Kingdom of beauty Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour


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The beauty of the Lake, have seen as early as a few years ago.

Since the first play after the Lake, go at least once a year.

The same place, the same way, but has a different mood, different experience!

Special thanks to “Volkswagen” invitation, participated in their “New Passat” new car test drive car 5th tour Lake depth.

I drive to Lake 3 times before, are from 4-day trip, returned to Chengdu is really hard on the last day, specially arranged a 5 day trip, very easy!

Aerial trailers

Peninsula League

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

Village League

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

New Passat team

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

Lugu Lake

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour


Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

Leading to Lugu Lake Road

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

League b

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

Village League

Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour
Kingdom of beauty | Lugu Lake 5th days self drive tour

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Lugu Lake Road


Lake star

Before sunrise the milky way

Lugu Lake time-lapse Photography

Lugu Lake time-lapse Photography: (question about delayed photography, welcome to my app: 595993059; Or micro-public number: bblxsy)

About travel

Conventional itineraries are generally 4 days at the Lake, but if you want to drive it easy, five days is more appropriate

Our schedule is as follows:

D1: – Xichang Chengdu – yaan-the asbestos (500km)

Tour: 6 hours  

Road conditions: full speed

Accommodation: Park oak xichangqiong beach resort

D2-the yanyuan-Lake, Xichang (265km road)

Stroke: 5 hours  

Road conditions: road (now Lake Road have all been repaired in Xichang, the car no problem)

Accommodation: in the Red NET outside the boutique hotel


D3 Lake day tour (70km)

Stroke: 5 hours    

Road conditions: Lake Road (good pavement, narrow, bumpy road)

Accommodation: in the Red NET outside the boutique hotel

D4 – yanyuan—Lugu Lake, Xichang   

Stroke: 5 hours

Road conditions: backtrack

Accommodation: Park oak xichangqiong beach resort

D5: – asbestos–Xichang Chengdu

Tour: 6 hours

Road conditions: full speed

About photography


Full frame DSLR: Canon 5D mark2+24~105/F4

Aircraft: Elf 3 Silver Edition

Accessories: tripod, cable release (Star)

Star photography

To Lake don’t miss Lake of the stars. Conditional to avoid light pollution to the far places of the village, after 12:00 go out without conditions, the lights of the village at this time were almost all closed.

Starting in June until the autumn, to star the best time to shoot, almost the entire Galaxy in the sky at night, than the winter a lot.

Stars shooting Tips:

A … the weather is much better, the best will be able to see with the naked eye stars

B. tripod, cable release, camera if you have open reflector preloading feature, lens image stabilization turned off, and manual focus.

C … looking for good prospects (very important, just the stars, is also less)

D. lens is best to use a wide angle and about wide about good. Personal preference 14~24 the focal length. Just can’t afford to buy this lens.

E. darker places as possible, away from light pollution.

F. shooting star ISO 6400, Aperture at maximum. If 1.4 Prime see 2.8 fit, no more than 30S,15~20S shutter is appropriate.

D … If you want shot of orbital’s best high-speed continuous shooting + post production method, ISO can be reduced to ensure quality, shutter speed can be extended. (Orbital is better to the North Star as a reference point, finding the North Star mobile app software can be used: to Apple star walk; Android Google star map)


Lugu Lake photography

Really good film shooting in Lugu Lake, a day is definitely not enough. But most of the people like me, only one time at the Lake. I am here to share, my what is a typical day in the Lake.

A … get up at 5 o’clock in the morning began to Inn shooting star, taken 8 Sunrise, 9 points out of the Inn to Terminal shoot seagulls.

(Remember the body with a little bread, pastries, sub sea gulls eat, naturally have a large group of seagulls circled)

B. + walking marriage of caohai bridge (if you fall overboard, featured a morning walking marriage bridge)

Winter grass and walk bridge is definitely a focus of Lugu Lake photography marriage, everyone prefers the morning walking marriage bridges, quiet.

Grass near several villages, burning something in the morning, so the whole in the caohai morning smog, very beautiful. If playing with time-lapse Photography, can go to marriage in the morning bridge observation deck seats and see entire wedding Bridge 1.1 points of exposure in the Sun. About 10 or so, bridge many people getting married.

C. zhaojiawan gods (good afternoon light)

Here is a good place to Lugu Lake panorama

D. + lovers Beach goddess mountain cableways

I am to lovers beach this afternoon, that portrait is also good in the afternoon, the goddess mountain cableway 90 Yuan, can take the Lake panorama, I did not, would not comment.

E. pass in ligedao Lake panorama shooting, I think it was after 4 o’clock in the afternoon light and beautiful. Directly after finishing fell back, almost 5:30 to sunset village from drowning in the Lake.

About car

The New Passat:

Visit provide 2016 new cars are Volkswagen Passat, this car has new exterior and interior design, equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist system, first introduced by high-tech configuration. Our trip to Lake drive, but also adds a lot of fun.

About the accommodation

This trip, in Xichang and Lugu Lake two places need accommodation.

Xichang: Qionghai Bay Cedar Oaks Resort

The hotel was very good, every time I go to Xichang lived here, in Qionghai Lake side environment is very good


League red NET boutique hotel

Very stylish hotel, located in the village, renovation of the distinctive, the problems are far from the Lake.

Asbestos – D1 Chengdu-Xichang

Our caravan park near a metro station in the morning based on the collection

Along the way through into the elegant West high speed all the way to Xichang. Apart from asbestos in the Middle eating lunch outside, always at high speed!

On the highway, the team is neat with the pilot back

At high speeds for a long time, there will be a little sleepy, smoke perk.

