Find Taiwan Taiwan one counterclockwise around the island tour

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Wedge on “travel”

Schools in Nanjing until the 14th after the exam, in Tianjin.

Nanjing, January 15 → Shanghai → Hong Kong

January 16 Hong Kong → → Taoyuan, Taichung

→ January 17 Taichung Tainan

→ January 18 Tainan Kaohsiung

January 19 Kaohsiung → Kenting

January 20 in Kenting

January 21 Kenting → Hualien

January 22 in Hualien → nine

Nine on January 23 → Taipei

January 24-27th Taipei

January 28 Taipei → Hong Kong

January 29 the Hong Kong Shanghai

On January 30 → Tianjin

On “the ticket”

Online booking two months ahead.

4 fly Hong Kong airlines RMB 1568

The “go” Shanghai-Hong Kong HX231 was 2015-01-15 21:45 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport 

                                        Hong Kong International Airport by 2015-01-16 00:30

            Hong Kong-Hong Kong International Airport Taipei HX252 start 2015-01-16 09:05

                                        2015-01-16 10:40 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 

“Return journey” Taipei-Hong Kong HX285 began 2015-01-28 08:00 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

                                        Hong Kong International Airport by 2015-01-28 09:55

            Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport-Shanghai HX232 was 2015-01-29 18:20

                                       2015-01-29 20:45 Shanghai Pudong International Airport

On “money”

In the Chinese Bank to open a savings card, taken outside every day sum does not charge handling fees. Yuan-NT dollar rate was about 1:5. Landed at the Taoyuan airport’s partners can find ATM to withdraw money at the airport, was also a currency exchange window. Huaxia debit card with magnetic core consumer is not good brush, you can get a VISA, Master credit card, or some extra cash. 7-11 consumer 500TWD credit cards.

On “everyday”

1, swimming card: 7-11 swim cards can be purchased at the airport, end of 100TWD can not be returned, prepaid amount, any extra amount can retreat ~ all 7-11 and MRT stations are available and recharge, the bus card is equivalent to the Mainland. Attention! Kaohsiung bus can swim, but Bart can’t swim.

2, strong card: it is said that can be done at the Taoyuan airport, but I didn’t (┬ _ ┬ single-effect). But in all MRT stations and tourist center of the city next to the train station for free hosting, just fill out a form in a content about name gender nationality passport number. Young best together with pass card, purchase student tickets to produce documents to prove their age or student status.

3, phone cards: I think what mobile WiFi, dozens of day too TM cheating. Landing clearance to a Taiwan telephone cards ~ airport there is a signpost indicating the telecommunications network of routes, adjacent counter remote Telecom, Taiwan mobile and so on and so on and so on. I use the online application before far Eastone Telecommunications for 12 days of Internet access packages 600TWD, length of Internet applications-one day in advance

4, seal: seal of the smaller partners can bring your own laptop you can also buy laptop used to seal in the local, tourist attractions and the Centre of the station has covered, part 7-11.

5, the “entry permit” processing: Taobao travel 187

6, “Taiwan pass” account location, for example to handle

On the “traffic”

1, Taiwan traffic is relatively developed, Taoyuan airport high-speed rail, Taiwan Railway Administration (approximately equal to the difference between high-speed rail and train), bus, and various company passenger can go to Taipei and Taiwan’s major cities. I bought direct marketing organization at the Taoyuan airport to the passenger ticket directly out of a station to Taichung, fares 230TWD, because it is working so good, for about two hours in Taichung.

2, if not to the Terminal, waving someone or someone in the car if it is not the station Bell, the buses generally do not take the initiative to stop, this saves a lot of time. Taiwan bus is very comfortable, with mainland bus = = goodses TM is a soft leather chair for me, the price is almost the same as the Mainland. Many ring next to the car seat, you can: ① people learn to do I believe intelligent as soon as you get a drill to see slightly ~ huh?

3, Taichung has a BRT rapid buses, not detour to get to the Tainan main site. Waiting on the streamlined white very striking, note: access points when brushing swim card stop waiting on the BRT, the car should be no credit card machine.

4, in Taiwan in the Mainland by train take the subway, too late to the station sell tickets today the Taiwan Railway station without security checks. Unless you’re very strict itinerary, you can book online in advance. Http://taitie.taiwandao.tw/Mulu/I tend to buy tickets at the station, you can automatically at the station ticket office purchased, credit cards can be selected without having to show a passport.

Iron can easily sell 5, the railway station and the train station is very rich in contents, gift shop, restaurant and sushi (very cheap! )。 Luggage Department, tourism Center, convenience store, bathrooms and other infrastructure facilities, and each station of the city architectural styles, is also a King ~ basic 1, 22 platforms at the station, North direction along the line in the platform 1th, retrograde at the 2nd stop in South direction, between platforms have barrier free elevator carrying heavy luggage and passengers with reduced mobility. Vision: sitting in the old fashioned you in many Taiwan films seen countless times on railway platforms in Chair, eating lunch the wind blowing, how cool is more acid.

6, Taiwan’s bus operations bus schedule, waiting at the bus stop when you use mobile phone to scan the QR code on stop, you know the approximate position of the bus. Bus time interval is not short, missing a class time ~ ~

7, from Kaohsiung, Kenting, partners can choose to 350TWD the small car, faster than the Kenting express line, the driver can send you directly to the accommodation. If you take the Kenting Express, please proceed to Kaohsiung’s zuoying station.

8, in Kenting to play if you want to go to more attractions, optional tours, rent cars or buses. Bus time is quite high, early Monday morning, Oh ~

9, most of the attractions of Hualien is far away from downtown, if you want to play one day, suggest or carpool.

10, nine small town partners take the TRA to the Metro station, and out of the station to the left until you come to the police station to find nine bus stops at the door, in the small mountain town ordered family partners must find out which stop nearby. Lugging the box around in the mountains is full of tired.

11, by MRT in Taipei, it is very convenient, but swim card money was pouring stream = = keep in mind ready to recharge. Each Medal is possible to have a station, there is the favorite hobby of friends to see Oh ~

On “stay”

1, Taichung, “Kiwi hotel” for two or three days I didn’t sleep a wink, since this is the final season, I have a most comfortable night of sleep! Distance from the Taichung train station, location is good. Continues to set the girls dorm 500TWD a night, no deposit. Small room with tatami-style 8-bed, next to each bed curtains. Boys and girls separate from the bathroom, comfortable hot water shower flow 24H adequate supply, next to vanity, hair dryer, toilet toilet toilet paper. Attention slightly! Upstairs before the last room has two small sofas, sofa next to a shoe, corresponding to their hotel rooms, beds, replaced slippers. Each room has a separate WIFI and good speed (leisure time to play games at night double is not that good)!

