Real film cold butter is like a flower open

Beautiful butter sculpture of auspicious Tibetan butter sculpture


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“Android”-ghee flowers, and must be purchased before the Tibetan new year Spring Festival. Because it is plastic with butter, and so it was with “oil and plastic”. Exactly speaking, should be referred to as “butter sculpture”, or its common name “butter sculpture”, which shows that the materials used and the image characteristics.

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


26 year old master awangsangbu was doing butter sculpture

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


Well, show it off!

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


The origin of ghee flowers, writing less, and time is late, but there are many legends. Legend has it that, long before the Tang dynasty, Princess Wencheng into Tibet and married Tibetan king songtsan Gambo when bringing a statue of Sakyamuni, enshrined in the Jokhang Temple, Tibetan people in traditional Buddhist rituals, in front of the Buddha statue and the incense, paste incense, lamps, water purifiers, offer fruit and flowers, called “six”. For the winter, “six”, one of the flowers is fading away, clever Tibetan people used ghee plastics has dedicated a bouquet of flowers in front of the Buddha statue from the subsequent over-emphasis on, more and more, increasing scale. According to this, invented butter sculpture is more than 1300 years.


Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


The Qing dynasty, Xiang Yinglian has poems of the Xizhao bamboo branch, including a poem about Tibetan Lantern Jokhang Temple “sleep o BA” section (which means 15th day of worship) verse:

Leather bottom butter face, decorated with exquisite painted strange.

The following Dim lantern light, aoshan Chinese Valentine’s Eve Dazhao Wai.

In this zhuzhi poems after the second sentence, the poet said: “Phoenix, or people, the first leather does look like screen, with butter on the heap, such as wax on the Mainland. High or Shu Zhang, December time painting. Arrange around the Jokhang Temple outside the order. “Festival of butter sculpture crafted, splendid and diverse. At night, the “burning butter (lamp), as with pine torches, light a candle, as the city that never sleeps. Tens of thousands of men and women, vertical tour Fletcher “, can be seen at festivals cruise. Due to “sleep o BA” Festival on the butter sculpture grand scale, in a wide variety, it is also commonly known as the “butter lamp Festival”. Tibetan Lantern around sunset, people will come from all sides, to the Jokhang Temple view “flower”.


How cold butter into a butter sculpture of the beautiful good luck? Wen will use the camera one by one for your secrets!


Although we haven’t seen butter Lantern Festival event, but at the time of the coming Tibetan new year, we find the concept of early “flower”. Danjielinlu a at shady of compound in, from Shigatse rinbung pusongxiang of 4 a artists is two between cold of small room in making small of butter sculpture Board, this is Tibetan new year “Chema” of important component one of, is Tibetan family family essential of “new year”, so this group artists in home had finished Hou hid new year Hou, on with bedding volume and tsampa came to Lhasa making butter sculpture Board sales. This year, to a total of 8 people, manufacturing and selling the Division, 4 people, 4 person sales. Backplane is machine ready in advance, large, medium and small, and affix a gold paper, made after the butter sculpture because of different sizes and prices: size 40/, medium 30 yuan/to, s 25/. Phuntsog said with us here, and this year they made a total of more than 1500 pieces of wood, are butter sculpture made from plate sales. Although the market selling plastic molded plate, made of textured nearly enough butter, so their business is good. Phuntsog said to Lhasa in the Tibetan new year, when they will be back.


Our arrival, so that these all day long to leave “flowers” artists excited, and actively introduce ghee flowers to our production process, Phuntsog was sales group also came to our shows toning process, master awangsangbu instructed him to wash in cold water. Phuntsog kneaded butter edge to us, said their butter stock a total of 18 color, now using powder color matching. “Sleep is the Israeli-Palestinian” large butter sculpture is on holiday with mineral pigments, red, taken from the agate green, taken from the jade white, taken from the Pearl and yellow, from gold, black, charcoal taken from deep underground; the blue, from Malachite … …


Minimum 17 years of age in the production team, was baimadajie and just graduated from junior high school, has been studying in the school, but baimadajie, rinbung Township were “butter flower village”, the villagers started learning how to make ghee flowers from an early age. Is 26 years old and the art of the master awangsangbu, is 4 out of technology the best, baimadajie liked to sit by his side and observe while making.


Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


Of advertisements for butter stain powders

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


Join ad powder in the butter. Cold water in the pot, in order to cool the hands to prevent hand heat melt butter.

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


Phuntsog was sales group also came to our shows color process

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


Continue rubbing, this is to make ghee at a yellow material, and set aside. A total of more than more than 10 colors.

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


They before of a water basin and a wood is they of work Taiwan, water basin in is cold of water, and wood Shang is is a Tuo Tuo color of butter, more than 10 more species color, artists are each pulled butter blank Qian are to first in cold water in the dip about, awangsangbu said, if hand temperature high has, on will effect butter of hardness, even makes butter melting, so need kept to dip hand, with cold water reduced hand temperature. Only in this way, their hands to close contact with butter, butter sculptures can be easily dissolved into vivid flowers, grass, animals and so on. This is the reason he let Phuntsog hand washing with cold water before. I think they chose this cold room is also for this reason. While they were in more than 20 days, on such an 88-hour a day, nearly 300 pounds of butter into a butter sculpture panels. And every day during this period, they are finger white, body stiff, just like in the hands of “oil and plastic”. Awangsangbu said with a laugh, more than 20 days of hard work is rewarded, completion bonus when each person can be assigned to one of four to 5,000 yuan.

Real film: cold butter is like a flower open


Feature: a small piece of butter into thin slices


Deftly rolled up


Stick to the Board


Arranged into the shape of this


Tired, drink butter tea


Make elephant


Elephant above was followed by the monkey, rabbit, birds


Dang awangsangbu with bamboo will butter sculpture Board Shang of “monkey”, and “rabbit”, and “birds” of Hairiness outline points painting out Hou, a named “swallow BA British Columbia Greek” (“snap figure”, Center pattern for: elephant, and monkey, and rabbit, and bird) of butter sculpture Board on show in we before, its handicraft, its moist, its gorgeous, its texture, let people praise.


“We did the six longevity ‘, ‘ seven bells ‘, ‘ lucky eight ‘, there are a variety of flowers are beautiful, but people prefer to buy from ‘ snap ‘ and ‘ lucky eight ‘ consisting of pairs. “Awangsangbu added that their butter sculpture is only considered as the butter sculpture in the most simple and far less” refined, complex, artful “standard, large butter sculpture in the temple is superb.


Cold table


It was flour, finger stick butter cannot be washed off with water, flour pinch points, slightly rubbing butter fell in the hands of, so as not to incorporate the butter stock several colors are mixed together, affect the color of purity.

Making good butter sculpture in the cardboard box sales.


We left when the shop was calm again. In order to avoid temperature increases, artists did not even verbal communication, in the fragrance of butter lamps, in an atmosphere of quiet to hear the silver ground, with sincere heart and deft fingers dialogue with butter. Colored butter is carefully rub, pinch, spiritual, closer to the flowers, grass, elephant, monkey, closer, closer … …