Chongqing love in mountain memory tours


This is a fantastic memory–in mountain city;

It was a fun experience–in Chongqing;

Is a wonderful memories–on the road!


In memory of Chongqing, is a scenic mountain town. At the Wulong nature bridge tour and wonder can dazu lamented the previous superb artistry, ciqikou more can enjoy folk music fascinating!


At this moment, we drive in mountain city, experience extraordinary fun new ways, play unlimited new ideas, explore drive new flows of play – looking for street graffiti street art, karting experience surges play speed, and on top of the ropeway surge of the Yangtze River in Chongqing.

On the line:

Day 1

–Arrived in Chongqing Chongqing Chongqing hotpot dinner-stay Begonia both hot spring resort hotel


Day 2

Eling Park Sunrise-Philip-Chongqing jiefangbei bowling alley–delicious Street–the diet revolving sushi–night view of Changjiang River Bridge in Chongqing-Chongqing Bali-stay at the color theme hotels


Day 3

Yangtze River cableway – Tao Su Lakes theme park restaurants-blue speed Kart Club-axing tour-Hotel–the Chongqing Liang Jiang-remember staying at Hotel Radisson in Chongqing Sega


Day 4

Traditional tofu-Chongqing-Bashan mountain climbing Club–MR Tiger · X fans–off the city of cat’s paw barbecue-Street-graffiti–Nan shan Bao Cypress, a tree–rooms at the Chongqing hotel


Day 5

Brunch-the return of good


About food:

My first impression of Chongqing is hot! Hot chilli! Hot chilli! Whether famous restaurants or from roadside cafes or hands of the fisherman’s village, not stingy on the use of a lot of chili and pepper, allows diners to enjoy at the same time go after one of the stimulating spicy.



But, this time around. Chongqing on the tongue, not just spicy, more warm in all kinds of “human touch”.



Chongqing > Small lakes fashion themed restaurant

Dark mountain town, let us open the taste buds with Chongqing’s most authentic cuisine to the sensory experience of it!

Speaking of Chongqing, it had to mention that Chongqing hot pot! Streets across a wide variety of Chongqing hot pot restaurants, four seasons, hot pot is not small!

Nine squares, Mandarin Duck hot pot, strings of hot pot … … Red meat, finless eels, tripe, duck sausage, vegetables, rice cake noodles a plate of every sort, with green lettuce as embellishment, steaming pot, fragrant pepper Squeak oil, served with dipping oil is hot pot dishes, red soup dish dipped in the oil dish, spicy reduction, fresh and fragrant swells. Was unable to stop them, eat more and want to eat!!!

Lick lick my lips are hot and spicy, close my eyes and smell is fresh flavor and mind think about finish is dripping.


Dark mountain town, fashion, lights the night more beautiful. Driving the fit on the road and feel unmatched driving new enjoyment.

Along the way, the town’s classic and current, Hong ya cave ancient buildings of the Neon Night accompanied by Yangtze River Bridge, domineering and majestic, brightly lit streets of Chongqing, feel the surge of driving experience and explore the limitless potential of fit on the road.

Small lakes fashion themed restaurant

Into small lakes in new world department store, 5/f, fashion-themed restaurant, you will find concise with tall wooden chair in line with the current trend of the young bar, with the theme of green boxes, graffiti design of small local restaurant themes are fashion, satisfy the taste buds at the same time to Visual enjoyment.

Restaurant to check the selected food, served quickly, the waiter was very helpful and thoughtful. Tea, rice was at the bar of the restaurant buffet unlimited access. Ordering 9 dishes – creamy mashed potatoes, fried celery and Lily, Pan Seared with garlic shrimps, Gong Baoshan medicine, dream * gold bone, nine Yin white bone claw, baby cabbage in diving, Chongqing Dafang ears, shortribs, full weight and artistic styling and name.

Creamy mashed potatoes: in a rich sauce on mushy mashed, spoon on one, can’t wait to put in the mouth, the mouth is filled with delicious.

Chongqing cake ear: first taste of pig ears in the shape of, like a sheet of dough, to various types of chilli sauce, chewy, spicy spread to every corner of the mouth, great!

Nine Yin white bone claw: the ecstasy of name makes my knees actually Lu JI claws, very tasty and fleshy and full, but a bit small, only 3.

Shortribs: shortribs of Hangzhou dishes, made of authentic, especially cold in the juices, begging for more.

Gong Baoshan medicines: the practice of Kung pao chicken to vegetables, yams, dice the yams, combined with red chilies, soft potatoes, crispy peanut, really quickly.

