From West to East United States Coast for three weeks

Half a month, I came a trip to United States, by far the most distant countries.

Coasts, four cities, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, New York.

In the course of this leg of the journey, to the United States have their own ideas, it was the first time, but there are also reasons to fall in love with it.

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

New night journey from the airport said all flights for Ana, after transfer from Beijing via Tokyo to Los Angeles.

For a convenient, but reasonable people actually knew I was hard on himself, the morning of July 11 flights then flew into the airport at midnight the night before.

That night, the landlord himself and play, pulling a suitcase carrying a bag, take a short airport free parking, from T3 to T2 from T1 to T3, back and forth a few times. Tired of playing, I started surfing the Internet, have to say the airport’s WIFI as the old cattle call, also called fixed, T3 Terminal WIFI, good and bad, great T1 signal.

Airport terminal shuttle bus time:

06:00 ~ 23:00: not more than 10 minutes per class

23:00 ~ 01:00: not more than 15 minute intervals

01:00 ~ 05:00: not more than 30-minute interval

05:00 ~ 06:00: not more than 15 minute intervals

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

Hazy, it’s getting light, sightseeing at the airport all night, finally ready to leave.

If you need airport handling, Queuing earlier, otherwise the person very much, no shipping can use the self-service equipment.

Ana knows, first-class service, and meals are also available, this is the first time I took Ana to be fair, really great in Japan before the crew, I felt like I really was God, compared to domestic airlines is still a big gap.

Arrived here from Beijing after Tokyo’s Narita Airport, with several hours of transit time, you first need to know the next flight of the gate, and then you can go to visit the duty-free shops, eat good food, still has a long distance behind.

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

Narita Airport and many shops and restaurants, there are also many worth buying, such as steam eye mask, eye drops are sold only water, specialties such as shiroi koibito and some ornaments and so on.

Japan packaging products are very unique, there will always be people buying, packaging is very important, is eye-catching, it had to hand it to the Japanese.

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

Japan tonkotsu ramen, eaten in the country before, and do not know the taste of Narita Airport counted as authentic, but also in Japan, should be good, tastes really good, flavor rich. This bowl of ramen 810 yen, which contains 60 yen consumption tax. Tokyo Food Bar in addition to eat ramen noodles and other delicacies, selectivity is very strong, if transfer or before boarding, you can here to fill the belly.

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

It is for us to sit in the aircraft, a Boeing 777 wide-body twin-engine airliner. The plane is a big plane, flying more stable and very comfortable, with all Nippon Airways flight attendant, this journey is a trip to enjoy God. Board has made me feel the Japanese sense of super service, boarding gate lined Ana employees waited until all passengers boarding, and bowed to the passengers from time to time. On a plane, flight attendants have been up and down the aisles, asked whether there were passengers to drink and is advised to fasten seat belts.

Ana delicious snacks Pack on after taking off smoothly provide, like, ask the flight attendant took a few more bags, all Nippon airlines with routes to you a lot compared to the fare, will therefore have a good attitude, and wine on board are all free, what’s wrong with flight attendants, they are very very good!

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

From Tokyo to Los Angeles about 10 hours, the lights in the cabin, I was watching TV, and runny, then casually wiped, and after a few minutes, have been, and don’t feel like tick, turn on the light a photo, hands covered with blood, turned out to be bleed over time, I’ve always thought it was runny, it’s disgusting! Find a flight attendant, stewardess watching my hands blood jump, gave me several packages napkins and wipes all of a sudden haha.

Longer flight times, cabin can dry, we should pay attention to drink plenty of water!

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

Los Angeles has two theme parks, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. After arriving in Los Angeles on the first day, first went to Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles.

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

Access to Universal Studios, should go first to travel to studios, not Studios tours cannot really come to Hollywood.

Universal Studios Studio Tour is the famous backlot, can learn about the many secrets of Hollywood movie-making, can be seen in many Hollywood movies and American TV viewing. Visiting the Studio tours, transportation to experience adventures of Peter Jackson’s King Kong 360-degree 3D creation.

From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.
From West to East, United States Coast for three weeks.

Studio Tour to see desperate housewives Guest House great white beaches and so on.

Cinema City about an hour’s trip as a whole, in the car and visit the 3D adventures, exciting, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Simpson door, cool, go in from the mouth.

Studio Tour is over, I recommend to go to the Park to play off the some of the most exciting projects at Universal Studios. Several projects have always been the hottest of the park under, will line up a few hours later to team. From the Park to the next Park to take on the long elevator.

One of the most exciting, I think it’s the Mummy’s revenge, at first I thought it was a transformer’s pure 3D roller coaster, so I relax relaxed in, suddenly turns black depths speed Sprint, startled me.

Torrent is good, second half first half was expedition 84 feet down.

