Falling in love with a city from this life for you to guard

As long as the intentions are romantic

Even if it is a city

Like to kill with intrigue me, has special affection for small bridges brick black clock, would like to see every scene in the South again, experience the culture, so I arrived in Hefei, Anhui.

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard


 Feixi County in Anhui Province, Hefei city, Southwest, East suburb of Hefei city, across the chaohu Lake, chaohu city, and from West borders with ‘ an South along the fengle River in shucheng County, lujiang County Neighborhood; North arrives in Shouxian County, Changfeng. Narrow xikuandong County, North 55-kilometer, wide 64-kilometer, 1961 square kilometers of the total area, in 2007, with a total population of 910,000 people.

Feixi is known as the “hometown of Huai army, reform of rural counties, flowers and trees, the chaohu Lake Pearl” reputation, cross-Yangtze-huaihe River Valley between Lin Fei River South of bin in chaohu Lake in the West Bank, for the hundred counties, one of the top ten counties in Central, is one of the economically strong County, Anhui Province. 


Hefei, May sooner or later there is any difference, is more than a season, summer clothes during the day, night or rain coat.

Hefei gourmet tastes, like bland food, note that restaurant meals can remind the store taste.

Distance between the scenic, about traffic in advance is necessary.

The scenic area

 AAAAA grade scenic area

Ancient town: here was Gao Zhou in the chaohu Lake, the ancient name que Zhu, a bird’s tail (Zhu), que Bank, due to sediment, gradually became land. History of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom uprising history known as the three rivers and the victory of the war took place here. Won the national civilized town, towns with building key towns, the national comprehensive reform pilot town, the famous historical and cultural towns in China, national 5A tourist attractions and other honors.

AAAA level scenic area

Zipeng mountain Hefei: success of the Gen 4 and a scenic spot, Zi Peng Zhen won the best travel towns in the province, mountain town, Ming-chuan Xiang won the excellent travel towns in the province, total a-level scenic spots, Star farm continue to adhere to the city’s first. Zipeng mountain road all run through in the hinterland, XI Lu temple complex built and Sanhe city and a number of their project.

 Feixi hens home: the National 4 a-class tourist scenic spot, covers 2200 acres, is located in feixi County, three gang area, is only 40 minutes ‘ drive from Hefei city. Park a beautiful, lush, is a natural ecological botanical garden.

AAA-level scenic spots

Feixi Xiao Jing Zhuang: in 1978, Shannan Xiao Jing Zhuang, who pioneered the household responsibility system, opened a prelude to China’s rural reforms. Today’s Xiao Jing Zhuang according to “reform the birthplace, ecological agriculture, and tourist spots, off the civilized village” development of planning and construction, striving to build a base of Red tourism and bases for patriotic education. Visit the Xiao Jing, knows well the depth; visit source known source of spectacular. On November 27, 2008 Xiao Jing Zhuang succeeded to declare the national AAA-class tourist attractions.

 Little Tuan Shan herb farm: small tuanshan herb farm, national class AAA tourist attraction, five-star farm of Hefei city, located in feixi County, Hefei Ming chuan Xiang, near zipeng mountain scenic area, beautiful scenery, from Hefei city, 40 kilometers from the former residence of Liu Ming-chuan 800 meters. Small tuanshan herb farms set of ecological agriculture, leisure and tourism, international meetings and conventions, as a whole, deep eco-tourism and leisure resorts, organic green agriculture experience, eco-camp, organic agricultural products exhibition, flower and fruit refreshments, Taiwan specialties, from mining to do instant vegetable production, mining the mountain run, fresh home products, fishing, stargazing.

 Former residence of Liu Ming-chuan: former residence of Liu Ming-chuan–Liu Wei, as representative of the Fei XI Wei Bao group, is a national key cultural relics protection units, in 1868 by Liu Ming-chuan home construction, covers an area of 60,000 square meters. Wei, surrounded by a moat and stone walls, large convergence in buried Hill of Gold River water around the polder.