* Gold bone the dream: crispy pork ribs with fried golden, combined with unique sauces as condiments, crispy on the outside and inside, love of meat.

Pan Seared with garlic shrimp: colours and shapes are the most Visual impact, consisting of shrimp, tomatoes, garlic, red orange, and increased appetite.

Restaurant: small lakes fashion themed restaurant

Address: Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District Street new world department store, 5/f

Phone: 023-67959212

Per capita: 50 Yuan



Climbed to eling Park
> Jie Fang bei Jie
> Color theme of Bali Hotels in Chongqing > Cat barbecue (yin Qiao century Sun Inn)

The fortress in the morning, is a wall filled with stories, fog, and we need to start to explore. In spite of tiredness we, in Chongqing in the early morning of 5 points, climbed to eling Park, waiting for a Sunrise views.

Climbed to eling Park

Travel Guide:

Name: eling Park

Address: Chongqing eling, 88th, Zheng Jie 181th

Fees: free

Jie Fang bei Jie

Drive all the way to the Chinese Road, turn right again is the delicious Street. Jie Fang bei Jie, brings together around food in Chongqing and one deeply know the essence of the secret.

Walking in the delicious Street, have a dizzying variety of tempting bunch, exquisite Turkey flower ice cream, fragrance of all kinds of desserts, fresh and delicious and nutritious rice noodles, spicy crisp hot and sour powder … … In Jie Fang bei Jie, I bring you, you take on the stomach can be.

Chao food introduction:

Name: Jie Fang bei Jie

Address: Chongqing jiefangbei

Per capita: 30-50

Color theme of Bali Hotels in Chongqing

Hotel location is very convenient, is near from the jiefangbei, WiFi rooms and bathing facilities, and shower gel has flowers, has a refreshing feeling. Chongqing color theme Hotel Bali gives me a “safe, quiet, comfortable, warm” rooms at the feeling.

When I open the hotel door, you will find across the Southeast Asian style theme rooms, elaborate design, originality building, giving a surreal and beautiful feel, there are wooden ceiling and barrel bath, where you can enjoy a good night.

Through time we came to the car-themed rooms, pavement is dynamic and fashion trend of automobile, is ideal for young people to stay.

Color theme of Bali Hotels in Chongqing

Address: Minsheng road, yuzhong district, Chongqing Chongqing hotel business building, 3/f, No. 283 (jiefangbei)

Phone: 023-63311888

Prices and room type:

Theme double room 308 in Southeast Asia

Car-themed twin room 328


Cat meat (yin Qiao century Sun Inn)

Fashion trends 12 constellations of cat-themed, with the cartoon cat restaurant, elements of the series, mainly young people like variety of barbecue to meet different demands of taste buds.

Restaurant staff will help the barbecue and service in place and carefully, see baking paste, change right away, for a total of three times back and forth and just roast meat, vegetables, I did change again.

Restaurant decoration decorations to the plate has the cat element, very popular shop customers are mainly young people.

When you order, the waiter was very patient and advised us to order some less meat, the results, as expected, it also can’t finish.

Vegetable lollipops: a whole asparagus with a bamboo stick around, that combine cumin, oddly, encountered such a novelty for the first time, the trend of food.

Rose beef tongue: dominated by CAT plates, combined with the leaves as ornament, preserved in place, without sauce or you can savor the taste of its authentic.

Ka bar chicken Gristle: keep brittle bones coupled with tender chicken, marinade was very tasty, one more what?

Gold 62: fresh thin qieri pork neck meat is the color pink, with two sauces, wooden bat shaped plates, very unique. Far from a cup of kiwifruit bubble fresh-squeezed juices, taste buds enjoyed both experiences.

Cumin lamb leg meat: the meat, with the flavor of cumin, meat is compact and smooth.

Leek pie: staple food have chosen a color like a cake in the shape of the traffic lights, with leek, pepper, egg composition, thickness moderate, sweet soft and delicious.

When baking zizi taking loud voices, when the meat is emitting a charming aroma sound, when the iron fork back and forth over the roast … … If your taste buds have been touched, that I first started.

Restaurant Description: Cat-Scratch BBQ (yin Qiao century Sun Inn)

Address: Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei district, Sunshine Mall L5-09 of the century (the Guanyin bridge pedestrian street behind the big cities)

Phone: 023-86577788

Business hours: 10:00-22:00

Per capita: 98

Fill the stomach, dark mountain not only for locals and tourists, belongs to us, driving on the Yangtze River Bridge and the elevated, feel good car music system sounds with ears … …



Yangtze River cableway
> Hong bowling
> Blue speed Kart Club
> Chao Tien Temple, cruise
> Sega Radisson Hotels in Chongqing > Axing down hotel (Palace shop)

Third days, we early ride Yangtze River ropeway, this is in recently big hot of reality show, and near stemona movie as: crazy of stone, and new mother again love I once, and sunshine Chongqing inside are appeared had she of figure, each hosted 60 people, roundtrip time about 40 minutes,, mountain of old and trend, changing of development, are in front.

