Two Suzhou Jiangnan

• Two Suzhou Jiangnan
• Two Suzhou Jiangnan

This year to himself appointment has a article South spring of travels, hope can records Xia South water most beauty of spring, in I heart most beauty of South spring or small bridge water, and Green w white wall, and willow Yiyi of town, and or clear beautiful, and winding streets, and representing of South garden, certainly except these retained with South mark of water, and town and garden, also has emerging of City Park may also can let we feel to new South another a beauty. Finally, every city in the local Museum of the city’s culture and history are also integral to the trip.

When it comes to the South, said “there is paradise and Suzhou and Hangzhou”, so this is reason I as the first station South of Suzhou. In order to search for the most beautiful of the Yangtze River, I designed two of the trip seems like but ultimately give us a completely different experience of the Yangtze River tour.

Tomb Sweeping Festival is frequently changing weather makes us feel a warm, sunny spring, the catkins float fine Jiang nan, also allows us to understand an obscure poem, cloud steam fog, wind, rain slanting cover to kill with intrigue. Of course are looking for not only this spring under different weather conditions in the South of the United States, also follow the classical South and modern Jiangnan not as beautiful!

Suzhou, two different southern!

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Camera: Canon 5D3+16-35 F4, 50 F1.4, 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

Software: Lightroom+Photoshop

Equipment on all back a bit, but fortunately this is driving!

• Two Suzhou Jiangnan

Three and a half days of travel, as a result of driving, our destination, pingjiang district, Suzhou Industrial Park, until a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Suzhou, Taicang-, ten attractions span a little before and after.

Selection of attractions and not doing too much strategy, perhaps with a touch of OCD, is a group of select symmetry symmetric, the two towns, two classical gardens, two museums are two Lake Park.

From warm sunshine to a timely rain, give us a trip to Suzhou brought two different southern!

Actually Hou two days of rain has been no stopped had, travel Qian of weather forecast has expected to trip will in rain have in the spent, but really didn’t expected to rain will has been drops drops da da of next kept, to Taicang of Eve I also sought small ya if rain to don’t gave up trip, can small ya to has sentence: “even rain again big and can how…..” Turns out, xiaoya on our trip better for small, just like the song “the sky is falling sugar and even falling down what, how big and heavy rain, simply happy taking a” little happy for no reason, mind Sun rain a sunny day!

• Two Suzhou Jiangnan
• Two Suzhou Jiangnan
• Two Suzhou Jiangnan

As night fell, the crossing of river dotted with markets such as daylight, Ambilight, colorful lights lining the ancient town is dreamy, permeated with enchanting classical night.

• Two Suzhou Jiangnan
• Two Suzhou Jiangnan
• Two Suzhou Jiangnan
• Two Suzhou Jiangnan

The first ray of sunlight in the morning, falling in this beautiful southern town, quiet and beautiful!

Lingering garden, one of the four famous gardens of Suzhou, exposure to the bustling city of lingering, like a girl, exquisite and comfortable!

Suzhou Museum, the perfect combination of modern minimalist and classical gardens!

Jinji Lake 120 meters high Ferris is the world’s largest Ferris wheel in the water where you can give yourself a good crafts for kids!

Eslite bookstore, a creative and cultural atmosphere of a bookstore, xiaoya had transformed her perception of the library.

Weather: cloudy to rain, isolated showers … … Rain garden, express to kill with intrigue!

Eyes green, start a journey of discovery into the world of plants!

Appears to be plain old town, but is ideal for all come-and-go, emptying down mood and enjoy a night of authentic southern town.

Encounter in the rain drizzling, ancient long sand Creek town, leave a light, leaving a memory!

In the rain, small ya happy running, because you become more exciting travel!

Taicang Museum Center Hall design is very powerful, like huge bamboo cover high down the Center, but was restored under “six terminals” sea prevailing during the period of the Grand scene!

Suzhou Qi Luo • Emilio picked up Mao Yuan mansion

→ Hotel is located in shantang River East Chang door North Terminal within, here has a article imitation national flavor of ancient street, hotel on is located which, this is a very with Republic fan of, and literary cavity of boutique hotel, is at downtown, is still has walls deep hospital, and make in the take static of very do elegant, walk Yu this, Shang century ten in miles of willowy style blowing and to. Hotels within the overall decorative elegance, style, around the original works of art and decoration, exudes a rich flavor of the Republic, seems like the time through, so on a sunny spring day, a cup of tea and a good book, you can enjoy a lazy afternoon!

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

→ Price index: normal standard room 600-900 Yuan/room

→ Scholars hotel (Inn Suzhou Park West Lake)

→ Hotel located in Su Tong Road 37th, near the famous Jinji Lake, Li Gong di will take about 10 minutes away from hotel belongs to the commercial hotel, overall I feel very good, from entering the lobby can feel a strong scholarly atmosphere, lobby there is no ink brush, small tennis tables and other recreational facilities, kids loved it!

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

→ Price indices: the standard room is about 400-500 Yuan/room

→ Taicang shaxi ya hotel 

→ Shaxi town tourism development is not particularly sophisticated, hotels around selective is not great, location is quite good, S359 province road on the edge of town in about 10 minutes on foot, next door has a supermarkets, shopping convenience. Hotel room is clean, fully equipped, small holiday house price 180-220 Yuan/room, high cost performance.

