Find Taiwan because Yi regrets so Jane scoot country South of the border

# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border

Name 憶 in the of Taiwan 灣 stub really right of Taiwan 灣 life only up Gou future source in a real will when of story, I often 糾 results its right will when on phase when in I we of “box hotel” ‘s, because what once “box hotel” into because will when, on more has many of love stub hot warm, also maybe is promote small to big of Taiwan 灣 shadow reviews Opera Bastille in the as long as out now will when, on can terms pieces reflection like of thought kind of mother Qing Qing hand in night because love people, and children standard equipment next day love heart will when of Gatwick King, in is in I of ever sea in the, only 媽 媽 do of is will when, 響 postpone moonstruck postpone moonstruck mentioned by many game any wooden box packing “when on the pool” but only box hotel, because that little stub 濃 濃 love warmth, too less maybe Lao Clack stub 憂 heart.

“Today Bentō 媽 I do tell my dad, also has much to do to me, that he brought millions of calculations in the future come to me tonight and tomorrow at noon the hotel you can take a rest” Ah, really want to have any when, I had originally thought that only film reviews in the Opera Bastille. The future is really “my poor little er forget the famous” vulgar said says “:” 藝 art sources in living the high life “.

“Yes, image: Yes, my dad is the airport public car Division, she’ll do it when the Dad let me take him in the way, when a copy I will want to do more” … …

(SINA weibo live channel: Rachel minds ear)

As usual around the photo find road ~~

Taipei and nearby (Chiufen, Chinkuashih, most online):

# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border

Eddy KO:

# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border
# Find-Taiwan # because Yi regrets, so Jane 貴 – scoot 緩 country South of the border



For the convenience of people find interesting or useful information:

Second floor: schedule

Third floor: preparation

Third floor: accommodation

Floor: food

/F: travel stories

Nine on Taipei-Stop1, Pinghsi very, Chinkuashih, Keelung and Taipei (Day2): 17 hours of crazy motorcycle tours

Stop2 (Day3-4) Kaohsiung: pace Continue& 2 o’clock I was “signed” King

Stop3 (Day4-6) in Kenting: Kenting, please forget the weather

Stop4 (Day7-8) Hualien: corner meeting “time”

Stop5 (Day9-10) Taipei: the winter rain to Taipei to see

Day 10%-Taipei Ningxia night market in Taoyuan International Airport-freshwater freshwater friends

Other family members, and fart fart, went alone to South of the border, to the warmer in my mind, a more traditional Taiwan.

Day2-Chiufen, Taipei Pinghsi very and Chinkuashih, 廟 in Keelung night market, Taipei night market, the 饒 River freshwater home at night, fresh water

Crazy 17-hour motorcycle tour, butts through eight-petalled ~ per person is only 24 little hours of the day, I don’t want to expect to promote 灣 entered the first of 2 bit clocks Jie played … …

Day3 Taipei-Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung to amuse young Hao Zhan

Macedonia kept the 2 bit clocks Jie played CONTINTUE~ 睜 eye, dawdle, del Carmen, agile operation, left Taipei-營.

Beautiful island MRT station, West Bay sunset, true love Wharf, and buy a ticket, not to say that people always want to dream, in case any day now?

Day4 Kaohsiung-墾 d, overnight Marine Museum (about overnight at marine gardens property conditions contents of Club Med travel intermediary 紹 OH ~)

Day5-6 墾 Ding 墾 Ding Min “niah 墾 d” Mick 諾 Museum

墾 d, does not “Cape seven Hao”, why not “a surname on Chong Xiao”, why can’t matter 陰 clear round in the eyes alone can’t b deficiency views and informers made thousand hex Nations 縷 Nations Zong 歸yi feel.

Overnight sea Health Museum, Hengchun town, white beach, cat nose, Hou wall Lake, summer are Hotel Beach, sails stone, goose Luang nasal, most South end, Dragon Pan Prairie, wind blow sand, each go a station are can more close to more real of himself, until found that because lusted after landscape and put himself with to ditch in, climbed up took took butt still smile forward of child paper ~

Day 7 墾 d-Hualien Hualien strong night bed and breakfast in Hualien “monkey Surfing” youth Zhan

Fangliao station, celebrates the seminary, Carp Lake, it was getting dark, hence slowing winds and rain ~

Day 8 Hualien Hualien “monkey Surfing” Youth Hostel

Museum of green parks, seven star Lake, dried fish, meet the old “time”

Day 9 Hualien-Taipei

Rain and say hello, Taipei 101 building, walked nine times, Chung Hsiao East Road, South of Pier Avenue, Eslite bookstore break a foot, hiding in the cinema on a rainy, damp weather and leave are divided into special match ~

Day10 round-trip Taipei-Chengdu

Unfortunately, it is particularly valuable, because unfortunately, so return ~


Taiwan Visa than for Southeast Asian countries, is complex, and in short is two certificate of endorsement. Two card natural is “city residents between Taiwan passes” (referred to chase card) and into Taiwan card (Taiwan aspects of visa, in handle good Chase card and domestic endorsement Hou handle), in around of immigration authority do card Hall are can handle, by account this, and 2 inch blue end of photos (recommends spot photo, so as not to photos not meet requirements, Chengdu area 30 yuan immediately take pieces) 7-10 a days easily handle, first handle costs for 50 Yuan Yuan, contains Chase card (30 yuan) and once endorsement (20 Yuan), Endorsement valid for half a year, so there are going to Taiwan are well ahead of time.

Get these two things, you can reckon time began to apply for entry permit to Taiwan.

According to do card requirements prepared information can, usually need Chase card (Home) and the endorsement page, and travel who and the emergency contact people of account this and ID, and property proved (Bank freeze or units wage proved selected a, Note If is Bank proved, usually need ahead of one months handle, that submitted into Taiwan card application Shi has ahead of one months handle good property freeze), and white end of visa photos. All the materials are clear scan of a color picture. Then review their materials, review material the quota-free after 7 working days checked in the future.


I’m proud to say that a trip to Chengdu = Taipei Taoyuan airport, direct flights are: mileage Exchange?

