Journey to the a Eagle in Tibet

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

2013-10-14 17:38

Date: October 5, 2013-11:38 fine

Location: Anyang, Henan province

    Wake up, eyes unable to look out of the window the Sun, thinking still frozen, trying to remember where it is?

    24 days of holiday, I do not know where to talk about. Seems like yesterday, like reality, the privilege of time travel makes me feel to see for yourself.

    Tibet: the vast expanse of plateau, blue sky, white clouds, snow mountain, pious creeping visit the temple, the Holy City of Lhasa vividly.

    Nepal: a fascination with the exotic, friendly smiles of the people, all over the Temple Street, enjoy the low prices I have to urge again.

    India: experience of childhood longing for the great sage of India, Peacock Kingdom, the four old mysterious, hundred of foreign invasions and cultural shocks heritage, faithful witness of love Taj Mahal.

    Happiness shared door slowly opened, journey’s destination is irrelevant, is every traveler’s fascination with the process. From two months of preparation before the trip, hard but happy for 24 days, and now writing day and night travel, the time of reveling in the sweet aftertaste of the holiday.

    And people, and, with the King, and love, and, with time and space, with history, culture, and customs, and environment cant expression, exhaustive, if the feeling of wanting to visit the scene, I sincerely hope friends marching pace of our road trip, shared moments!

    This tour reached the following quotes:

    1, the highest form of tourism is a process and not a destination

    2, mind + guts than voice (for outbound foreign language no friends)

    3, as long as your own goodness, good guys than bad guys in the world

    4, cash in his pocket, cell phone and “car” to the Piedmont Road

    5, full of curiosity and the courage to explore the instinct is a good trip and a source of happiness

    Journey to the travel schedule:

  September 11-13th, take the train to Lhasa

     14th-18th, Lhasa, Zhangmu (motor vehicles),

     19th-26th Kathmandu, Pokhara, qitewang (automotive)

     26th-4th New Delhi, Baroda, (aircraft)

     4th—4 day New Delhi, Shanghai and Beijing, Anyang (aircraft)

    View the curtain parted, replay and enjoy


    (Text is the interpretation of a picture or previous picture)

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

Our slogan is: “life is still a struggle” (icons), imagine it must do!

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

The train journey to the

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

Reverie West of the road to see what kind of hardships and dangers, how much beauty and Monster battle! No problem, Goku!

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

When he passed tanggulashankou elevation

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

Entering the North Tibet plateau, and the Lhasa railway station and started oxygen (cell phone photos)


Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet
Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet
Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

    After the Potala Palace Gardens-the Dragon King Lake

  Just like in India dining, first to an appetizer soup, dinner and then

Journey to the (a) Eagle in Tibet

  Some unknown bird

Pilgrims rest in the Sera monastery

Under the glow of the Norbulingka, built in the 1740 of the 18th century (the Dalai Lama VII), is the ancient governance for the Dalai Lama’s summer place is a typical Tibetan style garden.

Norbulingka was turned into a park for the people, it was also called the Norbulingka was “by a water tower, and two rows of handicraft shops, palaces, around the Zoo,” made up of. [4]

Norbulingka area surrounded on all sides with a door, East of the main entrance. Kang Songsi round tower is the most eye-catching front attic, it was originally a Han-style wooden booths, change fix for view theater, East to take a show of open space, dedicated to the theatre with the Dalai Lama. Next to it is Lacan grass cloth in Eden, is the place for a religious ritual.

Before liberation, Norbulingka, the Dalai and the few dignitaries play the rest of the “Summer Palace”, liberation, after repair, new look, there are trees such as pines and 49 species of Peony, peony flowers, such as plants and 62 species of birds and 15 species. Park repair lawn neat flower beds, exquisite and unique gazebo Pavilion, as well as stage and wooden

Telling history: “the three lines will be my teacher”

Chinese Tai Chi Chuan world

Morning show

Norbulingka and the security

Meditation in the Sera monastery

The Longtan Park behind the Potala Palace, a harmonious scene: go and play, flying, and pray.

Ramoche was compact enough, even fire engines are short

BA Jiao Jie Xiang

Hypoxia, leisure-oriented dog (behind many of these photos)

Temple Street, guaranteed you will find all the Buddha


Ramoche Temple silhouette: long prayer, recitation

Ramoche Temple Chinese appellation of “small” is corresponding to the Jokhang Temple and connected with the Jokhang Temple called “lasaerzhao” is well known in the world. In witness whereof, is a Tibetan “night bedroom” transliterations, means Buddha. Tibetan name, “daremuqizulakang”, meaning “Chinese tiger Temple of God.” Locals here in Lhasa called “thermal Mu Qi”, meaning “Han Chinese”.

