Mao Lily family fun to form a natural Island far away from the noisy

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Used to travel for two, but some heart felt really occurs after having children. Her first cry, the first Twitter, first smile, first step, everything, God of magic.

I’m in love: “any preaching is not an experience, an in-depth walking inside. “If time is infinite, and I will take her to walk every street Lane, close to nature, to see the world. Then, after she reached the age of one, I began planning a family fun for the first time.

“Chapter one: the Sun first impressions”

Speaking of suburban tourism in Shanghai, you’ll have lots of choices. Qingpu district, said, the first thought is she Shan, Happy Valley which is more well-known scenic spots.

However, by chance, an article entitled Shanghai South-West corner of “Xanadu,” the article, quickly caught my eye. Article focuses on the Shanghai Sun island resort located close to the ancient town zhujiajiao, rich tourism resources and a natural Island, especially the new “family fun kid stuff”, in terms of layout, equipment characteristics, are fully in line with my expectations, as if seeing a unique tourist attraction on the outskirts of Shanghai. And so, on a sunny weekend, three of us, hand in hand, off.

Shanghai Sun island resort located next to the famous zhujiajiao, about 45 km from the city centre. From where we drove to Shanghai PuTuo district, on the ring, turned the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway to the G50, huyu Expressway, under the zhufeng into Shen road, approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes by car.

Entering the gate, a Villa room design, full modification of leisure and relaxation. And the whole town covered with lush greenery, and covers an area of about 2400 acres and contains a natural hot spring, put your green stay far away from the noisy, looking for comfortable leisure time.

Scattered throughout the resort there are 453 European Villas located in the greenery around, Mao river banks of lying, enjoys a quiet!

Room distribution, Island Deluxe: 190 rooms, Club Deluxe: 10 suites, Club Suites: 33 rooms, Club Villas: 2, island Villa: 13 buildings, as well as a child’s parent-child room: 3 rooms, rich room type design, whether you are on a family holiday, couples vacation or corporate event, there is always a right for you.

Driving into the resort from the gate, there are clear signs, not afraid of getting lost. Friends can also take a bus park by car, free to send you to the room. When the Sun, you can also play with a baby playing on the slide, many children’s Park Resort can enjoy the wonderful afternoon.

“Chapter II: parent-child early Villa experience”

Parent a child’s room is the room of Sun Island recently launched, only 3, but very hot. Appearance is similar to other room type. It is worth mentioning that, each villa is independent parking spaces and elaborate staircase design, people will soon have a sense of belonging.

Room we stayed in was No. 3504, is on the edge of a building. Pushed open the door and entered, and was the sight of frightened, far more than is childlike, it’s every angle is full of love.

Villa is a room design, construction area: 71 m², spacious enough. First seen from the living room, a special sight is that of small tents, but at home it can and the baby missing.

Then sofa and small ornaments of the giraffe is just a small, totally cute to heart.

Remember when we were young we all play the game what? Yes, flight game, did not throw 6 is not difficult to do? There are toys in the living room corner, carpet flying game, not just babies, adults can also be fun.

Lamp is a cute monkey, Yes!

Flying chess top storage bag, you thought it was just good looks, that’s completely false! Sparrow is not small, is complete. There is a wide range of story books, can meet the needs of baby before going to bed to listen to a story his mother.

To look on the left hand side, is the tables and counter space. As a parent, tableware but also a variety of exquisite, drawing cartoon pattern on the wall, and the integration of the colours in the room and complement each other.

There are so many small details worth mentioning, such as on the refrigerator stickers, Moon age of baby things to meet the needs of particular control in Chinese and English, it feels like the internationalization.

Rooms are various kinds of tea and drinks, some soda in the fridge, are included in the price!

Introduced so much, saying that these are only the living room, the room looks like?

1.8 m + 1.2 m twin bed combination meets the sleep needs of a family of three, is enough to turn.

Color scheme of the entire carpet and drapery, is my favorite combination of Japanese-style and printing, warm earthy colors.

It’s called happy, grinning.