Livestock products

Feixi old hen (chicken ephedrine), three ducks, Gao Liubai geese, chaohu whitebait, shrimp, rice and other products known inside and outside the province.

Three rivers tofu

Three rivers tofu, three rivers and water quality of Qing Zhe, cold, no impurities, from dabieshan. Use this water to make tofu, the meat is tender, and greasy, the color white. There is a jingle in the technology: “material selection to precision, bug, sand and a flat Shell to the NET; Soak beans to wash, change the water in due season; milk flow; grinding fine in moderation; starch to swim like a duck, sweet, salty and fresh water to distinguish; plate in accordance with the regulations, the first light after the bean curd. “Made out of tofu, fresh enough, delicious, refreshing tastes palatable, long food is not greasy, and Jane-free seasoning from the heart, meat and grain characteristics. The soup is milky white, known as the “milk soup” chunks floating in the soup, also known as a floating soup, soup taste very fresh, also known as soup. Freezing winter weather, put tofu in an outdoor, water, torn, shredded pork, shredded chicken and a distinctive flavour. Three rivers tofu “tastes like chicken dolphin, Dolphin does not have this beauty chicken”, through the hands of master chef’s delicious tofu dishes. Bean curd with its unique taste, won the Green Veggie first of extraordinary value. Tofu WINS bird’s nest, collection of delicious and nutritious tofu, cooking delicious food. Three rivers tofu after more than 2,500 years of history, its invention, development, production, food rich in culture.

Feather fan

Lakes rivers, abundant feather resources, also a long tradition of processing feather products. Feather fan production is very careful, after sorting, blending, cleaning, dyeing, painting and finishing, trim, cable ties, string wire, angle, stitching, painting, decorating and other more than 10 procedures. Models-peach, herringbone, micro-arc, moon, pumpkin and so on. Varieties of flat month, January Chief Han, Dae won Moon, month, pale Moon sheds, small white, white, small color, bergamot, Centennial fans etc.



G206 national highway, national road G312,

Around the city of Hefei high-speed (G4001), Beijing high-speed (G3), Shanghai and Shaanxi Expressway (G40), the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway (G42), Hean Expressway, Hefei-Huainan-Fuyang Expressway, Hefei high-speed (G5011) is an important road junction.


Existing railway station Hefei station, and, and Hefei West station, and Hefei North Station, and water home Lake station, and feidong station, and lujiang station, and chaohu station, has collection Wu Gaotie, collection Ann city inter railway, collection Ning Gaotie, Huainan railway, collection nine railway, Ning West Railway, business collection Hang Gaotie, jingfugaotie (construction in the, which Hefei to Bengbu paragraph collection clam high-speed rail Yu October 16, 2012 official opened operation), Hefei railway hub South link. South Station stereo transfer hub will be built in Hefei, East China fourth column scale.

Lutong in railway-building plan, Hefei, Hang Gaotie, nine-passenger, Hefei, Zheng He, such as high-speed rail will make railway transport more convenient.

Civil Aviation

Xin Qiao international airport is the hub for international class 4E route of Hefei airport.


Hefei accommodation websites can be scheduled, trip table below.


Visit D1 zipeng mountain

       XI Lu, visited the temple

       Thousands of strains of infectious disease save ancient trees

       Sanhe village of Magnolia

       Dian Xiang farmhouse dining

       Rooms at the three rivers hotel

D2 Sanhe

       Visit Tang not Wu

       Lian-Xiang ornamental heritage program dance

       Farmhouse dining

       Visit the Xiao Jing Zhuang

       Visit Gold Sanhe ecological park

       Rooms at the zhongxing College

D3 tuanshan herb garden

       Visit Liu cemetery


“The body”

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard
Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard
Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard

Hefei is always to beautiful scenery, Huizhou architecture is famous in the world. The old saying goes, South of the beautiful green, blue mountains and green waters surrounded by feixi embodies the elegance of Anhui. Rivers and the people of the small bridges people, reflect the customs of Anhui, grounding. Three dip in the River, a section of the white stone Street, Ma Tau wall, rows of Huizhou, a block of old old old House, feixi (feixi County of Hefei city, is under) of the United States, is a kind of radiates beauty from the quiet and comfortable, unlike the Xinjiang town of Arcadia, was not as flashy as Lijiang, it implicitly and passionate.