Landlord, as the civil aviation industry has started to focus on accumulating mileage it very early, and except for people walking, planes as safe (don’t talk to me about MAS MH370, statistics show worldwide in 2015 civil aviation transported over 3 billion passengers, flying 35 million flights, the crash killed 224 people, far below the highway and railway. China Civil Aviation nearly 5 million of them major accident rate is 0.08, below the global average of 0.42 of civil aviation, the security situation is better than the world’s average. Write a travel check data is drunk, and a reporter once interviewed CEO of Eastern Airlines, and asked him what he thought flying phases of the most dangerous, CEO replied in the most dangerous on the road leading to the airport. Enough wit! ) Efficient transportation, for all travel lovers, not on the plane, was rushed to the airport on the way if the frequent flyers, do not know can accumulate mileage and miles can be exchanged for tickets (not the ticket after, but booking tickets), I would like to say you really want to miss out on a few billion!

Landlord is also proud of the statement has been redeeming your ticket n times (n is a two-digit number)-

“Mileage accumulation and Exchange Guide”

1. how to choose: you can’t afford not to know of three:

If you like the previous landlord, which air on a seat on the airline’s membership, unless you’re a trapeze, otherwise you will find yourself miles always want to pigeon POO scattered everywhere, want to exchange a domestic ticket is difficult, not to mention expensive, good service, and direct international flights. Incomplete statistics according to the landlord, I have Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Sichuan Airlines, Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong), airlines and other airlines membership accumulate mileage, after some time, gradually pick out 2 centralized management, namely, Air China and China Southern Airlines. Why the two, served from the three of you should know about:

World Union of civil aviation has three, separate individual rows, according to the pattern of the three sworn brothers:

Star Alliance is Liu Bei (the oldest): its Air China, all Nippon Airways, Lufthansa, and United States joint aviation, Canada 27 global airlines such as air to join, have the most comprehensive Europe-North Asia (Japan and Korea)-traffic networks in North America, and for people who frequently travel to the region, is the preferred Star Alliance. Landlord to hold Air China PhoenixMiles membership equals 27 global membership of Star Alliance companies, according to Union and company withdrawal standards accumulation and Exchange.

Days collection Union is Guan Yu (second): its has South Airlines, and East Airlines, and Chinese aviation, and up beauty aviation, and Italy aviation, and France aviation, 20 home global airlines joined, maximum advantage is while has more than big Chinese regional of airlines, for often fly domestic of friends,, you select South Airlines and East Airlines of probability always is than air a big of more has’s ~ so, holds a Zhang South Airlines or East Airlines card on OK has, so problem to has, how select? Principle of geographical priorities, your city is a southern base or base optimization base of Eastern Airlines, flights, travel convenience, sources easy to choose more likely. That is similar to the landlord so there is no base, choose the same circumstances need to score less, so the landlord is in contrast to the same after the Chengdu-Shanghai exchange mileage, determined by retaining CSN card (resulting in fewer miles), according to Union and company standards USW.

OneWorld is Zhang Fei (three): owns United Kingdom aviation, Spain airline, Japan Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, 15 global airlines, no major airline in the country to join, but entrenched in the Americas.

2. How do I focus on?

Because airlines want to keep their own resources, so after you’ve got the membership, the value will automatically accumulate mileage, so you think pigeon feces-strewn, difficult to achieve great things, so I want to focus on, you have to do your homework:

A to understand to carrier of belongs Union, and clear know the carrier of pass save withdrawal principles (official website in are has), II is don’t fear trouble of select self value machine, and must to to value machine counter value machine, and in value machine Shi show you wants to cumulative mileage of membership (electronic or entity card are can); three to save good boarding pass and photo reserves, just in case do fill registration Shi using.

3. ticket exchange notice:

Airline award ticket has its own requirements for Exchange, Exchange please read before, but overall ease of use, even if you exchange did not make the trip, tickets are usually also allowed the same route in the same flight valid for one year. Note that cengceng is close to see mileage rise about wanted to find a high season, holiday Exchange (because the tickets are usually the most expensive, less discounts), and you will find travel destinations high season, public holidays are often not exchanged. This truth very well understand, airlines are not charities, to redeem awarded ticket is not in accordance with the principles of aircraft as long as vacancies open, so as to avoid delay all of the pro tour, please query in advance to redeem awarded ticket 艙 (website can query), so as not to delay the trip.

“Money changers”

Directly to the local ATM machine is the most cost-effective, not one of the

Directly to the local ATM machine is the most cost-effective, not one of the

Directly to the local ATM machine is the most cost-effective, not one of the

Focus on three!

Many Bank, especially place Bank are opened has global ATM machine take money from procedures fee, here according to location of different, I on not listed has, national are General of has Chinese Bank (impression in the daily limited 2 pen), and around himself of Bank policy on by everyone each has, landlord with Chengdu Bank of, global ATM withdrawals from procedures fee (local government payment except), and unlimited times, this quite praise.


灣 Zhang big game card is a lot easier, no matter you are self 駕 繳 parking charge just the aboard the Jet operation, public Tuk, round du Club Med can save maybe change the fan 惱 in many about business clients can have a direct credit card consumer.

Big game card property please everyone go to http://www.easycard.com.tw/

“Tong 訊”

Taiwan 灣 main has three home TV letter company, points don’t because in the Chinese TV letter, and yesterday 傳 and Taiwan 灣 mobile, for because work reasons,/f main open pass has China International diffuse game, in the China moved begins to of diffuse game information charge because Taiwan 灣 Bo hit China big continental (not containing Hong Kong, Macao and) 0.99 yuan/points clock, diffuse game to received Ting 0.99 yuan/points clock, Bo playing diffuse game when to (Taiwan 灣) 0.99 yuan/points clock, Bo playing other China home and to area 3 yuan/points clock, SMS release finished in the China big continental 0.39 yuan/points clock, release to other to area or to area 1.29 yuan/points clock, Receive free of charge. Cut the name out about airport Fast index data flow to make sure lclose before hand or else you cry, flow charge 貴 ~

鑒 in/f main open pass has China International diffuse game, and veneered alone out release, didn’t want to 攜 brought over more luggage, so on no has Office acting when to pass 訊 card, but Taiwan 灣 around WiFi letter Hao covered Gatlinburg still not wrong, travel Qian can ahead of Shen please TPE-Free of 賬 Hao (憑 Chase witnesses information to http://www.go2tw.CN/on can Shen please alone enjoy 賬 Hao) 擁 has alone enjoy 賬 Hao on can with when using full Taiwan 灣 TPE-Free,NewTaipei,itaiwan rub Web full Taiwan 灣 has.


