Beauty in Xinjiang the dream of heaven

Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven

Let us continue to begin Recalling the memorable Xinjiang time, back into that dream of Heaven (part one).


Tenth station, Burqin. A fame because of kanas city, a kanas and ignored by the comings and goings of visitors to town, a town worthy of heart.

Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven
Beauty in Xinjiang--the dream of heaven

The ertix River picturesque sunsets, corner filled with birch trees and boundary lines out on the Mingsha Mountain, secluded Wonderland Jade Pool “White Lake”, as soon as the gorgeous beach Sunset colorful … … Are nature’s gift to this town.

Perhaps there are more beautiful, then you stop steps, take heart.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (very recommended, especially the white sand Lake)


11th station, kanas, a beauty beyond description of virtue.

In this sanctuary on foot for three days, is the most beautiful I’ve ever spent three days.

Here, you can in the plots he MU, watch the early morning mist and quiet mountain village;

You can silence baby Black Lake and enjoy the most pure and beautiful star sky in summer.

After you are walking in God’s Garden, plants, mountain stone, flowers and water is so charming, you can’t stop, but you see you will be permanently fixed in the memory of the beautiful pure land.

When it comes to recommending I really very contradictory, because if you do not have to use their feet to measure the land you can’t appreciate this natural beauty, station wagon will take you to the crowd and the earsplitting crowd “famous”. But I don’t like too many people are going to step into this world of pure land, net because it was too beautiful. If you wish, just contact me, keep this beautiful image, leaving a most beautiful natural detergent.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (too beautiful, too beautiful! )


The 12th station, fuyun. Second cold came to China, or because the beauty of the Irtysh River, this river that winds to the West gave birth to beautiful Northern junggar basin as a whole, “Jinshan AG-water” was praised for its beautiful, and Zhongshan fuyun God is the source of all beauty.

People say I’m a dreamer, because pursuit of it thousands of miles just to see the source of this beautiful face, but I have no regrets, but also because it is the source of beauty.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ (Zhong Shan scenic high transport prices, God I am staggering, and removed the beautiful Irtysh River, scenic attractions of other ornamental value is not very high)


13th leg of qinghe. It was a hard journey, a desperado walkers and a daredevil with a HP 0.97L SAIC-Wuling road in rugged nobody looking for the lost pyramids of China.

In the year of the Meng Gutie riding up of the West Valley, I saw the descendants of Genghis Khan once again kicked up wind flags, in the cattle and sheep over and over I finally found the water on the grasslands around the pile of boulders.

There is no very beautiful scenery, just terribly dangerous trip and giant stone before the legend of the past years, it is difficult to assess given one so how hard is the value was worth it, maybe you don’t have to, but I want to say is that my life without regrets.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ (if it’s not too dangerous, it should be regarded as ★ ★ ★ ★ if you are an avid history seekers like me and, it is recommended ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)


14th leg of jimusaer. Along the East of junggar basin all the way to the South, along with wild horses, Mongolian Gazelle across the vast “Kara mailishan nature reserve” to the site of the car division of the ancient.

North Chambers have worked on the ruins of the House, I saw the light the desert of love flowers-sunflower. The Sun, it exudes a warm, tough, brave stimulated my ignorant mind.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ (jimsar were to trek through Division road, is God’s arrangement with the sunflower)


The 15th stop, the car Division road. Into the dust of the Millennium of the Silk Road, because a complete impulse stems from their desire to conquer. Dozens of kilometers of no human beings mountain, joy of boarding and top of the tianshan mountains on foot, walking on the precipice between life and death, hiss of Wild Wolves and dogs under the fangs will not help in prayer, and one can only communicate through gestures of Uygur Shepherd small group experience of cohabitation of the sheepfold … … Journey into these two days alone, into the roads in the mountains and the beach, also is in my deepest memories.

Perhaps many years later, I no that rebellion and desire, has been unable to walk into this dusty trail again; it now live safe and you don’t have to risk their lives to meet the conquest of futility. But after all, the summer of 2009, I’ve walked this road of life and death that cannot be forgotten.

Recommended indexes: ★ (because it’s too dangerous, I can safely out of this road alone, it is the God’s affection. But if you’re like I was not afraid of death and “self-abuse” desire, that car Division road is definitely the candidates ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)


16th leg of Turpan. Because of the attractive grape and fabulous Flaming mountains, China the lowest and highest temperatures became the most famous tourist attractions of the city.