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard

Feixi, known as the first in the South, the Central Plains of throat, Huai right lapel throat, teeth in the South said. In some places, love is love, he said that he fell in love with the reasons. Maybe it’s just something meant to be, maybe just a few samsara pass, perhaps only fleeting smile, so in love with. Falling in love with a city and your ignorance around falls in love with a city, a yard, a beautiful, outstanding, where the scenery is like a painting, and take your painting is the Anhui feixi and scenery of the town nerd around the Millennium. She attracted many famous poets have step trace, secluded spot to visit win, leaving tens of thousands of poems and prose works, beautiful feixi by me as a landscape South of the world.

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard

Falling in love with a city, because there is a mountain.

Zipeng mountain

Knolls, continuous ring of water around the mountain’s dense forest, is rich in natural and cultural landscape, especially in rocks, strange trees, clear water, rare for four features, constitute the luyang a unique three-dimensional scenery picture. The saying goes: the world famous monk, Pacific Star, using Lu Yuan Hongmo joined West Tong Yuan, 124 built the House room. Famous is on the Hill was built in the era of the three kingdoms XI Lu Temple, Baiyun Temple in the Song dynasty, reading, wash 500 Luohan sculptures, Zhou Yu yan Chi, Wenchang Pavilion, Li Dian’s Tomb, the first Taiwan Governor Liu Ming-chuan’s former residence and many other places.

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard
Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard

Zipeng mountain there is a couplet on the gate, the Alliance is: yuk Fairview Chameleon purple jungle through the ages, second line: the Immortals ‘ island paradise West to the public ten Fang Angfu. Lian Zi Peng embedded Word Word Word Zi Peng gives a strong Buddhist color. Cross gate filling up large tracts of green eyes, looked up at the green bamboo leaves, green camphor twigs, green beech bud tip, dark green needles of Pinus tabulaeformis buds, everything were bright green, bright green.

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard

Eco-car driving, on both sides of the road with the tone of some low shrubs and wildflowers. Between the patches of green sea, fine cutting of huanghuangxiaohua, or hold in a cluster, or scattered. Like a lid falling on the green of the surrounding sky morning star full of sparse, like one huge green fields strewn with colorful beans.

Falling in love with a city, from this life for you to guard

Where I live there is such beauty, wandering winds on the long trail in the Park every day, flower diameter, the singing birds worms and small bridges, branches swaying, can be described as a scene, step by step all spring. But although the scenery is beautiful, the essence but couldn’t get away from the artificial brand of Polish. Upright green plant next to a scrub, side there will be patches of dark green clusters of brilliant flowers, clean small Groove at the end of the two banks got the pebbles in the back row, contrast is too strong, the contrast too mechanical. So, essence of lost innocence, they seem a bit contrived, deliberately and for the.

At home on the Hill, no boundaries, just freedom, only free. In the absence of any signs of matting and premise, where layer upon layer, stacks, icy patches, and clusters, without rules, without rules.

Zipeng mountain scenery is by no means inferior to those of famous mountains and great rivers, where close, more than ancient trees, soaring. Moss, full size, direct green cliffs, red flowers and green vines, bright green beauty of drips. More Jing vines, Dorothy Jo, the cloud around the knee of the show. See, wind into the forest, like a fairy dance-e. Like the light, moving gracefully, light comfortable long sleeves, clothes fluttering. Listen, birds sing, like stars. Soft, sing sweet, almost tonal, caters to the sound.

Look, it’s Green, without a shred of defect. Looking far and near high and low mountains, eyes always focus could not be found, the misty peaks in the Group-Luan, of green hill stopped between a string. Look’s like is one of the top landscape master hand, or green, or light, or immerse the rendering, or drawing a circle, publicity or abrupt, faint or trance.

