Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience


Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience


As a song writing

Sea Sea

Is where I live

Wind waves

As I wander the Quartet

Sea Sea

Just like my mother

Go to the ends of

Always by my side … …


–The songs are so touching heart, often echoed in the brain Pan ~~

Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience

When I was young, my grandfather lived together near the Qingdao port, often with Grandpa to the sea, digging clams ~ sea breeze, waves of scenes in my childhood mind left a deep impression! o sea home! I always miss!! Since then, decades later, great changes have taken place in Qingdao. Train station at the old Bell Tower, trestle, Aquarium, Zhongshan Park, was impressed in my mind. Every year I come to Qingdao to visit several ~ but this time with Qingdao encounter is in the chill of the season of spring in March.

Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience
Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience

“Welcome (Germany Governor building site)”

Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience


Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience

“Gum-Australian Government House site”

Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience

Zhejiang road, “Catholic Church”

“On tour”:

Day1.3 7th rail of Jinan-Qingdao railway station-excellent selection of hotel rooms at the pier-the Huangdao.

Day2. Usun select hotel breakfast-visit Silver Sands Beach encounter network-red goddess-excellent hotel – lunch – Colorado – Catholic Church about pichaiyuan–Tang Island Bay coast–excellent hotel-dinner-excellent selection of hotels.

Day3. Usun select hotel breakfast-bridge – Temple–Germany-prison-the May Fourth square fish Hill–fish park–Ocean University of Qingdao-the Museum-the former residence of Lao She – guest house–church–gum-Australian Government House–the site rail return.


Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience


Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience

1. public transportation:

Qingdao railway station, 200 meters left to reach the tunnel bus stop, bus is very convenient. Friends of North railway station may refer to the following figure, liuting airport directions friends suggest taking an airport bus to Huangdao.

2. the ferry:

Qingdao ferry stations in 21st, Sichuan Road, SHINAN district, Qingdao, Huangdao ferry every day, as follows: first class

06:30, the last 18:30. 5-20 minutes to send a boat all day.

 3. by car: it is recommended that cross-Sea Bridge.

Excellent selection of shops on the West coast of Qingdao to experience

Huangdao in Qingdao’s West Coast, is a new area, more casual city. Yellow island territory of Mountains rise and fall, ravines, with brilliant langya culture, and has a natural harbor and an excellent port facilities. Beach and sea are very clean, beautiful sea view, the famous Golden Beach, Silver Beach, dazhushan area …

“Play recommendations”:

Qingdao is the best tourist season in April-September, to visit Qingdao friend suggestions 2-5 days.



German style clock tower building in Qingdao railway station.

“Bridge” is a symbol of Qingdao, in the ebb and flow of the Bay of Qingdao, echoed with the small Qingdao. Qingdao train station is less than 10 minutes to walk. That afternoon, the weather is not so good, so take the tunnel 1 to HDF (high-tech zone) featured hotels.

About 1 hour, arrived at Hotel select. Hotel is located in the 19th, Wudang road, second-tier cities are mid-range hotels, shop decoration in a modern, stylish and comfortable, ideal for business travel. Hotel’s new digital room, no front desk, mobile phone sets open house to check out.

Walked into the hotel, staff friendly, produce their identity cards to be moved in after registration.

Hotel building is o code coffee, wheat, Shang Ke best fast food, 24 hours service; four-floor also has a health SPA foot bath Hall.



I live in 4 floor inside a room, room facilities, feel great and very comfortable. Arrived early hours yet, and playmates to shop around and take pictures. Been prosperous business circles around the shops, restaurants, supermarket, fruit snacks a lot. Our owner recommended City WA night markets seafood dinner. Food is very affordable, with a per capita consumption of less than 50 Yuan.


In addition, the shop also has a family room, double bed room, standard room and romantic bed room 6 room types.

Back in the evening, shower brushing your teeth, lying on a comfortable bed, watching TV, unknowingly into a dream ~



2 in the breakfast dining hall, the hotel offers a variety of delicious buffets, so my taste buds to open ~ ~

“Silver Beach” area, a total length of more than 2000 square meters, is in a Crescent shape, clear water beaches, natural beach. Sandy fine and uniform, silver Sun in all directions, like embedded in silver on a blue silk, hence the name Silver Sands beach.

