The search for historical mark Yi Chang suggests a cow start

A cherry rain

Reconstruction of former Tang

You will find flowers

The was a lovely place

Blossom Chang

Red and green tiles around Lishan mountain

The walls deep

Walking paradise

Natural beauty is reassuring

At last one day was chosen for the imperial household

Used to think that only an idyllic natural landscape

Place with such simplicity, individuality, creativity

In the Northwest of the ancient capital of Xian City

Can meet such a mood, refined design

Meet overnight

Blow my mind

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After graduation, urgency growing both tangible and intangible, living in the moment, young nice, using words and pictures to record the most real, the most beautiful youth Memorial.

Begin to travel to XI ‘ an, … … …

3 days 2 night of Xian hurried of line, to had has some General of attractions, also inventive to looking for thousand years Qian Japan introduced of cherry and happy of in hot of afternoon running Yu road, city wall Xia met “a XI” let I in Northwest also search to has “slow life” of small mood, this article Xian travels, from play, and food, and live and practical posted scholar traffic, and tickets, aspects began described.

-Green Dragon Temple: thousands of red cherry blossom tree

City wall: riding the ancient city wall

The Terra Cotta Warriors: beyond the Millennium, only for this shock

Huaqing hot spring and Li: Li mountain top overlooking the ounces of Hua Qing Tang dynasty

The big wild goose pagoda: the old pagoda, modern music fountain

Food-following “far away” tracks, and most real Xian

-Overnight _houseiii: bed and breakfasts in a retro and creative arts and the diversified experience

Tours: Trance and venting, time stood still

7 days: adjacent to Xian railway station, convenient, cost-effective, and poor tour preferred.

7 day, Super 8, pudding, green travel, long Hai hotel, overnight, from bed and breakfasts, hostels, fast to the hotel, 6 different styles, different level, different price accommodation described, only to choose your favorite.

About traffic

Farewell to students, no more profligate vacations or wayward random went. Face the reality, for me, are more difficult to find than money. A hard time to travel, to me, more precious, even in the face of holiday crowds, I am still happy to run on the road.


Probably 3, and 4 years of time, annual of Tomb season are to Xia South, Jiangsu has became has I changlaichangwang of place, on South water, and small bridge water family love has alone Bell, but in limited of time total wants to more to go go, and see unknown of world, happens to be Beijing-Xian has direct of z Word head train, Middle kept station, 11 hours 34 points on can arrived, start and arrived time are very for work family of time law, even is weekend 2nd, also can gently pine pine tour Xian.

Z19/Z20 only sleeper (hard sleeper, soft sleeper, advanced soft sleeper) hard sleeper: 273.

Trains Beijing West-XI ‘ an, and the departure and arrival time:

Z19 Beijing XI-XI an

20:40 08:31

Z20 Beijing-Xian

19:21 06:58

VS Xian Xian North Station station

Xian: Huan Cheng North Road, xincheng district (Jiefang road near the old town wall) convenient, extending in all directions, but the station is chaotic, Xian not near a tour visiting the Terra-Cotta Warriors 5 Road, xianyang Airport-bound buses are close by, 5-10 minute walk can reach.

Frugality and thrifty: Xian railway station is on the frugality and thrift gates of the ancient city walls, city tour ancient city walls overlooking the Xian railway station, wall Jiefang road is the main road, railway station square by taxi is not very convenient, many drivers don’t want to live here, here’s video, parking time is not too long.

Road: came through the walls that Jiefang road, later referred to “Qin juice Rouga” flagship store on the main road, and stores stand out, compared to find.


Bus: (the following lists some of the main scenic bus lines)

Special Note: very much around the train station bus station can cover almost all attractions in Xian, although bus stop called “train station”, was distributed in several sites around the train station, on Liberation road, some in frugality, some on other roads, junctions.


Rail set-train station (way to Qinglong Temple, CPC, the big wild goose pagoda)

Tour 5

Railway station of the Terra-Cotta Warriors-(way of Huaqing hot spring and other small, if full, the midway station without stopping, but you can get off)


Journey to the East commercial street-railway station (way to Qinglong Temple, Sha Po)


Hansen of the fortress-West Beach Village (way to Qinglong Temple, big wild goose pagoda)


Daming Palace hardware lighting of the City-University (way Wen Chang, East railway station)


Xianyang airport planning and service is perfect, except on his way to pick up your luggage on the way out of the arrival hall, there are signs telling you to go to the airport bus ticket Hall, one is long (XI), on one side is the city’s buses.

Routes (latest version as of April 2016)

1, Airport-West Gate (Airport Hotel)

Average start time: 15min

2, airport-Xian Railway (Lanzhou-Lianyungang hotel) PS: on Liberation road, Xian railway station, 10-minute walk

Average start time: 30min

3, Airport-West high-tech

Average start time: 40min

4, airport-Xian hotel

Average start time: 30min

5, airport-hotel of Changqing-Jianguo hotel

Average start time: 40min

6, airport-Xian railway station, North Station

Average start time: 40min

-March 7, Airport Hotel International-Hotels-City of Northwest South bus terminal

Average start time: 60min

8, airport, xianyang-xianyang train station-Lu-commercial-government-people’s livelihood Rainbow hotel

Average start time: 30min

9, airport-College-wenlinluxikou-coal-yuquan Road East exit seven cross-drainage-tobacco-China Xiao-Qin’s high speed rail station-Rainbow hotel

Average start time: 60min

10, the best Western Hotel Airport-xianzhuhongluweier-XI ‘ an avenue epang Palace Metropark Hotel International

Average start time: 60min

11, East of airport-bus terminal

Average start time: 120min

12, North of airport-bus terminal

Average start time: 120min

Airport bus ticket ticket office is on the left side, go to Xian railway station, select the second line

2, airport-Xian Railway (Lanzhou-Lianyungang hotel) PS: on Liberation road, Xian railway station, 10-minute walk

Average start time: 30min

Tickets 25 Yuan a person, ticket scan codes on the train, no seat number, car sit, sit on the grid. Last 1h, through frugality would bet on more than 10 minutes from the train station, long Hai Hotel Liberation road, also belong to the high cost of hotels and see the banner that says special room more than more than 200 Yuan.


