Hawaii Rainbow village

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Heard as a child in Hawaii, has always seemed a distant place, Palm trees, beach and wore a grass skirt Hula Girl.

Started a few days ago, sky blue, and Hawaii have a fight.


Our first ride

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Long flights necessary sample: MP3, neck pillow and iPad

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Shanghai flying about 1 hour and 55 minutes to reach Incheon, say third time coming to Incheon, is familiar, and transit procedures are more well done. Airport has free WiFi, live performances and more variety of duty-free merchandise, food and even hour rooms for waiting passengers a rest for a moment, so even at Incheon Airport waiting for a long time, and don’t deliberately looking for fun, time is fleeting.

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Incheon Airport cosmetics store is always crowded

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Airport live performances

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Korea culture shop advertisement

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Two waiting Hotel claws

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Korea sunset

Hawaii: Rainbow village

Take us to Hawaii gray, cabin amenities will display flight, intuitive understanding of passengers on flight status, flight attendants were nice, with headphones, blankets, cushion and the Slipper out.

Hawaii: Rainbow village

When transferring at Incheon, eating noodles

Time difference between Hawaii and Shanghai have 18H, we arrived at the Hawaiian local time 7/25 10:10, white earned a day recommended friends to book airport transfer to Hawaii for the first time, I have reservation shuttle machine, 40 Yuan/person, lot worth than to Hawaii to play, after all, their currency is the US dollar, I is the Renminbi. Honolulu airport is small, we pick up points in the team, 1th, that’s easy.

Honolulu airport

On board the Sunrise

CCTV reporters interview visitors

We chose the Ohana East Hotel (donghuaijiji Ohana hotel) 150 Kaiulani Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96815-3292 Hotel good location, on KUHIO AVE. and KAIULANI intersection, near the ABC supermarket, KFC (to 23:00), Burger King (24H business). Need through two article narrow narrow of elevator to hotel lobby (II floor), room within has free WiFi, but signal Shi strong Shi weak not too stable; TV is desktop, has a Chinese channel, we to Shi, Qian guest just check out, room also not clean, I and LG side waiting for waiter clean room, side feel Hawaii of good weather, to we clean of waiter just is Chinese, we will chat has up, she came to Hawaii 9 years, is Guangdong people, in Hotel day need clean about 18~22 between room, Season more work 8h,30 minutes a day dining time, work intensity is relatively large.

Ohana East Hotel Terrace Street

Look at the blue sky and white clouds, feel not comfortable?

Marugame noodle

Finish cleaning up the room, about 13:30, we put the new luggage, go out looking for an acquaintance recommended marugame Udon noodles, I heard that taste great, helpful, and not far from the hotel, UDON shop at KUHIO AVE. NOHONANI ST. junction, address: 2310 KUHIO AVE. from the Ohana East Hotel walked over and 5-8 minute, very close.

Onion green soup, taste rich, Udon

Menu illustrated, so language not pass of people, order also can very convenient, as long as told stores you to of is what meal on line has, can according to personal appetite size select regular or larger, I and LG points has two Bowl, plus two copies fried chicken, only spent has 15 knife, quite of pays, strongly recommended to here try try, believes not disappointed drops ~ dining finished don’t forget has himself recycling meal disc to specified locations Oh.


KUHIO AVE. NOHONANI ST. traffic lights, see the turn you can see UDON shop here

Pearl Harbor

Arizona Battleship Memorial

Stars and Stripes set against the blue sky, seems very attractive,

Ball is a mobile meteorological instrument, said to be super super super super expensive.

Iolani Palace

Kalawala floor tiles on the street, the ground is clean, many people walking barefoot

Calavas street side of the small market

T square owned by DFS (Hawaii Branch)

One of the most important trips abroad, is to help friends purchase, in the face of lengthy shopping list, Alexander, so the box must take, or really not. These are just a drop in the ocean, as skin care products blind me, fortunately, did prepare in advance, otherwise these things know me, and I don’t know them.

