“Quartet”-the millennial Temple, the bells running

“Moonset Wu Ti Frost sky, jiangfeng for sleeping. An interlude, midnight bells to passenger ships. “Read Tang dynasty poet Zhang Ji’s writing since an early age of the night-mooring near Maple Bridge, Hanshan Temple is filled with longing and hope one day reciting a poem, wind blowing South, take a stroll to the ancient temple. Not long ago, the South finally tour the ancient temples, also be the fulfillment of a childhood dream. According to legend, poet Zhang JI went to the Tang capital of Chang ‘ an (now Xian) to test later, poor returns, via the Hanshan Temple, passenger ships moored mooring at the nearby at night, can’t sleep at night, hear the bells of the temple, the words. Today, poets through the ages, the Temple still, the landscape is still, tourists still in, Bell is ringing in … …

Chang men West of Hanshan Temple in Suzhou fengqiao town 5 kilometres outside, built in Liang Daitian of supervision during the Six Dynasties period (ad 502-519), dating back more than 1400 years. Originally known as “the Ming Tower, Miao-Li General Hospital.” Tang dynasty’s Zhenguan, legendary monk Han Shan at Tiantai mountain and picked up by the Abbot, renamed the temple. Hanshan Temple has 5 times more than 1000 years had suffered fire damage (one that is 7 times), last rebuilt during the reign of the Qing dài guāng xù. Hanshan Temple in the history has been one of my top ten famous temples. Number of relics in the temple, Zhang Jishi stone inscriptions in stone carvings of cold mountain, picking up, Wen Zhengming, Tang Yin’s book inscription fragments, etc. Main building in the main hall of the temple, the Wu Palace (include), the Buddhist scriptures building, Tablet corridor, bell towers, Maple River homes. (This paragraph is from the network)

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