Ramoche Temple, built in the Tang dynasty, with Jokhang Temple built in the same period, by Princess Wen Cheng du she Tibetan and Han artisans to build the mid-7th century. Imitation of Han and Tang dynasties format when first built, exquisite and magnificent. After several fires burning and repair, building toward the East of the temple. Building toward the East, existing Ramoche late for work, is key in the Gelug sect of the yellow sect of amending the law of the land.

Ramoche Temple incense stretches for more than thousand years. According to the Dalai Lama’s book such as a catalogue of Jokhang Temple: the Ramoche Temple of Lord Buddha 12 life-size for Princess Wencheng brought from Chang an like, Temple of Jokhang Temple for Nepal’s ruler Princess brought from Kathmandu, Buddha stature as the age of 8. After the death of songtsen-Gampo, in accordance with the Princess Wen Cheng’s will, swapping the Jokhang and Ramoche life-size statues of Sakyamuni. Ramoche Temple, also known as key Institute, Tibetan language is called “Bazaar warehouse”, belonging to the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism one of the Tantric College. This is Gelug monk read Buddhist Lama to further education, attend key places, secret Khenpo concurrently on Ramoche chaired.

Faith = happiness

Pretty pictures

Shop featured wood plaque

Poor donkey distribution center. Is the message on the wall, and the spread of modern information science and technology, not even the original method

BA Jiao Jie also has security

Barkhor Street shops

Historical heritage hurrying by

Free leisure

Transfer life: not for this life, but the afterlife

What direction?

Our goal difference

What do you guess he wants to?

In Tibet, the yellow represents the sacred religious color, only the building of temples or monks living can use, bright contrasts is our life

A dignified

Different numbers, different cultures

Ling lang of national commodity everywhere, curious and like to

Famous star majiemi Western store! 2010 road to Tibet has experienced, I feel pretty good!

Just passing through

Barkhor Street panorama map

Barkhor Street, also known as bajiao Street, located in Lhasa’s old town, is the famous road and commercial center in Lhasa, more complete preservation of the traditional look of the ancient city, and mode of living. Barkhor Street just a single turning the road surrounding the Jokhang Temple, Tibetan people, called “St.” Gradually extended to around the large legacy of the old quarter around the Jokhang Temple. Barkhor Street from Barkhor Street East, Barkhor Street, Barkhor South Street and Barkhor Street formed Street ring of a polygon, circumference of about more than 1000 square meters, large street crossings, street 35.

Profile of the Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple, also known as the “Zu Lakang”, “night’s health” (Tibetan Buddhist temple), located in the old town centre of Lhasa, is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, built in the Tang Zhenguan 21 years (647) is a Tibetan king songtsan Gambo built to commemorate the Princess to Tibet, Lhasa has “holy land,” Fitch, about the statue. Temple was initially called “pizza” pizza and went on to become the city’s name, and evolved into the present “Lhasa”.

Jokhang Temple has a history of more than 1300 years, supremacy of position in Tibetan Buddhism. Jokhang is Tibet’s most brilliant period of Tibetan architecture, wood frame construction of Tibet’s first soil and created a temple of the Tibetan Plains Council regulation.

Central Jokhang Temple in the Centre Gautama Buddha ring known as “SAC profile” ring round the walls outside the Jokhang Temple called “Barkhor” radiates Street outside the Jokhang Temple called “Barkhor Street” Barkhor Street. Jokhang Temple as the Center, the Potala Palace, medicine Shan, Ramoche Temple included a loop called “Lin profile.” This three-ring from the inside out, are Tibetan prayer ceremony of course.

Jokhang Temple combines Tibetan and Tang, Nepal, and India’s architectural style, Tibetan religious buildings of historic models.

In front of the temple where incense all day, devout believers bowed down in front of the granite on the floor left a deep impression of the long head of life-size. Thousands of butter lamps long out, leaving traces and pilgrims of time.

Various modes of worship,

Quiet dogs to meditation

Sera monastery old Lama residence

Tibetan restaurant: “family dinner”

If you know the recent situation in Tibet, you know what is Drepung monastery

Drepung monastery in Tibet one of the six major temples, formerly known as lucky the eternal cross triumphant, Tibetan “DUI MI SI” or “product m Temple”, Tibetan name meaning “auspicious accumulate m cross triumphant.” Building in the western suburbs of Lhasa, about ten kilometres of Wu Zi in the southern slope of the AO, by a disciple of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the yellow sect drop Yang Qu Ji-zhaxibandan created in the year 1416. Before liberation the monastery monks more than 10,000 people, is the biggest temple of Tibetan Buddhism. Has 141 estates with more than 540 more pasture, is the biggest temple of Tibetan Buddhism.

Drepung monastery is the monasteries of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Ganden monastery, Sera and collectively known as the three major monasteries in Lhasa. Under the more PI Wu Zi Shan is located in the western suburbs of Lhasa. The whole monastery in large-scale, row upon row of white buildings covered hillside near the mountain, looking like a giant m, hence the name Drepung. Drepung, Tibetan “m poly”, a symbol of prosperity, the Tibetan name meaning “auspicious accumulate m cross triumphant Zhou”, which is the highest status in the Gelug monastery.