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

→ Price indices: long weekend standard room 180-220 Yuan/room

→ And House Lo Mein 

→ First meal in Suzhou along shantang Street, the main street along the Northwest edge of the guangji bridge you can see the noodle shop, several optional side dishes and main pasta, you can give visitors a different combination. Noodle toppings and worth tasting, fresh bamboo shoots and Bolognese, full of toppings component, if more than 3 meals recommended half a membership site, discounts are not small. Our family had a 100 card, order end happens to be only 1 Yuan, HA HA HA!

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

→ Price: 30-50 per person per month.

→ Fox handmade yogurt 

→ Raiders heard the Fox family’s yogurt good to front, first try, taste really good, a bit old yogurt taste, it tastes too sweet not sour milk smell very strong, entrance mellow.

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

→ Price indices: according to the taste of 12-18 Yuan.

Old Chang men → restaurant 

→ And Emilio, and took residence on the edge of, it should be said is the most satisfying lunch along for the ride, people feel the light of Soviet cuisine and fine, three of us ordered 2 cold eventually swept away 4 hot dishes, especially fried Mandarin fish, very tender, sweet and sour, Xiao Ya like! Holidays under this still need to book in advance, the first night because too many guests standing in line and finally gave up.

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

→ Price: 70-100 per person per month.

→ 3,000 powder 

→ Jinji Lake Park Ferris wheel out the end of the trip, we found in the nearby Times Square had the beef noodle shop, nice personal feel smell of powder, not special enough, but bland, quite suitable for us!

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

→ Price: 20-30 per person per month.

→ South Park restaurants

→ On the South side of the Park, minced pork bones in this can feel this Taicang specialties “Taicang dried meat FLOSS bones” has been more than 130-year history. Since ancient times, “Hong Shun bone pot, incense in the Wulin Street three” of the name. Tastes really good, small one person ate 2 large bones!!!

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

→ Price: 50-80 per person per month.

→ Old noodle shop

→ Duck with a bowl of noodle shop recommended characteristics, there is a bowl of fried fish noodles, soup becomes clear with a light color, white and fine, a few green onion green, plus authentic toppings, pure southern flavor. Walk into town almost 200 metres you can find, in rainy weather, still attracts a lot of diners to the table.

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

→ Price: 10-15 per person per month.

→ Ya San Hotel left a seafood restaurant (forgot the name)

→ This season to Taicang, there are still many “rivers and Lakes” dining experience with three fresh delicacies, seafood dining good, selectivity of various types of fresh seafood, Jiang Xian, Lake is quite large, the ingredients fresh, light taste, overall prices are slightly more expensive.

→ Recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

→ Price: 80-150 per person per month.

Before and after altogether ten attractions of going to Suzhou, which tour–, Suzhou Museum, Eslite bookstore, shaxi town, Taicang, Kanakura Lake Park, museums are free attractions, attractions tickets and opening hours are summarized as follows:

1, “tour–” block is free of charge, Yuhan Hall, Shaoxing, Quanzhou City Hall, City Hall, the ancient theatre, Shan Tang GE, Aetna fire, South of garments and other seven attractions tickets at 45 Yuan, so swim blocks not only swimming attraction is the ticket, crossing boat is divided into hand-cranked and electric boat, electric boat 501, row a boat 801 people. Opening hours: 8:30-17:00,16:30 to stop selling tickets.

2, “lingering” adult 55, online booking price 45; each year from 3.21 to 10.31 is 7:30-17:30,11.1 3.20 is 7:30-17:00 the following year. Attractions open all year round, not closed.

3, “Suzhou Museum” admission free, guided Chinese 50 Yuan per game, each 100 Yuan in English. Daily volunteer Narrator offers free explanations, can rent what his pay, 20 opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00 (16:00 stop into the library) on Monday closed (in case of statutory holidays are normally open) have significant activities or may be temporarily closed for maintenance.

4, “Ferris wheel Park” adults 80, online booking price is 65; 9:30-17:00 (16:00, ticketing, dusk, 16:30 closing).

5, the “Eslite bookstore” business hours: 10:00-22:00

6, “South Park” 25 adult tickets, online booking price of 20 Yuan, opening hours: 7:30-17:00

7, “modern agriculture Park” six museum ticket (in addition to the above described three stadiums, and, um, Tin rose Park, fun Park, hundreds of bamboo): 80 Yuan (December to mid-April of 70 Yuan), online booking price: 50 Yuan, opening hours: 7:30-17:00.

8, “shaxi town” opening hours: open throughout the day, some of its fees and venue ticket 50 Yuan/person, online booking price of 45 Yuan/person

9, “Jin Cang Lake Park” all day for free, opening hours: 8:00-17:00

10, the “Museum of Taicang” opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (16:30 stop into the library)

Suzhou traffic == ==

“Aircraft”: Suzhou has no airport, flew to Suzhou via Shanghai HongQiao and Pudong airports, and Wuxi shuofang Airport (Sunan airport), in which the Shanghai Airport-Shuttle daily between Suzhou very frequently, it does not affect the tourist itinerary. Suzhou Wuxi shuofang airport shuttle service and time changes, need to call start time.

“The train”: Suzhou has four train station, namely, Suzhou, Suzhou North Station, Suzhou New District, Suzhou Industrial Park, high-speed railway stations, high-speed railway stations. North Station farther away from the city which Suzhou. Recommendations reached the station in Suzhou, Suzhou station close to the city centre and bus stop, the attractions are very convenient. Website: www.szhcz.com.CN/

“Passenger car”: Suzhou has four long-distance bus terminal. North Station, South Station, the bus station is located in the downtown area. Bus station is located in wuzhong district, wuzhong district, to the scenic tours of the town. The four stations are available on the official website booking. Website:

“Taxi”: price starting at 10 Yuan, 1.8 yuan per kilometer after 3 km, plus 1 fuel. 23 o’clock-5 o’clock in the morning is subject to 20% costs.

