Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang exploring ancient civilizations

  Deyang-China excellent tourism city

  A Yangtze River civilization back 4,800 years ago of ancient cities

  A deep dexiaomin the wind is famous for civilized city

  A pleasant and livable landscape garden of modern city

  Has a long history in deyang, one of the cradles of BA-Shu culture, rich in tourism resources, human and natural landscape matched shenghui. Guanghan “DUI” the excavation of the site, showing the full glory of ancient Shu culture and rewrite the history of the BA and Shu civilization caused a sensation both at home and abroad. Sanxingdui bronze portrait of unearthing the ruins of the ancient Shu culture is the highest in the world. Deyang Confucius Temple its majestic, is one of the four temple that remained intact. Pang Tong Temple, Luo Feng, Zhuge double loyalty shrine, the tomb of Zhang Ren, the three sites and the blue waves of the Jinghu and exquisite carving art of the “Eastern spirit” stone wall art, was wandering. Has a long history in deyang, one of the cradles of BA-Shu culture and unique tourism resources. Both at home and abroad well-known of national focus heritage protection units, and national first 4 a, level landscape places district Shu State Samsung heap site; has save intact, and building fine, and national third big, Southwest maximum of deyang Temple; majestic spectacular of Bing ling, ancient 24 filial piety one of “a door three filial piety” story of birthplace, and white horse Guan Pangtong Temple Tomb, and Zhang Fei points Taiwan, and midstream ditch, and fell Phoenix slope, and Pang Commission blood graves, and Taurus Shu Road, and Zhuge double loyalty Temple, and Zhang Ren Tomb, for three culture integral of important part. Has is located in gantry mountain national geological park, to “five universal” is famous for its of Hongying Huashan landscape places district; integrated tablets original forest and Panda, and snub, rare flora and fauna for one of jiuding mountain landscape places district and jiuding mountain Panda nature reserve; has provincial forest park–cloud Lake Forest Park, and jiannanchun forest park, and Wei Luoshan scenic; has Lake Mountain Park, and room Lake Park and following light reservoir,; also has was as “East art of treasure, human wisdom of Crystal” of deyang stone, and Jinghu, modern culture entertainment scenic.

  To share some beauty in deyang first:

  Don’t you forget about me area


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  Wo farm landscape


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations



# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  Mid-levels commune


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  Chinese new year pictures


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  China Rose Valley


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  Deyang stone


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  Swim in deyang (classic tour)

  1. the ancient Shu culture tour:

  Chengdu-Sanxingdui-the mansion–hometown-temple in deyang, shifang, Matsu-the moment–in deyang urban area on both sides-the Jinghu Jinyang Xiao Quan town–Chengdu

  2. cultural tour:

  Chengdu-Guanghan Gu Luocheng (Lake Park)-in mianzhu, the Ge Shuangzhong temple-the Temple in deyang-the deyang stone – Luo Jiang three kingdoms cultural tourist area (white horse Temple of Guan Pangtong, Bay old battlefield, Bay town, five Ding Gu)-Heron Island of Xiangshan–Chengdu

  3. rural leisure travel:

  Chengdu-shifang arrow–red beans village-village-hometown-catch-Matsu-Lu Tong hot spring in mianzhu-nine dragon hill country tourist attractions – South Street-the village of mianzhu, China–the urban areas on both sides-the Jinghu Lake mountains Park-Luo Jiang three kingdoms cultural tourist area–Xiangshan Heron Island–Chengdu

  4. the earthquake ruins tour

  Chengdu-Sanxingdui – village of mianzhu, China–South Street-the village of Lu Tong hotspring resort–Peng spent the lion – rural tourism area–mianzhu Jiulong mountain Brigade of Chengdu

  5. flowers long tours:

  – – Forget me not scenic area in deyang, Chengdu-nine he farms-the village of mianzhu, China–China Rose Valley – Wanxing scenic Spa Garden Hotels–florescence arrows-the deyang stone

  1.1 travel nagging

  Referring to deyang, from the most famous Sanxingdui ruins, and large and small temples, is the favorite destination of tourists in the Park. Very glad to have the opportunity to travel to deyang, the taste of this historical and cultural city.


  Ride junior partner: beautiful, honest, non-bean mini coach, Hadron, old Joe, Shi Xiaojun, tubes, round on the road, HA hang, Ma Xinyu, Nancy-XI


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  1.2 tips

  Travel spending

  Accommodation in 300*2=600

  3-day catering 1000 Yuan

  Chengdu to deyang train hard seat 12.5*2=25


  From Chengdu by rail, InterCity, to deyang train station, or take a bus to reach the deyang! the traffic is very convenient!


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations


  The travel accommodations recommended: Wanxing Spring Garden Hotel


# Flowers long You Deyang on 3rd roamed deyang, exploring ancient civilizations

  Food recommendation:




  Deyang, the most appropriate is to buy some specialties in deyang, recommend for everyone to reference.