2, and Tainan “city hut 1828” away from Tainan railway station has a distance, can into 0 right arrived, got off from 50 LAN tea shop opposite of junction of small alley turn in, go to left turn see a day material shop of when on to’s, on in day material shop next grey of building in, by white glass door right of button slightly, several seconds Hou door. Door prepared by first hotel slippers, 15 o’clock in the afternoon to check in. Decor is very comfortable, clean, and has a small kitchen and reading room, boys and girls have separate bathroom on the first floor, shower facilities very comfortable!!! Use slippers for the shower in the bathroom. Most of the rooms on the second floor, stairs are high and steep. Girls room 600TWD, no deposit. Two sheets of a shop a for isolation purposes, check out Split pillow cases. There is a WIFI for guests to use, slightly less speed.

3, Kaohsiung “Orange House backpackers international youth hostel” girl beds between 568TWD, booking the deposit counts as part of the room rate when booking with a credit card, to another part of the store to pay, taken together, the two parts of 568TWD. Kaohsiung station take steps on to the. Drag boxes on the sidewalk and saw a 7-11 and when the YHA logo, to the ~ from the facade to the room as a whole any and all fresh and pleasant décor. No elevator, rooms at the height of the child can put your luggage in the luggage room downstairs, I only needed to go upstairs. Wood key card when Check in, write a card at the front desk for you, above the gate room password, password WIFI password lock password. Bathroom was clean, mixed bathing hot limited time offer, indicated on the card. Good WIFI speed.

4, Kenting “Gold Hotel” mixed bed 400TWD. Pay online, PayPal or Paypal. Kenting had better bring your own slippers and shorts, easy to play. I live in the South Bay branch of the sea, is the sea going out, at a bus stop, convenience store, rooms have a private bathroom. Fresh decorating ~ there is a small roof. Daily trips there is a free shuttle bus to Kenting Street, if you want to make an appointment. Front desk amumeng Meng da ~ each a locker under the bed, and password to set a password to lock yourself when you stay, don’t forget your password!!! WIFI without a password, speed can be.

5, Hualien, “black bear backpack Inn” girls dorm 399TWD, took off his shoes before entering the room in an outdoor shoe rack, wearing slippers into the House. Major attractions in the mountains in Hualien seaside = =So~ to live downtown is not convenient, but to eat convenient by train, is out now! Walk 30 minutes to the self-improvement a night market, I know a pretty girl and the day laughing all the way to go in the past, but not too tired. Rooms have private bathrooms, WIFI, beds is a form of tatami mats. Rooms on the upper floors, Taiwan hotels, bed and breakfast in staircases are tall and steep (┬ _ ┬) this can rent bicycles, bikes for more than 20 minutes in the morning to seven star Lake. Must pay attention to the front desk service, usually early in the morning when no one at the front desk, tiny letters or telephone contact with the boss, Oh ~

6, nine “bed and breakfasts in small corner” 700TWD. Love this so much! Don’t have to say the bus take two steps to the perfect location, not to mention the cute girl at the front desk, not to mention balcony stunning landscapes, delicious breakfast served in the morning alone, next time I will continue to stay at this!!! The whole décor is fresh enough to like the girl at the front desk let me relaxed and happy. Toilets are public, bed very comfortable, WIFI a little worse, but I didn’t even go up. Brain supplement for a scene in the beautiful mountain town of thousands of spirited natural sleep wake up and freshen up on a small balcony to eat his beautiful sister personally for you delicious breakfast, watching the beautiful mountain town of ocean view, meet by chance in a foreign land might be next. What that?

7, Taipei, “Mango Inn” 590TWD “. Consumption levels than in Taipei Taiwan significantly higher than other cities down a notch, learned from the accommodation price. Longshan Temple MRT station located near the hotel to exercise price very high. MRT station 3rd exit then turn left follow to, although the hotel but there are no obvious signs, find the time to pay attention to the numbers, 53rd. Open the iron gate on the luggage are tall and steep stairs, changed hotel to prepare the slippers at the door, you can Check in ~ this to pay a deposit of 500TWD or 100RMB, key rings on the locker key, door key and door card, and will give you a map of MRT map and nearby. Rooms have a private bathroom and ventilators, WIFI speeds well, the top floor is a public area. Where there is smoking and hanging clothes, washing machine to buy a coin laundry.

8, Taipei “Loki backpacker” 650TWD. At the zhongxiao dunhua MRT station 8th exit turn to the right capital crossing Bank building, 7th floor. Boys and girls separate rest area and need a magnetic card reader, security is guaranteed. A4 entry permit to Taiwan when they stay, pillow quilt cupboard in your room, pick up. Room has a bed curtain, can form a relatively intimate space, pillows were very comfortable, I like! Check-out time sheets linen Quilt cover down to release the bag got the front desk. Public bathrooms are bright and spacious, good WIFI, passwords can be signs on the walls at the front desk or bedside. The hotel is near from the only company 24H opening of Eslite bookstore, 6 minutes walk to, and 24H there are people at the front desk, you can leave your luggage. On booking before but some say enthusiasm for the Chinese tourists are not at the front desk, I think it is not an empty = =



The year 2015-01-16

Chapter 1 first met Taiwan, Taichung March!

      Flight HX231 from Shanghai Pudong airport arrived in Hong Kong, it was midnight. In order to transfer to the flight to Taipei early in the morning, at the airport overnight. Even if the Hong Kong International Airport was voted the best airport, Tall long legs, I curled up in sleeping all night in the lounge chairs are uncomfortable, even after exit can easily brush Twitter will not let me completely ignored that uncomfortable.

     Take the morning flight, endure the yawning. Oh, and having a sore.

     Eating meals too tired to fall asleep on the plane, arrived at the Taoyuan airport is hot wake up. Saw a lot of people say before leaving first thing off trousers, there is anything in them. January is the coldest season in all of Taiwan, visitors from the North are like spring in General. Pick up looked around, has not asked for help, there was a warm aunt initiative to come to help me find the counter of far Eastone Telecommunications, suddenly the surge of Taiwan people favor. Exchange NT, telephone cards, bought after a swim in a hurry to get on buses to Taichung. Forgot to take out money at that time take a picture of (0, 0), hands clutching a bunch of really pretty cool, although it is NT.

     Taiwan passenger praise! Buy tickets easy, reasonable price, service, courtesy, and cars clean, drivers ‘ enthusiasm, seat comfort. The bus on the highway, fatigue and drowsiness were jolted out of the way, only excitement and enjoyment.

     The hometown of Taichung Sun cakes, Sun cake is the pride of Taichung. If you come to Taichung, will be on the streets all over the different sizes of the Sun cake shop is impressive.

      About 14 o’clock arrived in Taichung. Here for only three things: the wetlands, Tunghai University and Feng Chia night market. Unfortunately didn’t go into wetlands. Taichung BRT is very convenient, basic through the schools, hospitals and major roads, roads used by dedicated BRT routes.

