up the mountain and enjoy the scenery along, join the green hills and green shadow feel like the flavor.

    From the foot of distant, bits and pieces of a cable car hanging on the thin line moving back and forth slowly, such as freely in the jungle of a naughty Elf.

All right now, we are a group of more than 10 men from the Hill Start!!!

Kids can’t wait to photograph the beautiful scenery

   Along the way to meet the clear flowing streams in most guys were excited, but leaned over to learn, was icy cool, sweeping away the fatigue of climbing, it was “cool, fly!”

    We constantly shuttle between the alpine hut with the local population, about 15 minutes of cement. Suddenly appeared in front of everybody is winding, went right on extension of the stone path, uneven, varying sizes, steps are also a bit loose after the rain (note). Initially thought it was just across the stone steps, but the winding road to the attitude still “company” we have been to the top · · · The wind all the way, all the trials and hardships, has some extremely physical friends started up, stop-and-go, we came to the hillside · · · Scenery at the foot of words can’t describe it, it is called the terrace!! (Figure below)

  Just after the rain the sky is still grey, mist-shrouded mountains in the distance, large green terraces of progressive layers of shapes are jiaoying with this mountain beauty, even more grand and spectacular.

   After a break for a while, go up ten more minutes, finally successful!!! Feel like Bang Bang da

    “Going to the top, list of small vertical mountain” a true portrayal.

  Peaks after the rain and mist, wonderland-like mysterious and ethereal.

    The green terrace at the foot of the lines flow, magnificent, overwhelming waves of green toward the eye, beautiful. Pulsing, wind blowing in the distance of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, refreshing the monument. It appears that “terraced Crown of the world” in the world if its reputation.

   About 1 hour tour Photo guide collection to go down, we indulge in the beauty, and greedy eyes would like to see a few, take some pictures of · · ·

   To backtrack, and infinite 18 road bends and downhill even more steep. But beauty we fiddle, endless motivation driving the exhausted body.

Viewing tips:

1, climbing tool: on foot, the whole climb took 2 hours back and forth, visit the panoramic 1 hour. Take the cable car (needs at their own expense, and from 100/person and 70 Yuan one-way)

2, prepares matters: patches, running shoes, sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, drinking water, trekking poles (according to individual needs)

3, the top local specialties: roasted corn, bamboo rice (like friends to select roast bamboo appearance suggested all black to prevent cooked rice), local specialty dark honey is, horns, combs, cautious buy, said that many fakes



Li River cruise
> Yangshuo new century Hotel VIP building
> Riding Dragon River > West Street

The year 2015-09-03

Barry Gallery-Li River Cruise Tour

    Get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, pack my bags and check out, after breakfast preparing to go to Yangshuo, began the trip – tour of the main river. Mei da road! Guided Ray said about 1.5-2 hours, so talking with you on the Lijiang River in the car note and related travel. There are two famous attractions: the nine-Horse Mountain, the yellow turbans of the reflection (was RMB 20 background images). Li “full tour” (a group tour), up to 4 hours, take the ferry from Pier, tour the Lijiang River scenic spots there is 2 hours of “tour” (two people sat side by side, suitable for fit), organized by raft rafting excursion viewing.

Li River cruise

    Enter the Terminal, greeted the crowd full, mostly with the group tour, guided tour ticket line up at a cruise, we took two, can accommodate about 100 people. The first layer is the cabin (tickets), and the second layer is the box (at their own expense, 100 yuan/person VIP upgrade), there is also the top class A lookout area. Two-story bow deck area on the balcony is open, visitors to the aft deck with roof area on the second viewing.

    Our teams are seated in the tier-one economy class seat, 10 people sit face to face, supplied with tea on the desktop. We sat down and took out the prepared snacks, because the tour for a long time, some visitors with poker as entertainment. Open Windows can see the emerald green waters of the Lake.

   Boat guide will introduce a customs of the Lijiang River, and started saying that if people want a better view scenic and comfortable personal space, you can add money to upgrade to the second floor balcony, upgraded the entire tour and rested in a private room, lunch will give 3 special dishes, not in a crowd lining up for the buffet. And her boyfriend, read the box and decided to add the 200 upgrade (although the price is a little expensive), you can avoid the people crowding, but also comfortable. Below is the balcony on the second floor.