Taiwan 灣 of accommodation Director Stadium said future partial 貴 (較 in the China big continental and East South Nigerian 諸 China,), to Taiwan 灣 has features of when so is Taiwan 灣 people bed and breakfasts has, a future can Stadium these 濃 濃 of Xiang love, this real this Ying this was I we better of 傳 bearing down of trust, and guest Qi and gifts looks pour was Taiwan 灣 people better of 繼 bearing and release 揚 has, II future when so than up high documents Hotel future said, people bed and breakfasts of price grid Club Med more hot soft some. /F this because the list alone begins, for behind the game easy to play (such as spell car, fight hotel, spell You Shi) in addition to calls from overseas living in a friend’s home in Taipei, but elsewhere cyts because Lord, I’ll one by one below introduce some of the works in the future of the net and accommodation and 認 because still not wrong.

灣 bed and breakfast in many of their right because Taiwan does not stay BOOKING,AGODA of the Traditions of the net of accommodation types, therefore I’m/f main 攜 drive all the year round, booking, Agoda stroll I’m find accommodation in 灣 resource may want 顯 貧 spent ~

Crazy 灣 accommodation Web http://www.fun-Taiwan.com/(amount of large, choose carefully into the liquid Zong,/f, main reason why choose liquid Zong they didn’t choose him, just watching was enough, 囧 ~)

Bed and breakfasts in fish net (main 灣, Japan accommodation) http://www.fishtrip.CN/?referral_id=1487625647

Kaohsiung: tease Hao Youth Hostel

I fish reserve here: http://www.fishtrip.CN/houses/hm9247209869/?referral_id=1487625647

(If connecting not begins to dance in threes, please move hand copy and paste queries, I will not tell you only my nickname “Rachel hearts have ears,” there will be 30/concessions)

Boys and girls dormitories, also has mixed dormitories, approximately 100 people 幣 Zhang hostels, this individual Pricing in the country inside and Southeast Asia are not cheap, 灣 is cheapest/f main live in Taiwan. Make Hao Qing Brigade close to the Yancheng Po Kaohsiung MRT station, only 2 stops from the Kaohsiung station replaced hub, only 3 stops from the Kaohsiung train station, connecting two of the famous art district can be reached on foot, where quite 贊. It in a real class like residents/f in, only inconvenience of is no has TV ladder, if carrying with big box small box climbed/f on slightly charge Jin has, not over inside Department installation decoration is comfortable, also is hot Xin of, public area domain still is big of, standard equipment has do some Taiwan 灣 features (ancient early taste game play), can for you play, General 1 Taiwan 幣 once, just fun, if in the has still has Taiwan 灣 small when waiting of taste like QQ sugar and noodles tea what so of ~

墾 d: niah. 墾, Dink Meeker 諾 Museum

攜 Cheng 鏈: http://hotels.ctrip.com/hotel/996547.html

Is 濃 濃 blue white arabesquitic Eastern Mediterranean Wind star, except Mick 諾 Museum outside of his house, still has four other Museum are close by, Club Med different Pricing, Mick 諾 is one of the cheapest hotel ~

Hualien: Monkey Surfing backpackers Zhan

Big fish reserve here: http://www.fishtrip.CN/houses/hm10041238705/?referral_id=1487625647

(If connecting not begins to dance in threes, please move hand copy and paste queries, same you can use 優 Hui coupons)

Monkeys Surfing location is not wrong, most major are in threes, see San Francisco time, that one very famous secondhand book House in the vicinity of Zhan, is one very 愜 Italy where KILLING TIME, yes a rainy Qi. Old materials used in the decoration of the Inn was remodeled and features straw hat hood lights, tire modification table … … Can expand the sofa chairs in the lobby, can make you lazy lay on top, this Zhan is often full, I went to work that falls under the bed and breakfasts, sleep on the floor under the release, we’ll chat in public area type: temporary staffing ・, hydrogen 圍 quite 贊 ~


Night market news:

Regardless of is in Taipei, also is Keelung, or Hualien Ken d, night market Assembly became night sent time, comfort taste buds of good place, although around night market the has different, each night market because geographical features also always some with in to features of name shop, actually whether name shop or not completely no relationship, on according to queued of number and himself of feel side go side eat on good has, according to incomplete statistics:

Taipei Ningxia night market and raohe night market (Besides, Shihlin night market, National Taiwan Normal University night market, night market … … )

Keelung: Temple night market

Hualien: self night market

Kenting: Kenting Street night market

Seasoned millet mush paste:

Stinky tofu:

Mei: kind of like Chengdu take food ~

Meat soup:

Oil rice:

Raohe night market entrance pepper pie, back is the top team also set up a snake-like waiting area as the scenic ~ selling style, selling levels, has never tasted, just line up ~

Keelung Temple night market:

Self-reliance in Hualien the night market:

Chiang’s Finance Panel:


Taro circle:

Golden bough Mein bad Meatball:

Seasoned millet mush:

Taipei’s Ding Tai Fung:

Eddy KO:


Bomb green onion pancakes:

Tidal oyster omelet:

King of geese:

Dried fish Museum:

In official open began Qian, let I first future said said fan Stadium Word, or called 傳 system in the China Han Word (Traditional Chinese), if note over 習 greatly this times to load other Hague called open of third times nuclear security peak Club Med when deliberately only Shang of Han word “Huan welcome” is fan Stadium, or said is 傳 system in the China Han Word, I we also maybe Ying this thinking some what so, not know is not for because “Qing not see” (Pro-), “love cannot heart” (love) of modified change, those I we by Jian forgotten has or 丟 lost has of East West, he we still left with ~~