High-speed capture our fleet of brand new Passat, pretty cool!

Ya, worthy of being called rain city, each time after ya all Misty Rain.

The world’s highest bridge piers of bridges–Laba catty.

Front seems to have large truck was broken, or this season is actually very little traffic.

Asbestos after lunch, we continued driving towards the direction of Xichang.

Falls out of the Chengdu basin, smog, air permeability of many.

Capture a team behind us!

Arrived in Liangshan prefecture’s capital – Xichang

Quickly put the luggage room, quickly go out for food.

Xichang of Sichuan known for gourmet, many people came to Xichang in addition to Sun, eat!

Hibachi Grill, Xichang is the most representative of the cuisine.

A fire Bowl, several big bamboo, lump meat, the rough way, represents people in Liangshan and unrestrained personality.

Night eating a Brazier Grill, themselves almost into bacon.


After breakfast in hotel

We continue to go.

Today’s destination is Lake

But the road, we still have a public activity to do, is go to the Johnson Library for local children to “Volkswagen” purchasing books.

From Xichang to Johnson, this section of the highway, there are many windmills along the spectacular

Volkswagen joint “spring public Union” dechang County library book donation activities to help local children feel the pleasure of reading, creating a comprehensive reading atmosphere.

Volkswagen of different remote areas for each year left-behind children, provide assistance for the elderly help

After the donation ceremony, the team continued marching to the Lake.

From Xichang to Lugu Lake, are dominated by the mountain, jump during yanyuan mountains when it encountered heavy fog, the New Passat LDW lane keeping system configuration, BSD intellectual blind spot monitoring system, DLA intelligent high beam lights and other configurations are made to protect the safety.

6 o’clock in the afternoon, finally arrived at the gates of Lugu Lake in Sichuan province.

Start with a photo … …

Lugu Lake in the end of April, was green and lush green.

Willow had green on both sides of the road to Ecstasy

When I drove to the Lake and smaller partners already excited, no

Car pictures

After pictures taken 10 minutes, we continue to drive Inn

Neat fleet of sailing across the Lake on the Lake Road

The Lake in the afternoon, as static and a mirror of the Lake.

Passing tree lovers when I snapped a photo in the car.

When the team into the League when the viewing platform above the peninsula

Is the beauty of the Lake shocked back into a

This time is the most beautiful Lake light moments.

Everyone stopped his car, ran to the observation deck taking pictures.

Lake’s official portrait.

Every time I had to take a back, though each time is different.

Peninsula League

Is the Lake one of the most iconic place

Night we stayed in the League’s Inn

The Hotel looks new no, most recommended room is warm!

Lugu Lake is quite cold at night, so also is very important.

Hotel is also equipped with a humidifier, the Lake is a very dry place. This hotel is quite good.

Hotel restaurant is also unique!

D3 Lugu Lake

Lake than mild during the day, quiet beautiful!

I prefer the Lake at night, atmospheric, mysterious!

Lake of stars, is one of the most beautiful stars in Sichuan.

The milky way clearly visible in the sky.

Morning, Galaxy fade slowly, Venus slowly rises from the horizon, this kind of beauty, words cannot express.

Lugu Lake Galaxy

The Big Dipper

Lake Sunrise

After the sunrise in the morning, starting around the Lake

Our convoy on the road around the Lake, here is our League

Weather is still very nice

Windy, the Lake has a layer of small waves!

Lake blue, with small fresh green

Noon lunch we came to Lugu Lake caohai Los WA Terminal here already belongs to Sichuan, Yunnan is indeed less developed in comparison, because when I was 4 years ago, almost.

Remember the first time I came to Lugu Lake is also in this season, is full of small flowers on the mountain, very nice!

Also here believe in Tibetan Buddhism, White Tower and flags, are also very common.

Walking marriage Bridge:

After lunch, we drove to the grass.

Bridge is the Mosuo marriage dating place, Lugu Lake Mosuo people adhere to the “men don’t marry, women don’t marry” and “walking marriage” custom.

However, I think the bridge is the most beautiful point of marriage, or should we look down from high places

The sweetheart tree

Goddess of the mountain

The past few days, most hard is our new PA.

Is also good to shoot some photo of it in the Lake.

D4 Lake-the yanyuan-Xichang

Lake on the last day of

Lugu Lake has taken countless times, feels pretty much the same!

This point ready for a shoot!

In the Upper Peninsula League

Team photo

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake

New Passat team

League b

Village League

The Lake in the morning, very quiet

League of colorful boats, to this blue world adds a touch of color.

Staying at the Lake for a little while, just about to take off to Xichang.

Along the way are all back, not just to the excitement, quiet a lot.

Afternoon to Xichang, also lived in Cedar Oaks Resort hotels in Qionghai

The weather is very good, Qionghai Lake became extremely beautiful

Bougainvillea near Qionghai Lake, driving is very beautiful

Evening at Xichang, a Yi ethnic restaurants, and several friends prank!!!

D5 – Xichang Chengdu

Experience a hanyuan beef hot pot on the last day.

High speed in attendance from nine, all beef all the way, featured food of Sichuan television station, CCTV also recommend delicious food!

Anyway, than a great! People how bold, how much feeling!

However, taste really good!!


This time, the clear Lake has gradually lost its color of the year!

With the opening of Lugu Lake Airport, depression with Lijiang … …

More and more pubs, bar in Lugu Lake projects.

Don’t want the Lake to be the next double porch, into one big site! But economic development! Inevitably, at the expense of the environment!

I’m just glad that I’ve been here, seen that is very beautiful, very quiet little Lake!