Marvelous dream Lian Xiang knows how many


Rain reduced jehiel,

Early mist,

Misty rain turned Shui Yun Xiang.


Koi surprise leap

Blue water rippling,

As summer winds send exotic fragrance.


Luo long sleeves,

Pan Feisheng Lotus

Pretty scenery at makeup.


Lian Xiang knows how many in the dream?

A pool of water, cross-strait Hakka.

The most memorable, and landscape Gallery, a paradise on Earth.

Shi Cheng is a city in the southeastern Jiangxi province, Ganzhou city beautiful small town in the Northwest. Because there is Mu Hawthorn, which is known as China’s “white town”. Here is the birthplace of Hakka culture, “Hakka cradle” of the name. With two cards, Shicheng County Tourism is booming. This trip, I have to share your experience, but can show the “outer Lian Xiang” in case of beautiful scenery.

Shicheng introduction guide

About travel

The trip plus roundtrip time, amounted to 4 days, content contains has Shicheng all of essence attractions, big Yu load garden, Babel Zhai, Gan rivers drifting, million acres Alpine grass meadow gossip brain, ancient building South Lu housing, osmanthus housing Gallery, red tourism Shicheng zujizhan Memorial Park, tasting has Shicheng of features food, especially love Lotus Villa of Hakka food full load Banquet, staying has is has features of Jiuzhaigou Spa Hotel, and four star Gan rivers.

Specific arrangements are as follows:

First day: arrival, welcome dinner, Spa, water carnival, staying at Jiuzhaigou hotel and Spa

Second day: Da Yu, Lotus garden, sky village, refined Villa, Gan river rafting, staying at Jiuzhaigou hotel and Spa

Third day: gossip, and Cheng zujizhan Memorial Park, sweet-scented osmanthus, Yong and Park, South cottage, rooms at the Gan River Hotel International

Fourth day: return journey

Overall, the itinerary a bit compact, you can also schedule an extra day or two because as Da Yu, Dutch gardens of this place, for photography enthusiasts, hundred times, but prime time is very limited, knowing a hoot. If the arrangement for a couple more days, make sure you will not regret it.

About traffic

Shicheng County may be unfamiliar for most tourists, and easily confused with Cheng village of Wuyuan in Jiangxi, so I present the details of the next, how can such a beautiful place to get.

The flight

There are five airports in Jiangxi province, Nanchang changbei airport, Ganzhou airport is the most convenient of gold.

Shanghai to Nanchang and Ganzhou flight time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, often with special fares, more common between 300-400 Yuan, plane is a good choice.

Beijing to Nanchang and Ganzhou, the flight time is about 2.5 hours, ticket prices will be relatively expensive, generally in more than 800.

Guangzhou to Nanchang and Ganzhou, about 1.5 hours of flight time, airfares around 500 Yuan.

Then switch the car

Nanchang to Shicheng County cars, for about 4 minutes, the fare is 120 Yuan

Shicheng County of Ganzhou car, approximately 3-4 hours, fares of up to 85, a minimum of 55 Yuan.


Reached Ruijin is the most convenient train station, then by car to stone. Ruijin to stone cars for each half hour class, from 6:40 in the morning, all the way to 17:00, the fare is 23, runs for about 1.5 hours.

Bullet trains, high-speed rail is currently able to reach Nam Cheong or Xinyu.


Shanghai to stone buses, arrived about 12 minutes, the fare is 260 Yuan.

Guangzhou to stone buses, arrived about 9 hours, fare for 245.

Passenger transportation by other city-specific information, please refer to the fortress http://keyun.Shicheng.in/, there is a day of departure times, fares and running time.

Self drive

Shi Cheng opportunites are currently very convenient, G72 Springs South high, G35 Jiguang Expressway, have been Shicheng, North-South thing. And the roads within the County are also very suitable for self-driving tour.

About the accommodation

Shicheng County high school in lower-end hotels have, can be booked in advance, arrive in the destination can also be found. Because it is the county seat, so the price is still very acceptable. Recommend several features of the hotel, for your reference.

Jiuzhaigou hotel and Spa

Five kilometers from the county seat, is a collection of hotels, restaurants, spas, water recreation for the integrated hotel. China unique Canyon hot springs, limestone geological structures designed by imitation of Jiuzhai-huanglong, thermal fog-shrouded, realize celestial beings, is the most important feature of the hotel. Very suitable for traveling, vacation, business meeting people.


Deluxe twin room (468/night),

Deluxe Suite twin (498/night),

Executive Suite (538/night),

Honeymoon suite (568/night),

Deluxe Family Suite (598 Yuan/RMB),

Luxury team room (638 RMB/night)

Note: room prices include Spa and water park tickets and breakfast.

Address: located in Shicheng Jiuzhai village, close to Springs South Jiguang Expressway at the intersection of Guan Qiao exit

Tel: 0797-5763888

Hotel website: http://www.jzwq.com.CN/

Gan River Hotel International

Four star hotel in town, the building is very high in the city, overlooking the charming city of night. Modern, luxurious decor, clean, value for money high, fast chain prices. Hotel front desk service is also great, check-in and check-out are all very quickly, the waiting time is very short. Hotel transportation is convenient, or even in front of the hotel waiting for the bus stop coming.

Address: qinjiangzhen North Road, (next to the Bureau of land and resources)

Tel: 0797-5798888

Love Lotus Villa

In the heaven gate of the walled area, particularly convenient for tourists like Babel Zhai. Now luxury décor, interspersed with Lotus Zen elements, by the guest’s favorite. Hotel restaurant was very good, Fuse feast is a characteristic hotel.

