“Real” Zhejiang · Spring Ridge Longmen Canyon outing (photo 22)

Location: Zhejiang · Quzhou equipment: Canon 1Ds3+Sony Nex7 photography: Beijing’s old summer soundtrack: the spring river flower Moon

“Picture 1” (SONY Nex7 panoramic photography)

Expensive gas pressing Tonino Lamborghini 88 started playing

Tianji gantry (formerly known as Longmen Canyon) at Hang Hau town, Qujiang district, Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, Longmen village, 34 km from the urban area, scenic mountains to the complex, wide hills and tall, steep, water cutting massif, the mountain slopes are above 40 degrees, from the gantry to Watergate tip for a Canyon up to 25 Li, nearly 1000 meters of altitude difference. There are 54 kilometers above sea level peaks, gullies and hundreds of metres deep, was typical of the “v”-shaped valleys, canyons were formed by vertical and horizontal, mountainous Valley of entrenched qifeng landscape. Scenic JI Qi Shi, natural caves, valleys, and mountains streams and natural landscape in one, poly-mountains, forests, springs, waterfalls, clouds, fog, and other wonders in the Valley, formed insurance,, strange, beautiful and graceful form of victory.

Scenic area consisting largely of volcanic rocks of the mountain, a volcanic Valley topography, a large fault structures. Late Jurassic on high again after its docking formation, made up of purple gray blocky Shuo cementing Tuff. Among them, the Watergate tip 1452.6 meters above sea level, is one of the highest point in Quzhou city. Legend has it that White Snake and Monk’s Monk, a battle of wits, TALK BIG, covered all mountain in Zhejiang, but Watergate tip revealing a silver spoon. Climbing overlooking, Quzhou, facing the mountains and rivers, the picturesque Golden.

Legend of the Dragon for tianji gantry is covered with a layer of mystery. The Dragon, different strokes for different folks, because of the scenery and different scenery, is of the opposite sex. Longqiao, nine block area within the five-Dragon Pavilion, carp become to Dragon, Sea Dragon and Dragon saliva, Longtan waterfall Spa, flying bridge, landscapes amazing! Seems more than 2000 square meters of the plank road to the Dragon in the cliff Ridge between dancing in the reproduction, dangerous myth! Fei long plank road walking in dialogue with cliffs, running around on the flying bridge asked cloud to dance, so you can have pride!!

Canyon in the fresh air of spring, streams, Rapids, full look, embrace the hills, lush.

(The pictures are CBLLENS custom color white balance)

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