Still a little shy, 40-inch version of millet TV 2 review

September 2013 millet millet has issued 47 inch TV, for the first time will be a similar sized smart TV prices into the 3000; and 1.5 years later, 40-inch versions of the millet TV 2 was released, above the 49 inch TV 2, Remy, drop the 4K Panel and after down to 40-inch sizes, price successfully into the 2000 document. But it’s performance will be compromised because of the price?

Out of the box and accessories

Official website 100 Yuan to buy millet TV requires additional freight, courier when the machine packaging also has a sturdy wooden box (pictured above). Besides size, kraft paper box packaging, and millet 49-inch version of the TV box is almost the same.

All accessories are transferred in a small cardboard box, which includes remote control, screwdriver, screws (one as a spare) adapter and antenna isolators.

Installation instructions and warranty, which also contains a detailed description of the parameters and considerations.

Two TV bracket made of aluminum is very strong and very light, with about marks and foolproof design (plug in the wrong position won’t be able to), feet are soft rubber friction being great.

R/c modelling and TV 2 as well as millet millet 49-inch version of the box exactly the same, but from Bluetooth to infrared transmission. Practical tests have found, this will make remote control has certain requirements for direction (TV-put it on the Conference table, remote control angle is too low it would be impossible to manipulate).

But if the TV is in the living room TV Cabinet depth is not a regular place, positive there will be no large blocks, gap lies between two remote control does not come out. In addition, even the Bluetooth remote control, operation we still subconsciously refers to the TV … …

Continuous generations of millet on the box, this remote control model has stretch for many generations, from the material to the surface treatment are all very mature size, weight and feel are very moderate.

Although no 49-inch version of the ultra narrow borders in impact, but 40-inch versions of the border are not wide, positive or very thin, because smaller, plastic is stronger on the back.

4 rows of the grid symmetrically placed at the bottom of the fuselage opening (two openings for speakers on the side), right in the middle is the concealed power switches.

Only 65W rated power, cleaned ground wires plugs and many displays are, it becomes a two-pin plug. Power cord is not long, but there’s enough previous times around its own bracket (1.2 metres).

In addition to intensive mounting holes on the back, a smooth millet also reserved for bracket mounting holes next to the logo, the circuit is next to a row of ventilation holes, can faintly see the circuit board and wiring (65W machines really need to how many openings? )。

Interface is conscience, less than the 49-inch version only has a Micro SD card slot, includes 2 USB (one for 3.0), 4 two HDMI, VGA, AV (tri-color line), RJ45 network cable interface, antenna and audio interfaces.

Side two-layer design, should be reserved for swapping color cover design that is reserved in the future.

Television highlights below for the infrared signal receiver.

Under the light, you can see the Red reflection on the display panel. In addition, the width of screen black remote than imagined.

Black screen widths exceeding 5mm, border thickness of 2cm as a whole. Although is does not affect the use and not obvious, but many Virgos can accept.

Connected to the screen in black, the width of the bottom border of the 2.22cm, however vertical hold black side only about 4mm.

40-inch 1080P Panel, its pixel density than the first generation of millet TV (47 1080P) is much higher.

40 inch how big is the problem, can refer to the image above. A 22-inch monitor on the left and a 9.7-inch screen iPad Air, right side is a 50-inch TV plus TV S50.

If the House TV cabinet is relatively large, is recommended on a 49-inch version. 40 inch size is indeed not, its size and brightness controls mentioned later, so it can even be used as a computer monitor.

The system, still good

Boot the machine fast before and after first boot takes less than 50 seconds, connect through WiFi to get into the system. System, 40-inch versions of succinct than the box 49-inch version, and millet, classic blocks vertically, most directly to the right displays the user installed the app.

System comes with the video source

Third-party live video source

While the TV source, when millet millet introduced small boxes, has fully turned central galactic Internet TV, owned by Yang Guang (GITV), online resources than rich.

Of course, many buy/wants to buy millet TV users to not really care, after all, machines you can install Android apps, has little problem with the video resources.

Long press the remote control Home key, can bring a multitasking interface, Home at the top to bring up the task bar into a USB memory stick, and individual centres. System operation and interface is very easy to understand, the most obvious conclusion is given, this is one of the easiest and best TV on the market. But it and other equipment on the TV version MIUI is not very different from here did not go into details.