“MTR”: Suzhou opened Metro Yi、erhao line, starting at 2 Yuan, up to 7 Yuan. 6:10 first bus, 22:20 bus, transfer station for the Canton Road station of Jinan.

Site and along the main attractions:

Line 1 line: Zhong Nan Street–star Tang Street (white Tang Park)–South Shi Street–Star Lake Street–times square (Ferris round theme paradise, and Jinji Lake sky movie)–culture Expo Center–East of door (Jinji Lake, and round thaw Times Square, and JIU Guang department store, and section paper Center, and Moonlight Terminal)–Xinghai square station–Central Park Station–East loop station–phase door station (pingjiang road, and Suzhou University)–Pro meal Road Station (Suzhou Museum, and lion forest, and views Qian Street)–Le Qiao station (views Qian Street, and Yi Park)– Raising Xiang station–wide Jinan Road Station (Stone Road Street, and new Su world)–Tong Jing North Road Station–West Loop station–Riverfront Road Station–Tower Park Road Station–Suzhou paradise station (Suzhou Paradise)–Jade Mountain station–fen Lake Road Station–Gold Maple Road Station–wood du station (wood du town, and balance mountain, and lingyan Hill,, needed for bus)

Line 2 line: baodai Bridge South (baodai bridge Park)–Shek Wu Road–new home Bridge–disc Li Road–friends joint–Tong Jing Park–Xu Jianglu–labor road–three incense square–wide Jinan road–Stone Road (Stone Road Street)–shantang Street (shantang Street)–Suzhou railway station (Suzhou railway station)–flat River Road–Ping Longlu East–land Mu–yangcheng Lake Road–Xu Tugang–Li mouth–rich Yuan road–Big Bay–high-speed rail Suzhou North Station (Suzhou North Station railway station)

Website: http://www.sz-MTR.com/

Note: (a) for each station in the nearby attractions.

“Pedicabs”: most is the city of Suzhou Street, wanted to savor the flavor, natural to walk slowly, and pedicabs in the city tourist travel the best choice.

Price: starting price is generally about 5 Yuan, Chartered separately. Ride locations: concentrated in Guan Qian Street shopping district, near the humble Administrator’s Garden, huqiu pagoda scenic spot area, Tip: be sure to get on and before the driver negotiated the price, so as not to fall for it. This future Park selects the pedicabs, and found two driver’s attitudes and charges are different.

Taicang == transport ==

“Aircraft”: Taicang has no airport, flying the most convenient is by way of the Shanghai HongQiao international airport and Pudong International Airport. Taicang, about 50 km from Shanghai HongQiao international airport, transport, and convenient.

“Passenger car”: Taicang has no railway station, to Taicang is more to arrive by way of highway traffic

Taicang long-distance station, address: City City Northwest road 17th, introduced: currently has fast Guest direct class line (main including Suzhou, and Kunshan, and Nanjing, and Shanghai, and Jiading, and Hangzhou, to), and this province territory (Changshu, and Wuxi, and Zhangjiagang train more) Shuttle, and Zhejiang line (main including Shaoxing, and shengzhou), and Anhui line (main has Hefei, and East, and zongyang, and lujiang, to, daily 1-2 class) and the other part provinces (main including Wuhan, and Macheng, and Luzhou, and open GUA) Shuttle.

“Taxi”: Taicang taxis cost a little expensive at 10 Yuan (3 km), 1.8 yuan per kilometer.

Drive line here summarizes the specific attractions, we download the guide or navigation can Baidu!

= Area =

Again put two Zhang this times trip Qi Li shantang and Jinji Lake of regional map, said Jinji Lake actually this also pretty regrets of, a all day of sky clouds, just to sunset time clouds clouds, didn’t took Shang Jinji Lake of sunset, addition Suzhou Industrial and Park round thaw constellation around city of night and Li Gong di around of night is very rod of, was are in shooting plans in the, but because with small ya Shang Cheng products Bookstore bubble has a night, so are gave up has shooting, accompanied may is a life of travel!





Section I: acoustic shadow, first met the crossing!

Spring flowers, everything, will quietly came to us in the spring, says the World March days, MO good spring, so a pleasant season, it’s time to bring family members go out to feel the breath of spring. Arranged this trip in the South early, take advantage of holiday opportunities, three of us are eager to open the trip to Suzhou. In order to leave the crossing beautiful nightscape, and away from the noise of the crowds to enjoy an authentic old town early in the morning, we arrived before sundown tour– in advance.

Speaking of which, I think is very support 2.5 days off mode, for a favorite photo of me, half a day can not only enrich your own itinerary and leave themselves one evening and in the morning, this is the best time to shoot.

Our story starting from Suzhou residence of Mao-Yuan Qi Luo • Emilio picked up, can I say start booking hotels I was attracted to the literary fan name enough? ‘ Hotel is located in the East side of the crossing of the River in the Chang men North Terminal, there is a national flavor-like Street, hotel is situated, hotel and the block design are thick style of the Republic, only hate myself at this time not to the girl dress. Access to the hotel’s lobby, Republic of Interior design and decoration are also full of fan, make up, dark brown leather sofa, vintage phones, babbling sang phonographs, antique screens, as if time through.

Hotel location should be a Republic style boutique hotel, two Republic of building two-storey building, building tight collar crossing of the River, another building adjacent to the ancient city wall, while the depths of downtown, but still tall, and naozhongqujing very elegant.