Himself, and makes people feel a never had peace and abundance. The birds have flown lonely living alone to busy, when shall I reach the top and hold, all mountains in a single glance, Tianzhu Feng Qing Sun, Portal Chihiro lock Yun Lei. Such eternal lines are packed all this, if not for yourself some of the emotion, I really want to cross spear compose a poem, one mind.

Falling in love with a city, where floating food

Feixi hen

As an important part of the cuisine, feixi food pay attention to keep the ingredients of authentic, full-bodied, fragrant. Most, of course, is not to be missed – feixi hen.

Feixi hen eco-homes is located in feixi County, Anhui Province, three gang area, only 25 kilometers away from Hefei. It is the first to chicken with the theme of agri-tourism attractions, Park a beautiful, dense forest, where a beautiful, constitutes a forest grass key, away from the noise, is self-cultivation, to induce longevity, poised.

As a famous historical and cultural city of feixi, traditional cuisine passed down by very rich. Every old Anhui cuisine have large or small has a position, bearing the history of changes. If you want to taste a bite of old Anhui, feixi is right for you.

Falling in love with a city, because it has picture-in-picture

Ancient town

This May cool summer, walk through town, gourmet tours humanity. When the first rays of sunlight in the morning, stretch it idle land, in rivers you what I saw, perhaps Jiangnan’s graceful, maybe the head of romance.

Sanhe, fengle River, hangbu he, little river, named after the three rivers. Ancient pier development on the town by three rivers, and now has more than 2,500 years of history, the old streets of the town is covered with slate, polished by thousands of years of driving smoothness. On both sides of the Huizhou architecture style, a lot of exposed brick built directly into the wall, Ma Tau wall projecting cornices Erythroculter than Hongcun Xidi Ma Tau wall is much exaggerated.

An ancient town, and if there are no celebrities, no historical and cultural sites, there is no root. Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang town, there are many historical and cultural sites, and thus more attractive.  Ancient town as well. In this town, there is the famous “eight attractions”: Chen Ning Yang old House, Liu Xing long Zhuang, crane cottage, land, House, quintessence, carving museum, fairy floors, ancient entertainment square. Of course, the ancient town ruins of ancient cultures more than that, there are Temple, Sun Zhongde Memorial, Dong Yinchu residence, one lane.

Tickets for the high relative to other towns, it’s intimate. Because it’s like, are elegant and quiet this place is where I’ve always wanted, even though, unlike the Xidi village Hongcun bustling heyday, the talent will find its charms only to understand it.

Youxiangu building along the small South East Bank North, is a stone paved ancient West Street, 500 meters long. Used to be the busiest street in town history, old, such as neutralization Cheung Ho hsien-floor next to open bakeries. In addition, in the old West Street can see Munekata carving museum.

This peace of open-mindedness, I walked from the restless city who suddenly felt a surge of relief. Slinking away, struggle about interests, all can get behind. Although they are dismissive, I usually, but bound rejoice always. Walk in the town, and see the people who work, think about the arduous road

Tri-County Northwest of the bridge there are national property, seven floors, floor panoramic view overlooking the ancient town. Exhibited a sedan in the building plaque exquisite style features such as carved stone cultural relics, quintessence of floor near the doctor’s third River Folk Museum, artifacts on display in the same beautiful, Ming dynasty to the Republic of China official private residence hall features beautiful wood carvings. Top overlooking rivers, Breeze rhyme to feixi, scenery infinite in rivers.

Town House will put their family name making lanterns hung in front of, on behalf of the owner of this identity, it’s very interesting.

Falling in love with a city, where original

Mountain town

Mountain town is a scenic tourist town, set of ecological and environmental protection and tourism business as a whole. Beautiful scenery and pleasant, picturesque, known as Anhui wither one bright Pearl. Ecological culture and the harmonious combination of nature, which lets visitors in an ecological small towns can have rich tourism experience.

Ripe red cherry, mountain town is well known for its cherries town, walked into the South town greeted the hills are covered with red cherry, like a Ruby crystal. This is villagers are busy most of the time, they are most happy when families are busy picking cherries listed earlier.

