Real melting together in this kind of blue photo 23

    Always like to watch the sea, that kind of sea blue and lovely sky blue totally in between as far as feeling, between the world of color is so pure, so color natural. Favorite blue sea, blue sky after a bird is, is full of dreamy colors, keeping clear, romantic feel, also symbol of dignified and noble, there is a touch of melancholy and sails after the sea, calm, clear, deep, distant, gentle and wisdom … …

                                                              On March 1, 2011 in Dalian Bay


  1, the blue light! Delicate blue, crystal clear! Smooth as silk like a butterfly’s wings, seem to stand the fingers touch; tears of Crystal as hung on the teenage eyelashes, not gentle gaze; thoroughly as a deep lake, visible fish-boy wear, Flower Butterfly dances!


  3, good weather after the snow, sky blue if the water is too pure, the sea was blue once again,



  5, the blue sky is reflected on the sea, the sea becomes a charming blue. Alternatively, deep blue sea, because refraction of sunlight and make the sky a beautiful blue. They are not willing to separate.


  7, in the face of this vast expanse of blue, occasionally deep inside a little upset or sad they are gone with the wind, was mysterious.






  11 why blue dream will be around? I asked myself many times. Love the sky is high clear, Ethereal and romantic poetry? Also implicit is more like the ocean deep, true perception of it? In nature, or what kind of blue?







    16, sea, accommodate hundreds of rivers, the condensing one. The sea, deep, solemn, majestic style. The sea, from the sky, down to the heart and soul, with a broad, dumb, deep at heart, to imposing force, let the world no, not satisfied by the world, set the aura, gather all the indistinct small, once for the sea, swear not exhausted!


  17, was staring down the deep blue extended, as far as all the way to the end of the day! Haitian interchange is a grayish blue screen … … I thought the wings to fly! At the intersection of the mysterious Haitian, don’t look up at the sky, not bird’s eye view of the ocean! Sea level into line.


  When 18, upset to see the sea! Listen to the sound of the sea! Even if it’s just simply sit on the beach, simply listen to the pulse of the sea, simply make breezes to restless heart … …

    19, when you are depressed to see the sea, listening to the sound of the sea, the waves will tell you about the old Mermaid tale, the Seagull takes endless sorrow, your melancholy will let the horizon and the sea and the sky slowly dispersed to you.


   20, happy to listen to the sound of the sea, sea smile, the heart is surging to laugh!



  22, when are happy to see the sea, the sea at low tide, sitting on the beach, watching the sea, waves came, the tide began to recede from the side … … And still finish at the bottom of the happiness!


  23, is the largest of the liberty of the seas, the sea is the ultimate emancipation, the sea is a block of time, the sea is the Symphony of life.

                  We belong to the sea