We booked a suite Mao Yuan, the space of the room totally exceeded my expectations, and door screens designed to increase a sense of private rooms, big balcony with floor to ceiling Windows and spacious room lighting is brighter. Room layout inside the sophisticated chic, from all the furniture and decorations are full of strong Republic customs.

Bathroom large space lets people physically and mentally comfortable, Kohler bath plus full of water distribution of artistic conception of painting and European-style sofa so that the whole bathroom got forced!

As night fell, superior cool sitting on the balcony, looking up at the night sky, listening to the silence of the city, should not have a cozy!

Pack up, take a rest, it was already dark. Although Emilio picked up Republic residence gave me a different kind of style, but also not forget the main objective today is to leave the crossing the most beautiful night scene, while it was dark as the surviving more than the blue, is all the way towards the tour–. We have not as a rule along the main street going past, but directly to the crossing of the guangji bridge on the West side, is mainly looking for a town best shot.

Arrived at the guangji bridge left this night all the way down the crossing at night, stopped around Super pictures of tourists, had crowded took a position this evening the night crossing.

At night under the crossing of the River, people along the River are under the eaves lanterns lit, soft red glow seem town is dreamy, narrow boats come and go from time to time on the River, South of the flavor has been slowly display in front.

Front Street after the River, typical Jiangnan, Ma Tau wall brick pellets, Gallery hanging flower tile is a picture here!

Along narrow of street, we from guangji bridge go to pass your bridge, river of bar only just began business, pass your bridge is Suzhou typical of in Qing dynasty granite arch bridge, and shantang Street around views phase coordination, is shantang Street a at perfect of frame King, so photo souvenir of visitors stream, also is hurried by Shang a Zhang, may water of that copies beauty has yet to be morning to opened.

Take a couple night, we went back to the area south of the intersection, where you can see the Arch of the crossing sites, tour– due to its unique geographical location and convenient transportation condition, was in Ming and Qing dynasty China’s commercial, cultural, one of the most developed neighborhoods, known as “the ancient street in China”. Fix shantang Street to the ancient city of Suzhou where the essence of the natural and cultural landscape, called “the epitome of old Suzhou, culture window”.

It was getting dark, shantang street of tourists also started up, bustle, then see is a commercial Street, old street on both sides of the shop with a variety, a variety of gadgets, all kinds of fresh and art shop, a local snack food are also among them.

This bustling crowds, don’t know how while the viewfinder, or directly to the ancient street as a backdrop, under red lanterns hang up, leaving her daughter for this trip to Suzhou the first bright light! You will find the crossing night scene photos is not much, because there were so many composition is unable to, and second, in addition to taking pictures or want to spend some time with them. Otherwise, xiaoya Doodle: the camera is your eldest daughter, mobile is your daughter … ….

Ancient street of the ancient stage, Kunqu Opera at this time because this is very fitting!

Stomach growling, intended to in the hotel at the edge of old Chang Su cuisine, a restaurant meal, but because too many guests standing in line and finally gave up. Through shantang street food variety, but none of the stores are empty, again go to Tongji bridge, came to family and House Lo Mein, maybe “noodle in the study” it in big letters that attracted me!

Here mainly pasta, à la carte dishes and main several pasta, you can give visitors a different combination. Noodle toppings and worth tasting, fresh bamboo shoots and Bolognese, full of toppings component, if more than 3 meals recommended half a membership site, discounts are not small. Our family had a 100 card, order end happens to be only 1 Yuan, HA HA HA!

Brine candy eggs here quite distinctive, crisp Golden shrimp is small ya favorite.

Night lanterns pretty prominent, is indispensable to the city landscape.

Stop-and-go along the river path, listening to the crossing of the river flowing water sound, lighting of river dotted along the river Dim, original antique shantang Street added some beautiful, fascinating.

Xiao Ya like these fresh shops scattered in the town, like to find some gadgets, like last year’s trip to Xiamen, if time permits, she can linger for a long time in these beautiful fresh stores are reluctant to leave.

Walk in the crossing, in addition to food and shops, Wu culture, also saw a lot of great shops, such as clothing embroidery clothing Museum in the South, Wu Tuozhai extension of tablet technology and blue cloth, Su fan, four treasures such as bewildering.

Just like most of the food court, food is dotted with streets, skewers, tofu, all kinds of cake, occasionally some rare specialties … …

Xiaoya like sour milk, so whenever you see a yogurt shop, how much attention, especially if this decoration still fresh Fox yogurt, that small ya nature refuses to let this yogurt a little old yogurt taste, tastes too sweet not sour milk smell very strong, entrance mellow.

Xiaoya after buying yogurt, I returned to the hotel with her daughter, but I’m also thinking about crossing the River at night, with a tripod on a person acting alone, in fact, has to adapt to the pace of travel, and some time with their company, then went to shoot while they recover from the movie, haha!

Relative Yu noise of ancient street, three Tang River on both sides of of night more attract I, here no bustling of crowd, relative more clean some, from North Terminal to Chang door this a, here small bridge water, and Green w white wall, a article narrow narrow of Beck, on both sides of Pro water of family, shantang Street was flooded in many of South houses complex among, in Coast colorful lighting of modified Xia, beautiful, and as poems as painting!

Lake reflect the beautiful colors, coupled with quiet nature, is so harmonious and comfortable!

Chang, one of the eight doors of Suzhou city, on the city’s North, Ming and Qing dynasties in this area used to be the most prosperous business zone of Suzhou.

The Chang men busy night, coming and going, passing vehicles left with gaudy lighting, light mapping reveals the ancient city walls of deep history!

