Boxed: suitcase-style table and chairs set

Multifunctional set Boxed set meet a variety of traveling, and has a variety of modular components that can be combined to form a coffee table or a table, two stools, or high stools, just let people understand is, the equipment there is also equipped with a lamp. Juicy Couture sale

Juicy Couture sale

Boxed as a whole is made from wood, through a combination of several basic modules, tables and coffee tables, depending how long are assembled using the table legs, same stool can also assemble the legs of different lengths to change their usage. Juicy Couture sale

And for the time being with no component, users can be incorporated directly in the box, equivalent to all combinations of parts were eventually integrated into the whole table and chairs in the space.

Boxed: suitcase-style table and chairs set

This portable piece of furniture design, we can be from the following more specific about it.

This Chair is designed by architect Tyrone Stoddart, now the equipment production has not officially put into market, but … …. Seems when we do yourself a pair.