System and third-party application interface screenshots:

Performance, weak

Performance, on-board CPU of the machine from the original A9 quad-core 1.45GHz called MStar 6A918 (49 inches) called MStar 6A908 A9 1.45GHz replace the quad-core.

Although the version numbers differ and the frequency remains the same, but the smoothness of the new machine is not very high, lower than the 49-inch version of the reaction rate.

Run screenshots:

With this experience, we have the machine was a simple run test, found that the CPU of the machine was locked in the 1100MHz. 68 seconds of PI; Geekbench mononuclear 343, multicore 1044; Tutu 21778; 3DMark Test1, Test2, and Physics were 12.9, 9.5, 20.1; RAR for 440MB/s;A1 SD Bench writes for 20.66MB/s. Interested users can stamp here to compare our running Gallery.

Performance of the forbidden situations, machines running rather than the use of mycophenolate mofetil 410 processor red 2 and red rice of weaker Note, but the TV version MIUI is far simpler than the mobile version, and even this performance should also take up this system, fluency estimates the main cause of the problem, is the new system of the machine is not fully tested. But considering the MIUI updates, system repair should soon, this problem can be exaggerated.

As for gaming performance, 40 inch TV 2 and 49-inch version millet, on-board GPU for Mali-450MP4, the GPU is also used in the mediatek MT6592 eight-core processor, that is to say its GPU and the first generation of red rice note, F2, and so on the many thousands of machines is the same as the God.

But the TV resolution of 1080P, higher than mainstream thousands 720P screen, as shown in the running machine game also suffered, weaker than the red rice Note.

Machine to play big games would be more difficult, but demand greater Metro Park, whitewater boats small and medium game such as a big problem. Propaganda games centres, it appears that refers to the system comes with a handle ecological services such as game center support, rather than its performance … …

Display effect, excellent

40 inch version of millet TV 2, can check to of data is its used has “Sharpe SDP X-Gen Super Crystal screen (5,000:1 static compared degrees, and 6ms dynamic response, and 176 degrees perspective), tie Apple supplier Swiss instrument photoelectric provides of side into type backlight module, and TV chip supplier MStar of HD quality engine”, Panel, and backlight module and chip circuit (quality engine) undoubtedly is on TV quality effects maximum of 3 a parameter.

Is to advance science, though, sharp SDP is made by sharp and Hon Hai (Foxconn) jointly funded, sharp LCD technology, Hon Hai is responsible for matters relating to manufacturing, so it’s not actually narrow the original sharp screen.

Taking into account the millet official stacking heavy, so of the compared object is the iPad Air (Air2 screen is slightly less), the IGZO screen contrast above 1100, color gamut around 71% and color temperature in the vicinity of 6600K (standard colour temperature for 6500K). Though not as good as Kindle HDX, its screen in the flat is also very strong.

TV screen brightness is generally higher than the handset and computer monitors, and under normal office lighting, between 150-200 nits brightness in relative comfort, so most of the TV because the brightness is too high and not suitable for use as a monitor. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5 case

But what is unexpected is, millet TV Supreme only 349 nits brightness, while the lowest was able to close to 73 nits brightness. Sunny home living room user, under the strong light may have some visibility problems, but intend to use it as a bedroom TV or monitor users, which is the Gospel.

Worth noting is that brightness to a minimum, although can’t see with the naked eye, but the flicker of the screen is even more noticeable (Webcam capture), which will hurt the eyes, looks easy eye pain eye sore.

Light distribution uniformity, millet on the performance is not so good. According to the normal 9 brightness detection, Central edges higher nearly 50 nits, at the extreme edge of even only around 250 nits brightness.

While the greatest difference in uniformity of regional, black proofs below, uneven light distribution of the left side of the screen, more than 20 nits brightness difference. If nothing unexpected happens, side-into the LED light should be on the left.

The two machines are tuned to maximum brightness, where millet TV 2 ‘s color temperature is set to standard mode. White proofs, Remy TV “whiter white”, while the iPad is a little warmer-red.

Black proofs, and millet are unexpectedly excellent TV, completely hung and beat iPad, while the latter is black at all without it. Contrast of the former far exceeding the normal screen.

But it’s worth noting is that we got the machine uneven backlighting problem (case would not rule out problems). Black proofs can be seen in the upper-left and lower-right corners of the screen have a larger local bright spots.

Although it has little effect on actual perceptions, but on the part of the eye, and can even find iPad screen for users of yin and Yang to the naked eye, this is a small problem, choose when you want to check.