Once back at the hotel, Republic neon shop signs match the fan construction, if one more old rickshaw, really will have a night of feeling. This scene the first time I thought about the drama of the deep rain ~ ~ ~

Have just experienced the shantang street noise, North Pier quiet feels a bit abrupt, however, who do not like such a calm, gentle and warm, a free night!



> Lingering garden
> Suzhou Museum
> Ferris wheel to the Jinji Lake Park > Eslite

Section II: sunny morning, tranquil ponds!


A red Sun is rising, a new day begins, while her daughter was still in dreamland, I a man slipped out, or just simply to enjoy the authentic charm of the town in the morning, avoid the excessive commercialization of noisy crowds.

The first ray of sunlight in the morning, falling in this beautiful southern town, quiet and beautiful!

Narrow and rivers, blue roof and white walls buildings, hung with lanterns along the cliffs, there are trees, parked boats, good a quiet south of Yangtze River.

Suzhou is a water town, River, bridge, and crossing is one of the most typical of Suzhou Street features. It is a crossing of the River in the Middle, near the crossing of tight on the north side of the River, across a stone bridge connecting with the other side of the street.

Dong Chang men dusengqiao, shantang Street, West to the attractions of Suzhou Tiger Hill of the mount hope bridge, about seven miles long, Suzhou, so saying “tour– Tiger.” According to the legend was built by the Tang dynasty poet BAI Juyi, shantang Street has long been known as “Gusu first street”

The shantang Street in the morning is quiet and peaceful, and the noise of the shantang Street last night is totally different, not feeling too much commercialization, aborigines are beginning their ordinary day here!

Sunlight Orange pane, antique! Red lanterns hung along the wall, and the green plants on the window sill, to elegant embellishment of the pane to be nimbler!

Xuzhou is the hometown of silk, not open the silk shop window display made of silk clothing, estimated dressed should be vintage and modern girl of pure feeling.

Walk down the street all the way to the end of the River, there’s a red building-Club, here are the roots of the case, as well as “Hongwu” immigrant culture Exhibition Hall, is that big tree on the left side is a tree of homesickness.

Bridges, blue roof and white walls, a narrow river, faces the water on both sides of the family, there is the River had just come up with green shoots of willow, this is the Yangtze River of my heart!

Willow green, Breeze, feel just right, and the glare of the Sun, but not dazzling.

Spring in the branches, Willow germination, bridges the reflection, if time is plentiful, can really sit down and enjoy the quiet watery beauty of a quiet that morning.

The hotel in the morning, from the inside out-reveals a literary and a rhyme, under the Sun bathing, feel energetic and refreshed!

Especially around the hotel and the internal decoration, yesterday for haste does not feel the beauty of the details!

Small ya in the morning feeling a little grumpy, perhaps blaming no one morning I took her out to play.

Sitting in a Bush of tea overlooking a section of the ship shuttled the River, overlooking the other side crossing the hustle and bustle of people, this time to have a cup of tea and a good book, perhaps you can enjoy a lazy, sunny spring day.

Xiao Ya to the atmosphere infected, also tie for my filming requirements, to be known as Xiao Ya grow, has become less and less like a mirror.

Green willows and the spring, set off by the classic small-town flavor, perhaps this is a classical beauty that belong to Suzhou.

From a good crossing our southern line begins, I would like to record this spring to my mind the beautiful South, South of the story into a gorgeous picture.

Facing the morning sun, reward their first stomach, delicious ravioli and dumplings are very good, especially with the wonton soup with green onions in lard, xiaoya was also sweet to eat!

Lingering garden

Section III: Doux, winding streets!

Eat finished breakfast, we opened we new of journey, today of first station, China four name Park of lingering, garden is Suzhou of a big features, if in Suzhou tourism, that must without “Garden” this keywords, actually Suzhou garden of can selective also is big, canglang Pavilion, and lion forest, and clumsy political Park and lingering and said Suzhou four garden, representative with song (A. D. 960-1278 years), and Yuan (A. D. 1271-1368 years), and Ming (A. D. 1368-1644 years), and Qing dynasty (1644-1911 AD) four dynasties of artistic style, known as the four famous gardens of Suzhou. Why choose garden, it is because to the crossing closer to some, traffic more convenient!

When it comes to traffic, we here have to say about pedicabs in Suzhou, in the ancient city of Suzhou Street ubiquitous human three-wheeled, along the road if you want to savor the flavor, pedicabs in the city tourist travel the best choice.

Tricycles here starting price is generally about 5, must get on and before the driver negotiated price, so as not to fall for it. Trip to garden and two driver’s attitudes and pay very different, but remember my hard rickshaw wallahs paid, we are not too serious.

Suzhou has been rich, flat, beautiful scenery, numerous places, landscape has become dynasties of many tourist attractions. Before admission, have felt the sentiment here, don’t watch this film without tourists, that but I had to wait a long time before he shot down, two lanterns at the entrance of the niche, attracts countless tourists photographed.

Suzhou lingering garden with more than 400 years of history, brought together a model of Chinese garden art, each area within the Park walls, while in close proximity but through doors, bypassing several galleries still not make it.

In the garden of bamboo, silhouetted against the blue sky highlighted a lingering quiet and quaint.

Walk a bit regret not having a map of that area, where each road is winding, where I do not know, shouldn’t I have good sense of direction, this time and the two are separated, and behind that is difficult to describe the specific location by phone, but sure I also relieved to be with her daughter. Here to remind parents with children, in the garden must look after rowdy children, telling a porch, a turn around people you can not find it.