Yangtze River cableway

In the morning of drizzle, we take a ropeway high-rise buildings overlooking the Yangtze River, and North of the Yangtze River and other places. Enjoy an ink tint Bashan morning rain, Yushui cigarette volume, fresh and elegant, stunning.

Road overlooking the yuzhong peninsula, Riverside road, sparkling river water, colorful bridge across the River, building off each other, like a dream fantasy, like exposure to the markets in the sky, people sigh.

Travel Guide:

Name: Chongqing Yangtze River cableway

Address: Xinhua road, yuzhong district, Chongqing, 153th

Charge standard: 20 Yuan/person 

Philip bowling

Experience known as the fit of the Yangtze River Yangtze River air corridor, our stop was great bowling, buy tickets online is convenient, but weekends and days, prices are not the same in the afternoon on. Inside are mostly young people. We then put on a professional shoes, under the advice of staff selected to suit your playing weight of bowling, began to contest, after several rounds of fighting, we won by a narrow margin!

Travel Guide:

Name: Philip bowling

Address: Xie Chenlu 1th yuanjiagang, Olympic Sports Center, 11th

Phone: 023-68856988

Charge standard: bowling 22/buy 13 Yuan/person

Blue Super Kart Club

Shortly thereafter, we came to blue speed card d car club, experience speed of track, and sound of site, and dazzle cool of equipment–with speed and passion to described card d car must is not for had of, a door on was here of all to attract has, to here of accept challenge are is guy, I as one girls feel special pride, and I is first times play card d car does.

When blue speed Kart Club was opened also to Jimmy for the ribbon-cutting, is the number one great! Help of the staff member’s patient explanation and careful, we dressed up, sit on the Kart, and modeling is about to begin our journey speed for six minutes.

Acceleration, turns, straights, only to hear the thunderous sound and beyond around the player, for the best position, this is also the maximum tide athletic goals now!

Travel Guide:

Name: Blue speed Kart Club

Address: leading Temple of Taishan road, Yubei District, Chongqing, Hebei, 60th, Hua Yu, North Central area

Phone: 13883883233|02360391200

Business hours: 14:00-24:00

Rate: 110// 

Chao Tien Temple, cruise

Chongqing’s night, is part of the Riverview.

Not table mountain at night, if not to Chongqing. Bayu 12 scenes, one of the “two River swim” skilfully Chongqing Chongqing night combined with the famous scenery of night swam two rivers take Chao Tien Temple, as if swimming in the milky way, lit on both sides, Moon and stars bright lights reflected in the water, the River long, Wind River Breeze, adding green tea wine, relaxed.

Travel Guide:

Name: Chongqing tour – two rivers Chao Tien Temple Tour tickets

Address: intersection of jialing River of Yangtze River Road, yuzhong district, Chongqing, Yangtze Riverside

Business hours: 19:00-21:00

Charge standard: 188 Yuan/person

(Two rivers in Chongqing at night) chaotianmen Yangtze River Ferry + tramway round trip ticket 88 Yuan

Sega Radisson Hotels in Chongqing

Sega entered the Radisson in Chongqing hotel, at a height of 37/f, full floor to ceiling view Windows, overlooking the beautiful river and mountain views. Hotel in a beautiful and elegant design, spacious and comfortable rooms, “Rainforest” shower and bathtub, a style of Chinese and Western delicacies, swimming pool, full equipped with fitness center, free high-speed WiFi Internet access service, mountain tours in the Chongqing more fashionable, trendy, quality.

Sega Radisson Hotels in Chongqing

Address: Chongqing Nan bin road, 22nd 

Phone: 023-88668888

Fax: 023-86695633

Prices and room type:

Superior Twin room 698

Axing down hotel (Palace shop)

Deep searching into the shade of the Park’s quiet, European-style restaurant into our eyes, sumptuous décor, combining classical and modern architecture, with great visual impact, iPad orders closely trends makes the food more fashion sense. Strong sense of interior color, in line with the tastes of the young people.

Served fast and waiters attentive, taste particularly good, no wonder online are five stars and praise it!