Burger King

Chicken 20pic Liu DAO


Eat strike breakfast, walk to DFS side POYAL HAWAIIAN AVE., here has shuttle bus to outlets, first times to also doesn’t matter, in this article road was will lift with yellow of brand, above wrote with to outlets, followed he go on line, tickets Shi to determine good return time, not know return time temporary has variable whether allows car, didn’t try had, also is as control good time’s, Hey, on has, return of car points is Xia guest of place. Every morning, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 hour and 15:30 start, return time to six Monday for 1200,1430,1630,1900, 1230,1430,1630,1800 on Sunday. From 10 knife tip is not included, one way can be reached in about 30 minutes. Hawaii outlets is not large, but you can also go on most of the day. For example: coach,Calvin Klein,Carter’s,Converse,Levi’s,Tommy Hilfiger, in advance in the official register online to become a member, print the coupon, maybe it will get you unbelievable discounted prices. Stroll tired, can rest on the Central Plaza dining, full of birds, and delicious ice cream ~

Central rest square

Return trip we did not take the shuttle bus, but small local friends take us back to the hotel. A day after 15:00 to the Waikiki traffic is not very good, a little bit blocked, and due to a temporary in a hurry, we first placed in wait near the Hilton Hotel, about 10 minutes, then fold back to pick us up while we recommend a delicious ice-cream shop, really good, I eat a three ball, super cool

My trophy, of course, most was I friends with.

The ADA helped his son buy really cheap

Ali’i Kai love boat dinner cruise

Back to the hotel once placed, waiting on the 17:00 in front of the Hyatt Hotel, sent a limousine to ferry, although the occupants from all over the world, the language barrier, but the tour guide on the bus is going to mobilize the whole atmosphere of the car, the black guys like to use is not very fluent Chinese to tell you: I’m a handsome guy! Elvis hands moving across the temples attracted tourists laughed … … Before embarkation guide each visitor will be given welcome drinks, one can point a value of 6 or 8 times of drinks or cocktails, such as above, fill a post just tastes better, a cocktail of colors are beautiful. Seating on board divided into a window and not a window, no window is relatively cheap, the long table placed in the middle of the boat, buffets feed here, both can be queued, a food line next to each other, probably more than 10 varieties of species, so-so, food was exotic.

Douglas and I photo

“Menu,menu……” turns out to be handsome tour guide, was wondering to: menu? Where my menu. Eventually and last year to here Shi reception we of China nationality female guide Lee Lian Meng with guess of found, original he mouth in of menu= beauty, just foreigners for “female” hard pronunciation, so make out has jokes, to avoid future encountered lied of scene, site taught has he “pretty sister” this word, he also quite seriously of took out paper pen all records down, very learn of handsome pot, haha.

A photo with good shuaiguo

Sail on the Pacific Ocean, no, this is the boat race

After eating half, staff will take the buffet table, instantly becomes a dance floor here, after the dance and interactive programs in a long thin area.

An intoxicating cocktail, taste good

Beautiful Hawaiian girls

Dinner cruise and show about 20:00 end, back to boat docks, guides will provide everyone with on board and Hula Girl photo for everyone, if they feel as good pay 20 knives to buy, if not simply pictures back to him on the line, there is no hard sell.

Way back guide will say goodbye to each visitor one by one, about two sentences, though he would not ask everybody to tip, but if you think he’s good, polite, after all, his service to make you feel happy.

《Return to Paradise》

Guide know I and LG to watch Return to Paradise of performances, so return car docked in top of Waikiki, directly walk on can to performances locations: 2300 Kalakaua Ave. Tuesday to Saturday each 20:30 are has performances, singer Lani Misalucha had in Las Vegas standing sing, she of stage expressive is strong, voice plasticity also very strong, quite has shock force, turned sing has for more than a hours of classic songs And every song that brought applause from the audience and even a standing ovation, is well worth a look, back to heaven to its reputation.

She was Lani Misalucha

Read the walk back to the hotel after the show, ABC supermarket to buy some food on the way, the morning breakfast.


Vegetable Bacon rolls and milk for breakfast, a bit is pretty strange, where the milk had no whole milk or skim, or half, could it be because generally overweight so forced to stop selling regular milk? Not tangled has, said said this vegetables culture root volume, Qian several mouth also can, but more eat more salt, is heavy taste Ah, finally plug in of, behind days of breakfast never buy this ~ today arrangements of trip is Alamoana Walmark, and said why to set OHANA WEST HOTEL has, because by room card can to free took pink line to Alamoana Mall, very convenient, ride points in OHANA EAST HOTEL door , Car show room card, along the street view. Some Japanese to take the trolley car, we have to note that JCB made car bodies, but not really sure, lol.