  1. Luo Jiang peanut:

  Sichuan local snack foods, has decades of history, its method for making unique taste, excellent quality, top, is a leader in its class, began in 1962 as a test export, a fine selection of tianfu peanut varieties, suitable sweet salty, crispy and delicious, products sold throughout the country, in fact, tourism, leisure, Home Travel Leisure friends feed, home drink for company, pro-free market.

  2. the River in handmade noodle

  Traditional specialty, hand-made, unique flavor, the nourishment is abundant, invigorating the spleen and stomach, inside and outside the province, prestigious, sold briskly.

  3. only diet soy milk

  Wei yi, well-known beverage brands. When we were eating in deyang, often seen on the table.

  4. However, tofu

  But tofu is tofu crafted in shifang city, Sichuan province. The main raw materials are high quality beans and drainage Alpine grinding and high quality mineral water without any pollution.

  1.3 itinerary

  The May 6:

  Deyang train station collections

  Don’t you forget about me area

  Wo farm

  Farm dinner

  Wo farm night shot

  The May 7:

  Wo farm morning

  New village


  China Rose Valley

  Wanxing Spring Garden Hotel


  Hot Springs

  The May 8:


  Deyang stone

  The train returned to Chengdu


  On May 6, the departure from Chengdu, take the Intercity high-speed rail comes to deyang and friends join! is set to cover

  From the train station collections, we drove the first leg of the trip–forget me not, gardeners

  Jingyang district of xiaogan town forget me not flower, an area of 200 acres, which included orchards of 80 acres. Flower nursery base 120 acres, including base, forget me not gardening flower viewing area, photography, flowers, sea holiday, nursery stock areas. Forget horticulturist has 3000 square greenhouse exhibition, flower seedlings to complete, which also contains a children’s playground, pottery, children’s DIY experience; flower holiday includes coffee, tea, chess, food and beverage, is now available in a reception of more than 300 people.


  Walk into the base gate, the eye is yellow, red, purple, white, pink, and so on, all kinds of colorful flowers blossoming, fragrance garden, walks in every visitor’s eyes light up.


  Walking on the road, both sides filled with red, pink, and yellow snapdragons, acres and acres, beautiful.


  Snapdragons, also known as faucet, lion flower, flowers, Ocean birds in Longkou, faucet, Scrophulariaceae antirrhinum is a perennial herb, usually do one or two years and a culture. Height 20~70 cm, oblong-lanceolate leaves. Raceme, corolla tube-lipped, base expanded into a sac-like, erect upper lip, 2-lobed, the lower lip 3-lobed, outside music, white, pink, red, flesh-colored, dark yellow, light yellow, yellow-orange color.


  A butterfly, with a pair of thin, white fluffy wings, they danced among the flowers, like flying flowers. Tired, stay on the flower, stretching its wings.


  Sea meet, visitors took out a cell phone photo of nostalgia, to share these beautiful scenery with more friends.



  Verbena, erect perennial herb up to 120 cm high, base of wood, leaves opposite, oval to long oval, two sides bristle, vein on the Mao Youmi below. Terminal or axillary spikes, blue-purple flowers, sessile, sepals membranous, tubular, micro-lipped corolla, filaments short; ovary, and concealed within the calyx, small nuts. Flower Fruit 6-10 months.


  A purple flower is full of dreamy colors, for visitors to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


  Flying butterfly in the flowers, Breeze, white dress fluttering in the wind, the girl had drunk with this colorful world.


  In Christianity, and Verbena are considered sacred flowers, often used to decorate the altar of religious consciousness. In addition, in the past most people think the disease is affected by witches to curse of age, it is often inserted in front of the patient’s bed in order to break the spell. In ancient Europe, it was seen as an important sacred grass, was given in a religious ceremony to celebrate the peace symbol. Vampires have restrained role in the literary and artistic works.



  Forget me not flower, also became deyang surrounding many couples wedding photography framing, planting base stocked with lots of wedding shooting scenes and props, not only to attract new people to this film, so many tourists stop to take a picture.




  A peculiar type of windmill attracts everyone, Windmill interwoven with flowers and matching picture into the picturesque scene.



  Along the road, roaming in large flowers, colorful windmills, various cabins, romantic promenades … … Pictures woven into the picturesque scene.



  Under the clear blue sky, with family or friends in the forget me not flowers, close your eyes, suck scent of fresh air, listen to the sounds of bees and butterflies, and enjoy a feast of flowers. When you indulge in such a fascinating scene, pick up your camera or mobile phone, fixed this moments of beauty.



  View is a plant, all in full bloom roses, roses covered the front wall, under the green leaf ornament.


  ”Comedy of green curtains lavender, powder makeup open; not zhanchun, shame of flowers; hands folded soft, Crimson snow flying thousands of movies. ”


  Rosa belongs to the Rosaceae, rose leaves are oval, flower colors are red, white and deep pink, yellow and purple. Rose, has a strong fragrance, fresh and tangy, get people there is a delightful feeling, whether anyone would think this is a kind of beauty to enjoy.




