“Florida,” real end of Xia Sha Po wei Lee Wu

“One” ▽

Boat to sunset as blood, a piece of scarlet fever. Clamps with a slight taste of the sea in the sea breeze …

Enter Sha Po, is a beautiful accident.

To Xiamen the next day morning at his apartment balcony accidentally saw it, fallen with a strong curiosity into the oldest sheltered dock in Xiamen. Xiamen South siming road from between railways and Yanwu road near the sea called “Xiamen” Sha Po Mei Wu is a part of Xiamen port, sheltered, but also the most spiritual place in Xiamen port. It is the birthplace of Xiamen, the cradle of the city, with so many childhood memories of Xiamen, have witnessed the growth of several generations of people in Xiamen, after years of exposure, elegance is now quietly fade away. Perhaps this is an inevitable phenomenon of accelerated urbanization, and these ancient sight will remain in memory. Sha Po is about to disappear with the commercialization of urban planning alterations, and have to say, is in the process of urbanization of some regret.

Sha Po tail sheltered dock behind University Avenue, Yanwu bridge front adjacent to the Chinese galleries, do not think twice about is not easy to find. (At the end of this post include a map screenshots, enables bloggers to search for. ) This line of Xiamen shapo tail to a total of three times, once in the morning, noon and evening. Find evening at Sha Po is the most attractive. Sha Po wei Lee Wu seems to have lost the country’s bustling, somewhat run-down and desolate, gradually been forgotten. An open body of water in the air mixed with the taste of the sea. Lay a row of old wooden boats on the water, when I found and somewhat similar in the South.

Roadside dry clothing, garbage trucks parked, occasionally out of the aoao called puppy. Surrounded by residential buildings with irregular, the road is very narrow, the houses are very crowded, humble and somewhat bleak. In the sunset, watching elderly people walking on the stone path on the shore, fishing fisherman returned, hoping time just to stand still, still … … Here, the most authentic Xiamen, one of the oldest in Xiamen.

This evening, I walk in the history of Xiamen.

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“Su” ▽

With bated breath, for fear of disturbing the beauty of the scenery, stemming the flow of slow sunset light from the horizon.

“Three” ▽

Old house witnessing Sha Po daily sunrises and sunsets.

“The restaurant” del

“Woody” ▽

Suddenly, the original sunset had finished whole dancing in front of you.

“The landing” ▽

Vines climb up the rocks piled into a red brick wall, has a lively and lovely.

“Qi” ▽

As if they were in a time machine, go to Xiamen used to have a bit of yellow in the old days.

“BA” ▽

Very quiet at the moment, those ancient times still came through the clouds.

Enjoy a different kind of xixi wetland in early spring romance

“Lapis” ▽

“Pick up” ▽

“Pick one” ▽

From the apartment at Sha Po wei’s point of view, though the surrounding high-rise buildings emerge,

Sha Po Wei still quietly exist, but soon will be replaced by the city’s business district.

“Pick two” ▽

Carefully down a ladder bridges, sound of the soles, Flash in a Flash. As if it’s broken ladder bridges, inner anguish moans.

“Pick three” ▽

Sha Po, although a bit dilapidated, but the thick rope, seemed to be telling to its former glory.

“Pick up the restaurant” del

The front yard in the afternoon. Houses are relatively old, it does contain a unique heritage, more as a simple folk customs.

“Pick up the wood” ▽

One of the small inner courtyard, although run-down, but also filled with a deep sense of life.

“Pick up the land” ▽

In an obscure corner saw this posting Board, the content has long been blurred, like a wrinkled old man, take it face, leaving behind history.

“Pick up the seven” ▽

Look up in the sky. Children in the company of an adult fly himself on account of dreams. Suddenly near and far.

“Pick up the split” ▽

At the side of the aisle with an unknown flowers in full bloom.

“Pick up the nine” ▽

Now only a few fishing boats still rest here.

“Two ten” ▽

“The second one” ▽

Always in the forward direction, silently waiting again to the sea.

“Two two” ▽

Few here as. (Thanks to Daisy shot)

“Second Wednesday” ▽

In Sha Po Mei, one of several common breakfast eaten for breakfast. Tasted really good, and the price is very reasonable.

Sha Po address screenshots: (red area at Sha Po location)

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