Address: Babel village sights South doorway (Business School of tourism)

Tel: 400-797-3855


By the time we arrived, just met Shi Cheng annual tent Festival. We have no experience, but is also very suitable for camping. After the temperature is much cooler in the evening, accompanied by bursts of wind, smell the fragrant, looking at a sky full of stars, is it is a rare experience to be.

About specialties

Jiangxi cuisine

Apart from the eight dishes, and is very characteristic of the items. Has a long history, taking first, second, third and became a school, renowned at home and abroad. Material widely, ingredients, and focus on knife work, pay attention to flavor, salty and spicy, a farm fried flavor.

Scrambled letters

Dongpo pork

Steamed pork slices with glutinous

Crock soups

Shi Cheng dumplings

All kinds of fish and meat ball

Hakka cuisine

Fuse feast is a Lotus for ingredients, through a variety of cooking techniques, keep the ingredients fresh and fragrant and delicious, with a visual feast.

During subsequent travels, will introduce in detail.

Tour season

Every April, May is gossip, and Mu sea of rhododendron, rhododendron to see visitors, must be at this time. Lotus Flower from June to September, the best time at the end of June to July, to see friends of the residual charge is scheduled for September, was appropriate. The best season of adventures must have heat, so you can according to their own interest, to arrange an appropriate time of. But I can assure you, after you will their hearts, think again.

About scenic spots introduction

Da Yu Cun, Dutch gardens

Is located in Babel Zhai scenic of feet, is located in landscape beautiful big Yu ancient village of hundred acres Lotus sightseeing Park, accounted for to 200 acres, planting ornamental Lotus more than 500 more species, and Babel Zhai geological park, and South Lu ancient housing thaw for one, both thick of traditional charm, and with fresh of modern Lotus Xiang breath, put Hakka city dress up have especially enchanting, a site site “received days Lotus leaves infinite bi, reflected day Lotus different red” of beautiful picture, to people to clear Yi elegant of sense.

Here is Shicheng Mu Lotus pond samples, Lotus cultivation base, some Lotus varieties in China, which can be found here, and some rare varieties abroad.

Sky village

“Thousand Buddha danxia, Babel scenic spot,” said Babel village area, located 5 kilometres southeast of Shicheng County qinjiangzhen da Yu village, in the former village, in Jiangxi province, the provincial forest parks, first provincial geological park in Ganzhou city. Zhai Lord Rock “as two fingers clamped outside, within two and a half over, and look up at the sky heaven” and named, known as “rocks, caves and springs beauty and fragrance, Buddha Shing” reputation. Scenic area of 27.1 square kilometers, the territory of steep rocks, ridges and peaks of CUI Wei, peak 601.7 m above sea level, relative concentration of scenic spots, is punishable by a agriculture, tourism, sports and leisure, geological science and Buddhist pilgrimage recreation complex.

Tongtian rock scenic area

Tongtian rock scenic area

Gan river rafting

Have a reputation for water coaster, the Gan River is located in the beautiful fairy ancient scenic spot, Gan river rafting adventure, wild and fun. It is based on a careful reconstruction of the natural valleys and streams, on the premise of ensuring security, which retains Grand Canyon rafting original wild, and greatly enhance the adventure. Water cold, clear water was good for summer heat.

Gan river rafting

Gan river rafting


Gossip head scenic area is located in Gao Tian Zhen Xin ping Cun, located in Shicheng County, Northeastern, 33 km from the county seat. Gossip brain has a million acres of Alpine meadows and broad vision, on Sky one, gorgeous view. 4 a year, in May, the pastures surrounding acres of wild azaleas, became one of the most romantic wilderness camping. (This picture is from the network)

Shicheng County revolutionary martyrs Memorial Hall

Shicheng County are an important part the Central Revolutionary base area during the second revolutionary, was long an important point of departure. Museum of three floors, the first, second floor for Shicheng revolutionary martyrs Memorial Hall, the third Shi Cheng Memorial Hall of zujizhan. Shi Cheng sniper were exhibited at the Museum focused on war, Red Army was born, secret vaults of the National Bank, and so on. Since the Museum has received a larger audience, has become to collect, research, advocacy, education and tourism as one of the important bases for patriotic education.

Sweet-scented osmanthus

Provincial-level cultural relic protection units in Jiangxi province, is the only well preserved Hakka Shicheng town, is a typical representative of Hakka in the Qing dynasty, embodies the unique architecture of the Hakka culture, and as the young King of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Hong Tiangui Fu cell. The House is brick and wood, hanging Hill, three two-cross houses, patios, later the main house, rooms on both sides, front and rear gardens, lintel incised regular script “forever” Word, year for “Xian Feng Xinhai year” (1851).

Yong and Yuan

Tower located in Bao Fu Yong and Yuan Yuan, covers an area of 20 MU, building area of 15000 square meters, with the theme of cultural tourism industry, services, hotel, business, features-platform integrated industrial park. Hakka Yong and Yuan the whole building full of rich traditional style, exhibition on the first floor inside Hall shows the ink stone, brush and stones, carving, calligraphy and painting, and many other collectibles, handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques Gallery on the second floor in the antique sculptures.

Nan lu

South is a typical Hakka cottage house wooden patio-style brick building, five into Hall, a two-tier structure. No use for steel and concrete, use screws nails, but to build a 99 and a half Grand, interlinked, Gallery galleries connected winding, haunting, exquisitely carved and stood after almost 300 years of wind and rain. In front of the House there is a half-moon pond dug, water wide, calm as a mirror, large estates, back mountain reflections, stalagmites, like a natural picture.

Note: the above information is from the network

Ticket information

Sky village:

Opening hours: October-April May: 8:00-17:00;6-month-September: 6:30-19:00.

