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    From more than 7,000 years ago, the Hemudu culture ruins, ruins of ancient city of more than 2000 years ago, to the Silk Road on the sea, maritime ceramic road, to the Weir water project, century-old Bund, Ningbo has a long and rich history and culture, so had no interest in Ningbo Museum I constantly amazed.

    From architectural style, compared too many mediocre public buildings in the Chinese city, Ningbo Museum really is very different. It building like a boat, said Yamagata, but not the most important. Key to its impressive exterior design, this building all of the exterior walls by shabby brick, Watts valves, constitutes, in some places, even deliberately left a raft on the concrete surface of the rough impression as a building. These decorative walls of millions of brick tiles all from Ningbo, a city the previous city renovation and house demolition, ruins of the old House of tiles, were carefully preserved the architectural design, in the end, used in the exterior of the new building. This new building immediately get a sense of the vicissitudes of history.

    The design of the building is the China Academy of art, creative designer is Mr Wang, abandoned old houses of architectural elements, based on the new architecture without parody of antique and heritage of the traditional charm and a sense of modern, this is Wang’s style. Actually, this is not he in this city left of first Department works, is located in Bund of Ningbo art gallery, is a seat has similar style of building works; also has on in Ningbo Museum opposite of yinzhou Park within, also scattered with several seat body volume is small of building works, they no a not this style, Park within of a seat bar even directly is to with Bacillus subtilis of yellow mud coated wall.

    In the middle part of the second floor, we accidentally discovered a pit where the rest, like traditional architecture of patios, Sun down straight from here, sprinkled on a lush bamboo forest, bamboo forest around, wooden benches–I appreciate the design.

    And some new large Museum, Ningbo Museum, many halls have state of the art lighting equipment, through the three dimensional projection, multimedia materials and convey information; in some places, has been built to simulate scenes in the past, then decorate with lifelike wax figures, was visited by every person has a sense of time and space, as if the dead suddenly returned to the present.

    When I went to Ningbo exhibition and Museum is staging flirting book Poland oil painting exhibition. Two kinds of Chinese and Western style work together, forming a sharp contrast, after reading has the charm of Chinese painting, people, still bathed in Poland painting poetic. This picture below Poland’s work, be able to understand what is mean?

    7,000 years, formation of Ningbo’s ren Jing Xiang, bequeath, leading the trend, managing cultural philosophy; cover 80,000 Li, nurturing the people of Ningbo marine-oriented, Visual world, broader, gritty personality characteristics. Ningbo Museum of design, architectural style also reflects the characteristics of Ningbo people.


Venue: Ningbo Museum

Photo: fire (that is, Yadiel)




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    Ningbo Museum is located in, yinzhou district, first South Road 1000th, (, yinzhou district, Government, and yinzhou Park next), is city “Eleven-Five” focus culture engineering one of, investment 250 million Yuan, accounted for to 60 acres, total area up 30,000 square meters, by Ningbo, and, yinzhou district, two level Government build, while also get has Dong’s Hong Kong Charity Foundation, and Li da three, and Liu Kong love chrysanthemum, both at home and abroad institutions and Ningbo nationality people generous donated. The “new local” architectural styles, particularly attracts people’s attention, and will be the future of Ningbo city “legacy” type of buildings and cultural landscapes.

  Ningbo Museum is open free to the public on December 5, 2008. After the Museum opened, in accordance with State regulations, will be open free of charge (except for part of the introduction of the special exhibitions). Daily opening tentatively scheduled for daily 9:00-17:00 (16:00 votes), Monday (national holidays) closed all day break. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the visit the order and safety of the cultural relics, experience in domestic museums open free, free but tickets, daily limits to distribute free tickets: 3000, group visits can be conducted by telephone, Internet and other means to make an appointment.

  Ticket requirements:

  Daily limits to distribute free tickets: 3000 (make an appointment with an audience of 500 people), handed out so far.

  Audience-site of the day-time receive a free ticket, queue up in the Museum (special cases must present their valid documentation ticket).

  Group visits are available through phone reservations two weeks in advance (full amount), approved by the staff on the day after, first into the Museum. Reservation hotline: (0574) 82815588

  Provisional, special exhibitions to implement market-oriented operation, you want to buy tickets.

  Clinical, half-price discount special exhibition with the following valid documents:

  Old people with old cards

  Active military personnel (including police) Sergeant card, military ID.

  Teachers with teaching certificate.

  Primary and secondary school students, University students (not including adult education, graduate and above) with student cards.

  Bus route Guide:

  Bus route terminus points finish

  650: jishigang bus station Museum in Ningbo (yinzhou District Museum), rili

  Route 635: xingning district East of Ningbo Museum (Museum of yinzhou) Sun

  636: qiaodongsiming, xingning road bridge

  Route 363: higher education district siming road is the main road

  623: Gulin, yinzhou District Government songzhao bridge community

  526: Dawn village in yinzhou District Government Pegasus Conference and Exhibition Center

  Route 205: New Street, yinzhou District Government Pegasus Conference and Exhibition Center