Almost all travel agencies will promote Dan Luo in the fine print listing all attractions of Turfan. But may only Dang a people go into no noise of vineyard, you to in grape frame Xia enjoy afternoon of cool; a a people go into no total tour of Gaochang city, you to in this loess cover of death of city listening death of voice; a a people came to no disturb of Su public Tower Xia, you to quietly to appreciate this sky clouds Xia Islamic building of essence.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ (commercialization is too strong, too strong)


17th, Shanshan. In order to visit the living fossils of the Uygur folklore, I came to a mysterious ancient “wheat added”-Tu Yu Gou; to see visions of a sunset in the desert, I came closest to cities of the desert in the world-the kumutage desert; in order to find a trace of dust of the ancient loulan, I arrived at Shan-Shan-the rich grape and melon town.

The beauty of it is that a “pure”. Yu Gou is simple and pure, kumutage desert nature pure, sweet pure melon and grapes.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ (Yu Gou simple customs are Cecil has been tainted with the stench)


18th station, Hami. A pure color depicts the beauty and by the history back to the Tomb contains, constitute the East Gate–Hami of Xinjiang.

This fame because of melon city, Park is a miniature of the tianshan mountains: the ground is golden rape flowers full of green and white stone, full of the Mingsha sand … … There is more beauty left to you to discover it more carefully.

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ (erosion of grasshoppers, white stone lawn is slightly mottled; after the tourism business development, Mingsha Holiness only stepped into the depths of sand can find)


Also worth ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ recommended that Xinjiang’s food and fruits.

A cuisine is like the business card, people coming from afar will leave one way or another impression. Sometimes it more attractive than scenic, some people visiting a place thousands of miles, just to taste the taste of that coveted. When your sense of smell is one of shock, when your taste buds for a flavor while intoxicated, you’ll remember that deeply connected with food names, such as Peking duck, noodles, etc. Such specialties or senior in the magnificent hotel appeared, or hidden streets and unusual shops, or belong to a housewife’s private character.

When it comes to is located in the Northwestern outside Xinjiang, mix noodles, rice, naan, market chickens and so on should be you shouldn’t miss the delicious.

As for me, was a most impressive Kashi yogurt.

This yogurt, ice and honey into a delicious beverage is said to be unique in Marrakech, in Kashi so hard to describe the taste makes me almost all the time is spent with it, and I now that I still unconsciously greedy saliva.

If Xinjiang food is your understanding of local characteristics of a business card, this attractive fruit is what you have left your stomach big ears of extreme delicacy.

Unique sunshine and climate conditions, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes here are exceptionally delicious that I have days of dinner time is spent before Street fruit stand next to the sidewalk. Spent in the suburb Turpan a vineyard in the middle of the afternoon, are unforgettable experiences of my life.


Think about what else is missing. Oh, Yes, there are people in Xinjiang.

In Xinjiang, or dealing with people should be in southern Xinjiang Uygur and Kazak of Xinjiang because coincides with “75” riots, ethnic relations has become a sensitive topic, which I think all languages and interpretation are pale, only I see the scene that best describes the problem. Take a look at this on July 7, 2009 in Yining street shooting photos.

Wearing flower hats of Uygur, Hui of the small white hat, dark felt Hat Kazak and Han of blue cloth Hat Uncle are having a fun playing poker.

For the same reason from the ethnic minority autonomous regions, I would like to remind you of Xinjiang tourism friends remember “respected” the word, respect other people’s customs and beliefs, then you will get the respect and help each other.


Final comment spent in Xinjiang, I in 33 days of Xinjiang’s total costs (including return air tickets, accommodation and catering costs, tickets, tours, and so on) is about 8000 Yuan, more than 200 Yuan a day on average should say there is less overhead, because to buy about 20 percent of the tickets, accommodation in youth hostels or local herdsmen’s tents. In tourism the largest overhead passage should be chartered, because road transport is far less developed in the Mainland, not much interaction between city and County bus, can only select tours and visiting the tourist attractions is, if you can walk about 3 to 4 friends this cost should be lowered a lot.


This is what I see beauty in Xinjiang, this is the summer of 2009 I used 33 days through Xinjiang. May have many regrets, such as hotan, southern Xinjiang, single road steep, TeX’s Gossip City, zhaosu grassland … … But I have been very satisfied. Everything is overdone, and when everything is perfect, you will lose the motivation. I will go to Xinjiang, to the left of regret, for the hearts of the most beautiful memories.


This is a song from a secret garden of the dreamer, in Xinjiang “dreams of heaven” before, maybe you will like me as a dreamer without regret. Perhaps we do not know where the road ahead is the end, but had no regrets as long as we know they are chasing their dreams, in the pursuit of natural beauty.

Left this message, I will start my new dream pace goal is this summer in northern Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, and Gansu, last for about 50 days. Maybe someone will meet you and me in the journey of dreams, or maybe we just pass by passers-by, maybe we are far apart from each other unknown stranger, but I hope we can meet in August this summer after the “World Week”, to feel my dreams through text and pictures.