Ticket price: 60 Yuan

About 2-3 hours available.


Gan river rafting:

Ticket prices:

Full float: 198 Yuan/person

Free float: RMB 138/person

The distance is 5 kilometers, need to be available for about 2 hours. Free drift away about half. Takes about 1 hour.



Ticket price: 85 Yuan, currently accessible only on the scenic box office.


Remaining for free tourist attractions.

Said Cheng

Shi Cheng, get to swimming.

Lake levels in the great ten, new leaf green Shu Tien Tien. 

Cover blue green water, fresh hibiscus red. Under and Lotus root, Lotus and head on.

Moon water, pour in the pond. Water, along with night of dancing daffodils. Good piece of Moonlight.

Shi Cheng must Ascend.

Even Miss Dale azalea, it doesn’t matter. Thousands of acres of Alpine meadows, I am at an altitude of 1314 meters altitude, waiting for you to come!

Travel is a song, each fragment is one note, is happy, to meet you!

“Stone blue” under the blue sky, tree • Tower and hope, witnessed the rise and fall of the city changes and vicissitudes.

Shi Cheng, must swim Babel’s village.

There is a vast, called Babel’s village. Blue sky, green sea of Red stone, Babel, and more to the human heart.

Listen! Wind-rolling green waves, surface water of mountain soul here to have a home.

Look! Clear, pure blue sky, billowing clouds surge. Heat eliminate.

Blue water Red Mountain reflected sky, danxia landform in the most amazing, people mind for free.

South of sunset cottage house, covered with sunset came in Golden dress. Smoke. Disturbing the still pond, a few swimming duck, rippling up … …

Origin of Hakka culture.

After 300 years of Hakka houses stand. Opening to the majestic atmosphere, twists the back bar. Eaves intrigue, bar decorated with dragons and phoenixes, exquisite carving.

On Day 1 the water carnival, Jiuzhaigou hotel and Spa

The first day we arrived at dinner time. Such a wonderful welcome dinner, makes me appreciate the characteristic of Jiangxi cuisine and Hakka cuisine, feel the hospitality of the family.

A big table full of dishes and colorful, mix meat, Bon appetite. I picked a few characteristics, high face value of food to introduce.

Griddle cooked Bacon, Jiangxi cuisine main flavor in it. Bacon salt, dried red pepper spicy, served with fresh cucumber slices, let us eat a bite from a mobile.

Bamboo is a common dish in the South. Core-tender bamboo shoots, entrance at the beginning seemed to feel the fragrance of bamboo, a cold heart. Jiangxi cuisine and Cantonese food stick to light different flavor/Jiangsu cuisine, bamboo shoots and fresh taste, thick spicy-smelling, but eat more spicy mix taste many southerners arrived also.

Fish ball soup, absolute representative dishes in a Hakka family. In the us for the next two days, each dish will eat all kinds of fish meatballs.

Delicate fish, is pure hand-made with fresh fish, do not add any starch and other sticky substance entirely continue to beat to make it stick together, then squeezed into a ball. Served with delicious wild mushroom soup, from raw materials to craft perfect impeccable. A bowl of good?

Trotters braised in soy sauce, simmer for a long time, let it mouth, fat but not greasy. Aromatic taste, memorable, and rich in collagen, I gotta eat, filled. Men eat better, little meat is in fashion now.

Fried chicken giblets. Fried, crisp and delicious, very tasty. Peppers and fresh bamboo shoots, is my ability to eat spicy food and some resistance to live. Should be best for matching beer, are a good side dish.

Duck sauce, raw material is free-range duck meat is firm and delicious, tasted so authentic food in the city.

The ganjiang River fish braised in soy sauce, melted the ganjiang River fish braised in soy sauce, Atsumi delicious, served with green and red chili Edamame and green color, so mix, great visual effects. And Edamame with the flavor of the fish, the fish smell and clever is neutralized by bean, taste praising.

After a big dinner, why is digestion? Play here is the legendary “Jiuzhai Spa”. Jiuzhaigou Canyon Hot Springs Spa in Jiangxi is most famous.

Bai Juyi of the everlasting: “cold gave Huaqing hot spring, which warmed and smoothed the creamy-tinted crystal of her skin”.

Li longji had snow in poetry of the Tang:

No spring ice, better known out Jing.

Table ruiliang hereby, Shuji you have found your Hermitage.

Visible for the love and understanding of the efficacy of Spa, famous in ancient times. Hot Springs rich in minerals, illnesses and recover from fatigue, stress, and are very healthy for the body.

In order to respect to bathing tourists, did not take pictures of the day. That night we focus on experience in beautiful hot springs, later photos are re shooting in the morning of the next day.

Jiuzhaigou Valley Hot Springs has dozens of large and small ponds. Is divided into East Pakistan water, the five elements SPA pools, Spa countercurrent pool, signature massage pools.

East limestone deposits of water is the imitation of the Jiuzhaigou-huanglong geologic structure constructed pools of different sizes, bubble pools along the mountain down the layers, bottom is sky blue, and Turkey’s Istanbul feels a bit alike. Ponds on both sides of lush trees, Springs rising from heat, make people feel in deep valleys, the misty fairyland.

Continue to go from the East water is a square pool, very Japanese style. Backed by the mountains, surrounded by green trees, privacy is good. After eight or nine o’clock at night, you can see a sky full of stars. To completely relax mind.

Next to the Tai Chi element pools.