Sweet Basil Chicken in three cups: Taiwan famous cuisine, renowned for their spices, combined with the fried chicken, sauces and delicious delicious.

With sonchus oleraceus: meal without salad, crisp, sour and refreshing, greasy after eating the meat of the solution to share.

Siu duck tongue: modeling exquisite, and every piece of duck tongue is small, but very tasty, sauce unique, delicious.

Lobster soup: very carefully, as we pan, this is a big pot of soup and a bowl of golden rice, when merging the two, turned into a delicious, delicious soup, lobster, very flexible.

Mushroom with garlic: hypertrophy of Pleurotus eryngii, moderate size and thick, chewy and very tasty.

Platinum shrimp dumplings: translucent shrimp dumplings, each containing two large peeled shrimp and a few meat, very flexible, tasty and delicious.

Restaurant Description:

Axing down hotel (Palace shop)

Address: Zhongshan Road 174th Palace gate

Phone: 023-63657888 023-63658666

Business hours: 10:30-21:00

Per capita: 75



BA Tigers climbing Club > MR·
X-fans of Castle Chamber escape
> Chongqing treasure Park boutique hotel > Chongqing Grand Theatre

The morning of the 4th, tired of hotels breakfast, we drive fit in mountain city search, open the Windows, we smell the fragrant smell of pepper. Chongqing bean caught our eye, several locals constantly stir Chili, aroma is compelling, topped with Chili oil, didn’t really tempting.

Tightly packed line of sauces in three–spicy, chopped pepper taste and sweetness. Which flavor would you choose?

Mei CAI Kou ROU: dominated by salty, meat mix, fleshy plump, fat but not greasy, especially rice.

Fen zhengrou: dominated by sweet, mouth melting, but the following have potatoes, are also harmonizing taste.

Topped with spicy bean curd pudding, just like Lotus Flower, let people love.

BA Tigers climbing Club

Eat a hearty breakfast, we started to play wave experience, this station-BA-Tiger rock climbing Club. Colourful rock climbing venue, flying half empty experience, step by step upward momentum, test for more than just physical endurance and courage. When we overcome fear, and ring the Bell at the top of, we are the brave is victories!

Travel Guide:

Name: BA-Tiger rock climbing Club

Address: million cinema city Duan Yatu dream space down 20 metres

Phone: 4000230818

Business hours: 10:00-22:00

Charge standard: one-day ticket 80 yuan/person 

MR· X-fans of Castle Chamber escape

Experience through the physical challenge of climbing, we arrived at MR · X fans of Castle Chamber to escape. Can burn the brain, can also be spelled wisdom, can fight ideas, chose the mystery Castle is the most difficult two-the Pharaoh’s mystery and spaceships, Yi Guan Yi Guan break and opened a heavy organ, was thinking of jumping up by sleeping for a long time, this is also a test of team performance.


Travel Guide:

Name: MR · X-fans of Castle Chamber escape

Address: Chongqing Nanping billion as B1

Phone: 02362833786

Business hours: 10:00-22:00

Charge standard: 100 yuan/person GroupOn 68 Yuan per person 

Treasure Park boutique hotels in Chongqing

Distinctive filled with large, view Windows of superior rooms, quiet and rich cultural atmosphere of the art of tea and restaurants, authentic Yu breakfast buffet as well as complimentary elegant afternoon tea and enjoy–this is the treasure of Chongqing Park boutique hotel.

Stop at Park boutique hotel experience a spiritual treasure rest, vented in a mixture of the natural and cultural context of Chongqing forest speculations, in natural wood, designer furniture, artist displays, Chongqing in memory … … Out of which, let me feel pleasure, relaxation and warmth. Not only hotels, feel more like home.

Treasure Park boutique hotels in Chongqing

Address: Street, yuzhong district, Chongqing long Hu era b Hall building 4th floor 15 (next to the new century department stores)

Phone/fax: 023-63301818

Prices and room type: Deluxe twin room 468 Yuan

Chongqing Grand Theatre

Chongqing Grand Theatre is a first-class venue of the Opera, theatre, concerts, and is a symbol of the city’s new landmark, a feast of music plays an important role and significance of the trip.

Driving the fit we came to the city’s new landmarks, architectural appearance of influenza full flashes, particularly stylish and modern, is the young people’s favorite.



Wo green Japanese restaurant

Together always short, let us use food to feel is on the other side of the mountain city of Chongqing trends, fashion, new.

Wo green Japanese restaurant

Melodious Japanese music taste of Japanese cuisine, select your favorite location, and friend drink a toast, to the double impact of a mind and taste!