Torrent is good, second half first half was expedition 84 feet down.

Zone under three a hit play, about noon for lunch. Park under Panda restaurant, popular, Chinese food, rice and noodles, taste is average.

After lunch is simple to solve, you can take the elevator from the Park back to the Park.

Park also has many recommended on, Simpson, Dodger dads, Shrek and special effects stage.

Simpson entered the room to watch a video, then a virtual roller coaster, the entire Springfield is in the eye, watched the Simpsons should know.

From Simpson to leave, walk a few steps to see the special effects stage, here you can see a sensation making secret behind large, start looking for the audience and hand sawn off with a knife, blood effects, cool back cover King Kong movie special effects. It’s wicked.

Universal Studios as a whole a recommended play attitude, I have only been to Universal Studios in Los Angeles, did not know and Singapore compare which is better, who knows can tell me.

Yesterday spent the day playing at Universal Studios, Disneyland fun today. “This is the happiest place in the world, you want to be happy, Oh! “I found on the net for Los Angeles Disneyland guide travels a lot, and are particularly detailed, I don’t code so many words, less detailed photos, I tell you a little about, to recommend what I thought would come to this, must have items. Space Mountain and the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion this is my recommendation, three of them I play to Disney summer packed, I do not know what is the reason for my lack of fighting is, I only play three of them, unfortunately.

The first step, remember to take maps, languages of all countries!

The second step, remember, FASTPASS, popular items you most want to see the map, first entered the Park to take a FASTPASS ticket, without long lines at a specified time, you can only reserve a FASTPASS!!!

The third step, best for the first time in Disney’s remember to see the float parade, after all, this is the Disney classic along the red dotted line on the map, stood early favorable terrain!!

The fourth step, you can go to the customer service department to receive a celebration badge, check out location!! Leave a read! Not white!!

Into the park needs to take the train, then the security door.

This is space mountain, I pass the FASTPASS directly into, well, Disney was very fun project.

Fast, a little dizzy.

Space mountain has a 4D effect on the edge theater, may go in come out if there happen to be a, I look at recent North American release of the Galactic guardian notice, really cool, 4D well, it feels like the jitter, and wind and rain and the lighting effects are very good.

Disney is a trolley car to sell in Turkey!

Turkey Turkey! Turkey Turkey!

Mexico Burrito, not used to eat it.

This is a torrent, and I really want to using foul language, memories I’ve been waiting in line had been waiting in line in line, sorry forgot to collect FASTPASS, lined up at least one hour. Stimulation is pretty exciting, but the team waited so long, still feel not worth it.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad did not play because repair, this is a fall of 13 to re-open, recommended!!

We are not unfamiliar. Castle of my house, to welcome as our guest.

Eating and drinking, the team also, blink of an eye is 15:30, plays the parade began, music, cartoon character twist butt play.

After the end of the parade, the crowd followed the parade went to the door, a lot of people read the parade ends trip to Disney.

To the walk of Fame, on the not so tall. The rough road here, heard that the Government has no extra money to build roads, don’t know true or false, in short Avenue of stars is not as bright as you while watching the awards ceremony.

Has a lot of wear on the Avenue of Heroes task or characters of hawker, will come and your photo, photo and asked for money.

I know there are so many vendors, but also can be deceiving. A black man down, I say the CD as a gift to me, I asked is not free, he said is free, MOM egg, and then write my name, gave me. I want to leave, he asked me for money. How childish of me.

Chinese theater.

Dolby Theatre, now a Hollywood awards ceremony held here, every ceremony, at the foot of this Street will be covered with a red carpet, star-studded.

Avenue of stars is not long, in addition to the tourists, I see semi-is a person who makes a living by posing, I see a Wolverine, really super like!

Hotels, tours, in addition to staying with a family.

Accommodation, family hotel, very popular these days, the price is acceptable, is important to staying with a family, can better integration, a better understanding by visiting the country, the city’s customs.

Household is a middle-aged woman, fat fat fat, typical of the United States women, have a daughter, and I was born the same year, but have lived outside, envy of American independence.

American houses are large, prices are not that expensive for Chinese people, but each year have to pay property tax, real estate tax is generally price 1%-3%, each State’s policies had not.

Home living room, living room and piano. Window is a small garden, think life was better.

Home has a swimming pool in the garden, but a little dirty, it is estimated that haven’t cleared, I think it is because homes buy cleaning agent is too expensive.

Very average breakfast, cereal, milk, coffee, bread, sauces … … (Not used to cold, but do have nutrition)

Sunset garden roof lights flashing.

I forgot the name of homes, it is wide of the mark!

She did not have cell phones, Yes, her cell phone, she enjoyed her life, but have a landline at home or who can’t find her.