Taiji, the mother of yin and Yang. The five elements, blending of yin and Yang is born. Tai Chi pool and pool through the five elements, deduced the nature of all things road, Memorial Sage wisdom, must have realized something. Wood, fire and Earth ponds each one, is surrounded by Tai Chi Chi. This is a kid favorite, because sitting in the pool, one can as the water flows slowly rotate.

Followed by a second courtyard, there are three main square ponds, pools of red wine, lavender pond, Angelica pools, have a corresponding medicinal effect. Seating area next to the stone bath, hot stone, can well promote metabolism, improves the body’s blood circulation, flush out toxins, and Turkey bath has the same essence.

Countercurrent pool’s main role is to increase strength, improve heart and lung functions, improve the skin keratinocytes. Then you can go to the waterfall area, cause any drops of water slapping people scattered to form anions, have a calming effect. Is said to eliminate migraine headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort of living brain cells, promote the blood circulation.

Finally came to the signature massage pool, the pool is through water impact, and massage effects.

Bubble Spa, also can go to the water park next to a Carnival. If the Spa is people quietly enjoying the water brings happiness. Then the Carnival on the water is warm and happy, and let people unhappy all of the releases.

Heartland is a surf pool, which can accommodate hundreds of people. Play this fun project for the first time, slightly creepy, cause it’s just like the waves you washed ashore, feasted on, you can feel the waves. Even if you can’t swim, is absolutely safe, next there is lifeguard protection.

There are two folk songs and dances in the evening, 6 o’clock and 9 points, respectively. Like friends don’t miss it, wave, performance is also good.

In addition to the two popular children’s favorite things, there is a water slide, the slide height, follow the movement of the slide, rushed to the pool directly, many resort hotels in a more common abroad, at home and rarely seen.

After the Carnival, will be good and go to sleep. Hotel has several buildings, accommodations are in the region as a whole. The service here is really good, the waiter looked at us box, offered to take me. Can see it, it’s not her thing. Fifi and I staying at luxury en-suite twin room. Chinese modern simple style.

The entrance is a small living room. Air conditioning in living room and bedroom two open, and temperatures rapidly drop down in the room.

A small bar, it stocked with free mineral water and local characteristics of the tea bag.

Through the hallway, inside are bedrooms, each room is very spacious, quilts and pillows, are also very comfortable. Lying down soon, I fell asleep.

This point of view, can be a good look at the structure of the room. A writing desk and chairs next to the TV and cable network speed quickly, are not normal Web pages and video card.

Disposable supplies are also very complete, quality also, but I used to own things.

DAY 2 da Yu Cun, Babel village, refined Villa, Gan river rafting

Da Yu tsutenkaku Zhai village is located in the scenic foothills, about 20 minutes ‘ drive from Jiuzhaigou hotel and Spa.

Have never seen a Lotus pond on this scale, you can also close contact with Lotus, my friends and I were stunned. This charming, that one more brilliant, people will have a choice of photography syndrome.

A first panorama.

Time we arrived early morning hiding in clouds, light layers of Emerald Hills in the distance on the map in Phnom Penh.

A layer of mist hung over the Lotus pond of no end in sight, smoke delivers next. I can’t tell where the smoke is, where is the mist. As authentic Chinese Paladin drama scene. Into which people want lighter lighter and not disturb the quiet beauty.

Walk along the wooden plank road, I most winds slowly into the depths of the kiosk. I want the crowd away, Wonderland, so which one do I seem to wonder through the fantasy world. Only a quiet, more real feel takes my breath away.

Lotus pond, surprised in a cloud of incense.

Glow red, reflection in a calm pool. Is that God could not bear this alone beautiful lotus flowers, used as a powder to set off this beautiful lotus flowers.

Da Yu, danxia geopark in village of Babel village on the foot of the mountain. Mountain flowers, mountains like the blood-red glow.

Background sky village pond, every angle is very beautiful!

Natives of such beauty, and reminisce. I was thinking, if you ride through it every day, a throbbing with Lotus, what feeling?

Ink Lotus, do I look like a pair of Chinese painting?

Burt’s bees has started work in the morning, fly, very lively. Beekeepers all around, he looked at me with a camera, very enthusiastic and I struck up a conversation, and asked me if I want to try the Lotus honey.

The Sun finally burst out of the clouds, has brought a Golden Lotus pond, as light shines in the sky.

Such a fairy place, always makes me think of a poem and song lyrics.

Pick Lotus leaves infinite Sun Red Lotus.

Cover blue green water, fresh hibiscus red. Under and Lotus root, Lotus and head on.

Small with sharp angle, dragonflies have long standing on top.

Lotus Leaf skirt in the same Conference, Lotus face on both sides.

Tiantian’s eight or nine leaves, scatter Green pools. Plain water until tender green, round shade cover the fish. Duckweed cover fit, weak grass around the drain.

Stolen exquisite jade snow, putting green, flowers red; life and infinite meaning, only with patience.

Already last autumn when we came here, somewhat late to shanghe, pieces of Lotus Leaf has withered. If you like friends of the residual charge, to late autumn some more exuberant.

Lotus incense pin-green leaves, West worried green wave.

Petals is almost done, just the next petal, facing the Sun, very transparent.

The Sun, the sky became bright. Misty haze, small town by drop out color.

Encounter of ducklings, hid deep in the Lotus Flower. This is waiting for MOM comes back?

Some more close-up, close-up here really easy, don’t need a telephoto, and even mobile phones are OK, because you can spend a very close.

This is what I personally like a picture, Bud Light is just right.

We ate his breakfast at a nearby farm, came to the sky village. Sky village is national 4 a class scenic spots, with “thousand Buddha danxia, Babel Celestine” and famous. Three scenic wonders, is the root of life and for life, as in a mountain; the second is entirely without artificial, composed thousands of temples around 500 arhats, and save the sentient beings; the third is the largest crack geology and geomorphology, is a wonder.

