Fujian Xiamen with tongue tastes find the most authentic in Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen

    Waiting for a pot of ginger duck pan, Xiamen old duck come what can it be?

   View of gulangyu ferry ring after the maritime scenery, we ate a Bullfrog and the end of the day. The next morning I study the free hand-drawn map, and decided to devote this search is shown on the map “the most authentic Xiamen” and “Xiamen old”.

    Said eat, party soil and water raising party people, taste authentic of place features diet, through tongue taste buds of stimulus, in stomach in the thin taste this party soil and water for thousands of years to of diet habits, will physical and mental into, forget himself had in another party soil and water Shang growth, try with through spatio-temporal feel here of all, tasting local features food is travel in the of a beautiful landscape, is wonderful of at.

    So in my “travel” wrote, “like walking, likes to take time to admire, like taking photos, love to be part of, a few dialects, to be a girl next door, travel is life. Once in a while drinking a little corruption, see infinite beauty, not only favour the eyes, nor thin tongue. ”

    Walk, walk and eat ~


    This morning, as usual, lived near the noodle shop to eat a bowl add sausage noodle paste.


    Another feeding in the surface paste every morning. Noodle paste soup is very delicious.

    Department of noodle paste with shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels and other delicious fresh quality seafood soup, with noodles cooked into a paste. To have a good heat when cooked, to paste and not random, paste it clearly. Noodle paste, divided by the seafood ingredients, but can also add duck blood or pig’s blood or with a bunch of pig intestines into a paste, oil into them and knows e, paired with fried dough, fried scallions, pepper as a seasoning, the smell is more delicious.


    According to the hand-drawn map directions, I decided to go looking for “flat bean-Lin” and “get good ginger duck.”

    Follow the directions, and wear a street alley, not brilliant on the main street side, watched while walking.


    Homes in the country is not normal things to normal again. Before looking at the House, I think has to be the coastal Xiamen characteristics. There are graphs that …


    House building higher and higher, patches of the demolition, I do not know any nail.


    To be honest, the hand-drawn map was too comic, appears to be very close on the map, walked for more than an hour to find the place.


   Good flat from duck and forest products in a box, the alley is not small. Estimate the average person to be found …

    Forest place merchandise seems to be mostly flat bean-processing is required to eat soy products.


    In fact, before the an UMD, mainly at Duck to drop!

    Boss said I came too late, and now still stewing in the Pan, until 4 o’clock in the afternoon started to sell it!

    It is a pity that, drove a late set early in the morning.

    Later, in the street, Zhongshan Road, see other ginger duck, I’ve tried it, this thing back to Syria.


    Out of this forgotten alley, cross the street, just to the East Gate of Zhongshan Park.


    I’m not here to walk in Park, only for the end of the Park, “Simon sea worm jelly”.


    I enjoy the Park by the big banyan tree, in the hot weather, feels so good in the shade.


     Around the Green, I feel refreshed and a lot. Forget regret


    Heh, Simon sea worm jelly! To it!


    A try on the first …

    Sea worm jelly-what is it? I have not had, and is also the first time that the name …


    Sea worm jelly, Xiamen is one of the most representative snacks. “Bamboo shoot” scientific name “nudus” produced in Beach sediment, sediment was removed by little fresh bamboo shoots, repeated washing, and simmer to dissolve into the soup, small venomous insects, cooled and condenses into patches of exquisite small round pieces. Food was cold and refreshing.


    Legend Simon sea worm jelly is the best, most authentic. Boss spilt in the sea worm jelly mustard, ketchup and other condiments.


    There are different sizes of sea worm jelly, I ordered the smallest size. Covered with jellyfish, cilantro and so on.

    I feel as if the skin feels cold, but because the Spice flavor is too strong, I didn’t make it clear that “shoots” nudus is a taste of … Anyway, very al dente.


    Eat sea worm jelly, Simon returned to Zhongshan Park, shown on the map next to a road facing South, along the walk.


   No one will go to Zhongshan Road walking Street

    Zhongshan Road is the arcade


    See reviews on the Internet eight mother-in-law burnt grass jelly, Zhongshan Road, Word of mouth that’s pretty good.

    So many people standing in line!

    Sold burning grass jelly’s sister said, can sell three thousand or four thousand cups a day. There are two flavors, we bought a Cup.

     Two bucks a Cup, weight is enough.

    Taste really good. So when we repeatedly passing by Zhongshan Road, repeated here in line. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Walking on the alley and there are lots of sea worm jelly


    Is this.

   Street food stalls.


    Oh, by the way, was there to say herbal tea. I like to drink, the more bitter, the better, Ho Ho.


   The most authentic Xiamen, in addition to pies, soup and peanuts that is yellow!


    To yellow, and when on the first day, let me find, walking from the pedestrian street to the end, and he is close to the sea Ferry Street.

   Xiamen, said Huang and the peanut soup is the nostalgic flavor of Hong Kong, came to yellow and a signature dessert, peanut soup to a certain point, exclusive boil, rotten and not paste, sweet but not too sweet.

   This is the first time in my life have peanut soup, there is no other Peanut Soup tasted, so also not say where this exclusive great, anyway, tastes are also good.

    Oyster FRY, is a must eat!

  Oyster FRY, its main raw materials are oysters, also known as the oyster. Oysters produced in Xiamen, is a kind of Ostrea, small size, shaped or triangular shell growth. Remove the meat, meat black white gills, each 1-2 cm, meat and grain evenly. Xiamen’s oyster FRY crisp tender and delicious, delicious food, served with mustard sauce or chili sauce and other condiments.


    Well, this, chopsticks are clamp is made of shredded taro … What’s his name? Forgotten! Only remember that Taro flavor is also good.

    Another is a chicken stuffed with glutinous rice.

    Shop business is good source of constantly.

    We successively eaten here three times, each time to eat, found the surface paste no shops near the hotel to do it well. For example above does not store this delicious.

    Out of the yellow and, opposite the KFC Grandpa.

   Then we went to tour on foot island of gulangyu, tired to death.

   Still thinking about the next day get good duck, want to know exactly what they are going to get.

   On the street to eat ginger gave me the impression of deep flavor of ginger duck, eating ginger.

   The evening of the next day, we once again go to get good duck, the boss said that only a few duck feet and duck Jean, buy!


    Wow, so good. How can I describe, and imported fresh, fragrant, moist and the taste in your mouth, no one will make you feel on top, but the taste and obvious taste buds found, a mild feeling of inclusion, take the initiative to accept its delicious. No wonder my boss said that early in the morning to the afternoon sell, simmer after so long, taste all the invasion.

    Results of hard boiled. Want to come, come and go repeatedly, it is worth!


======================================================================================================================================================================= =============================


About travel

    About travel, benevolent see benevolence.

    Not wild, not travel agents. Not extravagant nor stingy. Not all of the attractions around, playing only wanted to go places.

    Like walking, likes to take time to admire, like taking photos, love to be part of, a few dialects, to be a girl next door, travel is life.

    Once in a while drinking a little corruption, see infinite beauty, not only favour the eyes, nor thin tongue.

    Would be happy to travel! Not less camera, will bring a taste of Barilla tongue and stomach, eyes also have a curious mind to explore.

    Never thought what to measure. Mo-Mo is very small, little Mo-Mo De walk, what is the direction? Perhaps in the foot, perhaps in the front! Go!

    Take the time to travel! This valuable wealth in my life, and lines and cherish!

                                                                        —-Mo-Mo De walk    

                                                                         Written on July 3, 2009







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