Many times as if the same scenario, had to admire this garden designers in the space used on the superb, still facing a long zither sound, led me to a central pool in the Park. Visitors can enjoy in the garden to free Wu culture characteristic of Chinese opera performances: Suzhou Pingtan, zither music, this is one of the biggest advantage of lingering.

Here you can see the garden over more than 700 m-long curved corridor, long curved large corridor connecting the East and West of the Garden House, pavilions and reflection in the pool of the attic, lines form a wonderful picture in the South.

After experiencing twists, the open Lake, craggy rock, full of lush, flowering poor water and no road of bewilderment, illusion!

Finally in the Hall of song in the Lake at this time saw the above, sometimes this, in such a space, walked through countless time and encounter.

Spring in the garden, lined with a wave pool, that kind of mood are delicious. At this time on the Lake there was a beautiful flute sound, do not know if this is Suzhou wit Tong Pak Fu COSPALY

Here giving a girl and feeling of serenity! Think I’m quite right, under such circumstances, xiaoya introverted handsome character and the overall environment in contrast, so don’t call me smug, every child in parents ‘ hearts are always the most beautiful, HA HA ~ ~

Along this winding promenade continues along a scene, if time can really savor this garden representing the exquisite beauty!

Lingering garden is small but exquisite building is really nice, the whole garden is a clever fusion of rocks, water, plants and buildings. Here, seems to be far away from the noisy city, people calm down, you can experience a garden landscape between flat flavor.

Come to a red building, where the beautiful sound attracted a lot of tourists stop and watch. This is probably my pursuit of the beauty of the South, in addition to architectural beauty, beauty of the Humanities is also a characteristic of the city.

Bricks in the Sun and white walls, with towering trees, like the color matching where able to capture to immerse yourself in the golden light, one carries the light and shadow of history!

Snakes in the garden, patchwork, “Shi Mingfeng.” This is the year the owner after blood collection. In the garden there are three treasures, stones, wood House and fish fossils, is well worth a look.

This spring, the privilege of feeling lingering garden girl, beauty of the nature trail, pleasant and delicate.

End finished lingering of trip, we sat rickshaw returns we of hotel, lunch we finally set Shang has Hotel side Shang of old Chang door restaurant, should said is whole trip in the most satisfaction of once lunch, let people feel to Su help dish of light and fine, we a three mouth points has 2 a cold 4 a hot dish last also wiped out, especially squirrel GUI fish, is tender, and acid acid sweet, small ya special like!

Forget to remember name, color, aroma and taste, in addition to small ya favorite squirrel Mandarin fish, I personally prefer the water shield shrimp, green scent of brasenia schreberi, shrimp, white and delicate.

Suzhou Museum

Fourth: the perfect combination of modern minimalist and classical gardens!

Good hearty meal, we headed towards our next destination–Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Museum after the completion, tourists are more concerned about attractions, the Museum is free and open, but each time period will have a number of restrictions if a weekend or peak periods, it is recommended that an appointment time on the Internet. Turns out dusk, reservation in advance can save time, when our team has ranked 50 metres away.

After the necessary change and security procedures, we only spent a few minutes on admission. Just Park, Suzhou Museum design brought me a great deal of Visual impact, minimalist lines, black and white color scheme is one of my favorites, top level, patchwork, geometric composition pane design, both guarantee the lighting in the Museum and give off a simple beauty, really love it! It also let my designers for museums, enjoy “the last master of modern architecture,” said Pei of worship!

Door can take electronic Navigator, rent of 20 Yuan, went where, very nice, rented a small ya, all journeys small ya is in listen seriously and looked at her seriously I can’t disturb him, and captured two!

A city’s Museum is the city’s cultural heritage, the best place to learn about its history, follow us through each collection, xiaoya explain major US explanation, an earnest little guide!

Through interior tubes we came inside the courtyard at the rear of the Museum, see the Museum’s backyard, I have to feel this is not so much a museum rather than a condensed version of the Suzhou gardens, brick walls, small bridges, a view of the side of one embodies the graceful beauty of gardens in Suzhou.

Museum Central on the edge of the pool, is the most popular tourist places, tourists with children, many of them here to rest, Red Carp in water to draw little attention!

This picture below is a three-figure tab, because even the big wide angle or scenery so symmetrical, to your lens.

Design and construction of the entire backyard style, retains the style of ancient buildings in Suzhou blue roof and white walls, and into the modern geometric lines, really make a perfect combination of classical gardens and modern minimalist style, if you haven’t been to Suzhou Museum, it’s hard to imagine two styles can be in harmony in the same picture!

Two South of Suzhou, are looking for not only under different weather conditions in the South of the United States, pursuing classical different South and modern Jiangnan beauty!

Like this background design like ink and the weather really is to force, to the blue sky and white clouds, wall tile white wall covers, green trees reflected on a screen, is also the first time I tried the tab up or down. Here you can feel the gentle beauty of garden poetry!

Without a little extra lines, blue sky, white clouds, green trees, white walls, if fewer people in a Museum, really want to be able to have the best afternoons in the yard!

The Museum has souvenir shops and liquor stores, if you are tired can have a cup of tea and Wisteria blooming patio and rest. Have to admire the detail design, this spring, wisteria, green leaves hanging through the pane, but sunshine, here you can feel this spring that brought us warm!

The Ferris wheel to the Jinji Lake Park

Fifth section: Jinji Lake meet happiness Ferris wheel!

Walking through the Suzhou Museum for 2 hours, time has 3:30 for Xiao Ya, today have an important journey, that is, Jinji Lake Theme Park Ferris wheel, each girl has an amusement park, where hidden girls fairy tale world.