What danxia geological structures? Refers to the red rocks of the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic to Cenozoic era tertiary sedimentary formation, commonly known as red sandstone, horizontal tectonic geomorphology by shovel-shaped horizontal or nearly horizontal flat composed of thick layer of the tertiary red sandstone high ground, eroded by a strong segmentation, such as erosion and gravity collapse caused by the combination of flat-topped cliffs, isolated full Tower-like terrain.

We first see a layer of bedding structures, purple-red sand rock, cross bedding, bedding parallel, larger stones occasionally imbricated structures.

This is the way we are going up the Hill, mountains are not high, but climbed to need a certain amount of physical strength. We are listening to a song of the worry of the Lotus, as if we are the lost 500 years of Lotus.

Winding, scenic road, but now has been restored for a perfect, get up are very safe.

Just rock up the mountain level, hillside bedding structures here are some patchwork.

Seems each danxia landforms and water does not open, or waterfalls flow or autumn months. Sky village is no exception, there is a reservoir. We see the water out of a stone, like a snake’s head, others like a crocodile. Do not know that the heaven village we found, will also have a new road?

Further, two mountains, the Bay’s water, like a Crescent Moon Bay.

Reservoir surrounded by hills, the Lake is unusually clear, calm as a mirror.

Blue sky, is rare in the country, or see that it is difficult to believe. I would like to take the blue, you call phone sky blue?

Other partners has been very far away, in order not to lag behind, I must hasten to catch up.

There is a geological region, joint structure. Rock fracture caused by tectonic movements, in accordance with the extent of rupture, is divided into faults, joints, cleavage of three types.

It is Babel village famous for its attractions, turtle peak, a mountain like a turtle, a peak like a tortoise’s head, two mountains and overlap, it is like a huge tortoise.

This stone is like a giant clam, stacked together, a reddish-brown above, here is a sandy color, also known as mussel rock.

Temple rocks, entirely without artificial from the 500 arhats, and another 500 arhats of the mountain, a coalition of thousands of temples. This is Babel Zhai, one of three major characteristics.

Kwan-Yin sit rocks, in deep red is a natural cave in the middle of the mountain, there is a light colored rock, like Kwan-Yin bodhisattva in meditation. Because sky village is the Holy Land of Buddhism, Zen clock made of the four seasons, is famed. Have to admire the craftsmanship of nature!

Walking at the bottom of a stone. Staff let us look up and sleeping on the stone turned out to be a fairy, covered with a thin layer of gauze, known as the fairy rocks. Here is the end of scouring structure.

This is the geological structure of the honeycomb of caves, major causes of stroke are caused by water erosion of gravel. This is also the story, Babel Zhai was the peasant rebel army under Chen youliang came at the end of terror, this cave was the traces left by the fighting.

The mountains in the distance, there are many Hakka people, living in the green hills and blue waters and the fairy grottoes, is immortal day.

Another 500 arhats, really realistic.

There was a maximum crisscrossed with geologic color shades. In order to protect the geology and geomorphology of this magical, some places have been repairing the plank road, in the play is to avoid the stampede.

Here is the drum set, hear the drumbeat from climbing the way here. A few clicks, and Bonanza. About a plank road on each side, but can only walk one person, who for a long time must not be crowded.

The clouds in the sky and cast shadows over the Valley. Also do not have a fun, beautiful not langdexuming in Jiangxi province.

The plank road, then climbed a few steps, came to the tsutenkaku the core of the village area, vertical Cave of life. Tongtian rock cave eroded into the Strip within a strip of the cave, called because of the shape characteristics for the “gate of life” or “yin”.

Right in the middle of a cave, fairy-like shape of the meditation.

The Babel overhead hole, such as two-finger mosaic outside, within two and a half chapters, looking up to the sky, named after the Babel-like.

Each rift or differences, this looks like the older vagina.

There are also several tea is also very famous, as a tribute to the emperor.

Immortal plow is a miracle of nature. Neatly cut marks on the walls, as if plowed farmland. Even better is there are several footprints, like which avatar fairy in this slash-and-burn, flying NAP.

Legend has it that the wonderful stone fairy one day whim, territory of the Fortress Hill over and over, if you can plant something on the rocks, then it is highly meritorious.

Wonderful stone Immortals select the sky village on the West side of a rocky ledge for trial. He unplugged a few hairs from the body, the use of magic arts to turn it into a titanic cows and sharp the plow, the short while he plowed the stone slope.

Wonderful stone immortals in order to plant something on a stone, tirelessly, and travelling, going out for advice work. Moved by his behavior the Lao, Lao gave him a stone tree fungus, and given the way he planted. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, stone finally kind of Ganoderma lucidum. During the reign of the du Journal of State records, stone on stone mountain has a history of picking stone Ganoderma lucidum.

Today, although Babel Zhai Shi on Ganoderma lucidum has been difficult to find, but wonderful rock Immortals ploughed out stones still intact, furrow pine, the shapes resemble closely, later called “fairy’s plowing”.

(Information from Baidu)

Clear, pure, and patches of clouds, chill this summer, make this summer special.

Distance 600 meters distance of life, there is a glass cliff, is a huge project. Standing on the glass road, you can see a giant rock, is called the root of life. Yin and Yang two stones so similar, it is rare. There is a myth of the legend:

As saying the two immortals fought the beautiful heaven village as its own discipline, became two of the wild creatures around the towering pillars of chipped. Two stone pillars were cut after the, the Jade Emperor ordered the ER lang Shen bound to catch the two immortal God raised.