Xian’s old city congestion around the train station, uber and drops, but private cars are less likely to pull around the railway station.


Xian several scenic spots tickets are expensive, but has student tickets, adult tickets purchased over the Internet can be a few bucks cheaper.

The big wild goose pagoda: 55 Yuan

(The big ticket does not include Tower, Tower: 30)

2, terracotta warriors and horses: 150 RMB

(Guide: 25)

3, + Li Huaqing Palace: 150 RMB

(Lift: 35 one way, everlasting: 288~988 Yuan)

4, Datang Furong Garden: 120 Yuan

5, XI ‘ an city wall: 75

(Bike single bike 45 Yuan Chang/120min dream ticket: 260)

Following the start body start……..

See had has rape, see more has peach, has romantic aesthetic painting wind of cherry, also never can a see it of gorgeous, to had Wuhan, but missed has tours cherry of season, wants to to Japan, but no wrong peak tour of leave of determination, accidentally a article push sent articles, summary has domestic upsets of tours Cherry to, Dragon Temple is located in Xian, heard there of cherry also is Sheng Tang period from Japan introduced of, and Tomb holiday to Xian travel coincides, and can meet I see cherry of wishes.

As long as with ID on can in entrance received free of tickets, may not only is holiday of sake, free of tickets also attract has many local people came to tours cherry, and play, Dragon Temple on like is a big of garden, flat has children entertainment project, Shun slope species full has as resembles peach type of pink cherry, no on species of brand description, should is a “leaves cherry”, multiple flap, flowers larger, species in loess flying of hillside Shang, aesthetic in the are with Northwest of rough, different Yu South and North, really some not habits.

Flowers in full bloom, powder white, fresh and elegant, in the North, East, South, Central Plains and much of the Northeast, Northwest area has grown.

Red cherry blossoms has long stems and leaves slightly reddish, heard, May to July will turn into dark red and then fades to pale purple.

In the world, always add a splash of color to the dull life, can also provide the dark no sunshine weather, bring the breath of spring.

Ancient original building, building Grand atmosphere, all with the Tang dynasty style, like stepping into “Datang Furong garden.”

Like “turmeric cherry” or Royal clothes and yellow cherry, turn to understand exactly what kind of cherry blossoms cherry blossoms to friends?

Many sell cherry blossom garlands, cherry hair clips, falling cherry color.

If not on holiday, no crowds, and then to enjoy the cherry blossoms, more poetic, artistic aesthetic.


400, 45, 48, 237, 41, 607, 25, 525, 33, 19, 252, 606 in the Qinglong Temple Station, you can reach the Qinglong Temple.

Green Dragon Temple pagoda is not very far away, trip tensions would not need to come to Qinglong temple to see the cherry blossoms, because going to the big wild goose pagoda before knows, big wild goose Pagoda of many small gardens are planted in this pink cherry blossom and green environment than the Green Dragon Temple here, good management.

The Qinglong Temple, the first stop of XI ‘ an, in fact, generally disappointing, it does not push the article as depicted in the United States, as well, from pants and shoes are the scenic loess, I was pretty disappointed. But as the local leisure and entertainment, is also a good choice, miles Xian travel friend, it is not recommended. Most of the time, “fairy tale” is a lie.


From Xian railway station has many sent to Terra-Cotta Warriors of car, official is 516 road, especially to has statutory holiday people very of more, queued, long-distance bus of people several circle, 7 points first shuttle sent to Terra-Cotta Warriors, Midway will in Huaqing hot spring got off, car will has ticket personnel recommends first to Huaqing hot spring tour, again ride to Terra-Cotta Warriors, because from Terra-Cotta Warriors return of car vacancy rarely, compared difficult,.


Has Huaqing hot spring and Terra-Cotta Warriors of joint votes also has separate of tickets, network take votes words to in 8:30 A.M. yihou specifically of take votes eloquence open, if sat first class 7 points of car to Terra-Cotta Warriors, 8 points more is on can to scenic, got off to Terra-Cotta Warriors scenic way no indicates, car Shang ticket member on told has been go left turn on saw, along the black what are has, Xian as Shaanxi capital, service aspects do have also is not in place, indicates of signs, and identifies not clear, this in behind of travel in the, also has many “experience”. In this context, needs to be strengthened, remember once watching the documentary of the Xian 2020, those days seem a distant and great works, but only 4 per cent of the time, the construction of the Northwest, starting from the starting point of the Silk Road-an, is an anticipation, a long way far works.


Across the entrance to the ticket office where there are rental Guide, many hanging guide cards for rent have to guide people, shouting “not Narrator, can’t read the Terra Cotta Warriors equals white……..” Explained device has deposit and costs, by issued of deposit receipt to export at of place returned on good, using simple, and price also compared moderate, if is 2 a people words, I recommends rent a Taiwan, headphones a left a right, two a people a people plug a a ear, foot carry, two a are plug Shang except explanation device of voice, what are listening to missing has.

Turns out, a lot of guides and guide the content is basically the same, there will not do too much evaluation, according to their own needs, choose rent, guide, guides, or don’t.