      First night staying at Kiwi hotel. Wash away my trouble and rest for a while, a direct consequence of that reaches the East China Sea when it was already dark (┬ _ ┬)! By the Moonlight and faint light that can make shadows Cho Cho sees the iconic Lu SI Yi Church and … … Slightly cold in the night of the fight on the basketball court of the meat. Precipitation of this is how gene produces the face value so high boy paper ^ _ ^ night and clicked a few tourists around the Church in a hurry as it rushed to the night market with energy. Taiwan’s bus system is composed of different passenger transport companies contracted for each city, each shuttle bus has a fixed schedule, stops most of QR codes, can sweep the yards that the approximate location of the bus.

      Night breeze bus, saw the car didn’t slow down near the station, I “shot” to stand up, the car came to a halt. Then the driver told me that when I saw the bus stood up and waved, drivers know who need a ride, will stop. Also when you get off a stop early Bell.

      Someone said, “If there is a heaven, is probably the library look. “For I was hungry, but this sentence was this:” If there is a heaven, is probably the Taiwan night market looks like. “Walk into the Feng Chia night market, a glance, is no end in sight of the snack stalls. Aroma fills the air with a variety of foods, you described the images can only be used to eat. Stacks of tart, warm Jerusalem artichoke, sweet pineapple bun, attractive large intestine small intestine, long lines of chicken and you in the relevant Taiwan TV series ever heard seen YY in a variety of snacks.

      Share I ate in the Feng Chia night market.

      Pineapple buns this is gastronomy sprouting da Goblin.

      Favorite fresh-baked her, sweet pastry, soft bread, clip on a paved with crushed ice in a small freezer fresh out of butter, the entrance is not hot temperatures just enough to melt it. Wait for the butter to melt, pineapple buns crispy sweet and salty sweet combination of butter, oh great! ~


      Brother methodically to each sticky rice on the grill sausage and sausage over each intestinal suffused with glittering Sheen, let people look at appetite. Tried a plain, outer layer of sticky rice sausage wrapped in sausage and a variety of side dishes, crack the casing, tongue felt-wrapped meat at that moment, what adjectives would not want to, I just want to focus on the taste buds meet, with a more crisp and refreshing taste of cake.

      People (Zai) (Lai) beauty (Yi) (DA)!

      Taiwan night market is both delicious and beautiful. Nice not only refers to the food, as well as people selling snacks. For example, eating pineapple bun passing egg tarts stall, stacks of egg tart shop there was solicitation, a glimpse of the twinkling, MM selling egg tarts but also hyper-na! Yo ~ Taiwan girls, pretty good >3< ran such a beautiful girl, red bean and green tea also had to buy a tart taste to eat Ah ~

Tips: in Taiwan by bus it’s neither easy nor convenient. Bus efficiency is very high, but the night standing in the street waiting for the process really is not good. Recommends advance query bus run time is approximate time of arrival near the station. Each bus at the bus stop has a QR code, scan codes available.

      Farewell to Taichung Tainan March the next morning.

      In the Bay by train it more convenient than to take the subway. Pit stops without security, the station is clean and architectural features, tickets, can choose independently selected self-service ticket machines. Everywhere selling delicious and cheap lunch or snack. Legend 60TWD lifts the lid he could see a large iron, placed in the display cabinet to eat fresh sushi and cheap.

      Most several platforms at the station, the train traveling southward, northward direction, respectively. Transit platforms have barrier free elevator connected bridge to facilitate travel. Occasionally there are barrier free elevator walls painted with bright patterns, feel more interesting in this city.

      Drag boxes sat down on a bench in the waiting area, people waiting opposite, will train with me to explore another city, sounded on the radio station when the train pulled into the station. Well, which movie or animation is played in the scene again?



The year 2015-01-17

Chapter 2 eat in Tainan

2 o’clock in the afternoon when arriving in Tainan and Sun is very bright.

      If we say go to Taichung for three things, then to Tainan to eat! Tainan has a different night market open every day, doing the Raiders looked at the calendar and found in Tainan that day but just enough to catch up with my most fascinating garden night market. Just YY myself eat in the night to walk the virtues of felt satisfied, very very kind.

      Taiwan southern is the best fit for eating Taiwan where traditional cuisine. Both authentic and cheap. But many famous old day line up just before dawn, sleep back again to eat less. Speaking of which, I’m ashamed. Morning overslept, 6 o’clock and missed the silly salty porridge. (┬ _ ┬) I really shame shame shame …


      Rooms at City Hut 1828 near the University, quiet.

      Put down the baggage hanging around late into the night, down to the garden by night. Foodie heaven ~ ~

      Far away smell mixed with red beans and sweet, milk fragrant smell. Walking toward the flag, closer look, it really is red snapper fish ~ BALA n flavors such as red beans and taro. Aunt deftly flips the die, yes Auntie, can you come? I’m hungry = 0 =

      In cream with Sesame crispy outer skin are wrapped, full of meat! Meat! Holding fresh hot pepper cake, gently crack a small opening and immediately feel the juices inside, along with the flavor of the meat, and then … I forgot, please tell me what YY itself.

      Entire Taiwan meat snacks I love this bacon wrapped together. Please forgive me I may have vulgar, but it’s really different from everything I ate Bacon rolls.

      Red rolled Bacon with a little green onion, such a powerful color combination itself is a temptation. Meat marinated in advance, bake will be issued when the grill “DTH DTH” sound science makes people hungry aroma, baked ripe, brush on the homemade sauce completes.

      Then each to a Taiwan night market or see salt fried chicken stand, I’ll buy two bunches of fill your belly. But I really want to buy a 20. ORZ

      Tainan night market really has a lot of bright spots, it can be said each stall is. A pasta such as 100TWD can literally add steak, likewise for the city, known as the oyster omelet. Beyond counting. Finally recommend a night market in the garden to my surprise–green onion pancake.

      Don’t know what culinary art is not intelligent people! When standing beside the green onion pancake stalls, a set of process of looking down, feeling with city, much the same, but after a good cut green onion pancakes sprinkled with pepper!!!

      In fact, it started when my aunt asked me if I needed pepper is hesitating, because it turned my old habit of eating scallion pancakes. But after eating, I feel really a green onion pancake bought less. What can I say? Original crispy scallion pancake is pepper up a level as a whole. So, behind the delicious dishes, there must be a simple ingredient in quiet devotion.

     “Scallion pancake + pepper” combination of absolute best CP. Later, on the evening of the Lungshan Temple in Taipei, I found a stall selling scallion pancake, but eat in Tainan that night, far from it. More like egg pie cake.

      Many people’s impression of Tainan are inseparable from a bowl of beef soup. On that morning, sitting on the sidewalk eating a beef broth, fresh red and tender beef is immediately thrown into the soup to a mature white, coated with sweet soy sauce and ginger, with a mouthful of rice. So breakfast it makes people brimming with vitality.

      On the way home, as long as 25TWD can have pristine cream Strawberry Jam muffins.

      Hanging around the hotel, feeling this is my ideal should be near the University environment.