Qingdao cold in early March, when just 7 and 8, this is another scene on the beach ~ NET red goddess of lesbian couples, Prince of @Vicky-and-Jerermy on the beach with @ dingzi daxiuen love ~ ~


Dining at the hotel at noon. This is a Dong specials: four different flavors of Pickles in the bread and cut into thin slices, unique taste, try.

Favorite is the crab tongs!

Fried crispy prawns, and delicious.

Delicious scallops ~ pure drinking green beer, tasting a variety of seafood delicacies, foodie heaven, Oh ~


“Badaguan scenic area”


Eight passes in Hui Quan and Tai Ping Kok between coastal strip, is best reflected in Qingdao “red tiling, green trees, blue sea and sky” features scenic areas, the so-called “eight passes”, foreigners, thought to be eight off; most of the locals may think eight bands “off” road. But in fact there are “ten pass”, namely: ningwu clearance, zijingguan, Shaoguan, hangu pass, Jiayuguan, and Wusheng clearance, and Juyongguan, linhuaiguan, zhengyangguan and the Shanhai pass. These criss-crossing the road, forming a miles of scenic spots. Before liberation, here is the seat of all Consulate in Qingdao, focus on Britain, France and the United States, Japan and Russia, more than 24 countries, more than 200 different styles of architecture, is home to serve the Villa area. Now is the famous scenic sanitariums.

Walking on the Boardwalk by the sea, cool sea breeze swishing, street lawn there was a few more flowers in bloom.

Bypassing flower stone floor is the Second Beach, hotel building is in front of the East China Sea.

Low season flower stone floor is not open.

Despite the cool sea breezes, there are a lot of couples in the wedding. Their faces filled with happiness and satisfaction, good and happy and romantic city, Oh ~

Facing the sea, Nestle, and look forward to the spring ~


“The Catholic Church”

John Milton Earle called the Holy Catholic Church in Qingdao, Zhejiang road Church, for national cultural relic protection units, built in 1932, the tower stands 56 metres, it is the only Anglican Church in China.


“I don’t have a big house!” haha who not dream he has super Big House ~


“Chopping wood” food court

Qingdao’s oldest street, the street is not very long, located in SHINAN district of Qingdao Zhongshan Road business circle, is Zhongshan Road, Beijing Road, North Road, Tianjin road surrounding the neighborhood, also known as Ning Jiang Road. Should say can be representative of Qingdao cuisine, assorted snacks and seafood stalls are available.

Into the street, bursts of tangy aromas, stimulating your taste buds ~~

Network red goddess beautiful Prince of @Vicky-and-Jerermy @ dingzi food temptations ~



A Boulder engraved with “chopping” the three characters. The beginning of 20th century, Qingdao port soon, people close to the business district zone processing and sales of firewood, “chopping wood”. Later, with the spread of power and coal, firewood business rundown, but catering business thriving deficiency.


So much of the shrimps was 15 Yuan a pair, it’s not expensive!

Night “Don Bay”

Don Bay surrounded by two headlands, the Bay is a famous Tang island. Tang island is very small, only 0.07 square kilometers, but it is very famous, according to Tang dynasty, when Emperor Taizong personally led the crusade Navy, was stationed on the island, so they are called tangoya. Now as a leisure, vacation and tourist spot.

Don Bay along Bay West Road on both sides of the Li River, colorful landscape lights were lit in the evening.

Look like a spread Peacock.



Morning, or by tunneling in Qingdao train station, walking eastbound along the coastal Avenue.




Soon the “Temple” was built in Ming-cheng three years (1467), has a history of more than 500 years ago, Qingdao City’s oldest brick buildings of Ming and Qing, provincial-level key cultural relics protection units.

Qingdao Tin Hau Temple covers an area of nearly 4000 square meters, construction area of 1500 square meters, two into the patio. Its main hall, Palace, front and rear hatchback, the Playhouse, Bell and ancillary buildings amounts to House 16 more than more than 80 rooms, is a typical national style of ancient buildings. Free of charge.

“Qingdao Germany Museum of site of the prison” was a set-Castle-style prison complex, team building as one of the characteristics of Justice Museum, is one of the oldest colonial prison site. Low season closed trial. Opposite the bus stop in the vicinity there are many buses to the May Fourth square, get off my to Qingdao municipal building 228 road.