Warriors no accommodation in the scenic, barely there is a small café, it is also expensive, coffee25 Yuan, consumption would like to make a cup of hot water are very stingy, and beverages are coffee, some biscuits small snack, cold, clear weather, cold, despite the noble did not say, the café in the cold early spring bring trace of warmth. Recommendations to friends of the terracotta warriors and horses, stock up on food and water, if you can keep out of the area, outside has a lot of restaurants.

Catch in Tomb season to Xian Terra-Cotta Warriors, sky occasional like of low, cold of weather, and distance delicate Lishan around, and from first, pit room gallery in the out of, front of safflower trees was front a bright, came to Xian ancient, deep of feel to here ancient tree of more, spring of full with Reiki, here of trees not only leaves lush and Yan value are is high, not know is nursing spent Messenger of carefully care, also is trees varieties excellent, also or soil climate of sake, leaves of shape in sky propped up a radian, Sitting on a wooden bench, looked up, his eyes covered with a pink flower.

Xian Terra-Cotta Warriors worthy of for world eighth big heritage, also really of only personally to had see had is so shock, and amazing of sense, 1974 was local of farmers found this a surprised for heaven, and scale huge of underground figurines pit, to 2016 of today to public open has first, Hall (maximum and relative full), and second, Hall (minimum), and third, Hall (big and relative not full).

The first:

Pit in a rectangular shape, as a whole, main show tank, infantry, army of pottery horses, after centuries, thousand years of turbulence and change, terrain and natural changes, many fragmentary terracotta warriors overwhelmed, basically there is no color when making that year, with varying degrees of corrosion and damage.

According to research at Qin Shi Huang created over more than 8,000 terracotta warriors and horses, is the most amazing, do not have the same, each one is unique, and repair work long and hard, even a few years ‘ time.

Open repair of Emperor qinshihuang mausoleum Museum, by showing the restoration work, so the audience can understand the process of heritage conservation and restoration work at close range, as well as the design of natural and cultural knowledge. Repair tools and equipment needed, go through the steps, each one, regardless of size, are fitted with a tag, now see the torn fragments, wait until a few years later to the Terra Cotta Warriors, see displays of infantry camp and then repair the thing.

The second:

Second, pit internal of lights also compared Dim, on a circle, greatly small of pit bit many, but many are is is mining and repair of, compared has features of is, Windows within show of standing shot figurines, and General figurines, and kneeling with figurines, and carriage and so on, can is clear of saw characters body of armor, and wear distribution ornaments, and air and posture, from Xia to Shang thin looked, some place has damaged, and whole Terra-Cotta Warriors body need iron frame support, is said to have carriage reproduction has Qin Shi Huang real by using of car and horse, just narrowed has times, But the style was not bad.

The third:

Third pit is believed to be a headquarters of the army as a whole, relative to the first and second pit, mini, many headless Terra Cotta Warriors.

Buffet is arranged in the sale of commemorative coins of the scenic, 20 Yuan, 30 yuan and 50 Yuan amount, style is the symbolic scenic spot of Xian, terracotta warriors, Qin Shi Huang, individuals feel as their retention is very meaningful.

Xian Terra-Cotta Warriors scenic 2 a door, only into or out, is not go back of, is to led tourism commercial of development means, export out scenic, into has commercial Street, eat, and play, and entertainment integrated integration, some also in construction, decoration, compared Xian Terra-Cotta Warriors scenic in the only of a commissary, expensive of drinks and small food, out has scenic into this article food blocks, various local features snacks, and fast-food restaurants can let people big full treat, and price relative fair.

With with patter Li of rain, cold of weather, morning from Xian railway station queued waiting for tour 5, morning 6 points 50 on has row up has long team, Visual 30 around of people, in front, not to 7 o’clock on has tour 5 start left has, early car not to 5 minutes a car issued, also is human, people Shang full on go, interval not long, compared delight, 7 points car, 2, and 3 minutes Hou start, morning of car within also is compared cold of, is said to have tour 5 is full high-speed of, but may is Tomb holiday of sake, Feel to drive and no go high-speed, morning of road compared good open, car Shang of conductor will probably told Xia tour line, Terra-Cotta Warriors-Huaqing hot spring (Lishan), Terra-Cotta Warriors most far, first passing Huaqing hot spring, conductor will told car Shang of passengers, recommends pioneer Huaqing hot spring tour, because from Huaqing hot spring-Terra-Cotta Warriors of car has empty seat, from Huaqing hot spring-railway station of car does not necessarily has seat, tour 5 is sat full on not let master of (this is and those so-called of private long-distance car different of), according to himself of wishes, select tour route.

Huaqing hot spring back Lishan, Lishan total let I reminds a surname months biography in the of stories, looking up see Lishan, looking looked to has is a green bursting with, front water gurgling, Red Wall Green w of China clear Palace, only in TV in the and book in the understand of Qin, and Tang history, this once go near they, Qin Shi Huang, and Emperor Xuanzong, and Yang and so on these history Shang dominated, and spread ages of characters and story.

If you decide to come to Huaqing hot spring, it is recommended that in 24 hours in advance to buy tickets online, have to slot a, attraction tickets are really expensive in XI ‘ an, the world’s eighth-largest site, world cultural heritage in China, Chang ‘ an ancient imperial palaces, think about these, and indeed is soaring to the number.

Enter the Huaqing Palace, is impressively in front of paradise, ancient and modern Palace, a pond in front of the temple pond, bridge, rockery, backed by mountains, compared to the solemnity of the forbidden city in Beijing, here for more tenderness and romance.

Colorful flowers in the Park coincides with this scene. Still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar, chaise longue that year, and Emperor Xuanzong was playing pleasure in the flowers.