Golden cauliflower within ecopark Mikawa, how many people know that it is a delicious vegetables? Landlord said that when she was a child, to a blossoms this season, family on the mining side with a basket, drying in the Sun hold, wait until the spring to winter, took out a handful of, or fried or stewed meat or salad, fresh and delicious, into the age of scarcity a rare delicacy.

Because here is not simply a quiet, visitors enjoy the Villa, there are also bonsai House. A villa with elegant bonsai entrusted, under the Sun, surrounded by green around and absorb oxygen ions, devote themselves to the wind blowing, the scene, the happiness of this subtle, there is “Picking chrysanthemums Dongli, the leisurely see Nanshan” poetry.

Farm free range chicken feixi and wild boars, though can be bought at any time to taste a lot better food outside, I still like the approach, the hotel most of the food is delicious with lots of seasoning, the tongue is too much seasoning to feed the foot, slowly taste not the taste of the food itself, return true, return to nature.

Xiao Jing Zhuang in feixi County, Anhui Province, before the village there is a built in two years Guangxu well named, is the birthplace of China’s rural household responsibility system, Xiao Jing Zhuang is now the village hall of Fame is a national AAA scenic spot. 

Memorial was founded in August 2004, May 1, 2005 opening. Museum core area covers an area of 9000 square meters, composed of arches, square, Gallery, composed of Tablet corridor, meeting room, Conference Hall, Anhui architectural style, the Museum has collected many valuable historical information and material.

Falling in love with a city, fell in love with its history and culture

Gang of persimmon

Lian-Xiang dance characteristic of simple folk, smooth smooth, breezy style, the movement of dance, feast for the eyes. After hundreds of years of continuous improvement and innovation of generations of folk artists, Lian-Xiang-dance evolution so far more than 30 sets, has both single shot and double shot, each self-contained, condoms are connected. With music, sometimes head hit the ground, and sometimes double-click, lively rhythms. Lotus Hunan dance fire dance than a small Apple on the ground, is so named because prop Lian-Xiang, the dog begging for money from the poor people carry sticks.

Tang Wu Fang Wei after more than a century of vicissitudes indicates, is only a Western building. This is a courtyard-style two-story house, surrounded by corridors can ride a circle outside the building, also called the “cursory turn heart building”. Across from the upstairs railing apart 7, 8 yards, open some of the Windows on the south wall also has a Western-style, however, East, West, and North wall of the building did not open the window. Center downstairs main room interior wall behind a pair of conduits leading to the rooms on either side. “Go building” the surrounding topography is small change, high walls and deep ditches, and many houses after a century, or alteration or removal, the majority of annihilation in history.

Liberation, “go building” had been changed to commune and Liang Zhan is located, surrounded by folks come here to buy food to sell food, coming and going, later converted to feixi Yuan Dian middle school teachers ‘ residential quarters, Yuan Dian middle school, has been extended to 2 years ago to discontinue and withdraw.

In zipeng mountain pulse of mountains north of Nan shan, built Fort has four Huai Wei, is the famous Lao Wei Liu, Zhang Laowei, Zhou Laowei and Tang Laowei. Wei Bao were built during the late Qing dynasty, owner of Wei Bao once, but already disappear with the mist of history. Today, when we walk on the site of Wei Bao, remembering yesterday’s heroes, those old cases as the water drips out.

Here like a girl in love, elusive, ready to be the next heavy rain and then rain, the heat of the Sun to dry mist, sky blue as the Danube May. The simple comfort of people everywhere, and there is no shortage of food, wine, wild poultry is the food cards, homemade taste to conquer the world.

Falling in love with a city, where fragrant

Ming chuan Xiang

May Misty Rain in Anhui, it is. Mist green, flowers green sky wadding, as a northeast man first walked into the herb garden, Moss, water, flowers four seasons feeling good.

It is said that there is a flower called the lavender, pure violet, called waiting for love, light bloom. Rain, under a gray sky, the wind blew, bringing flowers to far away places, under the rain was light, may the wind started a prank, blown away, touch the lip of clouds fly flowers into the air. Lavender garden, encounter beautiful love, seems to be a very beautiful thing.