  Can not help but admire, forget me not flowers gave me a vision of a feast, benefit I feel.



  At the moment, I was a sea of colourful flowers bring the unparalleled traction, deeply into obsession.


  Forget me not, gardeners greenhouses, decorated with a spot of potted plants and flower pots, to visit this tourist watching the beauty of flowers, buy potted them home again, can not only decorative, or evolutionary home of the air.



  XI Shu Wo Quan Xiang-nine farm is a collection of agricultural tourism, leisure health resort style experience in one of the springs water system.


  XI Shu Wo Quan Xiang-nine farm, is located in de Xin, jingyang town, 80 kilometers away from Chengdu. From cotton high-speed “yellow” exports down, along the Yellow River “Xiao Quan” road, way past. On the roadside farm, very striking.


  Booking Guide:


  See first is a very atmospheric, curved buildings here is the visitor center. According to reports, the “JIU Wo, XI Shu Quan Xiang-farm” four seasons flower park covering an area of more than 500 acres.


  Visitors step on each side of the Centre, you can climb, and the surrounding scenery.


  Overlooking a panoramic view of the whole nine Bluegrass farm in the distance, has not entered the nine he attracted by the beauty of the farm not far away.


  Here are the nine he farms clean and standard parking, when during the tourist season, can provide sufficient parking spaces to self-driving tour friends.


  Wo farm into nine area door, the first thing is a Lotus pond, because there is no Lotus open season, only green patches of leaves in the pond, if you wait a few months, the pond full of Lotus, is a different feeling.



  Roadside stocked with two adorable recycling bins, larger ones are recyclable trash, small battery recycling bins, shows nine he farm is a very eco-friendly.



  Pass the small bridge, continental fully through the stone gates, walks into an open lawn.


  There is also a wedding photo base, lawn decked out with all kinds of film props.


  Brook also planted a row of colorful windmills, particularly likable.



  Open most suitable is to run on the grass and kites, unfortunately, when there is no ready, walk only on the soft turf.


  Friends photographed on the lawn, chatting and walking. Green grass gives off fragrance, makes people feel.



  Lawn attracted the most attention is this realistic helicopter, from a distance is real.


  Nine-he is the most worthy to play the farm a large feast for the sea of flowers has attracted many tourists to visit this photo.


  Looking ahead, the garden is like a piece of cloud, between laying down in the field.


  Flower match beauty, flower, person more beautiful, girls have already lost themselves in the colorful world.




  The girls took out his mobile phone, self portrait photo, photographic record of this ocean of flowers.


  In this enchanting sea of flowers, a white grand piano, became a corner of everyone’s favorite.




  Wandering in a sea of flowers, in the warm sunshine feel spring in the air, forget about all your worries.


  Here God knocked over the palette, colorful paint spilled all over the floor, people forget.


  Night comes, ready to go back to the us, Lotus pond holds the night waiting at the door.


  Around the wooden bridges and pavilions have been lighting decorations, coupled with the pond full of Lotus leaf, marshmallow-like clouds are common depicting a pair of sultry night.



  The next day, ate breakfast, and drove away from the hotel, we arrived in mianzhu, China village, here is the national AAAA level scenic spots. Area building unified under Sichuan Folk house style and Jiangnan style combined with the were built, is punishable by a new construction of commodity production and processing base, complemented by features of rural tourism, combined with boutique folk culture in the construction of new Socialist countryside tourist attractions.


  Zhaojue Temple Station to city bus ride from Chengdu, the fare is 43 and 1.5 hours, high speed under the conductor as a reminder, pictures on the street. After shopping you can turn 1 at the roadside by 6 bus shuttle bus to city terminal sits back to Chengdu.


  Went into the new year


  New houses in the village of Jiangnan water features, which also opened a lot of joy, come to play, don’t have to worry about food and beverage issues.

  New village agricultural development, relying on the new village rich agricultural resources, developed the “new village” “Songhua egg”, “the cat and the cat fish”, “sweet chili sauce” and “tofu”, “features pickles,” “bacon” and “syrup bacon” such as food.



  At present, new year pictures in 1018, the families in the village, fixing pictures produced by hundreds of people, per capita income more than 8000, the amateur production staff more than 200 people, per capita income more than 5000 Yuan. With the advance of earthquake relief and reconstruction work, mianzhu and mianzhu’s popularity rising, mianzhu of sales revenue also increased, units and groups at home and abroad this year to buy increased significantly. Meanwhile, drawing pictures of people in the village are also on the rise.


  In the village of new year pictures, drew pictures on the wall of almost every household.


  Walked into the new village, lined with white walls, Blue House, red lacquer in Western Sichuan-style houses, simple, quaint, picturesque disorder. Every family on the exterior walls of the House are painted with all kinds of colorful pictures, people like stepping into a huge pictures galleries. These pictures of colorful, lifelike: cute funny “the mouse marries its daughter”, which Regis ward off evil, “Zhao Gongzhen House”, the graceful “handmaidens”, holding the CARP “sent Fu boy”, mighty warrior, symbol of happiness “Tong Le figure”, meaning harvest “Lotus Lotus fish”, and so on, is memorable.