Occult performances a day in the Palace,

Every Monday-Sunday (except Tuesday) opening hours: 9:00~16:30

Every 40 minutes during the show, each session limited to 50 guests, time intervals of 30 minutes

Queued at has many people in waiting for, and mess sequence heap in entrance, time tension, didn’t can in ornamental, Phoenix Temple right has sold Deng Lishan of votes, door of door votes is not contains Deng Lishan of, in here purchase Lishan big tickets and tramway votes and mountain Shang some small attractions (time not ample words, can not climbed Lishan, weather bad of when, overlooking visibility not high, Lishan governance of bad, compared mess, Hou paper details said)

Select one-way sat tramway Shang Lishan, for wants to Shang Lishan for is wise of, because Xia has tramway feel is disappointed of, also than in mountain Xia looks, mountain also compared dry, but can see was called Qinling “most beauty mountain” of panorama, said truth, didn’t see beauty to, Xia has tramway also need walk continues to climbing, signs indicates fuzzy, only with troops forward go, way no what landscape.

Birds paradise, down the road, passing the “caravan”, you can choose to ride transport to various attractions, despite being clearly marked, but expensive, ten minutes ‘ walk to the place, but price is very high.

Bird paradise is in the mountains with huge nets to cover a birds in captivity live birds “paradise”, can come and play, play with other kids, in front of 5 Yuan a bag of corn, can be fed, when the Zoo, if time is not sufficient, you can give up the attractions, in addition to close contact with peacocks, there’s nothing special about it.

Below this time a Mandarin Duck, goose, duck, if you feed him, over time, these cute animals will go along with you, have feelings.

Trees in the lot did not spit out new leaves, walked some desolate, there are all kinds of peacocks, commonplace, usually, there are white, manufactured a lot of pavilions in the Park and pond.

The goose was standing upright in the water, still, despite how to throw with corn, using every trick thrown indifferent, sluggish look there.

Fed it for a long time, finally hovering around me, and small animals, can make your simple and cheerful.

In addition to Peacock, there are also small birds, here below feedlot lots of birds, with no meaning, didn’t go down.

Was not afraid of man’s Peacock was happy to approach people, that Peacock well behaved, Kaiping, will show off its beauty, in the rush to make it around, I came near it, asks a picture, so cute.

Good Lake is farther on Beacon, beacon is the highest point of Lishan mountain trekking climbing, is said to have good Lake is a man-made Lake on, calm waters, with the Boardwalk, which extends to the rolling hills in the distance.

Walk all the way down the Hill, along the many viewing platforms, very few people down the road, make you forget that it is during the Spring Festival holidays, accustomed to holiday packed picture, so little screen is infinite joy.

Overlooking the Huaqing Palace, clearly see the Palace Pavilion, pavilions and pools, and panoramic view of trees and flowers.

This weather is the norm in XI ‘ an, visibility is not high, rivers and streets can still be seen a distance, don’t know if the zigzag in the distance long Yellow River.

Bingjian Pavilion, where captured Chiang, visitors first to climb the narrow and steep rock walls, watching their movements and expressions, a kind of mixed feelings.

To commemorate this historical event, build this Bingjian Pavilion and left inscriptions on the walls, politicians feeling.

Along the road back to Hua Qing Palace, and entered the Huaqing Palace paradise differently, bridges, rail, cornice structures and constructed with a strong northwest wind, which is in addition to the North of the forbidden city, another feeling to gardens in the South.

Hua Qing Palace of everlasting song performances


From March 28 to October 31 every year during the show.

Price: 288~988 per month, day 2, session one: 20:10~21:20 second: 21:40~22:40; in the evening, considered too late to town, traffic is not easy, but very suitable for driving

City wall is divided into the East and South, West and North of the four main gate, South Gate, the most prosperous

South Gate-yongning gate

Simon-an Ding men


East Gate-Changle

In addition to the 4 outside the main gate, with 14 gates, a total of 18 Gates:

From the South, clockwise then the yongning gate, Suzaku gate, not doors, stable doors, screen doors, light yuxiang town, Shang Demen, martial gate, the door, the liberation of door door, frugality, Shang Qin, chaoyangmen, Zhongshan, Changle door, nation-building, peace door, Wenchang

A total of 8 city gates:

East Gate, South Gate, West Gate, North Gate, Wenchang, peace door door, door light, Suntech

“The latest version of the gate opening time”

South Gate (South and North): 8:00~22:00

Simon/North: 8:00~18:00

Light: 8:30~17:30

“Bicycle rental on the wall”

South Gate, West Gate, North Gate, East Gate of 4 sites will be able to rent, bikes

Solo bike: 45/120 minutes

Tandem bicycle: 90/120 minutes


Bikes used for 120 minutes

Single bike 10 minutes plus 5 RMB

Bicycle built for two 10 minutes charge 10 Yuan

Tips: 13.74 kilometers long, around the city need to 2~3h, around the South Gate, South Gate-West Gate, South Gate-East Gate between the bustling, views of the South Gate walls-Simon best, morning market, very much alive. Views around the North, but the best riding, perhaps because relatively few people, relatively flat roads. If riding with the beat, more relaxed, takes 3 hours or more time, if it is sunny, late afternoon wall, the special beauty of the ancient city wall of the sunset, cloudy day, no difference between morning and afternoon, but at night you can enjoy the night view of the ancient city wall, during the annual Spring Festival lantern, and elegant atmosphere of the ancient city wall decorating. Night walk on the walls is a good choice, South Gate near the South Gate Plaza and moats under the stars shine bright, unlike the feeling during the day.