NT 灣, promote 認 I don’t not want to start Traditions of Writing words ~ ~

Nine on Taipei-Stop1, Pinghsi very, Chinkuashih, Keelung and Taipei (Day2): 17 hours of crazy motorcycle tours

Each person only 24 little hours of the day, I don’t want to expect to promote 灣 entered the first of 2 bit clocks Jie played … …

Early eight little, 頂 with Meng 朧 of sleep climbed to has airport car 後 seat Shang, this is I subsection both times took airport car does, answers is Shang once of name 憶 still stay in young er Park, for because big Wind, home del Carmen Qian of big slope Shang, mother put I dumped to has next door 鄰 home Uncle home of airport car 後 seat Shang, so 後 bites 囑 I holds 緊 handrails (that years 後 row stub Division airport bit of between still has handrails) don’t 亂 begins to, so I holds 緊 handrails can’t 亂 begins to, weekday here to 10 points clock of Qi line 2 points clock on home has, then think this is a magic of things. There still is here once again, intermediate and maybe still had other shorter 暫 Bible experience, but not in my brain stays in the sea a long time between … …

Promote freshwater release qi to the Taipei area, the passage the famous for many travel breaks foot West door tour guests the Ting Kau, see the Tataocheng sea furnished accommodation, thought still had quite Club Med to rice paddies are disappearing, but didn’t really cross when going back 100 years ago, “of Tataocheng”. Suriel self-thought I had this thought so often do not want to happen, tho I think maybe still have quite Club Med Ting around, back to the West door, but the fact which is inside and not furnished accommodation in hope, this model courses is too understand themselves are still too want to comfort yourself?

Userboxes/Time Yes to all of the people say in the future, is fair, how different are assigned stub to grasp. Was said put don’t people sleep worth of when between with future see book school 習 on Club Med success, I does not pursuit this model courses of success, I pursuit has put don’t people sleep worth of when between with future go go stopped stopped, this model courses let I more has exists sense and achievements sense, despite tube in out release of that carved I also no meaning knowledge to today Club Med is super long of 25 real small when ~

Next stop, Ching Tong.

Is that part of “all those years” heroines from any Chingtung strolling along with Trains? To promote this start here, progress is can’t index familiar with clean stub Yong 懶, if I still have this model courses quite Club Med to Qing and 擁.

Third branch

Kongming Lantern mother China, says life is always looking to maybe next 願, fly 盞 Kongming lantern, then this is the best choose liquid here.

Fourth step is.

Great station, very happy.

I have been on his toes all curious, nine, really, still see eight points on the road, what what can correspond or follow naming rules entering into it, when Boone says still has 18 points of calculations, I confess that I have some petrified ~ but because of this character’s name, let us remember.

Nine in the fifth.

That one also maybe because “city of sadness,” I do not know how to fire up the nine, that one has a high speed circuit switched data says the world’s most delicious cone round nine, after the afternoon of the second day of the new year, I 終 to Prada. Here let their palate could I have a copy here out of charity, out of charity from the imaginary of PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA, sell a model courses like the hustle and bustle, however difficult. We choose liquid 繞 wear a street alley way over the crowd, or maybe it wrong the Bible Code, not over also had others do not see the scene or landscape ~

Sheng ping play’ve stopped playing, not over still has every video game you can finish, those warm cuddling in a Memory slowly out of the brain in the sea … …

Sixth leg of Chinkuashih.

Seventh leg of Keelung

I thought to promote Chinkuashih Ying in the future this’ll go, because after the mountain’s Weather and sentenced to two days in the mountains, other than it Jian dark and felt something of the past Cham seemed to change follow the blue sea Wind Sheng Wu swallowed up ~ ~

Qi change difficult to up, big Wind Jia 雜 salt sea mist BU comes to the fishy, reviews online by Jian blurred up, however since you have choose liquid on the road, you choose liquid Rain Wind speed, no boats, only forward … …

In go over has coastal highway a, in a real points fork front, according to GOOGLE to Seattle of indicates, cannot meaning between release now Keelung on in instead direction of 13 km finish, o Boone question I Keelung has real 廟 mouth night market, wants to to see any, although so I thought future back 26 km means with more out 1 small when of trip, but since has Bible cannot limited close has, that so ~~~ I Yes new bird’s Director is lack resistance, in is hold with more to a real city, more shopping a real night market of heart Phase, to Prada has Keelung, can who and can thought, Walk on the way to the night market, I see the big yellow duck, that mean my poor little touch see Ya-Ya er in Hong Kong, you see, you see, life finish does not meet, not in Hong Kong, Keelung ~

Eighth stop in Taipei.

For because road still yesterday, I we no has over more stay, this early return, even so, to Prada Taipei also night 9 little more clock, Qi line has 2 small when seems to and 餓 has, but Taiwan 灣 is not Club Med let people 餓 with of, 饒 River night market, go up, still is each late two real night market of Jie played, not know I is has more so of love 湊 hot NAO, only hate himself stomach not enough big ~~

About food and drink problem problem, not the tired, del Carmen used this location for “bye bye” why Qi SI 廟 just the Po.

Said to “bye”, Taiwan 灣 people still retained with every years over Jie “bye” of 習 custom, that also maybe and cannot rose to belief of depth, but family in junior a qi to Temple and Temple 廟 dedicated ancestors and Bo Texas, but is fixed of 習 custom, this is derived from fisherman’s bastion people first Yes in peace of blessing, 後 future even not sea has, also still retained with…..

Nineth possession of Jing Yue-fresh water at night.

Night 10 little more, eat 飽 drink foot, 終 in back go has, home here still has a real, with brought snack of friends, hehe, I will must bearing 認 in food before I forget name has home here still squat has a real ~~YH release SMS future question, both little back future, o Boone said fast has, in to see has freshwater night of 後, YH said “which er has you this model courses brought with play, if I certainly tired excrement has”

陣 after laughing, still 11 half past calculations on the Peak, there was no three-foot and this is hard to finish to find posts freshwater night ~

Next 1 bit, 終 home, caught sleeping worth YH, shenkan, late-night snack? ‘Ve tired and begins to eat, wash sleep Clock has links to the following day 2 little ~

Stop2 (Day3-4) Kaohsiung: pace Continue& 2 o’clock I was “signed” King

Macedonia kept the 2 bit clocks played Jie CONTINTUE~

睜 eye, dawdle, del Carmen, agile operation, left Taipei-營.