Flowers and some scattered by the wind rain, but still beautiful.

Beautiful flowers are indispensable, is also the most popular photo, tired of playing, is a copy of juice, a tea.

Walk through the botanical gardens, to an oddly shaped building next to a cool breeze blowing through the doors for transparent Windows, can fully feel the House of relaxation and leisure.

Food on the farm comes from Taiwan, color, aroma and taste, sit at the dinner table. Window opens, the fragrance of plants on the slopes, and is definitely a different kind of enjoyment, you learned to be comfortable here, heaven and harmony.

Mingchuan to Taiwan first Governor

Former residence of Liu Ming-chuan original built hundreds of houses, is a suburban of Hefei was a large-scale private Wei Zhai, the original building is now the majority does not exist. House surrounded by elegant and serene, scenic, are still the year Liu Ming-chuan personally planted the Magnolia grandiflora, despite the vicissitudes, still tall, fragrant float everywhere.

Two deep inside and outside the trench, ditch water out of buried Hill in Gold River. Around the walls with stones, on which there are five bunkers. The outer moat of the former residence South-East, northeast corner of the building there is a large suspension bridge.

However through a century of vicissitudes, most of the buildings have been destroyed, only internal and external ditch, outline, nine skeletons remain of the Office, the west towers of du Mu-storm, a handful of famous and ancient trees can bear witness to its historical appearance.

The most beautiful but rainy, and I remember to avoid the rain together under the eaves. Watch the rain under the roof, under various forms of eaves angular frame a picture of Misty Rain picture.

Liu Ming-chuan, was born from the elders have heard and seen what it looks like from the album story. Said he, used to be a lot of juvenile eye mnemonic dreams, is a century-old dynasty serenely brilliant … Today, the House is China’s cultural heritage, is a witness of history.

Liu Mingchuan cemetery

Known as “defend Taiwan sovereignty Government officer of collectors, promoter of consolidating national unity and Taiwan modern pioneers” of Liu Ming-chuan, for a variety of reasons, after descendants of the remains behind its removal, is still placed in the House of the Hefei, Anhui feixi County, spending huge sums to build Liu Ming-chuan and former residence of the cemetery.

Overall layout of the cemetery boldness broad, majestic surviving buildings, stone brick, clear, highly skilled, twists and turns deep, s-shaped, with emperors ‘ mausoleums of former open directly to the Shinto style is different.

When I walked into the cemetery, will not endure the chilly tombstone seats feel very small, great hero, go. To you than living ones, happy because of you is a hero. Don’t fear time washing, no far away in space, you can always together, said chat.

Cemeteries of Chinese and Western architectural styles, the Majesty of the mountains and the monument square, gate, Pavilion, the Festival Hall and the burial chamber, through large areas of green space and Open Babel level, together into a larger whole, is very ambitious. 

Afternoon evening a yellow, sunset on the horizon is struggling, like a dying old man, exuding the waning light of life. Seemed to have unstoppable gods of death in search of the King of the dead. The ancient sword broken still suffused with bright light, what’s it called. Hope they bring it back to its hometown, was it to summon God’s arrival, everything from the beginning.

Lu’s College

Ming-Xiang Lu’s College is located in feixi County, from Taiwan’s first provincial Governor Liu Mingchuan House and Tomb of Liu Ming-chuan’s buried Hill about 3 km. Academies are cultural Lovers Exchange, party, exhibition place.

Morning shoves open the window. Siyu Fifi, intermittent, Misty Rain outside the building. Thought disturbed the quiet, as everyone knows, today’s College outside of the beauty field. A light rain, a plump, a fabulous city, this is the Fei XI.

Attach feixi cuisine

Way back, broadcast suddenly put that song in the car of the youth commemorative, the song represents the youth of walking, hearing songs, backpack for the first time in the summer of year after year for several years, and Yes, even I got lost again and again, but finally falls in love with a journey.

Small series

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