“Battery tourist car”

Full: 120 Yuan/person

Each station: 30 yuan/person


1) after 19:00 only at the South Gate (22:00) before returning the car

2) under 10 years of age and over 60 years of age against riding bicycles, recommended by battery tourist car

Early in the morning from the South Gate of the ancient city wall, walking in the underground passage leading to the South Gate, on either side of the light box dance gorgeous posters to be posted inside every day in South 8:30 located on the inner door can enjoy the dream of Chang-the big show

“Enter a city and feel the interpretation of a fragment of the Millennium civilization;

Touch a piece of history, a taste of Tang dynasty vigorous and magnificent;

Taste a high privileges, inheritance of the Millennium City of dreams, writing a century affair. ”

Compared to the Nanjing city wall, Xian city wall plan better, old and 4 Gates all have bicycle rental points, order and governance, single, double trucks, cars to meet the different needs of children, there are regular rental receipts, records the number of car rental and start time.

Left has campus, more rarely riding cycling, but has been is Miss riding Shang cycling free of feel, in city wall Shang bike is a is special of experience, South door near compared downtown, will riding a will on stopped down photo, and South door near people more, this a for walk, wall Xia thick of marketplace breath, morning has market, very of lively, along wall root of street, again refurbished Hou of bar, and food blocks, are is according to street ancient Xiang of looks built of.

Along ancient wall from South door way forward, is thrift door, and Shang Qin door near are on Xian railway station, and other city as, Southwest station around is very of noisy and chaos, but does traffic most convenient of lots, recommended are on Xian railway station, wall Xia of “pudding hotel”, regardless of from price, and location, are undoubtedly, out is to Terra-Cotta Warriors and Huaqing hot spring of bus site, specific on accommodation of description, see Hou paper “accommodation article”

Main Street around the railway station square-Jiefang road

Walls and night scenery is very beautiful in the evening, but on those days when the sky, rain, had to give up at sunset wall aspiration.

To eat

Geese Tower is located in of location belongs to Xian district, construction and consumption level high, opposite on see Granville Austin Hotel, Xian some luxury brand hotel also most concentrated in district, listening to locals said distance geese Tower not distance has a article bar street, in old building of based Shang refurbished of, night is has taste, around also has many large of Mall and supermarket, recommended near price high of restaurant-first surface, is local of chain restaurant, shop within environment has local features, service good, and can found local of various features food, Prices are cheap.

First impressions of the big wild goose pagoda, which is a historic Tower, but it’s really gone, love it, beautiful environment, under the big wild goose pagoda in the spring when cherry, red and yellow, flowers, background big wild goose pagoda, against the pale yellow Magnolia, sunset and more quiet.

On the shape of the big wild goose pagoda and beautiful than the South Tower, no refinement of delicate beauty, big wild goose Pagoda of the brick material, fall down quite rough in Northwest China.


Scenic take-out is big ticket, want to ascend the tower to separate tickets, line up on the inside. Student tickets for the big ticket.

Middle of aisle Pu full Green slate material, smooth of ground reflection out comings and goings people of shadow, go in green stone Shang, seemed himself is to pilgrimage of Buddha believers, is no religious belief, each face Tower, and Temple, and temple like, incense peak, and quiet otherworldly of net to, pious of heart also silently in heart pray family and the himself health happiness, even inside also has been in looking for extraordinary refined, and isolated of place.

Wall climbing ivy, vine branches covered with old pavilions and buildings, there is a tenacious vitality in growth, stretching from the foot to the wall until the roof, like a green jacket would be a single-toned brick walls decorated with full of life.

To geese Tower must to boarded geese Tower has, on like came to Wuhan not see yellow crane Tower, only in big door wait-and-see wandering as, to protection this seat brick imitation wood results of four square loft type Tower of security, into Tower of visitors are must after strictly of security, like ride train and Metro as, suspicious liquid are to after test to through, and tickets is separate sale, despite row has long team, separate buy has tickets, after strictly of security checks, but unstoppable of, a solutions on Tower within has mystery fantasy, also is often meaning of.

Enter the pagoda entrance stone, lettering of different fonts and form, through the glass globe can vaguely see what was left of ancient stone tablets branded as time goes by, most of the writing is obscure, but also about content and I can guess from the word word meaning.

Compared to the yellow crane Tower, big wild goose pagoda in relatively crowded, shared a stairs up and down, people much of the time, steep and crowded, and the Tower’s lighting is relatively Dim, be sure to pay attention to safety from a layer, each layer has East view window, as the height increases, each layer has a different vision from 360 degrees overlooking the area.

Each layer in addition to the view, also on display in the Tower the good stuff, the second floor houses the Shakyamuni Buddha, was seen as treasures of the town walk.

Apart from some rare treasures, and also placed some of the construction of the big wild goose Pagoda of walls, hanging in the big wild goose pagoda wind duo at the eave angle.

Thick and dense, making craft down bricks.

Street view panorama overlooking the Qujiang, because of the scenic spot protection to visitors, set each view with the window, leaving a statement if you can reach the tourist photos

Catch up with sunny days, can watch sunsets sunset pagoda.

Tower surrounded by a variety of stone inscriptions, records the history and origin of the pagoda.

No lucky of caught up with can see sunset sunset of sunny, but but select a good of season, Tomb season of geese Tower comes as spring, here hiding has many towering ancient tree, trees of attitude not need too much artificial of trim, here of trees most are distributed with mature of charm, trunk straight and tall, branch fan and leafy, is a years spring to has, spit to green of color.

First leaf after flowering Magnolia, yellow blossoming flowers against a nearby pagoda, it seems timeless in a forest of green eternity, flowers bloom, the seasons, the historical changes of regime change.

Down the wall Creeper, left some dead wood and old vines, and the big wild goose pagoda from the dynasty, Xuanzang’s pilgrimage through to modern times, walls are filled with years of vicissitudes, I found this quiet corner of sunset afterglow sprinkled on the crumbling old walls, quiet few years.

Can always find some in XI ‘ an unknown name has never seen the flowers, trees, shape very lively.