    Began to tour the visitors ran two or three layer deck tour photos. Is the first time such a close watch of this picturesque landscape, mesmerizing was addicted. United States Secretary of State had said: in the past, always thought the Chinese landscape painting is the artist’s romantic idea and saw it didn’t know that realism is realism. If that is the case, no matter from which point of capture, it is a picture of a beautiful landscape painting! Let us truly experience “boat in the water, people in the picture” feel.

   Guilin mountain and we found Alexander had different, not continuous, blocks are springing up like a bamboo shoot, Gao Ran Tower, shape, like the taro, Horn, camel · · · Freedom of imagination in this landscape between abstract imagination and soar.

   Railing distance, mountains, blowing wind, light as feather flying fairy. Deep down in the gods of nature.

  Into the phone, haha · · ·

      Since starting tour has been high on the deck taking pictures over 1 hour, resting in the Middle back to the box. Boat Guide says about 12 points to the soul of Lijiang River—nine horse Hill, we must save energy. About 11:30 staff continue to serve each box: Tong Shi fish, green melons, vegetables with minced meat (the three boxes given) also sent two small buffet of snacks. (Can also be served at his own expense: a snail, shrimp, crab and other seafood)

    Around 12 o’clock the ship radio said nine horses. Is a large flat-head mountain, with some vegetation, among several stands on a rock in the mountain full of vegetation. Says the ship could see 9 horses in the champion, 8 second place, 7 third overall. With great difficulty, I managed to count 6, appears to have missed the top 3 · · ·

Go to the yellow turbans of the reflection (RMB 20 background images), many visitors can’t wait to take out money seeking group photo. In fact I look less like, angle may be the problem

Screenshots for everyone to compare online, in fact, is quite similar to the scene.

Also savored too late, the ship was slowly Kaiyuan · · ·

   About 14:00, cruise draws to a close, take away the landscape, memories packed to go back this way. Let me quote the Guilin statement to end this dream-like landscape tours: River water is really quiet, static so you don’t feel it in the flow; really near the mountains of Guilin, peak towering, craggy rocks, if accidentally, it will fall off. Finally, good camera

Yangshuo new century Hotel VIP building

   I did not sign up for other attractions in the afternoon with her boyfriend (Silver rock 115 Yuan/person, the Yulong River for 150 yuan/person, watch the views overlooking 260/person), so choose to stay at the hotel to rent a bike after You Yulong River. Temporarily depart from Pier walk down West Street, rented a small shop next to the Magnolia hotel and 2 bikes, costs 20 Yuan, to mortgage-200 deposit (returned by 19:00 the car deposit back).

   Standing on two leisurely cycling leisurely through the streets of feeling small town bustle and free and easy. About 15 minutes to arrive, rooms at the new century Hotel VIP building.

  Actually there are bathtubs · · · Mei Mei is to soak in a bath of impulse??

Riding Dragon River

    After a short break, riding a bicycle based on the Yulong River scenic area. Way to meet a big wave riding vehicles of foreign tourists, warmly greeted us. Everyone with a heart of love tour, around the friends gather here, a glimpse of this ink and the city’s lean face.

   Along the road signs marked into the Yulong River Scenic need 6.6 km, side kept traffic, cycling for about 15 minutes along the beautiful scenery. It rained more magnificent mountain mist, green wheat field landscapes.

  Ride about 1 hours to reach the Dragon River, really tired, but such beauty, tired but happy

   Tour photos, day was darkening, and soon it began to drizzle, so they support the Avira riding along on their return. A door is cleared up, Guilin weather was unsettled, people: unpredictable.

West Street

   Dinner decided to go West, “kaihun”, to listen to the guide said food consumption in the West Street is several times higher than in Guilin city, 32 men casual meal to bailai above.

   Across the bridge, in front of a row of small restaurants, soliciting staff hold recipes in the door, I was in the first step, immediately by the clerk pulled a hurry to sell, introducing local Beer Braised chicken, fish and other dishes. So they went and ordered a 2 pound beer fish, iron goose intestine with vegetables (vegetables tasted terrible), and personally feel that most delicious beer fish (88 price/kg, up to 158/kg).

   Eat no pictures under cut similar images online for everyone to reference. We have a chance to taste the delicacy, the taste is great!

    Eat his fill, on a walking trail in West Street, find many exotic restaurants, beer and snacks and enjoy the music, filled with romantic ambience · · ·

   That night, through the bustling crowds along the street two men walked back to the hotel. Next to the hotel there is a lot of fruit stalls, pick a few bags of fruit back moisture dry throat. The day a lot of stuff, after washing with a full mind early and fell asleep.