Deep into the mysterious hinterland of the Drepung monastery, unusually quiet alley and an occasional hurried past Lama, Millennium ancient temple reveals a blast of cold. Through a inhabited rusty bars to peep, dark dark, involuntarily and flee. Blue sky and white clouds, colorful building have given me the courage to continue to watch, so I took these beautiful views.


Doors single sentient species of Tibetan architecture, varied, colorful and magnificent. This architecture only under blue sky and white clouds on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau can also play most people forget.

Sera I savored more local beauty essence of an alien culture, amazing human greatness and wonder.

Full name of Sera “salad Mahayana Temple”, and Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism, one of the six main temple. Drepung monastery, Ganden monastery known three major temples in Lhasa, is one of the three major temple built in the late. The salad is located in the northern suburbs of Lhasa by 3-kilometer Wu Zi foothills, Liulin around everywhere, living Buddha monk lecture since ancient times (defence site).

Ming 17 years (1419), disciple of Tsongkhapa Jiang Qin Jie built in the Ming dynasty xuande nine-year (1434). After Crimson Chin but Jie was called to Beijing, kindness King. Back to the hidden treasures such as qinci like in the temple, remains. Temple has stuttered, maiba, Abbas three stores (House). In its heyday the temple monk more than 8,000 employees, slightly inferior to the Drepung monastery.

Sera preserved tens of thousands of King Kong statues, mostly for local production in Tibet. And many are from mainland China or India of the bronze statues. Hall and the bunker walls of the mosque holds a large number of original color murals. Statues of the most famous is the Hall of “Ma Tau Ming King”. Four JI bin, go straight into the Hall, past a row of small temple, the inside is. When will head into a small shrine, head touches the base of the statue.

Miao yin Temple, Sera monastery (a loss. Main building of coqen (Assembly Hall), Ji Zacang, maizhacang, abazhacang and the 32 community health village. Early buildings in maizhacang and abazhacang as the Center, after successive revisions and expansion, with today’s scale, so no overall planning on the layout. Sera monastery building dense and heavy, complex and not random in accordance with local conditions, the main highlight, reflect the unique style of Gelug monastery, all a religious city.

What do you want me to say?

Can’t help but join in turning the tide

Again the spirit than substance

Open Hall waiting for our arrival, departure, arrival, departure … …

We know that you are working hard!

Debate by, but now shows compositions very strong, good, after all, is a reconstruction of the history.

Now you learned!

Leisure is a kind of beauty

Nepal visa Consulate in Lhasa

At the Chinese border at Zhangmu port stop visa

This place must be to drive Alice, today the patency of the Sichuan-Tibet line, the Qinghai-Tibet line is how many people his life in Exchange for, cherish the memory of fallen martyrs, and comfort the grieving by the spirit of, is the value of life is not easy!


Group photo in front of the Potala Palace, author. Common ground: his face brimming with happiness!

 With yak butter tea with a toast to the past

Jokhang Temple that will be ending tomorrow will be better!

Old friends from home again

Happy symbol of the city

Solemn memories no one narrative, the hard reality is everywhere to say.

Potala Palace at night

Beautiful yamdrok Lake feel than Nam far, most notably on the background there is no snow, reduced the, benevolent

On his way to Zhangmu port, beauty can take care

Tashilhunpo Monastery, Temple of Sakyamuni, and another has been kept Temple of the Panchen Lama, Tibetan relics in the flesh.

Tashilhunpo Monastery can be comparable with the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace. And Lhasa of “three major” Gandan Monastery, Sera monastery, Drepung monastery, known of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism, “four great temple”. Four major monastery and Qinghai Kumbum monastery and Labrang Monastery in Gansu province along the Gelug of “six major temple”. Tashilhunpo Monastery is one of the six monasteries of rhubarb in China.

Then a beauty photo

Took the dog, finally feel that coming, “don’t go!”

With beautiful vibrant flowers, suddenly felt the presence of life

“On the road”

: Is the eye behind the lens of photography found beauty, beautiful scenery can be found everywhere on the road, give away every memory pictures

Trip in China the last photo

Goodbye, camphor wood! We are about to embark on a foreign country with open Nepal dream tour.

September 18, 2013, today is we married 25 annual anniversary, is we after day of running, from Lhasa to Shigatse again to camphor, and from appreciate along wonderful scenery to overlooking Everest, and from in elevation 5000 meters of Himalayas Shang ride Moon (August 15) to intoxicated in Sunset sprinkled in continuous snow of sunset afterglow, and from fog in the shuttle in nyalam thousand years trail Shang to stepped with drizzle into mountain camphor, completed has Eagle in Tibet of perfect journey, this is a how romantic, and Unforgettable anniversary!