Evergreen pines and cypresses and the big wild goose pagoda and the large size of pavilions and buildings, day after day, year after year, to stay together, people come and go, passer-by.

The big wild goose pagoda, evening the streets are lively, Mall, walking Street, near the food court in here is like a synthesis of the square has attracted people from all over the world.

Preference under the neon lights of the cherry blossom tree, sunset, lights everywhere, small ponds, covered with fallen petals, a breeze blowing through, such as dream-like petals raining, people have a sense of disorder in a foreign country.

Tip: be sure to bring a tripod, here is your creativity, make blockbusters.

Standing under a pink cherry tree at night, like real non fake, this scene inspired countless romantic girls heart.

Big wild goose Pagoda Scenic pedestrian street at night outside of special beauty, quite romantic and dreamy, the beauty of this moment, also rely on this spring-like flowers, beautiful night like this are rarely seen, real see more scenery than photos Central America, unfortunately you don’t have a tripod, failed to record the beauty.

Musical fountain

Large scale Music Fountain Square, full of locals and tourists from around the world, scenes are spectacular, and attention to show date and time, both day and night, if you miss the time, next to wait for a long time.

Monday to Friday performances of 12:00 20:30 (summer 21:00)

Tuesday maintenance 12:00 close

On Saturday and Sunday show time 12:00 14:00 18:00 20:30 (summer 21:00)

For food in XI ‘ an, arrived slightly earlier, and large feet, and many varieties, and is a paradise for carnivores, in the true taste local delicacies in XI ‘ an, and did not give me surprises as we expect.

From xianyang airport all the way to the train station, finally arrived just before noon when our destination was found 7 days put down our luggage, in order to save the world ready to eat something on the road, with the preparation of any food to taste it again, the first meal in XI ‘ an, “Qin juice Rouga”.

Store more, lots of people, looking for a seat a few minutes, and strange faces a moment of eye contact “communication”, suddenly there is a strong sense of foreign, had never set foot in the Northwest Territory, for the first time have not adapted to the feel from the heart, which is so much, never had the feeling of unease.

This wants to fast food of order and served speed should undoubtedly of, probably 20 minutes only end Shang this as cold dishes like of vermicelli and dough, also has this logo sex of food “meat clip bun”, may because waiting for too long hunger sense has reached alert value, first mouth meat clip bun too incense has, not greasy, meat material special of foot, inside no usually by eat of peppers d, distribution dish, is real of meat + die, meat also without too more of chewing, meat stew of is rotten, salt degrees moderate, anyway is is meet, and is delicious of meat clip bun.

This copies red oil dough (vermicelli) see with burning of heavy taste, but taste has about told everyone, just see with hot, actually is micro-spicy of degree, above distribution dish has cucumber silk and yellow bean sprouts dish, refreshing of a copies vermicelli (dough) distribution Shang meat incense delicious of meat clip bun, in Xian of first meal meal, although is fast food, but is Rod, recommended to everyone this shop.

To Xian of time is catch, 3 days 2 night of time, wants to go of place many, on always missed has dinner of time, total wants to save dinner, and sleep of time more see some place, General are is go to which on in where find place eat, and no to a meal eat and deliberately running to there, next recommended of “first surface” (geese tower north square shop) is to has I a surprise, in geese Tower scenic outside, is obviously of front, and is chain, see with shop outside decoration of is good, Must be higher than the dining room, but nice, and guess only half right before, and a very good environment, but only 40~50 Yuan per capita.

Shang figure this copies material surface separate of called “gold line oil Tower” filed like strands of thread, down a heap heap of like sent Tower, as its name suggests named “gold line oil Tower”, not dipped spices itself on has surface fragrance road, surface Shang coated oil lard, so it is Han traditional snacks, spices onion incense, and salt incense, and or like such of salt spicy taste, are can match oil Tower eat. A previously unheard of food, eating for the first time in XI ‘ an.

When you eat like this, pick up an oil Tower, slight shaking, leaching into the juice in a rich sauce, different from the soup, taste different from the CHOW Mein, noodles.

This is the “biangbiang”, four, although there are noodles, but plenty of feed and food and eat in the mouth, salty, sweet and spicy dip in the face of all kinds of taste, wide and long, punch and chewy, delicious, spinach, dried bean curd, bean variety of small ingredients, every is a reality.

Lao Shan small pickles, season seasonal vegetables salad, sweet and spicy and sour.

Walnut cake, not very recommended, 2 a, 5, takes the nucleus skins, fillings, for dessert, eat the next day will not affect the taste.

Into the Muslim snack Street, there’s a magic, can make you feel real old Xian Hui people’s customs, Muslim snack Street is very large, in all directions through the alley, Lane, North broad Street, …. XI ‘ an article from far away to a small house fen zhengrou, little crisp, Southeast Asia container cake today, look for tracks in the distance, let the taste buds to enjoy these features authentic Xian snacks, unlock all the curiosity I in front of the TV.

Price decorated little crisp and new, big tree, filled with gourmet Diners don’t know is media exposure in recent years or distance program benefits? Little crisp than I expected it to be hot, inside outside in front of boss is not the money, much less yell, serve the guests have no seats, turn 2 laps finally squeezed in one place, you can sit 2 people.

Still is plain of enamel Bowl, now no big copies and small copies, are is such of a copies small crisp meat, can added rice, can again to a disc small cold dishes, wants to with memory in the Tan Tan and Wizard sat in tree Xia enjoy this copies fresh incense delicious of small crisp meat, now finally can eat to, as the program in the by recommended of, added some spicy mix with rice eat more urgent delicious, this a copies of meat two a people eat will role volume some less, a man should just.

Small rise of crisp, now there are side dishes to choose from, compared with small crisp, the pickles.