Not far from Alamoana Walmark from Alamoana back doors on the north side, about 8 minutes walk to reach, KEEAUMOKU ST. on the left side of the ground floor. Basically things are cheaper than ABC supermarket, but there are some more expensive than ABC. We at Wal-Mart buy macadamia chocolate and macadamia nuts as well as lunch to Dino Beach tomorrow, also bought some nice clothes BB to the honourable gentlemen here Engel’s coefficient really low, general life consumables prices are quite cheap.

Fire engine, always feel like a large toy car, big size, it should be hit.

After the successful and returned to Alamoana. Recommendations to the Service Centre information and maps, so shopping will save time and effort, every day at 1 o’clock in the afternoon in Alamoana center stage on the first floor there is the Hawaiian traditional hula performances on Friday with children performing, can watch for free. Prior to print coupons using form on the official website, fill in the information to the C1 Service Centre to get discount coupons. We accidentally found bubaagan shrimp Museum voucher: two complimentary appetizer staple food.

No WiFi in the shopping centre, but near the Apple store 2F CEng, resting place for visitors at the door, signaling is also good, LG and I tired to stay here for a long time. Saw a pair of ornamental carp porters, see how this baby laugh.

Museum of bubaagan shrimp

About 16:30, we set off for 4F bubaagan shrimp Museum, spent a lot of time in advance on its website looking at the menu, research what would today, martial arts were not in vain, today went smoothly, the food there is good. Bubaagan shrimp Museum is based on the Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump main theme restaurant, layout and furnishings closely related to the movie plot and atmosphere relaxing.

“Shrimp New Orleans” New Orleans Shrimp with rice than pasta, and I like the taste, more than 10 fresh prawns around a pile of rice, topped with a piece of bread, shrimp fresh shells teeth, very chewy, recommended.

Dessert “Best of the best sampler the hook,line and sinker”, by hot bread pudding, homemade cookies, chocolate chip cookie topped with fresh strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream, although we have very, very full, but dessert was all we wipe out, hehe

Glitter Cup order this drink, after dinner, the waiter will present a new Cup to the customer as a souvenir.

High-skill staff, end four drinks in one hand and had to shoot.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what to get.

Each table had drums, barrels have paper towels, hot sauce, tomato sauce and spices, to taste to add them. Many people held up cameras, run Forrest run on behalf of DND, stop Forrest stop needed help on my behalf, but is responsible for the service our table of young Tim seems not according to the regulations of the card, often run up and asked us if we needed help, how the food tastes.

This is the complimentary appetizers, chips, Super, and portions are quite large, and we end up eating, seemed to be baked out of the small plates, cheese vegetables, taste a little strange, sour.

“Of course,we have scampi” spaghetti with King prawns served with served with garlic, lemon and butter sauce, tastes more acidic

“Shrimper’s Net Catch” here of signs dish, we points has two species taste mixed, spicy and not spicy of, eat Hou think should points full spicy of, taste compared rich and tasty, this meal shrimp banquet eat of we is cool, especially suck with finger stripping shrimp, big mouth big mouth of fresh shrimp ball, must to personally experience, cannot with language described, now wants to wants to also DC saliva does.

The meal eaten more than 70 knife, nice, highly highly recommend to try here, eating while watching the Pacific Ocean, most comfortable in life should be beauty and loved ones to enjoy food in the bar. Take the pink line back to the hotel after the feast, but noted that pink line bus station and railway station are not together under, 1F South Makai Market bus station door, ritual of car show hotel room card, free ~ Dino Beach snorkeling tomorrow, back wash sleep.


Today is can was using trip in the of last day, we of target only a–floating dive resort dinosaur Bay HanumanBay, here is to Hawaii of visitors most like to of place, here water not deep, landscape beautiful, because is marine fish reserves, so not reception team tour of guest, I last year with mission to, only far views, this finally to personally experience has, kind of small excited. Snorkeling can’t bring too much stuff, so the only underwater cameras used to shoot sea creatures, some distance last year photos, hee hee.