Teasing young Hao Zhan, according to San Francisco to linger, seem to predict early shows this’ll be one of two bit clock Jie played ~~ to promote a day without staying over the youth of Zhan’s everything I can see Yes this is very curious, and look forward to today’s roommate, we ~~

“You promote where to? ”

“剛 promote mountain here packed over the future”

“I come to promote Taipei”

“Where did tomorrow go er? ”

“墾 d, overnight Marine Museum”

“A coincidence, we are”

“I’m 灣 waters Museum, you do”

“We are deep sea algae Museum”


Talk about it on this 塊 er spelled car, good finish to this youth Zhan tho I started 終 worth my Stadium Club Med late ~ ~

To promote this day, Club Med has a Zhang Polaroid pictures of Rachel on this here, because I’m “簽 King”, a 1-99 in motionless figures, only the figures “1” is the “King of 簽” Oh ~

In Taiwan 灣 people er when of name 憶 in the, that kind of class like scraping scraping card of small put play also a model courses prevailed, children we took with 1 塊 money, heart here but carried with big dream wants to, “QQ” sugar, “noodles tea” those equal price money can bought to of East West, for because has has voted airport of ingredients and change have mystery interesting up future ~ interesting of is I has Bible 嘗 General has Chong bubble of “noodles tea”, when that package class like Plum powder of “noodles tea” (when so just shaped Phase Shang, taste Shang completely two 碼 thing), with straw smoking of when waiting, I has two real question problem, Is this model courses Feeling like not eating noodles, tea, but drugs, second is to give children this individual not afraid to 嗆 to any, then sad, Opera Bastille, “Murphy” law tell us all you fear worry happen, things that’ll happen ~ ~ ~

West 灣 evening sun.

Because silly del Carmen rent a bike, eat and drink, what, the only thing we can see during the day is West 灣 evening sun ~

High speed circuit switched data say over Jie, there’ll be a kind of lottery to leave 100 Nations every day and spend a little bit money bought two tickets, satisfying delight ~

Beautiful Czech also set in port island station

Really love the ferry, “ruffian hero” quite frequently in vicinity of fully furnished apartments of the King, 終 foot step can be a little slow this 顆 ~

Put phase airport out LAN Rod put in front of flat Taiwanese Shang slowly exposure, by in old keep a real attitude Cardinality, actually still introduction future has security, that real to because in sea 釣 of small brother 後 future release now its right is in photography, actually Club Med some sorry, don’t see Yes surface black of, that is famous of 85 big/Xianggang, when so still is for because “Rascal hero”, now here surface has Bible has has many people bed and breakfasts, not over over years both between family burst full, and than flat when 貴 many.

Stop3 (Day4-6) in Kenting: Kenting, please forget the weather

墾 d, does not “Cape seven Hao”, why not “a surname on Chong Xiao”, why can’t matter 陰 clear round in the eyes alone can’t b deficiency views and informers made thousand hex Nations 縷 Nations Zong 歸yi feel.

Overnight Marine Museum, the new stadium is experimental Director because of the bird’s time was not too late.

I confess to the marine Museum, overnight accommodation stadium is why these, not because the want to go to the marine Museum, so just go.

About the TIPs overnight Marine Museum:

Overnight Marine Museum please visit the official website of the National Museum of marine biology: http://www.NMMBA.gov.tw

Museum services in the service so good that “overnight Marine Museum”, then find the area you want to overnight at the Museum and Userboxes/Time and reserve here.

About overnight accommodation hostels GEP GEP Marine Museum in Pricing and special little Club Med property conditions of net’s popular explain.

This here will must said ming of is: If members Qing wants to overnight sea Health Museum, please early plasticity set Oh, this real 項 accounts in Taiwan 灣 local is is hot del Carmen of, especially Yes in 極 to marine Museum, seaweed Sen many advantages hot del Carmen Museum area, please at least early 2 real months view information and plasticity set (public holiday especially is), marine Museum root high speed circuit switched data furnished accommodation name plasticity set of first 後 順 sequence true 認 訂 veneered and according to this 順 sequence release put on 寢 items and choose liquid on 寢 area domain, so is first set first have first choose of mean ~

Furnished accommodation in Userboxes/Time is half past four in the afternoon before, for formal night game PNNI-MIB Marine Museum suriel 閉 Museum at night after the start, then before Userboxes/Time is 憑 with 專 ‘re part makes one overnight at marine Museum in the Park area of having slipped Prada.

To promote out millions of calculations in the Polar region marine Museum is the evening time, Wind a lot, but this is not over “little witch” back still has “witch”, “witch”.

A person looking at the light on Xiao Yin Jian slowly to promote sea level … …

Just the most beautiful coral gardens, the fish who swim all day er, fish er keeps tour, people who exhausted all day, foot step did not cease;

Every day promote view study 尋 賞 area above the ~ is what falls under the water in the dark and felt something small WikiProject Taiwan waters Museum partners what we are worth of sleep. And today I am just going to keep “gold fish” mean “yellow Kingdom dream.”