There is also a student staying here was a boy in Bangladesh, has previously studied in Nanchang, a bit Chinese, Hello Goodbye thank you, then there is foul language! HA HA HA! His name is GAZI, like China.

GAZI wants to buy a flat, with a pad of my research for a long time, decided to buy a Samsung tab, so we went to a nearby Wal-Mart. In the United States, major shopping malls are concentrated in an area around a large range is a residential area. From a place to live not too far to walk, nearly half an hour, sunset is very beautiful, so do not feel tired.

Unfortunately is, GAZI tab didn’t buy what he wanted that night, stock.

GAZI asked me to eat at McDonald’s, he is too enthusiastic, kept telling me that he loves the Chinese people, we are friends, I can only promise and told him before I go I want to ask you a meal.

20 Chicken McNuggets, five dollars, a bargain, I only love to eat is Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s. More importantly, here, you don’t have to worry about “luck” event!

GAZI today when he asked me to accompany him to look at it, I wonder, why do I say, now here is bad?

He said he felt home is bad, it is because I had to show the good side, while I was away, and did not care, and will not cook.

Homes said GAZI and I love eating vegetables, eat a lot, when I relayed after the GAZI, he was helpless.

Many people are not well adapted and integrated into an exotic life, whether you are Bangladeshi or Chinese.

In the United States millions of people of Chinese, immigrants, study, travel, work illicitly, a variety of, but how many people can really integrate into local, there are many more people have not, many people want to have some experience of living abroad, including me, but to overcome the difficulties encountered in a foreign country is where we face a difficult problem.

A few days ago when driver and a Chinese tour guide, I sit in, they felt he could not very well integrated into the felt United States when it was too late, after high school they come from, they feel able to make intimate friends, and, after all, is different in China, everyone has a different character.

If you want to become a United States citizen, the army, if qualified military service, direct access to citizenship, and no longer have to get a green card and then go to the exam and then citizenship, of course, you need to be on the battlefield.

Los Angeles in addition to downtown, are more than 10 towers, other areas are flat, no tall buildings, so walking down the road feel relaxed and happy, is the mountain in the distance, the air, the sky still blue than pollution in big cities in the country, would feel very relaxed here.

Los Angeles is located in the United States West Coast and near the sea, but little rainfall all year round, so the trees are special, there will be no domestic common willow, poplar, ash and the like, where palm trees are common, for I feel very fresh, very beautiful, tall and big.

I finally found it, I felt really good, to put it bluntly, here, where the environment is very good.

Sort of like home rent, there are two layers, an apartment of a House, each set of a family.

There is a public swimming pool in the middle.

GAZI feel quite satisfied, rent that cheaper than before in addition to space a lot smaller than other no difference, it is important, feeling and there are good, when we go and there is own broth, sweet Oh!

Say goodbye to Los Angeles, will be aboard the United Airlines flight to United States Washington on the other side of the continent.

Like the first time I came to United States, so exciting I want to share on United States domestic airline experience, so that small white were happy to fly. Rather than, as I did, at the airport and disoriented.

Shanghai’s Pudong and HongQiao has only two terminals, while the great Beijing Capital International Airport has three terminals. But when I hear I’m going T7 terminal when I was a little surprised, LAX had a total of eight terminals! But not the United States’s largest airport. LAX terminal is to have a theme, divided into 8 lounge.

It sounds great, but to find the Terminal is really easy, each terminal has its own airline counters, from check in to the boarding gate, do not need to walk.

Driving to LAX, close to the airport.

Along the way you can see the airport, you can see a variety of models, have planes from the air over the figure. LAX is the perfect airport for aircraft enthusiasts, many nearby local airport can be viewed.

Between the various terminal at LAX, you can take a short parking, complimentary parking for short, must pay attention to their own flights taking off and landing Terminal, so as to avoid taking the wrong and missed the plane.

Arrived at the Terminal, you can see the counter of UA, lifts out after the check in is security, security can be found inside their flight gate, very convenient, and not have to go a long way, not like some large domestic airports, go go dead.

United States domestic air services are generally not free of baggage!!!

After 911, heard of the new deal, understanding evaluation of science.

For reference I’m on United Airlines, baggage first $ 25 and the second $ 35, overweight is more expensive.

Because I don’t know the situation, check in, I was a fool I’m drunk, actively check on baggage belt, black girls put up, asking me for money, I big eye stares. I said I couldn’t do you know, black girls ask me for money! Did I say there is no free shipping! I said no a black sister hard free shipping! I have a second luggage down..

You can go to see himself taking domestic aviation policy.

Thought I could smooth boarding and results check in ticket is free, free! Free seat! Free seat!

I am super sale you? Knowledgeable people seeking to science! Didn’t really understand the explanation they gave me, and anyway, I like! So I waited in the full after you are on the plane, get reprint your boarding pass.

United States domestic airline is no meals provided!!!