Don’t forget to paint high SPF sunscreen, I bought SPF110 in ABC, also proved to be quite useful, did not apply to where sunscreen was badly sunburned, drinking water can be a little, but not too much, there is sand filtered water can drinking on the beach, eating can bring some, may not seem to store food. Bath towel or something with, you can shop on the beach, or you can wipe, locker room poor, where there is open water, because it is open air so good snorkeling can only down, and went back to the hotel again to wash and can accept public nude except for washing, scale a bit, hehe.

From Waikiki to Dino Beach can take the 22 bus, bus schedules available at thebus website, note that the Dino Beach every Tuesday is closed, a natural 22 bus does not operate, so plan to Dino Beach away from Tuesday. In Ohana East Hotel opposite on has bus station, quite convenient, head shuttle is 8:25 around, zhiqian see Raiders said here of bus not too on time, so I and LG8:00 on in station Shang bus, during will has taxi driver soliciting, 3 knife/people (bus 2.5 knife/people), I think also pretty pays of, after all can direct, save many time, but heard 22 road way of landscape is best of, so to slowly appreciate, we also is decided ride bus, Can experience a foreign public transportation, first bus quite on time, get coins, buses do not change, need to, don’t forget after boarding transfer,2H free of charge transfer from the driver, but drivers generally do not see, we return after payment of a fare to remember to also transfer, thanks to 5555. Take the first bus of so many people, all of our stations has been standing at the door, originally thought to be a biscuit, unexpectedly, to the next station, driver’s door and will slow down signal on the station’s waiting guests no longer full boarding, as well as telephone dispatch headquarters. This is much better than in China, the domestic bus drivers don’t care about passenger comfort. About open has 30 minutes, we stopped in HanumanBay, Xia station is boarding station, to took bus back Waikiki of people can to remember locations, driver will in car Shang reminded everyone return of bus time, because only 22 road only to dinosaur Bay, so if missed bus, back Waikiki on compared difficult has, have go down transfer other bus line, specific didn’t listening to clear, anyway to not necessary of trouble, also is catch in bus Qian back’s.

After getting off to shoot a few photos at the distance, Oh, and then followed with big and small visitors go snorkeling set the package, you can find the entrance. Tickets 7.5 knife/person, bought the ticket line to see science videos, I only remember one: we couldn’t touch. From the entrance to the beach there is a small section of the slope, you could take the shuttle bus, or you can go. Rent snorkeling equipment set of 12, with mask, snorkel and fins, requires a credit card guarantee, locker has forgot how many knives. We bought snorkeling gear, but here actually use to find signs of leaking, so there is one rent a mask and breathing tube 10 bits/set. The quality is really good, I’m a landlubber, by virtue only of the breathing tubes, masks and fins can swim freely in the sea, but also felt quite safe. Dive to away from Beach hundreds of meters at, on can see fish son, good times to took to looks of fish son, trailing they good a, according to LG said, in shore see with I on like a only puffer fish, drift Ah drift of, this but I life in the first times not with any floating tool in sea in the swimming, and also away from Bank more than 200 more meters, too novelty and stimulus has, a began not too habits fins, caused knee and coral reefs friction, rub broken skin not is also bleeding has does, home more than 10 days has also didn’t recovered, that pain Ah.

Snorkeling about three or four hours, we take the bus back to the hotel.

In here every day to see the Rainbow, and sometimes are lucky enough, you can see the double Rainbow Oh

Called Rainbow town is justified, where license plates also have the Rainbow

Due to and sea wrestling long, slightly sense weariness, so returned to hotel rest several hours, this a sleep again woke up came has is night at seven o’clock more, Hey, belly and called’s, we decided also is returned to Waikiki Shopping Plaza B1 eat package, this last year I on eat had, has steak, chicken row, three paper fish and shrimp of package, staple, and vegetables salad, meat pigment match nutrition also pretty balanced of, at least looks is, I points has chicken row, LG points has steak, per person about 10 knife’s.

Desserts are bingerui melon and banana popsicles, and domestic prices, LG bought at home to eat, but it hurts here, it seems that the environment can change a person’s consumption.

Large amounts of BBQ short rib package, a full four long ribs.