      Long, narrow alleys, almost full of a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Many university students and teachers after breakfast at the hotel opposite the leisurely walk to class. Highly decorated style MUJI van restaurant has large Windows, a glimpse inside simple home decoration, very loved. Turn leg open with a lovely coffee shop, door covered with green plants, and during the two mailboxes, scenes like this always make me want to press the shutter.

      Tainan can be said to be Taiwan’s birthplace, time here to leave the traditional stamp. Fort Zeelandia, Chikan towers, were yesterday Taiwan great place.

      Left the Tainan railway station bound for Kaohsiung, I silently say to yourself: well, next time. Must come again in Tainan (eat)!

      A Tainan night market open time: the big Wu spent big flower

      Is the Dadong night market, flower garden night market, Wu, Wu St night market.

      Sorting is Mon-Sun, a Tainan night market is not open every single day.



The year 2015-01-18

Chapter 3 enjoy a Consulate of the UK in romantic Kaohsiung time

      Imagination in Kaohsiung, on both sides of the lights reflect brightly at night in love, dream times top of the Ferris wheel, as well as may neighbourhood city spokesman Mark May day. Fortunately, just out of Kaohsiung station and saw both sides of the channel over a May-day advertising.

      Not far from Tainan to Kaohsiung, iron sitting on stage, just a lunch time arrived. Has two stations in Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung and zuoying station, suggested to Kaohsiung to Kaohsiung, to leave Kaohsiung and Kenting from station to leave. Kaohsiung station is really big had to say, I was on the second floor around a while to come out. On the ground floor near the exit of the souvenir shops that are found in every city of the station, found of Kaohsiung for commemorative stamp in the travel notebook cover mark.

      Scheduled tours are in Kaohsiung in Taiwan live in all of the hotel from the station, walk for 5 minutes. “7-11”, there are a few steps away from a white rustic façade, is the Orange House tours. Long journey of one select stop stationed here, clean, comfortable and pleasant.

      After you check in at the front desk, it was noon. Holding the phone Baidu map find local solutions to meals Zhe, racking up trouble finding masatada ribs with rice, later found that turn from Orange care is a matter of fact-bending journey. ORZ

      Saw the one with the yellow letters “are cheat ribs with rice” big red signs, restaurants, the man downstairs more. Silver points after dinner, you can take the exclusive form a small ticket to order to your ribs with rice ~ outside of ribs with rice, there are others such as three cups of chicken rice, a small row of food such as rice, each meal choice of three side dishes. Through the gleaming glass cabinets to see every kind of dish dish, once selected to see aunt to cover a large piece of pork ribs, I was really hungry to the end.

      Eat all the way to Taiwan cuisine never lets me down. Degree said masatada rice with spare ribs and let me love? Good to make me the next day to eat ribs with rice postponed a planned morning trip to Kenting. This clear?

      Face rib chop was tender and the flavor of the meat was cooking more delicious, every bite and full of fighting. Served with fresh green vegetables, soft tofu, sweet corn. My idea of the perfect lunch, is to have such a perfect combination of meat, vegetables and rice!

In my opinion, as Taiwan’s second largest city Kaohsiung, is a little proud. Swim all general-purpose, but sat in the Kaohsiung MRT, no! Can! Use!

      Visiting the attractions you want to visit in the afternoon after the lunch, just passing the famous beautiful island rapid transit stations. I have to say, it is no wonder that a MRT station can be a city’s landmark attractions, when you see the dome of light, I do have is amazing. This by the Japan architect Takamatsu stretch design, Italy artist Narcissus Quagliata himself built the world’s most beautiful Metro stations the second, will attract many tourists every day to stop. The colorful Dome, singular bright patterns, intertwined with fascinating stories, mapping the different styles of life.

      Many films have been selected for viewing beautiful island, Taiwan many couples the choice of wedding photos. Not far from proposing a handsome gezheng and his friends were rehearsing a romantic time in the offing.

      Take the MRT to West Bay stations, out of the station and take the bus to get to the West Bay national scenic area. Before sunset arrives this time along the ladder visit mount gushan dog United Kingdom Consulate, is a good choice. NT spend dozens of tickets at the door to enter, will throw in a coupon for afternoon tea.

      Back to Zhenjiang, Kaohsiung City and Zhenjiang United Kingdom Consulate very much alike. Wooden cloisters are independent of the red brick building, a small two-story, white lattice Windows, a red-brick walls, winding promenade, green lawns and backyard garden, English style let us forget.

      In Taiwan in the extant modern Western buildings, dog United Kingdom Consulate is one of the most ancient buildings.

      Pingpu people originally lived in this locality is rich in bamboo as “Takau”, Han said it is “dog”, to the Japan colonial period, Japanese for “dog” found a similar Japanese Kanji “Kaohsiung” (Takao).

                                                                             ————— Lonely Planet In Taiwan.

      Taiwan city has many, sneak up behind a tour, get the tour guide’s explanation. Encountered during home from Beijing and Tianjin, was asked a lot of question of personal freedom. Wait until the crowd slightly past, chatting in the back yard with a coupon to buy a copy of English tea and hand-made cookies, and choose a side seat, side there was a breeze blowing from West Beach, while Kaohsiung is expected across new landmark–85 Tower. So good this afternoon, next to Kaohsiung, I still would like to arrange for a free afternoon to enjoy alone time in England.


      Consulate opened in the main building of the rose garden-themed souvenir shops and English-style tea house, standing in the corridors, it can smell the room escape out of rich fruit dessert tea aroma. If you spend a little more budget, sitting in the teahouse in Victorian-style rooms enjoy the pure three-tier dessert Tower. Shop filled with all kinds of exclusive rose pattern cups and cans of fancy teas. As the glass control, before I must not forget to buy. Cups, I somehow have a near-religious devotion. Struggling for a long time, eventually chose a “Little Prince and rose” tumblers, rose bone China tea cup and a British Earl Grey tea, stuffed into a rose garden pattern hand-painted paper bags, such high force GE English Fan Zhen won the I love!

      Down from the drum Hill, staying around for a while, and finally wait until sunset. Unfortunately cloudy sunset not as beauty as we expected. Fortunately caught up with two Taiwan women singing in the square. Small fresh original music is to draw a successful period for that afternoon.

      West Bay station there are direct connections to two art district bus. Arrive in late afternoon for split II, here is a similar creative block Beijing 798. Old factory buildings were converted into art galleries, restaurants, shops. On the white background color of the doll were spray-painted on a pair of different color. A creative goods shop, near the door and a wall filled with stuffing paper cups, light box from behind translucent glass. Read some notes, unlike the city, those who tell the truth of the content, write “Ma Ying-jeou and ¥%# … …” “# ¥% ¥ Ma Ying-jeou,” “¥%……% Ma Ying-jeou is $ ##@”. Really interesting!