For the first time in United States White, I once again show funny!

Catch the early flight, didn’t eat breakfast, have been looking forward to fill the belly on the plane, as a result, waiting, and finally landed! Later learned that United States domestic airlines is not offering free meals, during over a drink! Have to eat on the plane, but all of them want to buy.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, I would drink a glass of water! Starve to death!

Friend Delta Air lines sent sent snack occasions during it!! I haven’t tasted God! Hungry!

I, finally arrived in Washington.

When landing, rocking of the plane, so exciting, the captain was asleep.

Washington, DC, as the United States capital, everything is very tall, has been the focus of the world.

If Washington, need to be prepared to walk for a long time, you need to visit the attractions are concentrated in, called the National Mall in Washington, including the White House, the Capitol building, major museums, and so on, it is more difficult.

First stop, the Lincoln Memorial, as its name suggests was built to commemorate the great man Lincoln, Lincoln’s achievements I am sure you are familiar, I would not have introduced, in fact, I don’t know, reading good history, ashamed.

Directly opposite the Lincoln Memorial is the Washington Monument, in a straight line, straight ahead is the White House.

Washington Monument commemorates the United States built by the first President, George Washington, giving a feeling of serious, straight into the sky, surrounded by stars around the monument, with elevator and stairs can be to the Tablet, if on the monument you can see the Washington landscape. Top can make an appointment, book about 3$ or so, queued is free, but season one so much.

Then, Liu began to turn, next stop Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Memorial is close by, as Washington and Beijing are history, maybe will feel more boring for some people.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial design was nice, on one of the walls still bearing the expense of the names of the martyrs, and staff in the vicinity can be on the list, you find the people you need. This period of history, for Americans and Chinese have different meanings, one is the hero, who is the enemy.

If the White House before the road was not, visitors can post outside the White House Garden railings, this shows that the President is not in the White House if the President in the White House, tourists across the street only to see the White House.

There are snipers took turns standing guard on the roof of the White House.

The way to the Capitol to see the Pentagon, only far and not treated disrespectfully yan.

The 911 attacks damaged a wall, built and still legible.

The Capitol, which is out of one of the extremely high rate of construction, it certainly is not something new.

Capitol on Capitol Hill at 25 metres high, is the United States Senate House of representatives of the local, United States heart power!

Back of the photo is the Capitol building, Plaza pool is great, look on top of the building there is also a 6-meter-high statue of liberty.

Smith’s group is the world’s largest Museum of the art gallery of the National Museum Association, which owns 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoo. 10 museums and galleries and the National Mall (The National Mall) on both sides.

Facing the houses of Parliament, at which point turn around, that is a huge lawn, lawn two rows are Museum!

Can walk on the grass, you can play sports, I think at home sure rack.

Museum is in here is too much, but my time is limited, and finally chose two of the most interesting museums.

One is the air and Space Museum, the natural history museum, the two are also popular venues here.

Air and Space Museum is the world’s largest Museum of flight there’s IMAX film and aviation projects, are subject to charges.

Most of the aircraft are inside the Museum is a real plane, but I am a layman, English is hard enough, many do not understand, can fly, unfortunately.

National Museum of natural history is one of the largest museums in the world, built in 1910, the summer holiday season, lining up in long queues in front of the Museum, after a security check will be able to enter the stadium.

The Museum is divided into three layers, the first layer of a central rotunda, stood an African Bush elephant specimens, there are elephants in the Shanghai Museum, but not this big.

National Museum of natural history is very interesting, very nice, you can see many specimens.

National Museum of natural history museum famous for its fossil treasures hidden, gems collection on the second floor.

From museums, took along some pictures of other museums, though couldn’t get in, but leave some regrets or can come again next time.

From museums, took along some pictures of other museums, though couldn’t get in, but leave some regrets or can come again next time.

Wall Street Bull, three tier, three tier, I even got a chance to touch cow butt at all! Blessed Fortune luck haha!

The New York Stock Exchange, it seems very familiar, and often can be seen or heard in the news.

Ferry to see the statue of liberty ~

Boat and there were lots, cabins are full, but more people are willing to stand on the deck, while the Sun-but the wind was very comfortable.

When near the statue of liberty, people on the ship were very excited, a stream runs to the goddess-oriented side of the boat had gone awry, I panicked.

180 ° turn will ship the captain again, so don’t worry that you don’t see.

When near the statue of liberty, people on the ship were very excited, a stream runs to the goddess-oriented side of the boat had gone awry, I panicked.

180 ° turn will ship the captain again, so don’t worry that you don’t see.

The crossroads of the world!!! Times Square! Good fun, gorgeous! Good Western style!

Also went to the West Point Military Academy in New York, but no pictures. And a problem with the car on the day, a bit miserable.

Some water at the end, everyone please forgive me.