“Florida,” streets of gulangyu gourmet militiamen (41 photos)

In the bustling metropolis for long ‘

Came to this dissemination petty feelings of gulangyu Island,

Unforgettable not just lazy free, independent lives in the Islands,

Let you finish is a street on the island of scrumptious snacks,

Probably came to Gulang island friends of the food can be very familiar

Kang leading Oyster FRY, Simon shoots freezing soup and peanut, yellow,

Ye Ma Ci, the original corner fish balls, Miss Zhao’s tea and pastries,

Gold, incense, Tom crazy European-style milk tea, Pan Xiaolian yogurt with Minced pork … …

▲ P1 → first of all I must mention Oyster FRY, also known as the oyster omelet, is unique to southern Fujian snacks. Fresh and delicate, delicious. Oyster tasted a bit fishy, fishy and maintains its freshness, Oyster freshness is essential. Lapped around the oyster fry eggs, remove the fishy smell and keep the oyster flavor.

▲ P2 → little shop making a pot of oyster fry eggs, stir in the oyster, which cover Oyster Oyster flavor, but also lost the taste of the original, we strongly recommend that customers choose this kind of cooking Oyster FRY.

• P3 → Kang Jia, leader of the leading road 189th Oyster FRY, evaluation of one of the best in online, read this line posture you to resist nature.

• P4 → sea worm jelly, first heard the name of this thought is a species of plant, I realized that it’s coastal rivers into the sea salt and fresh water meet on the beach, the scientific name is called a “nudus” a link of mollusks.

▲ P5 → sea worm jelly recipe is: the fresh shoots or in stone, bamboo shoots unearthed from the pressure of the internal organs and impurities, wash with water in a pot to fire burned violently, up to the soup into a gel-like, and then flourished in the container, frozen and serve. Sea worm jelly tea such as adjusting to saline acid, garlic, crispy white Brook-Moss or hot and sour and condiments such as soy sauce, and taste better.

▲ P6 → Yip’s fried rice cake is the leading road intersection in a corner, no facade belongs to the management of the shop stalls, but it’s definitely gulangyu Island landscape.

▲ P7 → handmade flax fried rice cake is the boss, first with a metal knife Pocket-like mochi, distraction, then into sugar and chopped peanuts, and readily form into pills, the last roll in the sesame seeds. The smell was indeed a well-deserved reputation, cephalostachyum rather cloying … …

• P8 → Satay noodles, are all over the streets of Xiamen, inexpensive local food, which was favored by people’s favorite, mainly because shacha hot nutritious, smells good, promote appetite, boosts metabolism, also has the wind chill effect. Its approach is simple, hot cooked noodles in a strainer under water pot, drain into a bowl, with its own taste with pork liver, pork loin, duck tendons, large intestine, fresh squid, tofu and other accessories, last topped in the cauldron of boiling soup, a bowl of noodles in one minute will be on the table.

• P9 → original alley fish ball soup, white, tender and tastes, balls of QQ, ball soup full of fresh flavors, very happy.

▲ P10 → shrimp pie, taste crunchy, shrimp tasted sweet.

▲ P11 → Jin Baoyin at street stalls selling the most, the dough is made of Lotus root starch, are stuffed into the pickles, mushrooms, eggs, dried flowers, some with meat pieces. This snack was mixed, personally feel that won’t taste too sweet, QQ, fillings and evocative.

▲ P12 → grilled conch, on the island of gulangyu Island cuisine, seafood, everything can be cooked on the fire.

▲ P13 → iron grilled crab, so large a crab is cooked it? I’m afraid to eat.

▲ To P14 and then baked snacks of raw oysters are coastal areas, in Mount PuTuo has seen. By char-grilled oysters, its delicious, enticing aroma.

▲ P15 → yummy Durian flavor is so unique.

▲ P16 → Fried Calamari tofu

▲ P17 → Golden sweet meat, had learned that the landlord was which prevailed, head open allows visitors to taste various flavors of dried meat floss. Meat is tight and sweet, oily but not greasy.

▲ P18-50 Yuan 4 bags, cheap, absolute travel share is a gift to a friend.

▲ P19 → Miss Zhao’s tea and pastry shop, store location, full during the Spring Festival, failed to taste, in addition the courier services.

▲ P20 → John crazy European-style milk tea shop, famous, a lot of tourists come to this but with Smith getting mad photo.

• P21-store clerk and John Q like crazy. In-store just a few tables, very romantic signature tea is a drink that you’ve not fault-tolerant.

▲ P22 Pan Xiaolian mango Lassi shop décor and gulangyu tune, Interior is very bourgeois, very elegant.

▲ P23 → juice beauty Hall of corn, mostly advertising to attract me in at the door of the shop, corn juice to tasted a cup of signboards, they taste good.

▲ P24 → gulangyu the shop a lot, but can I used the camera to keep a photo of not much.

▲ P25 → Tommy Boy, the Union shop shutters seemed to lack of some features.

▲ P26 → if you don’t catch it, and highly recommend you find a shop for leisure, Kung-Fu tea.

▲ P27 → streets of this simple stand quite a lot.

▲ P28 → go there to eat it.

▲ P29 → delicacies at gulangyu can be found all over the country.

▲ P30 → Seaside barbecue.

▲ P31 and then to cotton candy.

▲ P32 → seafood was killed in Hainan province recently ballyhooed, but seafood here and the price is reasonable.

“Inner Mongolia” uninhibited rough Inner Mongolia gourmet

▲ P33 → gulangyu island has a market, you can buy seafood at the market to find a shop to help you processing, 5 Yuan per piece, really inexpensive.

▲ P34 → Xiamen Yu family snack.

▲ P35 → delicious.

▲ P36 Street snacks, employee to solicit business.

• P37 → drooling.

▲ P38 → sugar cat handmade nougat.

• P39 → snacks at this price is very low in the North.

▲ Snack food in Xiamen on P40 → sign, you had a few?

Photo: January 23, 2012 photography gulangyu

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