      Hungry belly a few back on shelves just to dream age Ferris wheel. Dream entertainment district where the top piece of the times, has a variety of recreational facilities, called the small children’s Park, in Detective Conan n see such scenes. Finished making the Ferris wheel when thinking of luxury to sit around, shocked when ticket. Just NT $ 120 cheaper than city, Yes! Ride the Ferris wheel, in the vertex position overlooking the whole city at night. Kaohsiung, good praise!

      Before riding the Ferris wheel will have pictures of places around one lap down photo souvenirs. Key ring knew three of the finished product, such as a lovely girl in Kaohsiung. From Kaohsiung pork spare ribs with rice, rice has talked to both sides of the currency. I say Taiwan coin not used, must be carefully examined to identify every time you pay; they are surprised and 5 Jiao and 1 Yuan coins. I like Taiwan culture is great, they make lovely purple 5 Yuan note of Chairman Mao is on the people. Just purse also has several 1 Yuan, 5 cents coins, give them a a ~ three sister received such gifts are very happy, I took the opportunity to request for photos, really be satisfied. This is contributing to youth friendly exchanges between the two sides?

      Passing through Taiwan’s most famous LAN tea, 50, of course. In Taiwan, I have said many times thank you because the service is really great. Before entering the tea shop, counter three MM takes a bow at me, after buying milk tea out of the tea shop, they bowed to me. Decent, whine tone, friendly service with a smile, I experienced as a city that tourists should have an unprecedented sense of dignity, how can you not say thank you?

      Yoshinoya to soothe the belly a few opposite the hotel, appetite, said it was not being met, and roadside stalls had packed a small octopus balls back. Late-night small alley, an aunt do octopuses under the street lamp warm yellow light burning, this picture really makes night returning travelers–I feel very warm. Tonight’s roommate is in the United Kingdom from overseas Kaohsiung marking mother’s girl, say good night before of course, pleasant conversation.

      Kaohsiung has many similarities with hometown Tianjin, for example, there is a river flowing between the high-rises of the city, in the Western Gulf into the sea. Just as the Hai River in Tianjin city surrounded and eventually into the sea of Bohai Bay. For example, there are Western-style buildings with colonial, Kaohsiung, United Kingdom Consulate, English style district of Tianjin. For example has a Ferris wheel as a landmark of the city, Kaohsiung dream age Ferris wheel, Tianjin Tianjin eye Ferris wheel. Did not know his hometown to Kaohsiung to other partners, will have the same familiarity with me?

      See the shadow home across the channel in a strange city. Feeling is also interesting.

      Delicious ribs with rice, the English afternoon tea and nice Ferris wheel in Kaohsiung, goodbye!



The year 2015-01-19

Chapter 4 – South of the border in Kenting, is my sea

      From Kaohsiung MRT station, and if you do not want to take the Kenting Express, just drag the box stood in place, will have a sharp-eyed driver asks if you want to carpool to Kenting.

      Vehicles moving along the road, covered with sea view. When you see a huge statue of the yueqin, Kenting. Previously only knew Kenting, the blue sky blue sea and green beaches, only this. Before I leave brush up Wei was the Director of the Cape on the 7th, and impressions of Kenting have materialized.

      Book a Kenting accommodation considerations for a long time. Reservation center, but contact information could not be found. Staying in Kenting Street, some distance from the sea. Accommodation near lives alone and is not cheap. Fortunately, finally found the – South of the border (Gold Hotel). Front desk, well, second? Niyaz! Gruff male, very cute. Hotel has two stores, I booked a bed South Bay branch, there are a only a single head office, more remote. A small blue-and-white building near the South Bay House, overall great Greece style, upstairs balcony if you can see the sea the stars. Rooms at South of the border at the time of booking prepayment required lenders, through Paypal or PayPal transfer, email contact.

      For good words just can not wait to grab cameras and props into the sea. Is the coastal city of Tianjin, the Bohai Bay and the Pacific are different. Although winter is not the most beautiful season South of the border, but the great ocean view of Kenting still gave me a great shock. At sea with winters cool and wet feet in Kenting, spray when faded, people can’t help chasing that last touch of white. While no dark quickly clicked several Zhang Haijing and 8, carried away and sat down, thought to safety, was next, hit a wave of wet jeans, had failed dismally ran back to the dressing room. Seawater is more stop than that sea breeze. Every evening there are “evil wind” wanton blows, often happily rushed out, and pities the running back.

      Rooms at Gold Hotel is one of the facilities: daily fixed-time shuttle between hotel and the Kenting main strip.

Comparing Taiwan night market in other cities, and caught up with the low season, Kenting street people a little less. Didn’t cry during the day tour, has the warmth of a seaside town of Kenting. Street gift shop filled with objects of the marine element, promotions Kang is convenience store girls carefully selected beauty mask, restaurants and snack stalls full of worldly scent. Chongqing sister turns on the street to share a fixed settlement meals zhe’s place. Braised Pork rice bowl, piece of cake, dumplings one, naturally can not satisfy the appetite of the two cargo. So when a red bean cakes in my left hand right hand a bunch of fried milk, it was already in the triumph in the skies, and sister to join a queue army had fried octopus mirror on stand.

      Roommates are the two girls in the evening: a Singapore’s sister, a sister in Chongqing. Three first came to Taiwan tourists, lying on the amusing and the various exchanges. That night impressed me a sentence, is Singapore’s sister said “Taiwan men are gentle, Oh! Always the eye watching over you. “Well, had the opportunity to go to Taiwan to your own experience, this thing I don’t talk.

Kenting, I feel very guilty. Early tourism strategy was very well prepared, but the next day a lazy late, delayed the trip. Plus hear the words “hotel next door to a girl she rented a Che Biao to Oluanpi was Kenting’s evil wind on stone-filled road, top half of a hula hoop with a bloody face back,” the bloody story, decided to trip established the “National Marine Museum and Hengchun;” day trip.

      National Marine Museum, young card holders to purchase tickets as long as 250TWD, in Beijing, Tianjin and visited several times I said besides the fares of the marine Pavilion surprised me other than good. If you live in the inland area did not go to the marine Museum, visit outside is strongly recommended to visit Kenting, are interested in, you can also consult in advance to join “night Marine Museum” activities.

      Chongqing is an inland city, sister of biology and marine Museum, had a High time in the library. And makes me feel excited but is about to leave when the marine Museum in the afternoon. Winter in Taiwan mostly sunny showers, when the Sun emerged from behind the clouds, the Sun pours through the clouds in the solitude of the deep sea, the glow of the setting sun to spin on the horizon with a magnificent color. My firm’s records in that picture, but the head of the film Kung Fu, and then looked up, an instant dream has gone. Sister said she wants to see the guanshan before sunset, but Kenting has been cloudy, and made up for her disappointment.

      People must know of the Cape on the 7th, in the film “AGA” located in Hengchun;. Before the movie, just ordinary people here. Today, countless fans and literary youth pilgrimage. Because it is a private residence, entered the surcharge. I only sent two postcard at the door, leave some regrets, will want to come again next time.