  08 after the Sichuan earthquake, pictures are Suzhou people’s aid, so here has a very close relationship and Suzhou.


  White walls, tile, stone, and a pair of exquisite paintings, in which people, such as in the picture.


  Mianzhu Tianjin yangliuqing new year paintings, yangjiabu, Weifang, Shandong, and woodcut, Suzhou taohuawu woodblock new year pictures par to one of four pictures, known as the “Sichuan Sambo”, “in mianzhu, three” reputation, mianzhu was generations of hard work and wisdom of the folk artist, reflect the optimism of the people of BA and Shu’s thoughts and feelings and ancient Chinese culture. In February 2002, the mianzhu selected as the first batch of China’s intangible cultural heritage projects.


  Three goat ahead!


  New year to manufacturing and production history of the village “classics”, exquisite and innovative “gift boutique”, the traditional combination of culture and fashion, “new costumes”, combining ancient and modern “ornament”, “souvenir”, and to carry forward the mianzhu, where traditional and modern folk culture provide landscaping services. Since the mianzhu City Government attach great importance to, and actively organized the departments and folk artists, development fame, has a long history, superb with local characteristics, one of four pictures “mianzhu.” Good situation in the development of this resource, officially creating the “new village”, is now the State AAAA level scenic spots.


  At noon, we dine at the new restaurant, new restaurant doors are very beautiful, door panels painted with 2 pairs of exquisite paintings portrait, vivid image.


  Mianzhu composition emphasizes the symmetry, new year complete, full, clear priorities, unity in diversity and contrast color, pure, beautiful, strong and bright colors, pose a fire and warm artistry; emphasis on test lines, smooth, rigid-Flex, and loose, with a strong sense of rhythm and exaggeration, distortion, symbol and moral shape, more humorous and lively effect. Reflecting optimistic thoughts and feelings of the people of BA and Shu and ancient ethnic custom. Mianzhu is generations of hard work and wisdom of the folk artist, is authentic national culture, authentic native art.


  Perfect, unfortunately, when we came here, locked the door, not to visit, out of simple and took some photos.




  Pictures inside the village, there are several sightseeing bicycle rental points, if you do not want to walk, you can rent a sightseeing bicycle tour.


  Reading pictures, we come to the Ming and Qing dynasties Park visit.

  Tickets: 5


  Ming Qing Yuan, also called the Museum of Ming and Qing dynasty furniture

  The Museum houses in Western Sichuan “three into the quadrangle” style of Ming and Qing construction, officially completed in September 2015. The Museum, covering an area of 3000 square meters, set visit, leisure, and tea, chess, accommodation and integration services, visitors can experience the century-old beds, delicious food …


  Entered the gate, they were attracted by the fine screen to all of a sudden, door carving is exquisite, the entire screen is also very well preserves.


  Then go inside, is a yard, there are a lot of pot, with tour guide describes many of these are more than a century of the pot.


  The bright garden architectural antique, let a person a sense of crossing.



  At first glance on the roof, that stays some pigeons, take a closer look at turned out to be false, but the finishing touch of the pen gives the roof.


  Museum collection of hundreds of pieces of antique furniture including beds, wardrobe, table and chairs, ancient ornaments have hundreds of years of history, hospital facilities, such as water tanks and some plants and trees also have hundreds of years of history.


  This bed is really make me wonder, the ancients in a bed has spent so much time and effort.


  Sculptures come to life, you can see complete features and gestures of the characters above.


  Save these ancient Ming and Qing furniture particularly well carved and painted on the tables and chairs, you can see a finished furniture takes a lot of energy to produce.




  Dressed in a Princess, and experience through the Ming and Qing dynasties. At the main entrance of costume rental, here you can also experience a cross.



  Museum maximum of features is: a is indoor basic according to old device to layout, let visitors in Hou has a through spatio-temporal, and immersive of feel; II is is different from Yu other of Museum, General of Museum is powder Hall to show exhibits, this museum is is put photos layout to each room; three is make, full play ancient furniture of role, visitors can according to himself of preferences, select Centennial ancient bed, experience old comfortable, and quiet of life, and entertaining, inspired people especially General youth love country, Inherit and carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, achieve the purpose of patriotic education.


  Park became the new addition in the village of Ming and Qing Dynasty landscape, tourists to visit this quaint in the age of Ming and Qing dynasties.


  Mianzhu not only pictures of the village, as well as flowers.

  Mood pictures Description: “in the mood for new year” Park is the National 4 a scenic pictures the largest development project in the village, the park covers an area of more than 400 acres, the Park set flowers, coffee, chess, children’s playing characteristics, fishing, food and beverage, ecological farms as a whole. “In the mood for pictures” pictures, this park is village tourism, vacation destinations.


  The Park attracted me most is that this piece of Iceland corn poppy, pink and red in this under the support of green leaves, not beautiful.


