Charm Blue Note allows the line increases, Meizu offline channels logic

Late last year, charming Blue Note went on sale for the first time, in the appointment of 2 million people, Meizu released 100,000 mobile phones only in the day, natural outcome was soon snapped up. But in addition to snapping up, Meizu has issued a new regulation, said because of the charm of the Blue Note line prices have hit the limit, so it is not providing profits for offline channels, so Meizu decided to open prices under online strategy.

That is to say, users choose to Meizu many offline channels, so it is nearly impossible to 999 starting price to get the charm of the Blue Note, the magnitude, including store location, rent, labor, water and electricity, Meizu capacity and delivery will be factors.

This announcement came out, causing a large number of users to discuss, Meizu supporters think Meizu’s move showed a pattern of honest and charming Blue Note is indeed cheaper, it will also be justifiable. But most of the people opposed to this, that Meizu is in their cattle, and, together, the consumer’s money. Balenciaga Cases

Then the facts what is the case?

First of all netizens disputed gravity, Meizu is bad? Apparently Yes, before that, confident most of the kerosene, Meizu is not how to play virtual, which makes the Meizu is forced high, Maverick in the domestic brands. But following the MX4, Meizu first learned online limited buying this set, charm in Blue Note release, start line fare increase policy, only grasp the scale of the Meizu chose to open, or play the honesty card, however, users want to eat this, also a matter of opinion.

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But in fact, the real question is, evil spirit blue as a sub-brand of Meizu, is a channel on the main line, so eager to carry out online sales channels, and for what? I believe most people will never forget the Meizu MX4 went on sale before the early, having sold MX4 offline channels increase issued the statement, Meizu said in a statement on the Beijing-East and suning channels increases constrain behaviour, but it was a blue body, okay, permission to open directly to the fare increase. In a statement also saying, Meizu said “consumers hate, is the business violated their own promises, made with cheap propaganda on the one hand, backhand is scarce, for their own profit. “Charming blue-whether it is for their own profit?

Is clearly.

First, if the charm Blue Note on the online sales, then to concentrate supply capacity climbing stage, such a move will not violate Meizu has dominated this year’s impulse approach can also set enchantment blue brand positioning to ensure follow-up, including exposure of the plate, before TV, watches and other available strategies. But Meizu has not done, perhaps Meizu is afraid of doing that, like millet, line occurs spontaneously in cattle, bred the grey value chain, and unclear of betrayal on his back, was chosen to direct, to officially approach.

And the only reason is the Meizu to feed their offline channels. Meizu public data show that Meizu their retail stores in the country have opened a 1000 and suning, operator and aishide chain channels such as counter, Meizu offline channels large enough. But both Meizu official retail store, or other channels, Meizu cell phone took almost the same price with official website pricing, especially this year, Meizu ran for several new products unprofitable purposes, this problem becomes more the norm and stern.

Mobile phone can squeeze profits, how do offline channels make money? Means no more than two, improved offline channels bundled pricing and accessories, MX4, Meizu chose the latter, now go to Baidu tieba and forums, the stores stock must be forced to match accessories to buy protests are common, including cat shop Meizu official day, had sold the fare increase package or contract. Kerosene is available online under the line is free for Meizu accused substantia nigra, but never thought of posting film plus a water Cup or mobile users just add 100 or hundreds of Yuan in spending how lucrative it is.

Charm-blue body, Meizu choice was the former, but to be honest this is not the most dangerous charges itself, but offline channels, will participate in the line to grab the goods! Balenciaga iPhone 7 Case

We can do a assumed, you is a phone shop boss, you from charm family took goods of price, and its online Shang sold of price poor of not more, but charm family allows you added more of price to sold phone, so then, with, with charm family aspects balance line online Xia shipping proportion of gradually put goods, also than himself also participation to line Shang Rob goods in the, both. It will lose stock profits, but in terms of volume and therefore can increase sell more, hit the magic blue this explosive, earning is faster, of course.

So we have to ask, this is the ultimate Meizu? And a little more plot, charm, Blue Note was originally priced at 999 instead of 1299, does raise first, good? People applauded just for the offline channel expansion spree escort for yourself?


On the know, Linan has answered a “small Mi Weibo 1299 phone version 2S 16G open to buy, why the official website still shows shortage? “Of problem, at Linan to out of claims, basic contains author above by described of views, and worth note of is, at Linan in answered in the pointed out that millet of line Shang hunger marketing + line Xia premium of way although let user complained, but, on shipping, does is innovation and effective of mode, and Linan also in answers in the said on this mode holding appreciates attitude, and not criticism. In subsequent answers updates, Li Nan added: “these avenues of play has no rules. Depending on the case. How flexible use is true. ”

In other words, now Meizu to crossroads, also chose a path that know will let users have complained, Meizu beginner’s mind, might be left with only a sheet. But the future, consumers will not be of force no longer, and philistine Meizu continue to buy it, charm-blue bearing a huge burden of brands and how far to go, not only is an open question, but may also be a bad way.