      Advance reserved Kenting hostels in Hualien to Hualien to carpool, get up early the next day, I loved sitting on a sea of 7-11 used to go around in a circle on the beach after breakfast, say goodbye to Kenting, the sea. About to leave my lovely roommate still not awake, reluctantly said goodbye to Manuel Almunia.

      I can’t stay, who also couldn’t take.

      Only to come again.



The year 2015-01-20

Chapter 5 go to Hualien Cross Blue

      For backpackers alone to free, choose to carpool from Kenting day trip north to Taitung to Hualien, was appropriate. Advance query car travel services over the Internet, also available in Taiwan local contact, costs about 1000TWD. Most of Hualien hostels also offer carpool message, remember, be sure to make contact!

      Butyl reclaimed the day sitting on a sea of 7-11 with early breakfast then say goodbye to Kenting. Seen sprouting da AMU stood in the car in front of the hotel sprouting da wave goodbye to me, really want to tears. (┬_┬)

      Guide and driver are in Taitung people, warm and hearty, laughing like Jacky Wu. Besides me, carpooling with a group of women from the Mainland. Starting from Kenting to Hualien, generally divided into “mountain line” and “line”, best played only one line at a time, according to personal preference, where appropriate, reservations. Because route questions, leave some time after the dispute. Wagon mountain line and sea line two guests in the same car, asked the driver to go “mountain line”, sounds rich, but in between mountains and sea road complex, but will miss the essence of the two lines. Car is the most beautiful sister says to go to Hualien to see meimei da sea therefore must go line, with the driver argued that tear and took phone calls and travel agents to force. Dare to love and hate both bold and decisive wisdom and beauty of women I love! Girl is really a man!

      Perhaps because of cloudy most of the time, often short catch the sky clears up, I feel very beautiful. If the time, NAP in coastal highway parking places, beauty of the sea and sky can be seen everywhere. Characteristic of the water Pan-Pacific Blue, blue to fun, speed flow of clouds visible to the naked eye.

      Three Hoi Mei are not too weird.

      Wu dining pool stick with rice from Chihshang rice packets on raw materials, now famous for Taiwan. Running line of visitors stopped at the store to buy a copy of the rich sense of history rice. I just buy a packet of 600g rice from Chihshang to take home.

      Apart from Chihshang rice box, and Takeshi near Avenue of advertising fame of Brown is a famous attraction.

      About 20 o’clock arrived at Hualien bear backpackers, pleased to find I covet beautiful sister with my roommate. In Taitung County to play, no car is not convenient. Accommodations, night market and attraction is a long distance between. From the Inn to self-night buses rarely, walk for about 30 minutes, there is beauty all the way, it won’t be long. Hungry for a day we first swept the salt fried chicken stand, and while waiting for the steak to kill Chiang’s coffin was. When eating steak, was full of food on the table, only a few bowls cream soup is also were we round up. Until it’s time to go, uncle next door also secretly come take a peek, presumably was scared by this spectacular scene. (⊙ 0 ⊙), of course, on the way home we didn’t forget to buy three boxes of cheap and delicious fruit to bring home as a late-night snack.

     Seven Star Lake, water and cliff in Hualien Taroko Gorge is a place not to be missed, due to tight schedule, this time I only as a transit point for Hualien, North the next day to nine.

      Going to Taiwan partners, if any time docked in Hualien a day, you can choose to participate in local day trips to carpool, or direct live near seven star Lake, convenient to see the sunrise in the morning.

      There is a blue called Hualien, Taitung, cross the blue.



The year 2015-01-21

Chapter 6 in the mountain town of Chiufen meets faith

      Taiwan not only in northern Taipei, around Taipei City is definitely feeling the island literary wind of the new North place not to be missed. Recommended itinerary here slow down, spent a day to the first day, their luggage at the Metro stations the next day, buy a relatively cost-effective passes to explore most of the fresh.

      From the “Hualien” take the TRA to “Metro station”, out of the station turn left to go straight to the police station in front of the station, reached nine major sites within the mountain city bus has a lot.

      Bed and breakfast in nine has a lot that night staying at the “little corner of the sky” bed and breakfasts in both dorm beds, there are standard single room. With convenient transportation, adjacent to “tianfu” station, go out to street’s path. Bed and breakfast in a clean, warm, there is a small balcony view. Family-run, the receptionist’s sister pretty gentle and virtuous, I like, enjoy.

      “Branch lines” a railway branch line, one train after about 1 hour of “Metro station”. 12 more settled accommodation, wanted to go back to the station along the Pinghsi swept back back to the mountain to watch the sunset, and the result was wrong. Is not ready to branch lines of the Raiders, Hou Dong got out of the car ahead, also thought he had the very station ORZ, near the station of the cat village around a circle in order not to waste time had to buy a box of pineapple cakes in the shape of a cat and then added back in. Second, nine in the back and found that it was a cloudy day, see a beautiful sunset view –

      In addition to the most famous and the framing is really Chingtung in those years, other stops along the Pinghsi line, you want to sweep the line partners must learn my lesson (┬ _ ┬)

      New North area “Golden nine water” or “water Nan holes”, “featuring Chinese” and “nine”, these attractions are fairly well-known. Chinkuashi gold Museum Park has preserved an earlier mining tunnels, the factory facilities, villages and shrines, is Taiwan’s first eco-park concept for the Museum. Recommendations of at least half a day tour. Throughout the Park, most of the free, the staff service very good, gives me a lot of touching.

      Visitors Center at the entrance of the Museum offers a luggage storage service, please try to retreat before taking away their belongings. Front desk set is printed with water scenery of Golden nine hand-painted cards, multiple languages for tourists to feel free to take. Wanted to just take a few good results Grandma encouraged me saying that, doesn’t matter. This service!!! (┬ _ ┬) Commodity catalogues, I really take a set of slightly.

Many buildings of the Japanese occupation era in the Museum. Four-span – then senior staff quarters. Enter to be a movie, visit the queue you want.

      Here traffic in characteristic “miners”, lunch boxes, napkins, chopsticks can be bought. When I go to close, don’t get it!!! /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

     “Gold Hill” next, “” miner’s restaurant “opposite and shops selling souvenirs and postcards, there is the post office next door, very convenient. Medals can be covered in the store. Small OWL bedding children’s shoes can communicate with the store’s uncle. When Uncle carefully took out medals when balanced beautiful patterns at a book cover, it’s with mixed feelings.

      At that time the island for nearly a week, nine people are the nicest I have ever seen of the Taiwan people. I think it’s colonial history is not unrelated. Influence of the Japanese occupation era, to this day can still be seen today’s Taiwan LAN tea shop, even a 50-service was good nothing to say. Before heading to Hong Kong, buses will be the driver’s eyes, United Kingdom master drag have played a shichengshi. Maybe my melodramatic, but there had been in Beijing cheap square pot of Boyle’s eyes experience during their set, I experienced an unprecedented, as consumers, as a tourists, a sense of dignity as persons. As well as unlimited.