  Iceland corn poppy and Iceland Poppies, but Iceland corn poppy and opium poppy are different, later known as opium poppy flower and fruit in the breast milk, drugs, the State banned cultivation and Iceland poppies are ornamental, not used for refining drugs of the opium poppy.


  Because of the rain, Iceland most corn poppy flower was wet, shy bowed his head, very much like bow pensive girl.


  Girl in red flowers on the stone, is especially conspicuous.



  A busy bees are gathering pollen in a pink flower bud make honey.



  Iceland corn poppy flowers, bright colors and colorful, especially an entire film, eyes in the past like a carpet of color.


  Corn poppy that is both elegant and rich and beautiful Mei, pressed the shutter, and attitude with the most beautiful photos with flowers preserved.



  China Rose Valley

  Tu men Zhen in mianzhu, Glen Rose is located in China, backed by the jiuding mountains pulse, more than 10 kilometers from the urban areas. Save a complete natural ecosystem in the region, has now completed the MU organic rose garden, the fragrance garden, Spike spike Park Hall, and rose products was developed more than 100 kinds of. Plans to build a culture of rose-themed, rose industry for support, featuring romantic vacation, based on the eco-healthy lifestyle such as low carbon, villagers and visitors to live, enjoy their work and leisure for the main feature, combining romantic, stylish, high-end, art and humanity in one of the most cultural characteristics and local sentiments of international leisure rose-style town.


  China “Rose Valley” rose is rose, Turkish rose aliases. Low shrubs of the genus, fork, and branches have thorns, flower variety. Petals are pale pink flowers about 4-5 cm in diameter, a little bit like Chinese roses, but more than rose petals.


  As a result of just had a shower, rose petals were wet from the rain, beautiful but won’t cover it.


  Open double flower, petal edges slightly lighter, satiny texture; pure, delicate floral makes it beating, with rose in the top grade of oil, which is widely grown for its rose oil extraction. Rose essential oil of rose essential oil is considered to be the best.



  As far as the Damascus rose garden, very neat.


  Because most of the flowers have been picked up, so the branches of Roses is relatively small.


  Passing hard two flowers on the side of workers, dressed in raincoats, carrying bamboo, through flowers, is ripe for picking those flowers, skilled in picking to the basket.



  In order to better feel the ocean of roses, followed by flower-workers to experience the fun of picking roses.





  An older woman, on down the road, in her basket has picked up a large basket of roses.



  Woman taking a break for a while and got flowers, started a second-round pick.


  A worker driving a tricycle in the distance began to recycling workers harvested roses in the Park.


  Roadside encounters a little girl, helping parents hawking flowers cake, 15 Yuan a bag, is still very cheap.


  Visiting the Hall first, we drove to Glen Rose, China came to the second room.

  Rose Garden Hall second most roses are not picked, preserved for visitors to see, take pictures,


  There is also a rose essential oil, rose cake, rose flowers, all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products, vanilla cake for the visitors to buy.


  Rose tea


  Rose Cake



  Rose essential oil



  There’s lot more flowers than Hall first, so the visitors of the exhibition hall on the second play relatively many more than the room first.


  Visitors had brought out cameras, mobile phones to photograph this gorgeous roses.


  Photographers, used the camera to record the beauty of every corner and not let go.



  Variety of roses, pink, white, red, not only colorful, flowers on either side of the road, can smell the sweet scent of roses in the air.




  Such a beautiful rose garden, how can you not leave your most beautiful figure.



  Beautiful rose garden is a favorite photographers shooting.


  Here also attract many photographers around enthusiasts, to visit this creation.



  Wanxing Spring Garden Hotel

  Play of the day, everyone was tired. Today our Wanxing Hotel Spa Garden Hotels!

  Hotel introduction £ º

  Shifang City million Spring Garden Hotel is a standard construction, set Spa, Conference and training, catering, accommodation, summer vacation, recreation, ecological functions such as picking fruits and vegetables as one of the forest spa resort hotel. Hotel has a plank road in forest, the mountains, the tree house, forest Spa, hunting in the forest, stream fishing, large stage, tennis courts, basketball court, badminton court, children’s playground, outdoor play facilities and equipped with indoor and outdoor Japanese hot spring pools, KTV, sunlight restaurant, large, medium and small conference rooms, and so on.


  The hotel lobby was small, but the furniture is aggressive enough!


  Check in at the front desk, room on the third floor, is a mountain-view room.


  Entire room decoration minimalist style, walls and carpets are clean, TV, wardrobe, tea set, WiFi, air conditioning facilities.


  Rooms are standard rooms, room linens clean, there a bright lamp, reading very well at night.


  Room clean very clean, sterile toilet.


  Then look at our nearby environment, there is a feature of a detached log cabin


  There is a pavilion in front of the cabin, hotel guests can chat, drink tea, cozy full.



  Spring Garden Hotel, the most important thing is the hot spring water pool of the hotel package.


  From the entrance of hot spring water pool when you can see several hot spring pools, large and small.