Not know a real adult future overnight sea Health Museum is really of is flower, yes surface a real still not too Club Med said said of small 帥 brother is look I has, desperately of future future Moslem of to I of to Pu Shang run, clapped of Pen drawn, I on oh oh haha of loop ying, 媽 媽 said said or you today on with sister a 塊 er sleep’s (I wants to must is 揹 brought Trousers bully 騙 has he we, not over I will must have bearing 認 I of worried 榮 heart and once get has full foot), 帥 brother sorry of run back 媽 媽 that er to has. Five of the future is future overnight, 媽 媽 is to marry within the WikiProject Taiwan, gave birth to three individual prettygj, this time brought his youngest child 專 Cheng Stadium in the future all these. Ting said one WikiProject Taiwan in the future, they said I was brave, trip I was still property conditions encountered, hot heart to my building Council. I wants to said for because most of people, or I to because most of people are is goodwill of, on seems I we meet by chance in this small aquatic Museum, are Club Med hot heart of to stub means of 幫 help, also maybe not future of a day, he we also Club Med like I now in 碼 Word General of 談 up in sea Health Museum, touch see over this model courses a real sister Paper, she only body a people future Taiwanese 灣 self travel, balabalabala ~

Sure then, still running in addition to full access 亂 children still have a separated walls although people are not over 9 bit, but Uncle Han sheng as Thunder.

Two little clock Jie played 終 暫 told one paragraph tonight, I’ll have a real American dream ~~

Sleepover-tags still alone to enjoy the early morning Ocean Penguin Polar region Museum, sea 鸚 鵡 got up, set, doing morning exercises ~

專 handy feed performance ~

And 專 ‘re part exploration in the Intertidal zone 寶 ~

Almost everything in 墾 Ding, Sha’re part of stone in 墾, a small National Park, which is said will compress Yes all country, anyone 攜 brought this here any article being issued now are likely to suffer from high finish of 額 罰.

This coral Chong 塊 gathered hundreds of Nations, the passage of hundreds of Nations years before Userboxes/Time of the formation of coral reefs are the most beautiful that I could find a 塊 and other Userboxes/Time, except in accordance with the guidance staff introduce marine secrets of Perl-XForms the same time, still must carefully avoid Wind and rock.

Original 諒 please I’m not having to AGA’s House, although that would be regarded as motionless “famous view point”, but not want to fast cars, no Qi over the Electric Motors to promote car traffic is one huge problem I Metzingen, Zhan threes come in threes, also set in beautiful mountain to stand today with “Orange online” on the bar. In car between slots to take a look at the South door ~

Lu: Jing of the original car window was natural in the future ~

To Prada 墾 d second days, first station white sand beach, is juvenile sent most 後 Deng continental of place, public car Division airport said this here Ying this Wind Club Med small some, still is, this here is I one days in Wind minimum of place, Orange online probably 1 small when a class, I name Xia has when between, imagine big approximately 1 real small when Ying this back future, car to down a station, although so when between Shang by has some limit, but also has terms not turbulent.

Three foot frame 擺 up future, sand beach Shang still has many future future often of people see with I himself in that er smug, Yes this I already has resistance has, Yes each real people are is a park, even no has 燦 爛 of sun light, heart here also Club Med for because smile and bright up future, in road Shang, I often can let himself bright up future, this kind of bright stub days Qi cannot about ~

Famous King little cat nasal head, afternoon 2 little clock condition, Wind big of can put people blow go, travel car kept of future has and go, large exercises with full China around accent of travel guest Hee future around to, I even are no can 認 clear which real is cat nasal head, has wants to rub with Ting Ting 導 game of between 紹, most 終 but only Ting see Sheng sound having with Wind Sheng more blow more yesterday……

How Jane 貴 a blue, you take any future?

I 墾 t-the last station the next day, bird’s wall after Lake vicinity of fisherman’s bastion, and you don’t know I don’t know handy ~

Since the bird’s vicinity of fisherman’s bastion, is eating bei, Almost didn’t eat all day Hotel men er see bird’s can’t wait to swallow a: live, unfortunately won’t belly smaller, still have large outlet of approximately 1 km away, the rest a little bian bian eat … … Bian go bian see world between, imagine with Xia moment, I this to how model courses of expression yes stay a real promote days and drop of big 驚 Xia, but didn’t want to 驚 Xia cannot finish is not, back head see see a only dog has been followed I, Yes, has been, and I actually no release now, also maybe is was fish of taste attract has, it has been drag with long tongue head, presided of see with I, eyes is not Shang special don’t friendly, not know is can 憐, still is terrible, I put left of food threw of yesterday yesterday of, trot forward go, wipe mouth gargle, fear it followed Qi taste and future has. Promote small don’t know who tell me can’t see the dog run, the more you run more … … Running is not running, Lu bian 撿 a real stone head and tree branches, who is said to take the stone head of Xia Tiger dog ~ ~ can’t matter, 謝 謝 it without in the future ~

I likes this radian of the smile, niah Yin approximately see wine and not want to reveal large front teeth

I can say the outlet in dry seasons, in the dry seasons of Weather is not very good any right a little bit ugly, but this article is an outlet next to bian Beach attracted more attention and win me a long 駐 ~

I can say here you don’t know what I don’t know is the fact any stories on the grass field?

I can say that individual stories in the grass field, dogs, cattle, farm car, still with me, not any others?

I can say this only Stadium Phase 優 ya cow has always been the master consciousness the o of this Taiwanese farm airport cars for fear that it was I this stranger Qiang heart love toys, so Chi Chi refused to leave-Kingsford Smith ~

I can say, except this head cattle, the right still has a head calf and a dog next to bian to make any future fights, that Cardinality as the former owes much of the 糾 GE, 癡 纏, and NAO apart, separate to miss.

In the Wind I can say tho still 綻 smile is said I didn’t let the joy of the heart, no lungs at the moment accounts for high speed circuit switched data itself, 暫 time forgot those stub 憂 fan heart sorrow for you ~

I can said 墾 d street of night market in I see knowledge has Taiwanese North and Kaohsiung of of 後, except street than 較 寬, people phase yes no has that so 擠 its right no has too more Taiwanese 灣 features any, when so this also need himself Qing since 認 witnesses only good said, as the Rachel often said even does not fun of place also to himself to stadium these to is number, so all new bird’s of to little I are no has immunity ~

I can say after eating and drinking over, returned to 暫 終 time niah, suriel is any Loyalty?

I can say in the airport to Prada could not place eyes to ECHOGRAPHIE little bit the stars in the sky, under the day Sirius, the brightest, catch new moon illuminate the Face 龐, Ann felt something sitting in the yard a fact is a very romantic thing do you?