-Qingdao municipal services building


-The May Fourth square “May the wind.” “The May Fourth square” North of Qingdao municipal government office building, South of Fushan Bay, covers an area of 10 hectares. May Fourth square, Qingdao China named after the great movement triggered in recent history. May Fourth square divided into northern and southern parts, located in the municipal building on the central axis, implicit fountains, fountains, dot-matrix of the May wind sculpture, hundred-metre fountain on the sea.

Tide retreats in the Fushan Bay, Lighthouse is the Olympic Sailing Center in the distance, a lot of people on the beach at the sea ~

“Hong Kong Zhong Road, city street” If you believe in Buddhism can go take a walk near the ancient temple of zhanshan Temple, like Taoism can take the 304 bus to Taoism in laoshan scenic stroll. If you like hiking, swim you can travel to stone old man after the laoshan scenic area off the road along the coastal road play Qingdao Binhai scenic spot.

–“The little fish Hill Park” GuanLan Pavilion


GuanLan Pavilion can enjoy beautiful sea views of Qingdao, also appreciate red tiling, green trees in urban area of the city. Is one of the perfect view of the sea in Qingdao

–North Ocean University of China fish Hill and signal Hill, Guest House.

Had to mention several Hill Park in Qingdao, especially signal Hill, little fish Hill Park is the best view of the sea. If have time, should also stroll around Qingdao mountain view Xiangshan, seamounts, and several can’t-miss free Park ~


“The Ocean University of China fish Hill” Ocean University of Qingdao is one of China’s key universities, before 1958 here is located at Qingdao University, earlier is the Germany of Bismarck barracks. Under the influence of this factor, the campus has retained the original Germany architectural style, in 2002, officially changed its name to “the Ocean University of China”. Many famous writers, such as Lao She, Liang Shih-chiu and Shen Congwen, Wen Yiduo and Wu Bo Xiao, Hong Shen, who had coached here, students of Zang Ke-Jia’s former Ocean University of China, a famous poet, and his teacher was Wen Yiduo. Former residence of Wen Yiduo’s “much more than a building,” quietly stood in the Northwest corner of the campus.

“Qingdao Gallery” is located in Qingdao University Road 7th,, exposure Yu China traditional building unique of yellow w Red Wall “surrounded” in the of series building community is Qingdao of history excellent building, began built Yu 1934 to 1940, original for “million Word will” site, now for Qingdao City Gallery, it to three into layout, will Rome column gallery type, and China Palace type, and Arab type three species different style of building concentrated Yu this, not only has history of precipitation, and culture of thickness, and is a at very with browse value of sightseeing to. The building covers an area of 14183 square meters, total construction area of 4108 square meters. 2006 was officially approved by the State Council for the sixth batch of national key cultural relic protection units. Qingdao Art Museum for free.

“Former residence of Lao She” in huangxian County Road, SHINAN district, Qingdao City, the 12th, also known as the camel Xiangzi Museum, is the novel camel Xiangzi, Lao She’s creation. China’s first museum named for a literary work, Qingdao City-level key cultural relics protection units. Free of charge.

“Welcome” Long Shan Lu, Qingdao is located in the 26th, back on the picturesque signal Hill Park, Ocean University of China, Christian churches and other distant relative, elegant environment. Guest House was originally Germany stationed in rubber o (Qingdao), the official residence of the Governor, hence the name “Governor’s Mansion”, commonly known as Admiral/f. Guest House is a typical European castle-building was Germany William typical architecture in the age of style and young style combination of European buildings. The internal layout of elegant luxury, stylish, one can enjoy the atmosphere of strong European Court, Guest House is a Museum, collection of States with a rarity.

–“Church” is a famous religious buildings in Qingdao, a national key cultural relics protection units, located in Jiangsu road, SHINAN district, Qingdao City, in the 15th on a hill, East of beautiful signal Hill Park. 39·1 meters high Bell Tower on top can watch the distant sea views, bright and spacious hall, can accommodate more than 1000 people, the Hall is 18 meters high, consists of downstairs and two layers on both sides. The Christian churches are places of worship for the German party. Tickets are 10 Yuan.


“Germany rubber o House” view of seamounts, SHINAN district, Qingdao City, Shandong province, is located in the South of the former site in yishui County Road 11th. 1897 Germany invaded Qingdao later in 1903 and built the Palace of the Governors, 7132.3 square meters, cost 850,000 mark, after completion of the building for Germany of the Governor’s Office, hence the name “Government House”, also known as “the admirals”. Germany’s classics in Chinese architecture.


Goodbye, the beautiful Qingdao!

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