      Souvenir shop and walk down a path, and is said to be John Woo movies, the framing of the peace wheel.

      Previous administrative offices.

      Built in 1922, for Japan Showa live Crown Prince to visit “Prince Hotel”. I love the elegant Japanese garden ~

      Gold Museum collection 220.3kg BRIC

      Torii shrine is representative of Japanese architecture. Signs reading “featuring Chinese shrine 600m →”, 600 metres is not very far, so I’m going to March ahead.

      Follow the steep hill on the stairs, only slow the so-called said should be 600 meters vertical = = 600 m climb to breath when I saw a bird, thought it was coming, look on the Internet, in fact, only half of it had just climbed. (┬ _ ┬) Mountain view didn’t let me down.

      Arrive before the end of the shrine, overlooking the mountain town of Chiufen. Beneath towering mountains and vast stretches of sea in the distance, Sky City between mountains and sea, roadside waving wind of the mountain grass.

      Who seldom climb from the shrine down the legs all the way in shaking and had to sit on the curb and rest.

      Nine observation deck near old Street station, can enjoy the mountain scenery.

      Usually fresh taro taro circle more than more than 20, as long as 40TWD have a bowl full, just fun!

      A volume of peanut ice cream on the street that I would love. Flat on the table a thin rolls, first sprinkle a fine layer of peanuts, put an ice cream balls, accompanied by a handful of parsley after the entire volume up. Crispy nuts, ice cream cool and sweet, as well as catalytic ingredients such as cilantro. Not say it’s great!

      Nine in the night street lights shone red. Hou Hsiao-hsien’s city of sadness from time to time in the shengping cinema. Qian and spirited away, Miyazaki found here the inspiration-Mei restaurant one of the most popular restaurants on the street. Exchange visitors, in a narrow lane pictures. Too many of our people, have too TMD and communities partnership TMD sticks are annoying especially TMD. Some businesses began seven or eight o’clock closing, must go as soon as possible.

      Want to go to Taiwan partners, I will recommend nine “bed and breakfasts in corner stars.” Wake up early in the morning sitting in the viewing balcony for breakfast. Mountain breeze breeze, delicious sandwiches, fresh fruit and a cup of hot coffee. So much for so-called pleasant morning.

      Winter Taiwan when cloudy, not to mention a sunset, Sunrise would be difficult to see. Think before you leave and then look at the mountain scenery, but a fluke on the touch “long mountain”.

      On Midsummer night climb the observation deck to see the stars star track, would be excellent! 

      Most businesses around Metro station provides luggage storage services, regardless of size, than the station deal.

      Pinghsi line-bound train body is painted with a color pattern. Get “very” station, at dusk. Send me a postcard, or a day light, as if it came to a very old street must-do your homework.

      And I most enjoy walking along the railway, the train speed is very slow, close to the station also had time to get up to escape. The glow of the setting sun pours on the tracks, Pan bright warm gold.

      Of course, standing in the Jing an admire the beautiful sunset is very beautiful on the suspension bridge.

      Very is the Pinghsi line intermediate station. Return trip from Chingtung back to refine the already overcrowded trains. Tiptoe to the door all the way to extremely contorted positions stood back and nearly suffocated.


      Tonight last stop–around the island visiting Taipei. Think about this all the way around the island, nine moved me the most.

      Never pray to God nor Buddha worship

     But in this Millennium and Chihiro’s Castle in the sky

     I would like to make the beauty of Chiufen all my beliefs

     May hereafter make hundreds of millions of wild grass and flowers

     Here are thousands of spirited mountain

     Here is between the mountain and the city of sadness,

     There is cheer Chen Sung Cafe,

     There is sailing across the Pacific round of epic.

     Here are nine,

     It is beautiful enough to become my beliefs.



The year 2015-01-22

Chapter 7 Lost inTaipei

      TRA Metro started late, Mango Inn in to Taipei until eight o’clock at night. Hastily with a bowl of braised pork on rice and a green onion pancake filling the hunger in a hurry back to hotel rest.

      Taipei consumption high, relatively cheap dorm beds of the Mango Inn. Inn adjacent to the MRT Longshan Temple Station, a few minutes ‘ walk. No clear sign when walking follow the signs to find. Door, there is a high and steep stairs, carrying heavy luggage girl can help staff at the front desk for assistance.

      Nearby there are direct buses to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial. To freedom square, is the most bright midday sun.

      Climb outside the Pavilion to see the construction of signs, that went into it. Around a week or so to see the entrance to the Memorial at the bottom. Embarrassed

      As Mr Jiang’s supporters see exhibits the kind of information and still a little excited.

      Integral point guard is a major attraction. Wanting to have good angle to shoot, must be at least 20 minutes in advance.

      Sprouting da Jiang: “Welcome to stamp! 】

      Many people recommend apricot in Japanese style fried pork on a network, lunchtime experience. Breeze Taipei station square, this restaurant is located in the station floor, close to MUJI. As the only people who will get lost in the Mall, where I can only say: surround the one you can find.

Simple white façade in a water stand out in a fancy restaurant. Catch the lunch rush, leaving only a seat near the station Hall, perspective is also very good. Skylight overhead glass window into the crowded Hall. And paper lamps on the table smelled of warm yellow light. Waiting for a good meal served, water, spices and food has made me giddy. Select from a variety of rice, plus free renewal. Salad and pork chops with two or three kinds of seasoning, just back and forth can also take a variety of tastes. Square platter, fried until golden brown the pork meat is placed in a small drain on the iron stand, edges a slice of lemon. With a wooden pestle carefully down on the pork meat after grinding sesame seeds, section revealing the texture of the meat with a feast of color. So much wonder can be recommended, sure enough, every bite of meat animals of the Gospel.

      Coincides with the gods Wallace Chung Sen held solo exhibition in Taipei Zhongshan Hall. Well, man, it really was the boys the way! Album sold only at the scene, at the end of the film festival is said to have nearly sold out. Before I check out sister bought 60 copies back to the city, in Guangdong Province. (/-\) Before the message board met two natives of Taipei, a University Art Professor, one of the Chungshan Hall and volunteer. Uncle and volunteers share Taiwan’s impression from the eating of road signs talk to the King in all of Taiwan, from both sides of the cultural differences when it comes to education, very deep. With the locals, can make travel more.

      Ximending, original but only a few years ago in Taiwan Idol drama flashed in place. Clearing Diabolo show hip-hop’s handsome, traffic in street fashion store, to end the day enjoy shopping after work. There, Simon street full of Taipei’s young man full of vigour and vitality.

      Featured Simon idea only on Saturday and Sunday before the Red Bazaar. Range of goods people inundated with dazzling. Into an SLR Sling, looked pretty comfortable with like. Like which one? Each section like it!

      About nine folk knew their sister was in Yungkang Street dinner. Around in a circle, and finally fixed in Tainan forgotten “Xiao Yue Yue”. At your most popular instant noodles and shrimp rolls easily hook up to my taste buds.