The Emperor rebuked them: “the two of you way too shallow, lust is too heavy, is now taking the practice before you, relegated to mere mortals, again the path. “And outlines their residence on two in the sky village, man and heaven village on the West side of the mountain, woman’s heaven village East of Tongtian rock, not out of range.

 Two immortal follow the Emperor’s will, toil and cultivation in their respective territories, respectively. After becoming mortals, emotions arise spontaneously, with the passage of both a lover’s heart. But if you want to resume monastic life immortality get married, they can only be buried inside love. Through the cultivation of the Millennium, they become immortal again, the man said “wonderful stone Immortals”, the woman said “spring fairy”. Later, the male fairy turns into uplifting of the “root of life”, women into fantastical fairy “gate of life”.

(Information from Baidu)

Tongtian rock scenic area

Down from the root of life attractions, almost to the North Gate. There are two giant stone, shaped like a sheep, a peach-like. Image is called a sheep-Ben peach.

Finished the race, although tired exceptions, but everyone was in high spirits. In this cool mountain breeze blowing, bright exceptions.

Always feel particularly hungry after a workout, followed by refined Villa of a Fuse party. Before eating the whole sheep Banquet, whole fish feast, first heard of Hakka characteristics of Fuse feast. This is the Lotus as the main raw material, through a variety of cooking techniques to make together.

Modern luxury lobby, dotted with some elements of Lotus. There are also rooms.

Our dinner package

A full table, I picked a few specials, and introduce:

Lotus seeds, red dates glutinous rice, sweet appetizer with, taste fragrant, matched with the jujube and glutinous rice, preserves the seeds of nutrition, Qi blood effects, temperature in the stomach.

Lotus-seed milk soup, this is my favorite dessert. Milk and spicy, with fresh Lotus seeds, sweet smell, I can’t help but drink two bowls.

Small bowel and Lotus seed soup, this is the true meaning of the traditional soup. Yipi fire, hot drink, does not think there are other strange taste, I don’t like eating offal, and also drank a bowl.

Meatballs, Hakka dish would certainly not lack of balls.

Everybody is familiar with bean sprouts, peanuts buds, did you ever eat? Next to the fortress can attempt to do Oh.

Lotus Seed Paste Cake of peanut, sweet but not too sweet, and memorable.

This is the color, aroma and taste of the dish, braised carp in the Gan River, with Lotus, Lotus leaf, spicy fragrance with a hint of Lotus in Oh, color matching is also very good, the absolute is a visual treat.

Coconut cake, tender and delicate, after eating one.

Dongpo pork, Hakka dishes. We also had a couple more times.

Peacock meat, was inconsistent from the start I, the hotel staff kept explained to us. This is the meat of Peacock Shicheng-specific breeding, is used to eating meat, well, taste good.

Under the focus and this dumpling. Differences in skin, instead of using regular flour, but with sweet potato powder, chewing up resilient, stained with soy sauce and vinegar, chili oil, taste so great.

Ate lunch, we came to the Gan River eco-tourism area, to experience the joy of Asia’s first floating under. To tell you the truth, I had the wrong any illusions, and drifting also played dozens of local, why is it called the first float, this is a boast? There is such a hot day, not a Sun Halo yet? With a lot of questions here.

Rafting only 5 km in length, fall is 320 metres, from upstream to downstream, there are countless small Bay, rapids and vertical down the Cascades, this excitement is no other drifting experience. Two rubber boats, flows continue to slide to the bottom, was dancing with the waves, and falls off.

Rafting on both sides of the many valuable trees, blocking out where there are several very short, no trees, and the rest all is very cool.

Don’t have to worry about security issues, all staff, guarded on both sides, to prevent drowning, there is also a work, promote the stranded boats, avoid stacking collided.

Along the way, hear girls screaming, scared the salsa. Not only is this thrilling water scare, was scared by the girls scream. Fortunately, no matter how high, is safe, and near misses.

Such a hot day, so cold the River, play for a half a day, really enjoyed.

Slide to calm the area, chatting quietly, under the finish just breathtaking.

Deep think drifting is exciting to play, even for the photography enthusiast like me, really think this experience better than the photos. Not from personal experience that it’s hard to know how much this drifting apart. Than brave river rafting in Bali, also won 10 times. Was expected to drift up the steps again later.


Floating notes:

1. avoid collision. Remained stable, avoid a collision is rafting must abide by the principles in the process. When you are unable to avoid, to keep ships head-on collision angle

2. stranded not won the regional area is water, so do not worry, could be tempted into the water, push the boat out.

After dinner went back to the hotel, but it was early. I heard of a outdoor music festival, Moonlight, Lotus, music, time how can you miss?

Zhu ziqing’s Moonlight, we all read it. But the real mood, but also experience to know.

In such a strong lighting and Moonlight, you can still see the sky full of stars. Visible sky clearly, air is cool.

Give me a light!

Hibiscus in the moonlit night of independence, is more charming?

DAY 3 gossip brain, Shicheng sniper War Memorial, sweet-scented osmanthus, Yong and Yuan

Get up in the morning, and took a photo of Spa Hotel, breakfast, came to Red Mountain azaleas and alpine meadows – gossip of the famous famous brains.

Gossip brain located in Gao Tian Zhen Xin ping Cun, located in Shicheng County, Northeastern, 33 km from the county seat. Drive more than an hour’s time. The way, we have been listening to the views of the brain in April or May, staff told us gossip, Mu azalea gossip brain dyed red. I have been in the brain make up the beautiful scenes, but not when we came here, only a million acres of meadow. This is supposed by the outdoor found, later made into a video posted online, outdoor ring, has been widely praised. Also attracted the attention of the local government, it is now the largest of wild rhododendron reserve.