Dragon River-multiplayer bleach
> Guilin Jingjiang Princes City
> Elephant nose mountain geological park
> Zhengyang pedestrian street > Guilin North Station

The year 2015-09-04

   Got up at 6 in the morning to unpack. Today is the last day of Guilin tour, my heart is full of sadness. 7 points, returned aboard the tour bus from Yangshuo to Guilin, guide Ray announced the schedule today: 1, Dragon River Rafting 2, Jingjiang Princes City 3, trunk 4, 5, zhengyang pedestrian street shopping home

Dragon River-multiplayer bleach

   Depart for Dragon River. At noon yesterday, raining hard, so syndicated to Dragon River drifting friends until this morning. Yesterday went to their own Dragon River, no more surprises for this attraction, but it’s OK to harvest such beauty back. (Some say drift, you might think of adventure and excitement, but the drift is smooth and quiet all the way, absolutely no danger of dry drowning, just quiet viewing photos on the raft)

  Tour again will be deeply impressed by the beauty, people feel like paradise.

  Rows of bamboo raft under a small umbrella in the Lake like a gentleman quietly waiting for tourists to visit it.

  Arrive at 8 in the morning when, enthusiastic tourists can’t wait on the shore line.

   No registration drifting friends take pictures at the shore to watch visitors getting more up, stuck in the bridge to take pictures. And friends along the freedom trail in the mountains for sightseeing, photographed along the picturesque beauty fantasy.

 Because time was tight, guide to pool in about 1 hour to get to the next attraction.

Guilin Jingjiang Princes City

   Jingjiang King is located in solitary beauty peak • King of the banks of the Lijiang River scenic area, in the Center. Here are best preserved city wall of the Ming dynasty in China, protecting the most complete vassal of Ming dynasty palace. “Reading King you know Guilin” from here.

   Eyes stare, full of history and culture of ancient atmosphere greeted this city deep, imposing extraordinary, reflects the Supreme Majesty the Crown.


    Study in solitary beauty peak rock, you can also find people in Southern Song dynasty 800 years ago Wang Zhenggong left “Guilin landscape is the best” authentic inscription, “Guilin landscape is the best” this quote is from here through the ages.

   Unknowingly came to blot out, visitors are here to attend the ancient imperial examination, and an addiction to exam writers and artists in ancient Beijing.

  Exams, writing with a brush a little excited

  Trying to finish, will select two high school champion, staff wearing the robes and hat for the cited and awarded with a certificate

After touring were dining at a nearby restaurant.

Elephant nose mountain geological park

  14:00 guide has helped individual travellers booked tickets. After lunch at 13:00 spur drive to elephant trunk Hill Park. Shan is famous for its magic. Its amazing, first form, followed by the water in the nose between the legs to create a round moon, constitute “Xiangshan moon.” Therefore, the elephant is the emblem of the city of Guilin, is a symbol of Guilin tourism mountain.

   Shan is located in the Centre of Guilin’s Lijiang River and Peach Blossom River Confluence, the shape of a giant elephant nose into the river water, trunk and legs is about 150 square feet, round hole, water holes, such as the Moon floats.

    Across a stone bridge to the island, artificial island the more themes. Double construction each shape, so that people passing through the ocean of love, as if wind were melting, birds are smiling · · ·

A little like neatly on the pier came forward, seems to meet all visitors

  Throughout the trip, like the ocean gradually pulled the curtain. First tour to Beijing at this time had caught a return flight, may really have to say goodbye to Guilin · · ·

Zhengyang pedestrian street

In order to respond to the visitor’s needs—specialties, guides us to Guilin on zhengyang pedestrian street, explaining Guilin Sambo with everybody, refers to the traditional native representatives in Guilin, are: three wine in Guilin, Guilin chili sauce (flower bridge), Guilin fermented bean curd.

Online screenshots for your reference.

Zhengyang pedestrian street you can find a lot of unique small items, and the price is moderate. Like to collect or to bring special friends not to miss it.

Guilin North Station

    Really wants to say goodbye after after shopping, tour guide took us to the North of Guilin, also need to take some friends to the Guilin Station aboard the aircraft. Thanks Ray, for the careful preparations for the journey, to satisfactorily put an end our trip to Guilin!

    If after reading you slightly move, so please take this impulse, take your lover, Guilin, to start a journey of your ink.

    Looking forward to begin the next trip went journey · · ·