      Later in Beijing and Tianjin are also eaten “Xiao Yue Yue”, and instant noodles and braised pork rice is fried bean sauce noodle style, I was Miss Taiwan flavor. I miss is the original or Taiwan?



The year 2015-01-23

Chapter 8 yesterday, today

      As Taipei and across one of the most famous attractions, Shilin district outside of the “Palace Museum” has always attracted a constant stream of visitors.

      MRT jiantan station, bus station there are many direct the Palace Museum. Car position in front of the Museum, so the traffic settings very user friendly! Into the galleries need a pay package, regardless of size. Package of basic buffet, decoration is classical, the key is quite delicate, proposals to carry coins package, taking back a coin. Rent audio guide places next to the ticket office, mortgage and I need a deposit. If you need to repeatedly access to export on the hand seal. Photos are not allowed in the Pavilion, so I want to see meat-type stone, Jadeite cabbage classmates must feel.

      Treasures of ancient Chinese one-third is said to be in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, when that year left City, transporting national treasures is a big project. Compared to the forbidden city Palace Museum, Taipei’s collection is very delicate, as a history buff, I am worth it. ORZ

      As a down-home, recommend the Palace Museum upstairs “San Hsi Tang tearoom”. Before you go with “luxury trip is not easy but a” mentality, checkout Bill was a surprise. Sweet smooth almond tofu as creamy, light and tasty jade cabbage rolls, BBQ paired with rich sauce. A afternoon tea into RMB plus service charge as long as more than 40. Before leaving San Hsi Tang tearoom to enjoy a handful, really was a wonderful experience.

      January to coincide with the British Museum to hold “hundreds of my world-the British Museum exhibition”. Ramses II statue, the Hebrew astrolabe and other treasures, each one is worth stopping to see.

      Grandee in the same area, suggestion and arrangement in the Museum one day tour. Buy tickets apart from the residence needs, surrounding all is free for visitors to the Park. Early was the Governor’s Garden to the Japanese occupation period, now became a park. Often flowers all the year round, Southern-style Greens, is not difficult to imagine the scene when it was Chiang Kai-shek and his wife lived. From the outside, more like a holiday residence located in this House!

PS: Oh, no pictures allowed in the residence

      Estates mansion featured in front of the residence of the buns and desserts. Buy an ice cream, a card printed with the image of Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Q postcards to send home for Taipei on a nostalgic journey to draw a successful period.

      The circle around the island have climbed the mountain to climb so many years. Xiangshan is both tourists and local people all ages and places. From Shan MRT station to the carabiner has been running of a busy day I’m out, but still bobbing along the steep mountain road. Remind the reader, and encounters the fork must choose more steeper and more difficult down the road, not like I was lazy and miss the best spots.

      When you reach the viewing platform, breathing has no rhythm. While standing on a hill overlooking Taipei night view is worth try. But on cloudy days, and chose the wrong way, not fun.

      Alas! The city scene.

      Taipei’s Shilin night market has long been the most famous tourists play broke down. Dragged his weary body struggled to the Ningxia night market. Hover in the air with the aroma of the food let some of my strength back. A fried rice with beef and certainly not solace my empty stomach, a few strings of meat and beginning to this volume are still in the room at ease. Eating belly two golden taro balls, taro and sweet, the taste of egg yolk, finally find full resurrection bright.

      Modern harmonious fusion of traditional historical and modern today, Taipei is a really good city!



The year 2015-01-24

Chapter 9 Wing Hong Street noodles, the universities on the other, near fresh water dock

      Too hard the previous day, led to the following day, get up at ease until midday. On weekdays, lunch time Yungkang beef noodle shops already filled with Diners. Who came to Taiwan on business Beijing, uncle and uncle Taipei car with me. Listen to them talk about a lot of interesting things, enthusiastically told me a lot of Yongkang Street Uncle Taipei besides beef noodles is worth a try of cuisine. Beef noodles on the table at that moment, uncle gang stay in Beijing and I, full of meat (┬ _ ┬) first time eating meat to eat a bowl of noodles to tired. Really is be minced meat!

      In each city to a famous University is my must see attractions. I am studying in Nanjing, and always adhere to the “University of the South than the North pretty” view. However Taiwan University again refreshed my impression of the University.

      Not to mention 1% of the island an area, not to mention since the Japanese occupation, the establishment of Fu sinian’s history since the restructuring and development of principals, not to mention the fun school history. Baroque building axis wind tight and a beautiful building, it has fascinated me.

      School students in mainland China, there are a few around their school’s history? Boring data and catch your eye for how long?

      School of history at National Taiwan University, shows both traditional of imprinting, incorporating elements of modern science and technology. Hall next door called “rings”, the exhibition also underlines the great outpouring of creativity and vitality. Before I take a single free memory card with a stamp, or next to the store to buy a large piece of stationery around, in my opinion is no less creative gifts with the hand.

      From Taiwan comes back after a while to know very famous “12 scenes.” In retrospect, certainly worthy of the name. But I was most amazed at National Taiwan University, where not only has long been famous.

      Rich design of parking lots, student activity center with eye-catching red doors, old tree coffee house, and arrangement of facilities designed for the disabled, activities in the playing field seems to walk out from the comic’s tennis Department. These details, can feel the island warm human feelings.

      No need to say more than a Starbucks near National Taiwan University makes me green with envy. Through a circle of National Taiwan University, stood on Roosevelt Road aftertaste, while only secretly feeling sentence: there is a College called the universities on the other. ORZ

      End of January in Taipei, mostly open showers. Rushed to fresh water is the evening, too late to Tamkang Middle School, only wandering around fisherman’s Wharf. Did not see the legend of Tamkang sunsets, but also worship. Tamsui MRT station direct bus to Fisherman’s Wharf, see the lover bridge you can get off.

      Many fans come to the freshwater to visit his alma mater high school, I heard that due to too many outside visitors, has been banned to visit? If there is such an arrangement, please check in advance. In addition, street and Fort San Domingo is also a good place for recommended discharge for at least half a day to visit fresh water.


      Have a nice time in Tamsui!



The year 2015-01-25

Chapter 10 winter to Taipei to see the rain

      Sings in the song “winter rain to Taipei to see the dream is the only baggage”. When the people in Taipei, but I really hope the rain will quickly stop. Although Taipei’s street is also very beautiful in the rain, but with commemorative posters to be xiefengxiyu in bag side soaked.

      Last day in Taipei to the Park to see “The Beatles” and “the little Prince” exhibition. Sit in the Hall to watch John Winston Lennon documentary, could not bear to think of leaving this matter in Taipei.

      Traditional imprinted in Tainan, Kenting, South of the border sea, blue ocean in Taitung, jiufenqian and Chihiro’s mountain town, Taipei curling hangover page of Eslite Books.

      Every drink of wine confidant, passing scenery.

      Thanks to Taiwan! Let me meet in the heart of the distance.