I can say I was in 墾 the small harvest in the second day of the others do not see the scene or landscape, and this kind of scene or landscape stub Weather can’t about, about and relating to people.

Third day in 墾 Ding, foot steps continue to be in a hurry ~

終 two two towering on the road … …

Hotel sandy beach in summer, well, I confess against somebody else’s sand beach in the future is a little embarrassed, del Carmen host brother said to the great Hall to fill out one question volume can participate by Jian views ~ day blue up, Wind up ~ ~

I suddenly thought of a film people in the stadium Wind 箏, I really have been the Feeling of the Wind carried them away ~

Have SE has is long, 終 in this Xia a station has, in first station Director is spent many of when between, for because in that real when waiting, Director to because still has sufficient of when between, but its right, to 後 Director is when between rush, foot step more rush, but despite tube so, still is often, in is Last Minute of event also Director is Club Med staged ~~Last Minute has real good finish is Director is filling full with inside heart of fight 鬥, this model courses of inside heart of 糾 纏 in success fighting time Hou Director can brought future achievements sense, Last Minute things still have a real good finish if there was no fighting success, a citizen must be able of having brought 終 are difficult to forget the memories in my eyes in the future, so the Last Minute always is the Last Minute~

Sail rock ~

鵝 鑾 nasal public park, this is go West online only received charge of public park has, votes price not 貴, 20 Taiwanese 幣, but row DUI bought votes really let with urgent 趕 when between of people heart anxious, strange clearly is holiday, but Director is foot step rush of Wind rain hardships of 趕 road, is too 貪 heart has any, Director is hate cannot once put all can see of wants to stadium these of are finished, for because I know that sentence “for because Yi regrets, so has has returned to of reason”, in is big probability Shang not over is himself comfort himself of “big 餅”; is too impetuous has any, Huazhilian wants to slow down the pace of the future is not easy to always ~

The southernmost, bian bus Strait, a bian Pacific, two kind of sea water, a kind of colour, blending ~

Bay Qiao sand beach, because the finish in 慮 o Bay Qiao exam, this piece of beach is 圍 up, not us signs 擾, sandy beach adds, dry cleans more than maybe ~

What’ll I have strange 灣 waters so blue and light blue Sun is shining, a surname under the coating of deep blue ~

暫 short after the break after this afternoon, falls under a beautiful Electric Motors cars 繼 續 ~~

If not that people called has a sentence “see, Rainbow”, I both between no has release now sea level Shang of this a frame colorful days bridge, Wind 繼 續 establishments cannot bogey Dan of advises sea mist beat has Shang future, sense worth of to head hair Shang, clothes Shang are is I manage I manage salt salt of taste, can more than why what so I worth have on Ying this is this model courses of a kind of sticky sticky between of feel, on as the often to to 終 years summer of place, back future Director was said change black has, I worth have on Ying this is this model courses of a kind of symptoms Phase a model courses.

Home here House, out del Carmen 瘋 seems to has Bible into because has I of standard 籤, since future has, why what so still to received 斂 with himself, 瘋, having of 瘋, tube it tomorrow not tomorrow; in is Wind, is having of future has, it put blow progress Gou here of first anti-ying is fortunately no has Face towards Xia, as the one years yiqian of once accident of 後, I brother question I first sentence said is no Hui capacity’s, this is I of Qing brother, with I about note of a model courses a model courses of, and each are is I can 憐 of leg pour frieze, climbed up future are without took soil 繼 續 Qian progress, It seems that something didn’t happen over a model courses, so less to attract the eyes of others, this one I know when he was young, this is often wrestling bump closure checklist ~~

Dragon pan and Wind-blown sand.

I have two times the passage this look no further, onward and return trip, that real Legends in the vicinity of Cape Qi Hao in the film King this model courses not Bible meaning hit FA ~ in the future before I hex cents without this kind of consciousness until I see also confirmation button ~

Jian Sun, that individual hastily between 墾 Ding, that mean others say you absolute shifang 墾 Ding of the South China but I think the ones who, when the evening sun reflects red Face again 頰, and family look forward to your GUI, tomorrow, our Hualien see ~

Stop4 (Day7-8) Hualien: corner meeting “time”

Morning, I advises Yao spoon put in has guest hall of table Shang, alone since on has Xia a away, outside dark a, except head days night Xia over rain still some I manage sliding of road, still has road 燈 Xia a real long long of figure, lift head see has see days, black of sky Shang a model courses 飄 with white a surname, Yin approximately can see see of stars, not know is still is that 顆 keep o with I of days Wolf? Wind a lot smaller, not over due too soon some I manage just the cold, I’m going to take the first class car to Fangliao, in that I want to take a strong Hao to the last station and Hualien.

Clear net Fangliao Station Roma Termini.

This ancient Pi o model courses announced let me think of a lot of film clips, but have said do not come on, is that he brought a sense of era of the kind of warm pieces ~

Game name often say in 7-11 self posted by Randomness that often cannot be bought to the seat by the window, maybe is 憐 but I early in the dark heaven 趕 car, I was window location, along the Wind very light Nice~

WikiProject Taiwan views interest cars full of Qi in the spring and this here, the spring is always come back ~

Next car of calculations, see promote a Boone,2 bit of 趕 the future of Taipei Exchange clock Jie plays back again ~

This real meet by chance of friends, last year March in other caowue jumped Island accidentally touch see 1 real people to 檳 city participation added friends married gifts 後 future and 順 road shopping other caowue actually took same trip ship jumped Island, and actually sat in I we next bian, when when having meaning of a sentence find when between to Taiwanese 灣 slipped Prada, no thought a sentence cannot meaning to into has now right ~ this real is international met’s ~

Monkey rushing waves youth hostels, in spent 蓮 of 2 days is this here has, 16 real girl a between, foreign of are has, night in/f Xia accounted for a seats location, find a real himself Hi Huan of attitude Cardinality, crooked sat with Ting he we chat or participation stub progress to, spell car of, question road online of, playing Ting gossip of, what so are has ~ sense worth world cannot limited big, met see are is edge points, world also really small, for because as long as said Shang 3 real their familiar of people or thing, on must can and a real promote Qian of strangers production health about contact, this also maybe is for because a real social Club Med people of Social Club Med 習 sex’s ~

慶 Seminary open in Hualien official tour ~

This is a real Ann felt something small of courtyard, also maybe is for because zhiqian see game name Yes this here has has over high of expects, also maybe is for because days Qi by Jian threes, of Dim, Director of no has imagine in the of let people impression deep, Temple Yes spent 蓮 in to people is from charge open put of, field game guest to charged 30 Taiwan 幣 of del Carmen votes, not over del Carmen votes can vouchers in hospital inside of century read products store posted by real.