Trip the whole drive, Suzhou traffic was much better than expected, including peak did not encounter traffic jams behind the phenomenon. We drive 20 minutes to the Jinji Lake Park Ferris wheel.

When the sky is still blue, set off by the Sun, giant Ferris wheel, the distribution of the golden light, and is quite spectacular!

Ferris wheel Park closes at 5 o’clock, we went to the area’s four o’clock, so the first time tickets lined up the Ferris wheel project, Ferris wheel erected on the Jinji Lake, a total of 60 pods, can accommodate up to more than 300 people, estimated a lap down to 25 minutes. Pods are red, yellow, purple and other colors, and colorful. From the Ferris wheel overlooking the Park, Jinji Lake, West Lake, including da Qiu pants across the East Gate was open, and pleasant scenery.

End up happy journey of the Ferris wheel, the rest of the time with a small carousel, in fact, apart from the Ferris wheel in the Park, not many other playable items, but it is currently the world’s largest Ferris wheel in the water have been attractive enough to play each of the passengers.

Lake on the West side of the park there is a large green space, there is Lake corridor maze with lots of green building, in addition to interest young children enjoy the play, also attracted a lot of newcomers to wedding photography.

Good weather, a full day of blue sky and white clouds, but sunset clouds, not Jinji Lake at sunset, Jinji Lake City before sunset silhouette is so spoiled.

Jinji Lake Park Ferris wheel out the end of the trip, we found in the nearby Times Square had the beef noodle shop, nice personal feel smell of powder, not special enough, but bland, quite suitable for us!


Sixth: Eslite bookstore, not just a bookstore!

As Taiwan Cheng products Bookstore in city of first home branch, Suzhou Cheng products bookstore also is to everyone brings has many of concern degrees, because trip in the arrangements has Ferris round paradise, so near put Cheng products bookstore also into to trip among, just into Cheng products Bookstore, on to this high-end atmosphere Shang grade of Hall to shock has, this where is Bookstore, clear is a mall. Eslite stores of 56,000 square meters in Suzhou, the bookstore area just over the whole of the one-fourth. Other than books, more space was 200 restaurants by category, clothing, lifestyle brand occupation, especially B1 and the ground floor. In accordance with the business distribution, shopping malls and restaurants reached 65%, only 30% the book industry.

But little here is clearly not shopping, or with a small straight to the third floor, Eslite bookstore in the main building’s third floor Bookstore interior is very clear, different kinds of books have separate areas, variety and a lot of the book. Evening there will be a lot of guests came here to pick up a few books to read. Small ya began her trip to find books, after all, not many books are here for little, but spirits remained high, perhaps the creative and cultural atmosphere of a bookstore, xiaoya had transformed her perception of the library.

There are small like colors, there are small like art and fresh fan, the layout and style I think this reads like a name here.

Accompany xiaoya in a bookstore to 1 hour, finally xiaoya when some reluctantly, arrange for a half day to Suzhou again you must let xiaoya Eslite a good soak in the afternoon!

Following is we today of live of at–scholarly family Su hotel, hotel in Suzhou is a chain hotel, we live of this a home is located in Suzhou Industrial Park Su Tong Road 37th,, near famous attractions Jinji Lake, from Li Gong di car drive about 10 minutes, hotel belongs to business type hotel, overall feel very good, from into lobby on can feel to strong of scholarly breath, lobby has also some no ink brush Word, and small table tennis table, amusement facilities, children is like!



Taicang-South Park > Taicang modern agricultural Park

Seventh day: rain garden, express to kill with intrigue!

Taicang-South Park

Heavy rain during the Spring Festival to happen, our trip to Suzhou opened another model in the South, we drove 60 miles to get to our family the sixth Station-South Park-Taicang.

Here we introduce Taicang, Suzhou, Taicang is under the jurisdiction of county-level cities, located in the North-East, Suzhou city, South Bank of the mouth of the Yangtze River. East is bordered by the Yangtze River, Chongming Island, across the river. Taicang is a southern city. With more than 4,500 years of civilization history, spring and Autumn period, the King established granaries, so the name Taicang, known as the “jinxiu Jiangnan Taicang gold” in the world.

About 1 hour by car, we came to the area, Taicang, Suzhou, Taicang feels like is so modernized, but yet compact and refined, along the Green and landscape design is brilliant.

South Park, during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming dynasty, headed by Wang xijue plum species of Chrysanthemum. The early Qing dynasty, its painter Wang Shimin Sun to build, invited the then pile mountain master Zhang Nanyuan Chair building, artist and craftsman cooperative, South Park become landscape painting in one of the historic park, Taicang gardens since the Qing dynasty, the first.

Enter the Park first came to the us on the right-hand side is a red attic, the overall architecture for a typical southern garden, with brick walls, attic lifter, red columns window features, was quaint and quiet in such a rainy day.

Enter the lobby a piano draws our partner, knows it is only later introduced Ming dynasty “founding” representative Xu Shangying, Xu Shangying beyond playing superb, great contribution into the GE ch and the mountain music, Wan Feng GE fingering secret notes and other writings.

Spring rains, everything, everywhere is full of green, if you ask me what attracted me most of this season, I would like to answer: compared with colorful flowers, I prefer it with a green of spring, is always a lively, fresh and natural scenes.

Whether the bricks out of the grass was renovated potting, down to the brick and white walls, is so bold and full of vitality, and this is in my eyes the color of spring, gave us the breath of life.