Remember the Tan Tan is walking by the window see the steaming fen zhengrou couldn’t move, in conversation, to know the owner of the shop crews understanding fen zhengrou to home the entire production process, introduced in the length of the store from material selection to manufacturing to the ingredients until visitors this bowl of steamed pork slices with glutinous. Program said fen zhengrou and raw garlic together wonderful chemical changes occur, locals would put fen zhengrou as snacks or breakfast at any time when you want to eat a bowl, now divided into big and small, still accompanied by tea.

Southeast Asia container cake, see this plaque has one doubts, is spreading in Southeast Asia to the snacks? NO, is the most far places are sold to South-East Asia, this shop is at the crossroads of downtown area, closed too late even if the evening is sold out, on his first day there are around 7 to see this closed, last day at noon just in time for a big bucket of warm jujube flavor road is in the air, there are big and small.

As covered in a layer after layer of dates, so look not so good.

Described as a “paste rice dumplings” was apt, sticky rice wrapped in layers on dates, eaten as a whole will feel fewer dates, no wonder the program owner would say deliberately smeared some more dates to the guests at a time.

Along the steamed shop many, time limited see with store looks good on hold time to try lamb steamed, no time experience hand broke of pleasure, this Bowl meat block full of steamed match salt garlic and pepper sauce up, inside has 3, and 4 block lamb, in Xian a copies such of steamed, lamb is main dish, steamed and fans just distribution dish, love eat meat of Pro-are really of too happiness has.

Many sell the hulls in the street, five-spice and piquancy two and put some red and green peppers on top, and tastes better.

Red lamb kebabs, there are big and small, it’s good.

Huanggui persimmon is a product of Lintong, Lintong huanggui rich varieties of persimmon, persimmons processing and surface together, after frying is yellow, and some, like Tianjin fried cake

Very sweet, greasy.

Usually eat rice cakes, here called mirror cake, they speculate on because with a wooden cabinet in oval shapes below and would like to mirror, has a variety of flavors, taste than Yangzhou rice cakes of glutinous and real materials.

Remember in the distance program, in the cold of winter to see just hot out of the pot pie, the hosts could not help but have a feel and smell, cake or rich, a pie shop, is this right, put Springs recognized from this store.

First time to eat baked gluten, and have no flavor and dry, it’s not delicious at all.

Oil and pungent oil great for spicy-and only mild levels, feel the spicy flavor of the Southwest, but also moderate taste, you can also, 15 Yuan a bottle with friends and relatives as local specialties can give some.

Draped with red pepper, electric nianzi, thick local flavor.

Haw do a variety of casual snacks, Haw, Haw, Haw, Haw, balls and so on, Hawthorn is delicious, Hawthorn is very sour. These packaged meals are very clean, and as a casual snack or gift to friends and family is a good choice.

Shaanxi is rich in nuts such as peanuts, Pecans, pine nuts, dry goods, Hui street side of the prices are too high.

Also is the first milk egg poached or a drink for the first time, fresh boiling milk into the eggs, add poached black sesame Finally, sprinkle some nuts and raisins, this mix of all three is not really greasy, but I have to say, this approach is beauty, Oh!

Variety of cold dishes, small dishes filled with 5 Yuan a bowl, street shops did not open for business, only empty streets the alley sells hot breakfast, several old chat jokes, eat, Grandpa asked us good? Delicious not the rest (PS: shame, haven’t finished yet! ) Tell the truth really doesn’t taste good.

Is near the South Gate of the city wall of Hu antiques street food, simple breakfast, did Hu here is relatively simple, there is no too much food, paste more, eat it with film feel rather dull, the film really chewy.

About the accommodation, recommended 6

1) “later go into” Xian iiihouse overnight House Bell Tower shops

Address: Beilin district school door sanxuejie Chang-Xiang, 3rd

Bed overnight encounters, is a lucky

Overnight to subvert the impression of XI ‘ an in broad strokes

Spent in the pale traces

I found Nice and slow as the Jiangnan life

One night, looking forward to the next meet

In addition to a bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania so full of personality and creativity, consider visiting the Terra-Cotta Warriors, Huaqing hot spring places of interest around this convenient, choosing accommodation, also take into account factors such as location, price, lived around Xian railway station is also a wise choice.

2) Super 8 Hotel Xian railway station

Address: Jiefang road and Dong Qi Xian xincheng district road Daniel international trade building

Walk < around 10 minutes to the railway station and the railway station, bus station, bus station

3) Hai hotel, Xian

Address: Jiefang road, xincheng district, No. 306

Airport-end train airport bus stop is in front of the hotel, also on main street, Jiefang road, Super 8 200 metres distance

4) pudding Hotels line railway station East square station

Add: xincheng district, Xian railway station square (Xian railway station exit along the city walls East, 200 meters that is)

This hotel location is interesting, in is thrift door near of, wall in, from Baidu map Shang positioning of line, pudding Hotel-Tour 5 to go nearly 1 km of away, field study Hou, Baidu map guide errors, without exaggerated of said, from pudding Hotel walk to tour 5 bus of ride locations, 20 meters of away, really of is do has out is bus station, pudding this shop of location is must has, and is new decoration, internal facilities equipped with are more new, from price Shang can said is choice select.

5) “later go into” 7 days Inn (Xian railway station East square station)

Address: Dong BA Lu Shang Qin ProMED road crossing building, 18th

Hotel location and pudding compared to slightly farther, but, in contrast, more quiet, adjacent to an elementary school, holiday stay, very quiet at night, through thrifty, turn left to find the shop.

