The “real” beauty of wulan BÙ tǒng—incomplete

Since the new year, I stayed in this place there are few sunny days, mist and haze is the protagonist, this season, also was in full bloom when, or they still can make a macro to play. For more than a month in the city looking for street photography, get a little so-called documentary, when friends say, took the right information. Yesterday a friend joked: “your blog can’t live! ” And it’s not, just nothing wonderful or flavored things. Open the hard drive at noon, my inventory is! Isn’t this whole skit!! Black and white and color!

This is late autumn last year to shoot the film, it has no trace of green leaves have dropped out, the tree looks like a dancer?

Life in the water, spring will reappear.

This giant bird’s nest, and next spring there will be visitors.

Lives of desertified land still has slim, long shadow.

Harbin: ice happy days in Disneyland

Do I look like a polar bear’s head?

Desertification of the land, the grass do not know next year if spring can take root here?

This thin NISA in the Sun like a skin-like sharpness.

This point of view what looked like so many pairs of eyes?

This is something of a pig.

These small black pits of pit and is actually formed by the wind, in a blurred black.

Rooted tree in Nur, which can be considered a blessed tree, no shortage of water.

Is the color of life beautiful!