Taiwan wonders legends fam hand painted Rainbow village

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

This is the wall! And is made of hand-painted, this is only one facet of the wall is already so rich and colorful.

Taiwan travel impressions is still stuck in the popular Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, please? That’s out, basically most of the tourists are so, but Taiwan people are mad to go where? Certainly is creative, fun, unique place. Recent network, becomes famous on TV to see the legendary’s best-kept secret-“Rainbow village”, seems to have become a Taiwan visit new landmark, certainly was not rainbows in places, but an 88-year old grandfather a painting-a-day, colourful Rainbow is like a road.

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

Said he started using cement paint paint your own home: boredom, draw a drawing a day, every day, beautifully next to see me, what can I draw a. On day three, I more than four points in the morning to start painting. After more than a year, finally, sketch out a rainbow community. Paint is escape boring, but is everyone’s favorite, he painted the more passive. Because it was also spread like wildfire … Pattern full of vitality and rich subject of a fever on the network tones. Became super popular, a wonderful outside hot spots.

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

Grandpa in the total length does not exceed 100 m lanes in the small houses of the old village paint the wall, formed like a rainbow of beautiful views, bloggers and photography among players by word of mouth, be taken outside fam, and is called the “Rainbow village”. It was called the “Rainbow Street”, also known as “Rainbow village”. Hidden in the alley, starts from the entrance, whether it is ground, built next to the wall, you’ll see with vivid color, full of childlike pattern of streets and houses, ultra kawaii, the grandfather’s childlike yet! ~ Rainbow village really give people the feeling of walking into the Rainbow world, so everyone called him “Grandpa Rainbow.”

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village
Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

One machine, the crowd enough, squeezing continuous full picture difficult, the attractions are so hot right now! It is said that at least 500,000 people per year to visit here. Although not well-known places, but far better looking than those of interests, too much.

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

 Only when this is finally coming out to see, someone says what you see the writing on the wall? We read from left to right “not old” read upside down, all of a sudden I freeze up there, how could anyone so no standard wrote the words on the wall, it is no wonder that there are some stain was also sprayed on the wall. I thought this was happening for a long time, but in fact it is not, is the morning we went to was maliciously written on them. Why knows? So lively attractions such a thing occurs, news reports of the day, of course, but less than a day to find out who the murderer is.

Turns out to be because people are too diverse, too loud, causing a 70 years old man of the village under and before the old man Grandpa and Rainbow festivals that unpleasant, plus the more angry now, so take advantage of night on the wall to write in black ink.

Wrote the words after washing with SOAP is not found out, Rainbow’s grandfather once said: “do not paint! “Urban members and House officers to appease want Grandpa to pick up the brush, so that the” Rainbow “again. Thus, visitors good sad said.

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

On both sides of the walls are painted with a different pattern: people, animals, and plants, and words of blessing, do you feel very warm?

 No repeating pattern, though not the exquisite paintings, but I feel more beautiful than any picture to

Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

Because the most important thing is to paint the heart 


Taiwan wonders, legends fam: hand-painted Rainbow village

Examine each pattern are fun.


Is Rainbow village address above, veterans on the 25th, interesting. Is funny even the box is full, does not let go of any place.


With the main walls and painted on the road 

Have not is a wall or a way, really admire the old man can draw like that

Left is a-Mei

Sweet statement: Welcome to take pictures, please do not beat.

It is said that there had been dismantled in the, because she supports “Rainbow village” too many people, through the network to launch rescue operations and finally the City Government to keep this “village cultural Park.”

An empty wall first-BASE COATING, then brush painted patterns, just draw whatever comes, after sky blue walls were painted black, really are xxoo


Addition to walls and floors, and Windows with colored thread embellishment

Do you want to learn martial arts training Bruce Lee Kung Fu?

A good laugh, this is to the right of advertising?

From the figures, Buffalo, birds to aircraft, even the pandas “Tuan Tuan” and “Yuan Yuan,” also depicted, first look at the character review

Cucumber, Ko Liang

, The old man said he was taken from newspapers, neighbors and visitors, to the Japanese, drawing women wear kimonos; fashionable woman wears big earrings, becomes part of the wall.

If I paint, I really can’t draw so many things, content-rich

And shapes, colors or the same Oh 


House doors were not spared, as long as they can draw full

There were “green turtle”


From the entrance, there is also

Left: Tiger, tail, APE + personal

, See? Look oh so each pattern until you feel the fun and enjoyment.


Right: some have been blacked out, really speechless …

As such, residents of the exterior walls are painted here, bold and lively colors, dominated by Pink, powder blue, wall character with childlike lines, colors seem to spill out from the paint bucket, dyed bright village and tourists.

Just that is powder blue for tone, just use red as the dominant.

One side of the bricks were not spared, hung with colorful shells on the window is nice

We walk into the alley, should just be to paint painting can still smell the paint. Is said to be currently, Rainbow House, in the old man’s brush a flower a flower in bloom. This month and next month may see different painting game.

And, more recently, in the recruitment of Rainbow Ambassador Oh, interested parties please contact.

Personally drawn quite cute and pretty, but also super hard, what a rich imagination to

This pattern enough cock, bright colors ~ there “desperate”?


In fact, everyone should have a grateful heart (examining a “en” Word is effort is needed depending on the design), and grandfather wrote some auspicious words in the walls, floors, in the hope that the visitors can get blessed! I sure hope to see all of my blog friends are happy, safe and healthy! ~