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 5s Case Leopard

Primary colors, although based on low brightness for nearly 100 nits, but millet TV saturation is not doing badly, red and blue colors are gorgeous, performed relatively better on the iPad in yellow-green.

But given the iPad’s color is a name, which would reflect, inter alia millet TV tends to be relative supersaturation in the red-green (that is, red blues scene is particularly brilliant performance of the machine).

Comparison of actual proof is basically the conclusion confirms the solid color performance, millet TV cool color temperature blue, red, blue, bright, green yellow is relatively insufficient saturation, and contrast/has a crush on shadow detail on the advantages of handheld devices.

Less viewing angle for TV, its performance above the average. Angle of more than 90 degrees (central axis), the screen saver will appear slightly pale and desaturation.

Conclusion is that this is the perfect piece with the price and size of panels, color performance without wondering about it and on the viewing angle, as long as the angle and don’t overdo it, it won’t let you down.

In addition, the backlight brightness is low, more suitable for close range and dark room watching, even when the monitor is out of question, but unfortunately, backlit panel uniformity of not doing it.

More diverse:

Engine and graphics decoding capability, weak

For television, the most important Panel, backlit, circuits, chip circuit/graphics engine were left said. It is responsible for the final step in transferring videos to the LCD Panel, if it’s not outputting the correct video signal, no matter how good the Panel cannot play power.

And the final conclusion is that machines that can only be described as in the area of the middle and lower levels. Video quality is good 1080P movie, a so-called graphics engine, play it will bring oil painting effect, just like after apply sharpening after noise, screen colors very brilliant is very strong, with heavier and serious loss of detail. Say a bit, the output images, are far less CPU monitor suspended at upper right window … …

More disappointing is that the original hard solution 1080P video player when the box the picture has serious, serious decline in contrast gray screen is truly cannot see the level, so the proof above were taken using the third-party player (BSplayer).

The video hardware of the machine ability also lets people down, only H.264/265 1080P@60 hardware solution with the highest specifications of the machine frame, case of 1080P@60 frames in a video in MP4 format, and classic 4K test only “broadcast slideshow”; soft solutions of 720P of high bitrate MP4 format videos are almost eaten up CPU. The good news is, this resolution playback is smooth …

Volume and heating

TV comes with dual speakers, speaker location beside the two stents, was downward. Its volume is within all devices I’ve tested (including TV plus TV TV S50 and the 49-inch version of the millet), comes with sound the loudest one, separated by about 0.5M, so volume can go to 98 DB, volume of sufficient size to any human needs.

Sound quality is not very good, and levels slightly worse than TV millet 49-inch version, but sound quality phone Tablet notebooks and hundred-dollar battering following speakers shouldn’t be a problem.

65W rated power consumption of the machine, heating control good, room temperature of 27.6 degrees, bright screen for half an hour maximum temperature of 38.8 degrees, appear in the left panel (side of LED light sources).


40 inch TV 2 version of millet, distribution can be understood as a 49-inch version of Jane: 50% was reduced in size, and removed the 4K resolution, ultra thin metal frame and Bluetooth remote control, but the price is managed from 3399 slimming 1999 and successfully broke the psychological threshold of 2000 from the TV, it is quite shocking.

On the actual performance, although larger screen black, but the machine was fairly solid workmanship; TV version MIUI are simple and easy Panel unexpectedly good, high contrast, and color is gorgeous, viewing angle and brightness to suppress good, although there are uneven light distribution (I do not know whether the case), but actually has little effect on its even suitable for use as a monitor.

Of course, machines as well as to pricing made the inevitable sacrifice of 2000: processor performance is weak, slow to respond to the system, software and hardware capabilities are inadequate, and the graphics engine also gets in the way. If you have certain requirements for performance and video playback, it is recommended that use it as a normal display, external TV box or other mainframe computers, cinema-quality performance will be significantly improved, can keep this excellent Panel deserved strength.

In General, I support for it is this attitude, 2000 Yuan pricing, this Panel has been very good, while the remaining long weak intelligence section, if the demand is not high can also be used directly, but it’s a brain supplement his spent 2000 to buy a 40-inch display is also valued.



Panel color, contrast, outstanding black control of singularly good

Brightness, more suitable for close range or monitor use

Power and heat control

Comes with speakers well

Step on:

Processor performance is weak, the system is slow to respond

Video software and hardware solutions are weak and poor comes with video output screen

Light distribution uniformity is not high