From Hill to Hill, was not easy. Scenic has spent a lot of energy to build, but due to the 18 road bend, is not yet here, top of the mountain. Scenic sightseeing tour buses to reach halfway up the Hill, then began to climb. Although frustrating but it is a romantic and interesting place.

There are more than 10 families live on the mountain, the young estimates are out, are left-behind older, sedentary, refused to move out. At present, with the area gradually developed, the road is better than before, and up and down mountains for them a lot.

Gossip of the brain in high forest cover, full look, are lush. Sky blue, tension ridden, dancing in the wind, for those of us who rarely see blue skies, could not help but feel amazed.

In a green, we found a very small flowers, clusters of hanging branches, although there is no mountain azalea, but stubborn little flower, is delightful.

The Sun hid in the clouds now and then, let us climb on his way to not feel so hot.

This little pink flowers, very low, are usually at high altitude here is still very common. When we are absorbed in the small finds that were happy and excited when staff told us of the scenic area, where there are many wild lilies, opened in the cliffs. We followed his advice, it really surprise found. In addition, because the wild was not disturbed, there are a lot of wild animals, hares, pheasants, snake, if we can have a chance encounter, really is a worthwhile trip (snake ~ ~).

There is also a small pink flowers, natural forms the shape of a heart, sweet exception.

Attractions in addition to the wooden plank road, was stone steps. Steps of a total of 6 groups, go all out, also went to the top of the mountain pastures.

Reach the top, the clouds are low, the sky seemed palpable. Cloud-cast dappled shadows on the green mountains, also covering the hot sun.

More than 10 people climb and not feeling tired, had arrived at the Summit. View Instant open, his mind churning out turned out to be such a Word, vast world is my love! Oh well, not my bad, so Alpine grassland, it makes one a little brain breathtaking.

Walk in, and came to the height of 1314 meters above sea level. Here’s a heart-shaped area of stones, is the symbol of his love life. Rhododendron flower will always belong to you, on behalf of the joy of loving. See Dahurian rhododendron rhododendron motto is when in full bloom, when is love. Every year there are a lot of people here to marry successfully. Beauty so good, how can we fail?

Even in the absence of rhododendron, it does not matter, life promises alone, is enough.

Travel is a song, each fragment is one note, is happy, to meet you!

Hill, and locals and tourists pile up Mani stones, although there are no carved six-word motto, but I believe sincere spirit. I have also put up a flag, or smug mentality.

Top Sun may be enough, but because the elevation of reason, temperature is not high, and super cool. Cool breeze blowing, people can not help but stay a little longer. But afternoon schedule was very tight and we are urging, started to go down.

I’m always susceptible to beauty. Climbing with curiosity, I rushed in the front, left, I could not help but walk in the final, even if only yearn for one second.

1th is to Shicheng County revolutionary martyrs Memorial Hall in the afternoon. Shi Cheng is the second important component of the Central Revolutionary base area during the period of the civil war and was long an important point of departure. As red-tourism promotion, Tourism Bureau specially to the leadership we have arranged this attraction.

Below a Memorial is a Memorial in front of the Park.

Memorial was founded in October 1956, 2009 relocation to the current Memorial Park, Shi Cheng zujizhan and the Memorial together. A total of three layers, one layer, two for Shicheng revolutionary martyrs Memorial and three-layer zujizhan Memorial.

Into the Memorial, old guides full of help we do explain to every layer of the Memorial. British exhibition hall on the first floor is mainly showing the martyrs list, another corner shows hundreds of General exhibition, the older generation of revolutionaries to Shi Cheng gave a high evaluation to the development and expectations.

Second floor is divided into two parts, one is the Shi Cheng for detailed explanation of the withdrawal of the Red Army long March route map, another part is secret vaults of the National Bank, secret Vault on the establishment of the Soviet regime in Shicheng County at that time.

Showroom pictures showing the establishment of the Soviet regime.

Rifle made by at the time, is the legendary “millet plus”?

Design of the exhibition hall on the second floor

Shi Cheng zujizhan is shown in detail on the third floor.

Shi Cheng revolutionary martyrs Memorial Hall has become the gathering, research, advocacy, education and tourism as one of the bases for patriotic education. In urban areas, came to the stone, Memorial, know this history.

Next, we went to the great history of typical buildings of the sweet-scented osmanthus. This is a typical Hakka in the Qing dynasty, was retained and is famous, because here was the young King of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Hong Tiangui Fu captured the venues of detention. From a traditional sense, failure of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, this is it.

Throughout the building are still well preserved, three two-cross houses, houses like. The main building is not luxurious, simple, but well preserved. Hang a plaque at the entrance, a letter of the sweet-scented osmanthus.

The first Hall of the room, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum. This room and there are a lot of coincidences between the rise and fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, housing construction and the completion time is said to be consistent with the fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom uprising and time; the Taiping capital stone town—-Nanjing, perish in the fortress (by young King failed to capture), Ma Tau wall and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the residences of five final five Wang Shicheng suffering coincidental. Is it really a “House” come true?

Tilt sprinkled in the dappled light of the wall poles, as if stroking it above the years nicks, sigh of rise and fall of impermanence.

This is a typical Hakka main hall, Qing dynasty furniture carving is very beautifully ornate, the pattern is complex.

Structure of a typical Hakka brick, grey tiles overlapping, revealing a day.

Last yard is showing another feature of Shicheng, lanterns. For internal repairs, is not open to the public. We only came later.