  This pool is the rose Spa, floating above a lot of rose petals.



  Pavement the entire spa area clean and tidy, no spam, hot spring made up of thatched cover on top of the pool Pavilion very unique.


  Here is particularly suitable for family and friends stay in hotels in the mountains, and then a dip in the hot spring and relax the body.



  Here is the hotel’s barbecue areas, special compartment in the shape of yurts.


  Here is a room of chess and card, through the glass you can see a mahjong, like to play mahjong friends can come to experience.


  Beautiful, quiet hotel, surrounded by mountains and flowing streams. The fresh air, is a lung wash in San Diego.


  Hotel decoration is very distinctive, our dinner private dining room next to the window, opened the curtains to see the trees outside, dining in this environment, but also a special treat.


  Hotel dinner, with local delicacies as well as mountain wild game, hungry for a day, we have enough full addiction.



  Mid-levels commune

  Hillside community profile:

  ”Mid commune” at Jian di town shuangliu village, located in the mountains up to more than 1000 meters above sea level, nestled in the mountains, where elegant environment, fresh air, natural beauty, excellent in all seasons, when the United States, is a rare summer resort, no matter when you step into this treasure of nature will find it very pleasant.


  Mid-levels to the commune in front of a very interesting, with patchwork sleepers built in the pond above.



  Mid-levels into communes, and there is a cluster of flowers in full bloom attracts.



  Under the guidance of steward, we began the visit of mid-levels to the entire commune.



  The entire building was built in the Valley of high and low, green depression surrounded by lush vegetation.


  There’s also a pool, because the weather is still relatively cool, the pool has not yet developed, and wait until the summer, surrounded by swimming in the pool here, is really nice to enjoy.



  ”Hillside communes” has formed a community of FRP structures, 16 individual villas are located mountains,


  This dangling tea, attracted a lot of people in this chat, sip tea. One felt in the air.



  Special house built here, all used by highly transparent, ultra high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic construction of.



  Spend a night here, do not have tone.



  Sitting on the terrace drinking tea and chatting, overlooking the green hills green, near pavilions, himself among them, as in the painting, the intoxicated, was reluctant to forget.


  Standing on the glass down, feel like floating in the air.


  Heard also is hiding a Museum of old movies, all of them are in private collections, I’m honored to be allowed to visit. Walked into the room this room full of furniture to attract all kinds of movie projectors and antiques.



  The entire film projector Museum renderings


  Vintage telephone



  I Super love this SUV model is working very fine to each tire’s tread pattern and screw on the car are very realistic.


  This part just outside Collections.


  Even the ceiling fan is very retro


  Interior decoration is European side to have a bar you can for your wine and coffee.


  Table decked out with some exquisite coffee cup and coffee pot, each one is a work of art.



  Butler said that it is not open to usual is Director of entertaining relatives and friends.



  Then came out to see the whole House construction from the perspective of the whole House is built in a Valley surrounded by mountains in the past.


  Nobu well-organized tables and chairs out of a big terrace is a good place to meet friends here.


  Where breathing the fresh air of the whole people are becoming very pleasure and enjoyment.



  There is also a swimming pool can be seen the President was a man who enjoyed life.


  There is also a very retro bar where you can chat with friends tasting. Next to a staircase leading to the basement.



  Butler here we come to the basement is the President stacked collection of place when we went into the basement to see this scene, when everyone is stunned a room full of camera and typewriter.



  Is on display in front of our eyes in different years in different periods of large and small projector each piece has its own story of each one is the master of favorite objects.


  President at the same time collections at home and abroad since the industrial era film, projection equipment more than 500 sets and a lot of old films, with “era” meaning of the film Museum and concert hall in the sky show in front of the world.


  We in the basement as if into the tunnel with a projector and camera development history.




  Various sizes of cameras, projectors range each style is very unique dazzling.



  Butler said that famous actor Jiang Wen was attracted to visits.



  Next 2-room place is huge projectors can be shipped to these big guys come here, President of imagine it took a lot of work.


  Hillside community planning:

  Construction of the “two a hotel Museum” (ie: Museum of old movies, old piano, concert hall, the Star theme hotel in the air), to build the country’s largest Museum of old movies and old piano only, and strive to form a first-class museum community in Western Sichuan. “Mid commune” a plan covers 55 acres and has formed 18 buildings with distinctive buildings, Museum, including Germany, and France and the United States, and Belgium, and Austria, China and other countries and old films over more than 500 and includes the United States, and Germany, and France and other countries for harpsichord by the more than 100 units. Supporting construction complete the Museum and concert hall in the sky road, Wan XING Garden Hotel and Spa has been built around. Financed by the common will of the partners has continued to seek the participation, at the global level continue to acquire collections and cultural values of old movie machine, upgrading an old movie Museum grade, increasing the number of collections, “hillside communes” Museum of old movies and old piano to become the world’s leading museums. While seeking partners, joint development of mid-levels commune “two a hotel Hall” cultural tourism projects.