6) “later go into” hostels bell tower south gate of the old city walls of Xian Academy store

Address: Shun Cheng West Road, 2nd in Beilin district, South Gate, Bell and drum tower square

Along the ancient city wall

Near Wenchang sanxuejie

A history of several hundred years of Chang-Xiang

End of the Tang dynasty Imperial College moved to this

Confucian Temple in the front yard, in front of several strains of ancient

Street antiques, calligraphy and painting, he was so mortified, traditional musical instruments

Filled with thick “College” atmosphere

The ancient city wall

Lane deep

Ancient tree

Quiet a few years

The ancient and the modern

City and nature

Overnight the owners together to perfect it with

Into overnight

Every room

Every corner

Every detail

Can communicate its quality and design temperature

A floor Qian Office of public regional, rest district sofa and Office Chang table, and Chair, had to said said this people bed and breakfasts of master are, 4 bit learn art design origin of $literal, graduated, and work, and resigned, last select independent venture, business this people bed and breakfasts just they of part, in and they chat between, hand has been not stop, for various cut, and making, in this building 300 square meters, has 6 room 3 Office 1 kitchen 6 Wei of space in, which late, and spent between, and pale inter, and static moved, and Sono is 5 between completely different style, Can satisfy different guests at the beginning of design, designers sought to trace of natural fit in the city can be found in nature in a pure and authentic.

Narrow stairs

Second floor two “flowers”

Open the doors of three-layer, suddenly, three-story garden

A row of Windows “Sono”, draw the curtains will be able to sit back and enjoy the sky garden scenes

Like “pale traces” in the name, wall, roof, Windows, large and small,

Not out of the door will be able to look up in the sky, watching on the ancient city wall of people coming and going

Used to think that only an idyllic natural landscape

Where has such a simple, unique, creative

In the Northwest of the ancient capital of Xian City

Can meet such a mood, refined design

Entered is not a bed and breakfasts

But the designers original works of art

20-square-meter increase the usable floor area for a limited space, bedroom and bathroom on the second floor mezzanine

Hall on the first floor in the Center placed seated, coffee table, prepared by the bamboo cushion, cotton material for carpets

Retro and natural wood bench

Green Spider plant in Phnom Penh against the bottle was filled with dried flowers

If you’re lucky, catch a good day

You can sit inside and enjoy

The day of blue sky and white clouds

Night of stars

Sun comes down

Noisy in the day faded away

Wall lights colorful neon lights

Ancient city of XI ‘ an, the night more beautiful

Window head-up the ancient city wall from the inside

On the walls there are many such different size Windows

Every window is a painting hanging on the wall painting

More than really just full of vigor and vitality

BREW a pot of tea

The air was filled with a touch of jasmine

Opens the door is the third floor sky garden

The samoyed on the roof playing naughty in the neighborhood, will see a stranger “bark” stop

Different colors, different types of Succulents, as well as various shaped flower pot

Trees and vine spit green branches

Blue Sky sunny in XI ‘ an easy

Even so

But I had such a comfortable, quiet life, every day is a sunny day

Sky Garden

In spring, flowers bloom

Summer days, cool off in the shade for the summer

At night, lights flashing, a drink and a laugh

4 designers

From the chat, can feel their personalities

Sometimes quiet, sometimes chatty, while others are more stable

But love life, passionate about design and the pursuit

Visit XI ‘ an, met overnight, I was lucky

Used to live in the hotels, to bed and breakfasts, let me not only closer to the city

Also I get an unexpected move and surprises

Moved to the pursuit of young people, regardless of their industry, without distinction as to geographical, gender and age

Surprise in the heart of the design, flowers and grass, brick by brick, small details have great wisdom

Iii_house overnight, look forward to the next meet!

Although like overnight, but a more objective evaluation, is still very necessary, but also to people who want to go to a proper reference:

1, and pale inter room is duplex has stairs of, to housing within of space sense, stairs side is by wall, side is hollow of, upper and lower stairs to special note security, bedroom in II floor, is to increased housing within of space sense, big bed of sides by wall, and side by aisle, feet of this side is hollow of, lying in bed Shang will let people think somewhat not security, if with child of guest to note security!

Ground is non-slip composite floor 2, room, the room has a lot of elements such as dried flowers, wood, wall, where there will be a small Ant, eat just take care not to put in the ground.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, SOAP, slippers were readily available, and of very good quality, ease of use.

Overnight iii_house features:

3, from the garden to the Interior is designed with originality and unique personality;

4, location, South Gate and Wenchang between, closer to the Wenchang, within these walls, play just walk 50 meters to the city wall;

Breakfast buffet (drinks, fruits, sandwiches), time needed and accommodation owners in advance, chatting in the lobby on the first floor, resting place, the weather is warm, or in the open-air courtyard, beautiful and quiet.

With in 7 days of consistent style, pure and simple, toiletries need their own, clean beds, quilts, ground, perhaps is the biggest appeal Inn.

Pale yellow walls, rooms are small, always a stranger in our home-like warmth and warmth.

Room really neat, bathroom made of opaque glass material, increasing the sense of Visual space.

Hooks, racks, and premium snacks, instant noodles, mineral water

Occupancy 2-storey room, outside the school yard, opened the window in the afternoon, very quiet.

Not far from the overnight, along the wall, there is a quiet lane near South Gate, entered the Academy youth hostel, lazy couch, wall was covered with sticky little notes, doodling, and mail free.

Cyts, let you put down my identity, nationality, race, put down some troubles with worldly affairs, small spaces, but it carries the blessings from around the world say, say hello and say I’m fine, everything is free, everything is as simple as that.

Cyts tours each day, can make you forget all the unhappy, looking at the sky, homes of flower and birds, stopped at this moment of time, BREW a pot of tea, a free book on the end, or just rely on the couch quietly in a daze

Abstract doodling

Whim of the word

Became the cottage of the most warm and special decoration

Into the Green Brigade, will understand

Why do so many people want to move away from earthly life

Looking for the wild