From the sweet-scented osmanthus, we went to Yong and Yuan. Located next to the visitor center, in a building with a typical architectural features of Hakka architecture. Shi Cheng, a cultural market. Mainly selling ink stone, brush, stone carving, wood carving, the second floor is mainly antique.

For a friend who was fond of painting, Shicheng inkstone is definitely valuable. Natural color, the pattern is unique, exquisite carving, Chinese traditional handicrafts, which belongs to the provincial-level intangible cultural heritage.

The ink looks like autumn moon landscape painting, the natural pattern.

This ink is like a split bamboo, a sense of design.

Value of this stone is beautifully carved

For a lot of people know, ink price is very high here. Also there is a brush, Shicheng’s specialty.

There are many fine carvings and wood carving.

There is also a small supermarket, you can buy some marvelous specialties to take home to friends and relatives, steamed mushrooms and my tastes. Recommend it to everyone.

Shi Cheng the three treasures in a gift box, Shicheng County features bring home a taste as well.

There are frozen fresh Lotus seeds, you can not thaw for 24-hour, very suitable for short friends.

And Wen Yuan Yong came out, you can see across the Song dynasty pagoda, however. Are repair and maintenance, we are unfortunately unable to visit.

Like this photo, ancient trees and pagoda

Last stop is the South cottage, we have in fact from its next pass by twice, are abandoned because of bad light shooting. This time we had to take pictures of prime time, and sure enough, the wait is worth it.

Nan lu House is 4 a-class tourist spot in Jiangxi province, covers an area of more than 10,000 square feet. Protected quite well. According to records belonging to the fortress built by a businessman surnamed Huang. His fortune, Cheng is a legend in the history. At an early age, he used assets purchased the soybeans, resulting in transport on the way, happened even if the rainy day, all the soybeans are moldy. When he sighed when in bed and accidentally got the news, there’s a place in the South has a disease, only mouldy soy beans to heal. By virtue of this God-given opportunity, struck first fortune. Evergreen times, discovered the way of doing business, and increasingly wealthy, built this House.

Here is snow ancient architecture protection units in each of the annual photo contest. Here take a good photo, but also can be used to contribute.

Here is the ancient stage.

Local stage

Late in the afternoon, visitors still have a lot of line entered.

Take a sketch

Elderly people live, was preparing dinner, delicious vegetable rice into pan, deep breath of life coming to, am sure the dinner was very good.

Poultry stocking, leisurely walk “couple”.

On a warm evening light shines on the wall, leaving a long shadow.

In front of the House there is a small pond, sky village, the reflection in the pool of the House. Trance with a sense of Anhui Hong village.

Elderly people in the village were also taking advantage of the cool temperatures, working in the pond

Nan lu, into housing, some houses, is under repair, traces wrote it, after all, the vicissitudes of time, quietly recounting the year’s magnificent downtown.

Favorite Hakka patio Sun across the corrugated, sneaked into the courtyard, heart warming.

Walked out of the Folk Museum, found two stone lions waiting at the door. Styling is very unique, a lion on the foot to step on the ball, hands hanging on a string of coins, this is a symbol of fortune, business is booming, a lion, a foot stepping on a ball, legs there was a lion in play, symbolizing offspring stretches.

Out of the South cottage, is a square. Connect four Ma Tau wall above the screen. Each Ma Tau wall shape with a hollow, are shaped paper shapes of traditional Chinese painting.

From the hollowing out of the window, to see the past, is also a picture of it?

To go, and they came to the Lotus pond. Golden Sun is shining on the pond, gave Lotus the Lotus Leaf inlaid in Phnom Penh. At Lotus, the flower blossom, unlike the morning when, are competing to bloom, I do not know is to go to sleep, was suddenly suffused with coyness.

Between vehicles travelling through the flowers, rolled up a wind, take away the scent.

Dinner arrangements on the Gan River Hotel International, is the most famous hotel in Shicheng County town.

In accordance with established practice, describes only the higher Yen value, taste great, and there should be featured.

Fried balls, as said earlier, our meals, eating meatballs, a variety of balls, but it will not make you feel sick, one tastes really good, is another profile, still cooking, are not the same.

Steam balls

Shredded chicken and seemingly very ordinary dish that we ate up all. Ingredients not generally, together with chefs carefully cooked, naturally different.

Stir fried vegetables, this is a must order, it must be strongly recommended. Best of all, this circle of meat, much like a sausage. Some friends didn’t have to hear ate two small partners in this dish full of praise, deeply regretted, but consoled himself in the middle of the dish have meat, tastes good.

Fried fish, dried fish and delicious, accompanied by Jiangxi cuisine common cooking techniques, fresh and delicious.

Gan River, hotel Hotel International, this hotel really come as a surprise. It is hard to imagine a small town, there was no such luxury decoration, perfect service.

Marble halls, luxurious Crystal lamp. Spacious.

We stayed in a double standard room, central air conditioning, refrigeration effect is very good, special dry bedding.

The entire room is a Chinese-style minimalist design, generous and elegant. On the table was a thick book introduces Shicheng, very detailed, specific to each country. For understanding the Shicheng County, has a very important reference value.

Clean bathrooms, marble countertops, very clean. Overall feeling we were very satisfied.

DAY 4 goodbye Shicheng

Colorless, this fragrance is not.

Yao I cool set, gold kept in the evening.

Quilt Zhao Qi, water socks stained with Mr Watanabe.

Expected before autumn, Zhao song from Habitat dreams.

Bloom period, end end.

When even the longest trip home. We bid farewell to the most beautiful pond, we said goodbye to most is pure heaven village, our gossip to the most is the vast brain, we said good-bye to most enthusiastic with marvelous friends.

When combining romantic, Shicheng us again, right?