  Drove away from the hotel on the third day we arrived in Sanxingdui area.

  DUI introduction

  National AAAA grade scenic area

  Address of Guanghan 133th Xian road,

  Sanxingdui ancient culture tourism zone is the first national AAAA grade scenic spot of national key cultural relic protection units in Sichuan province found the largest, lasted the longest, most rich cultural connotations of ancient Shu culture relics. Sanxingdui ancient cultural ruins dating back more than 4,800 years old are classified as “one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century human” is called “Nineth wonder” known as the “source of Yangtze River civilization {“. Found the Sanxingdui with its mysterious history, wonderful culture, sacred religious attracts foreign tourists visiting.

  Check out from the scenic spot ticket tickets go on tour guide us into the area.


  First of all we visited the Samsung integrated of the Moon–the brilliant ancient civilization Museum

  Comprehensive Museum Chen Zhanjin, copper, jade, stone, pottery and other artifacts to such questions because questions see the longitudinal linking, lateral introduces ancient history and Sanxingdui Shu State has made tremendous achievements in various fields. The Museum Sanxingdui ruins panorama hanging as the main exhibit with a pair of strange shapes at the bottom of the altar a sacred animal for the prototyping of sculptures accompanied by large-scale murals “source of Yangtze River civilization”.


  Walked into the exhibition hall by the mighty beast shock. Prototype of Sanxingdui bronze animal shape at the bottom of the altar stood two beasts are antiparallel xianghu Lake formed behind the circular momentum day menstrual cycle generation after generation.


  Sanxingdui ruins unearthed hundreds of millions pieces of pottery is quite rich enough shows that the types of pottery. Through many years of archaeological excavations prove that such as cooking, wine, drink, food and other household and a few ritual objects and tools in the Sanxingdui Shu State was massive and widespread use. Ancient pottery shows us the ancient Shu Kingdom of Shu a vivid picture of life in everyday life.



  Sanxingdui culture of period of two to three-time equivalent of Central Plains in the Xia and Shang dynasties roughly corresponds to ancient legends “yufu” dynasty dating back some 4000-3200. The Sanxingdui ancient city sites with a total area of about 12 square kilometers in the period range of nearly 4 square kilometers. Pay attention to layout, wall system precise urban function zoning facilities. Its large scale comparable to the same period the Central Plains capital.



  Thousands of bronze unearthed from two sacrificial pits, gold, jade and ivory that Sanxingdui’s smelting technology and processing technology is quite mature and two pits are themselves the product of large religious ceremonies reflect the Shu State religious rituals and sacrificial system complete. All this is evidence that the Sanxingdui civilization on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, China has developed into a Center.


  Bronze age tools made of wood in a position to retain the tools unearthed in Sanxingdui ruins are not much. Nevertheless an indirect description of thousands of drinking vessels unearthed at that time has a considerable level of agricultural production.


  High yields of grain surplus wine for drinking and ritual use. Its wine-making technology more progressive, according to preliminary study has been able to produce filters of Distiller’s grains of “sake”.


  The tourists to visit the Sanxingdui people in the tour guide’s explanation of a deep understanding of the ancient Shu culture development and the discovery of the Sanxingdui visits.



  Ivory unearthed have been etched there regrettably.


  Unearthed in canine


  ”Millennium sleeping woke up shocked the world” melting pot of the essence of a treasure house of cultural relics of Sanxingdui mysterious dream art full of the charm of ancient Chinese civilization flashing a bright luster of mankind’s cultural heritage.




  Stone materials

  Jade materials unearthed in Sanxingdui ruins on the North duck River on the South side of the river there were clear cut marks.


  Many of the jade stone unearthed at Sanxingdui ruins prove no later than late-Shang Shu State of Sanxingdui already has its strong power of reaching complete religious rites. Ancient jade “six” Jade Quartet catch-heaven and Earth. Jade as ultra Magnus. God of ritual has lofty status in the minds of the ancients.


  Unearthed stone walls


  Yugege weapons of war in ancient times and became the sacrificial offering here.



  Treasure of the town–a cash cow


  Sanxingdui tree Yggdrasil, China is a great physical specimen when regarded as ancient land made no sense sense of myth of unity of the people of God to Exchange visual portrayal.


  Take a scenic tour we went to another exhibition hall

  Samsung yongyao-the mysteries of the Kingdom of bronze bronze ware museum

  Museum of bronze to bronze human-body like iconic sculptures, supplemented by large brass embossed back panel integrated comprehensive system through the continuous progression of scenes showing of Sanxingdui bronze statue and a group of ancient bronze magic works. Bronze Museum points six a Hall respectively for a Hall for “copper cast magic surface sent contains soul–odd secret mask” two Hall for “hehe all God dense group witch–God Wu Qun like” three Hall for “coldest winter people God total dance–sacrifice ceremony” four Hall for “stands where between communication World–Group Witch of long” five Hall for “thousand contains Shu soul–spectacle of of temple artifact” six Hall for “mental course–Samsung heap archaeological recorded”.