On this little wooden sign Xie 願 looked at me, and that is “eat, stop-and-go”, and likes people, likes it. Looking small 願 download dream think, without fault, is a dream, not ideal, so what I want to say is not thought over it ~

Lu bian firecracker holding open ~

Common Carp the fish pond.

One-night wake future, Weather 陰 sink like having time to Ning water future.

Huan insurance public park is today except eat early Hotel accident of first station, that is source in a Zhang o Boone with school Qian paragraph when between took of a Zhang Seattle tablets, sun light good of when waiting, is beauty, when so days Qi bad of when waiting, also has a kind of 陰 soft big Qi ~ thick thick of a surname coating only gray two kind of pigments color, if has coating times on Club Med 顯 have big Qi ~ public park here both between no has game guest, this is I choose liquid future this er of main reasons one of.

Met see Group Qi itself car Qian future of high school students, left real girls in which here giggly of discuss theory with test big school test which a section, instant between worth have years 輕 is pieces more so luxury of things, she we please I 幫 busy took photo, I question I we can with joined does, in is has has following “those years” of Wei paper 藝 Fan 兒, please original 諒 group years 輕 of faces in the forced insert has two Zhang old Face, not over who and Club Med care does, not over is Seattle real high tech ~

Huank-baof Park on a hill next to bian, Club Med has some Fairyland of any Feeling?

Others seven star Lake Wind and the port, the sea and the sky, my seven star Lake Wind rain, lightning TV Shem 鳴 ~

Hurried glance away, bian Chai beside the fish went up natural history museum ~

Heavy rain poured Po day, Qi 顯 too cold, combined with fast cars fly 馳 fruit air circuit breakers back Zhan, bath rest, step progress of activities, past the empty great Hall that sits complete full during the day when when those same pour rain trapped the game we now leave the tea said Club Med ~

Afternoon 後 of when between is in “when light” in the felt something check Xia future of, promote monkey rushing waves youth guest Zhan right hand bian threes, angle finish is this home Ying this still Po famous Qi of “when light” second-hand book housing, book housing announced reset of small elegant, has both real guest 圍 sat in table next see book, still some sat in’s Taiwan, in running has 8 days to 後, 終 in in this moment slow Xia has foot step, whole real afternoon of when between are bubble in this home second-hand book housing, see CAT meters sleep has and woke up, woke up has and sleep, see guest future has and go, go has and future, slowly 習 慣 see right turned 豎 row fan Stadium word of book, Ting Xiang Cun jazz of the Phonograph in the 80 ‘s, when the most important thing is to be blamed on that he choose a second-hand book 繼 續 on the edge of the stub book ~ ~ ~

Stop5 (Day9-10) Taipei: the winter rain to Taipei to see

Taipei, freshwater, according to San Francisco is rain days of Jie played, I both between no has see full of Taipei 101 big/Xianggang, it on like a real Wan skin of children, in a surname coating in the between play with hiding cat cat, promote day go to night, 終 in also Chunghsiao East road go nine again has, even no has nine again also very suspected like close has; for because rain, tick tick of I manage percolation percolation of advises whole real city package in has a article I manage term when in the, empty Qi is fresh has many, eat finished jingtai Squad of bun, on Qi with u Bonne o BIKE follow start 亂 stroll in the city, because of the rain, all change of having up to all arrangements can be 丟 in bian before, there was no art 亂 around this kind of catch I 剛 剛 start worth holiday ~

Bonne said one fixed day each week to watch film, usually want to choose Wednesday, why is Wednesday, because this individual Userboxes/Time is almost a week’s intermediate, leisure over the weekend such as 兩tian. I has Bible forget name has that day is week three, not over anyway liquid day than hit day, since days House not weather, that so on 徹 end of feel about Taiwan 灣 people of Jie played, a model courses of popcorn added can park of configuration, choose one inside to must not Club Med released of Taiwan 灣 tablets “big rice Cheng”, through Centennial big rice Cheng, Stadium Club Med three generations Taiwan 灣 people change 遷. I do not think this is a attendance still not wrong one, I would not think want this so much old friends come before the movies view film, or maybe this is a really can reflect their heart sheng, brought over to film. Film Huan laughter, tears water tell you how to love the country against aggression and how to Park safely.

South Pier Road, Cheng Bookselling is the only 24 hour 營 professional Bookselling, without a place to stay next time of calculations in the consumption of this er ~

Finally I would like to say:

Despite Yi regrets, but more 驚 after Yi regrets;

Still have more sense begins;

謝 Boone brave the rain because I and another friend bought one or two in his house to o,

Name when a Boone problem is everyone 塊 er he bought back to just the time to eat out, I YH and his friends without Judaism after Yu choose liquid;

Then they’ll worth embarrassed laughter;

謝 Boone not only be bought still 負 up Ze 殘 soup, not over the said Paper still says this child really can eat, YH and I can’t eat all of his Sao;

But without any bad feelings;

謝 Boone in Ting I promote not over after the Kongming lantern, standard equipment the one quietly at home, although the last because of rain with no place or no 幫 I, no I’ll still look 願 傳 I … …

Not over the still 謝 謝 this heart;

Sense 謝 o Boone in test 慮 to I no has when between no has Airport Club Med to Prada of place are often 幫 I to see, still 傳 photos to I, attract with I still no has-Zaventem open, on has Bible open began miss color a surname Chase months, daylight Xia of Chiang Kai-shek century read Museum and Taiwanese North so House, still has Yong yesterday of freshwater XI Sun ~