Closet Japanese style sliding door structure, bathrobe hanging neatly inside, if reality had a shirt, prepared the irons can also be used here.

Desks and TVs are quietly waiting for you, functional, needless to say, very beautiful. It is worth mentioning that, the corners of the table guests crashworthy design, prevent babies running all over the room when hit, it is supposed to be all MOM loves it.

There have been a hotel room was beautiful, but be ideal bathroom space. However, Sun Island, this give me too much surprise place still didn’t let me down, all the bathrooms are brands like Kohler.

Toilet is everyone going to Japan Rob, you can always flushes the high-end goods, it also has a baby.

Tub clean, there’s little yellow babies favorite toy duck, baby was glad not to take a bath.

The towel that babies and adults are separated, also have their own cute baby face wipes and towels.

Weather in Shanghai in March, big temperature difference between day and night, but we were in the room wore unlined, facilities of the hotel not only have air conditioning and heating, even if the winter is not cold yet.

“Chapter III: Lego you take me down”

Speaking from Denmark’s LEGO toy, when I was a kid, that is reward exam 100 points will have, as well, so young never had! However LEGO has been with me growing up, in my mind, they are symbols of happiness, is a creative future.

In my daughter’s toy corner and sell a bunch of snowflakes, I found a box of LEGO figure, you know how much this surprise? So, I together with Mr Mao, my daughter at any time under the destruction, took 1 hour, building completion of the farm, was filled with satisfaction.

In addition to building the finished product so intoxicated with the “parent company” of the process. Although the baby is too small will not play, but she knows your company, is full of presence. We often say that what is the purpose of family fun, not far from where is not to experience how luxury, but to spend time with, holding her little hand, and see the outside world with her.

“The fourth chapter: amazing taste buds-Braised rice”

Heard island and culinary team follows the “from farm to table” eating philosophy, their restaurants have chosen to grow their own organic vegetables, specifically for health and taste buds of travelers are blueprints for planning a healthy diet.

In the two-day, one-night trips, we at Sun Island tasting organic hot pot and a healthy buffet breakfast, my daughters eye completed properly tell you how is the taste.

Waterfall restaurant is our dinner spot, located on the front left hand side, on the first floor. Restaurant taste authentic cuisine and Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea sign “Thai health organic hot pot.” Of course the weather is warm, or outdoor grill.

On the layout of the restaurant, filled with a Western style, there was a United States country sense of cool.

Before the meal, not too many people. Recommended by 18:00.

Thai organic small hot pot, is one of, and need to be booked in advance, the waiter can come to you in order, prepared sauces and dishes. It seems to me, color is so healthy.

Vegetables and seafood combinations, just right, so even the girls to lose weight, you can safely eat.

Since having a baby, will also pay more attention to organic vegetable choices, especially the baby’s digestive system has not developed in normal food supplement will also pay attention to choose organic vegetables. First try to use organic vegetables to eat hot pot, listening to will be expected.

Restaurant to prepare baby braised pork on rice, baby we can eat is limited, so I tried it for her. Don’t eat do not know, what a wonderful world. Braised Pork rice tastes amazing, Taiwan braised pork on rice, feature is that meat and gravy, sauce sweet and not greasy, meat weight and color bar da, so, do you want to lick the screen.

In addition to the optional small pot for dinner, Mao cafeteria breakfast is usually arranged in long, Chinese and Western buffet breakfast. Restaurant is located on the left hand side of the second floor in the lobby, a long staircase, you can see the restaurant’s door, admire the scenery while having breakfast, where a beautiful day opened!.

Breakfast time is 07:00-09:00, from hotel to restaurant, normal, short buses within the zone needs to be done, so, don’t stay in bed, Oh. Because it is a weekday morning, meals not many tourists, can work well to enjoy the comfort of this short.

Buffet is not small, breakfast is very good. Regular salad, egg, food, bread, fruit, and so on can all meet.

The children slept good, wake up refreshed and eat it.

Dad love the Sesame-vegetable pasta, are doing well, of course there are also egg bread, eat full stomach.