  Bronze mask many masks in the world from ancient times to one of the most characteristic relics with a strong witch culture and unique aesthetic personality.



  Pull the mask line and completed the entire outline of the frame as universal co adult God image highlights that actually blending solemn strong beauty trend show their holy and noble. A pair of perfect magic of stunning colorful imaginary world outlines the ancient Shu people expresses the Chinese ancestors ‘ spirit of transcending reality yearning for the future demand.


  Mask is a symbiosis of human nature has a special meaning of cultural symbol.


  Treasure of the town–forward eyes and ears. Mask was unearthed from Sanxingdui bronzes form one of the largest two masks. This extremely exaggerated like eyes, ears being known as the “eyes” and “ears”.



  Preserved intact gold mask


  Braids hanging at the back top of the braids with broadband bundles with strong local ethnic hair style.



  Dali portraits used by casting bronze cast hollow body 2.62-meter-high portrait of which 1.72 meters tall. Sun Wen and a portrait wearing three coat worn foot and wearing bracelets stand barefoot hands an exaggerated the altar. Like hands held or what not understand so far.


  Bronze furnishings of the Shang and Zhou dynasties ruling group Yu Zong temple to worship, launched a major ritual.


  Bronze bird feet like people upper body and the tail of the bird residue off no deposit while the body is coated with vermilion. Like half dressed in tight shorts under robust decorative lines feet on your legs for the bird claw grasping the bird below the head when it is a symbol of some God.


  Bronze physical shape overall shape resembles a headless upper part of the body, such as wearing robes of the hands-free trunk legs under the body of motif, theme decorations for the inversion of two groups of five variants of bird beaks length and stature or bird symbol thought bird patterns is mask “plume” image.


  Bronze Sun estimated the Sun gear is the artifact in the Temple of the ancient Shu people standing in.


  Bronze bird heads, large bronze Bird Bird Bird shape reflects the ancient Shu people worship and its essence is the Sun and worshipped the Sun God.


  Traditional bronze Rooster as vivid as a whole spirit and body both.


  Bronze altar style heroic strange connotations inscrutable.


  Bronze dragon the Dragon in the lower part of the column break is a long slender lizard, annex the large ear Horn Chin beard resembling sheep’s head.


  Opening hours

  Ticket sales and exhibition opening hours

  Ticket 8:30–17:00

  Pavilion opening hours 8:30–18:00 first Pavilion Hall II 8:30–18:30

  Traffic information

  Sanxingdui area transportation State Road 108, Mianyang, Chengdu Expressway, the Baocheng railway can be reached. Zhaojue Temple from Chengdu railway station is a 20-minute drive to Guanghan 6 bus can reach the Sanxingdui, Guanghan City District.

  Sanxingdui cultural memory will stay in those ancient civilization. But hungry we had to start looking for our lunch. In deyang’s last meal here is we ate lunch at the deyang Huang Ti Hua part of the dish. Boss was very warm and give us their dishes and food culture in deyang.


  After a hearty meal, we went to the deyang stone Park.

  Deyang stone wall art set of people, traditional culture and integration of more than 1000 square metres in length 7 meters high with nature, life as the theme using relief, sculpture, and architecture as well as various combinations of space from the wall body style is the largest stone sculptures of modern art group known as “the crystallization of human wisdom” treasures of modern art.


  Went into the works of carved stone Park moment is this stone attract no loss deyang is a treasure


  Stone carving lifelike works of each group are telling their story to visitors.


  Besides works on these stone walls there are many individual works are located in every corner of the Park.



  To put these beautiful stone in the camera is not easy but also a a separate shot.


  Man and dog because I also have a dog, so seeing the painting was like.



  With so many huge stone confusing don’t know where to begin to appreciate it.



  In stone Park also saw several couples shot a wedding dress.



  Most appealing is the stone of the Chinese soul group

  360-metre of the Chinese soul collection of sculpture, reliefs, carved with architecture, landscape, water, lanterns and other art tools in one. There are more than 10,000 square meters of relief and openwork dozens of round three group area of thousands of square meters of buildings and has two Square Garden water features is a carved stone architecture and stone carving works of art combining.



  Stone the greening of the Park as a whole is also doing very well as a green lung of the city and usually is one of the deyang people’s favorite place to go.



  The girl sat on a Chair in the park immersed in the art of the ocean



  12 square, that is, in accordance with the Chinese zodiac rat, ox, Tiger, rabbit, Dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig sculpture lifelike



  Out from the deyang stone Park end of the deyang and smaller companions bid farewell to open the road to return.

  At last

  Deyang is the birthplace of the ancient Shu culture in the territory of one of its own “woke up startled the world for thousands of years” of the Sanxingdui ruins of ancient civilizations. Deyang city has a “Western Ruhr, Budapest in the East” in the world is one of the birthplaces of the rural reform known as “tianfu granaries,” said is typical of “abundance” in miniature. If everyone must have the opportunity to go and walked in deyang in a circle.


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