“The fifth chapter: Thai town is natural”

Recreational facilities is concerned, there famous natural hot springs and of course Thai health farms, because babies love so kind nature’s farm, has become our first choice.

Farms cannot drive, must sit the hotel by bus. Approximately 10 minutes drive, North of the resort.

Fun activities that can be selected in the farms, and no less, in the Lake a Pavilion along the walk, you can pull up fishing nets.

Children naturally love of animals and nature, and really came to the farm he huan. Animal friends on the farm of pigs, goats, rabbits, and so on, can feed under the guidance of the staff.

About in the morning, animals do not enter the idle state, all alive and scurrying around, the baby is also the first time I saw this not the same group of friends, happy surprise.

Like rabbits, because his father of the child is a rabbit.

In addition to small animals, and a variety of vegetables on the farm, restaurant mentioned here are used to grow their own organic vegetables, then here is the garden.

Older children can step onto the basket, go into the vegetable field, understand the effort and hard work in the Sun, in between playing the moment farmer. Farming experience, could feel a strong sense of too much than the books.

Walking through a green field, meet a central rape. Although not to the flowers of the season, but trance to Wuyuan’s experience. Rape has an implication, though inconspicuous, but the power of the collective is full of Visual impact, people suddenly see the light.

Said, this is really memorable crafts for kids, the fast pace of city life, there is too much to ignore and insignificant, with too much affection was stranded, like nature’s vibrant, as well, to look at it.

“The sixth chapter: I have a pair of diligent hands”

In Thai town, in addition to the natural scenery, activity center, there are many activities to choose from. Vanilla cultivation, polymer clay, hand-DIY, hand-painting of t-shirts, kites, rock painting, and so on. Considering the snacks, and so chose to do a simple love of cookies this activity.

The sun room is Thai Health Center.

Staff will be ready first requires the use of raw materials, such as flour, butter, sugar, milk. Then you need to do is very simple, they rub together.

The age of the children are not enough to do it, stood on tiptoe not see, then simply sat on the desk.

Had also wanted her participation, but picked up her he put into his mouth, so resolute to give up, or do it yourself.

Knead the dough with flour, then mix in an egg, and then continue to rub, rub rub rub.

Next is the rolling stage, strength is limited, so the father. Then you will find that hand suddenly turned black on the screen.

Then on the various shape tools, nice shape.

This time baby ran back and forth in the playroom without a break n long, didn’t take a few pictures, but for a long time, it’s not, she ran to the door.

Well, model is finally completed, 15 minutes to be released, do I look good too. Finished I put the bags, so no pictures.

At this point, enjoy two days and one night of family fun come to an end, on his way back, the baby slept, it must have been enough.


1, traffic information:

For 55 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai, 75-minute drive

About 60 km from Shanghai railway station, 90-minute drive

About 40 km from Shanghai HongQiao international airport and drive about 45 minutes

About 90 km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, drive approximately 100 minutes

2, nearby attractions:

Grand view garden view – 18Km

Oriental OASIS-9km


Chen Yun’s Memorial – 5.5km

Shanghai Auto outlet-18.6km

Fu shou garden – 9.5km

Sheshan – 12.5km

Shanghai Happy Valley – 15km

3, scenic recreational facilities:

Thai health farm: fishing, fishing, planting and harvesting of vegetables, animal feed, crackers DIY

Beach swimmers: sunny beaches, paddle surf, summer summer option

Thai Health Center: vanilla plant, soft/handmade/DIY, hand-painting of t-shirts, kites stone painting,

Yacht: yacht, yacht, island bike/car battery

Featuring: natural hot spring SPA soup House, indoor spa pool, gym

KTV: different theme rooms

Karting: 1.3 kilometer outdoor track

Horse Club: 600-metre runway and jump area

BA Duan Jin

BBQ Grill and picnic

Room of chess and card

4, reference prices:

Family villa weekday price: 988/weekend price between RMB 1088 per room (bedroom)

You can order through the hotel or travel site.

Finally, I wish everyone have a happy holiday!