Through the picturesque courtyard, we come to the banks of the artificial lake in the Park, cannot but appreciate the rain gave us unique charm in Jiangnan: hazy, Misty Rain spring rain fly, pavilions cross, little bridges and deep, willow, ducks play … … Like a painting is dreamy, antique garden landscape.

Know Jin Qiao is the South of the Park’s most famous Park, most notably a single arch stone bridge deck above the 3.4 meter distance, such as Rainbow water, does have strong. Bridge East of a century-old Park trees against the background that Jin Qiao painting into poetry.

It had been raining, small or very lightly, carry the umbrella in the rain in a leisurely, looking a a standing on the bridge, suddenly feeling she has really grown up.

Know Jin Qiao, paddling of ducks in the back this time attracted by small ya, just inside half a loaf of bread, xiaoya was also happy to feed these ducks. All this, even the little impromptu reciting a poem: “the bamboo outside the peach blossoms 32 branches, spring river duck Prophet. Artemisia selengensis Montreal Luya short Puffer when. “This poem today the elements of vivid display in front of Xiao Ya, now think so little for a rainy day-ya also have teaching meaning, haha!

Bread feed ended, ducks swam away, small or long stay in the pond side, leaving a solitary figure.

Is covered with lush green Park, we are traveling in these deep curved track, spring Salsa playing in our body, it feels like we’re into the scene this spring.

Through the zigzag bridge, we come to embroider Xue Tang, once for South Park, one of the main building. That year in Songjiang, a famous painting of Dong qichang, in Kai Ming Yuan, the Tigers seven year gathering, South Park, embroidered in snow Hall alcohol piano, painting, poetry.

So poetic lofts are attracted to this photo shoot of a mother and daughter, mother and daughter dressed in Hanfu and integrating environment as a whole, if accompanied by the melodious zither tunes, all this, like the cross of the Millennium.

Peach red, Willow green, Pavilion Gallery threshold, winds, water stone form, exquisite and colorful, really admire South of these ingenious, fantastical design, is really picturesque scenery!

Across the river and hope is the famous promenade park, South Park, the promenade from the South to the North, begins with a cold Blue Fang ends month bridge and connected to the Club, making this integrated group of buildings, even on rainy days, with or without wet feet all over this group of buildings.

The buds are so rosy after a rain, under the rain touch more fresh and beautiful without make-up, quietly just waiting for you to open.

The river Sha Moting, pillars of couplets, was selected from Xu Ivy: “across willow, stream load reflects new makeup water. “Sitting in the booth, shore Yiyi weeping willow, behind tall bamboo thickets, on either side of the Pavilion, or Ginkgo biloba, straight, or shrubs near water.

It had been raining, relative to the blue sky and white clouds in Suzhou, Taicang city, the line of the show is to kill with intrigue another kind of beauty, sometimes feel very lucky, a journey can feel the different climates of the southern spring!

Weed the rest, one of Ming-style houses, the building is simple, but it overflows a cordial, warm, otherworldly atmosphere.

Finished end of South Park Tour, the rain kept was the sound in South Park South Park restaurant on the edge of the meat bones and Red Tang screw, in order to feel the meat bones this Taicang delicacies we thought “Taicang dried meat FLOSS bones” has been more than 130-year history. Since ancient times, “Hong Shun bone pot, incense in the Wulin Street three” of the name. Tastes really good, small one person ate 2 large bones!!!

Taicang modern agricultural Park

Eighth session: a journey of discovery into the world of plants!

Goes in the time in which the sound of rain, rain and fog still filled the air, we drove to today’s second station-Taicang modern agricultural Park.

Entering the Park, fresh air in the rain was blowing in the wind, patches of lush landscape print in my eyes looking at a neat rows of bright glass greenhouse, our heart and can’t wait to fly into the Green farm. However rainy day indoor venue is more attractive to us, at least not the rain, haha!

Taicang, East of modern agricultural Park is located in the beautiful city of Lou, is a contained “green, ecology, science and technology, culture” concept features of modern agriculture, full culvert and holiday resorts, is the national AAAA grade scenic spot, national demonstration base of industrialization of agriculture, farms with Chinese characteristics. We first came to modern agriculture Exhibition Hall.

The venue surrounded by green, people eyes especially comfortable, and is also a great base for science education, entered the venue small ya’ll give here a wide variety of green plants and agricultural products attract many of us have never seen, xiaoya carefully looking at the introduction of the nameplate, and begin a journey of discovery!

Except for those outside the topic area of the library, also have the place surrounded by lots of green, this time if there is a ray of sunshine in such a green thick environments down to afternoon tea, enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Eyes green, plants sprout, people pleasing and get enough, really want normal lives and work can, in such circumstances, green but can be very dynamic, can ease our tired, feels refreshing, pleasurable.

Xiaoya also liked the garden for some beautiful aromas of flowers and exotic plants are full of curious heart, maybe this yard has brought little but comfortable is more of a novelty.

Desert Botanical garden plants with thorns, xiaoya timid attempts to touch these pointy antennae, simple and fun!

Come to Heron Park wetland Museum, into the park entrance a large area of green walls are good like! likes to take pictures of the girls to stop this for a long time refused to leave, was very fresh and literary.

Heron is an artificial wetland ecological Wetland Park Pavilion. Pavilion constructed wetland treatment technology combined with the landscape design approach, mimicking natural wetland, planting reeds, cattails, water lilies, yew, Linden and other aquatic and terrestrial plants, stocked with sea turtles, coral, ornamental fish such as carp and Parrot, has created a plant, animal interaction of ecological wetland landscape with great rustic taste.

Where flowers bloom, gorgeous color, abundant plant people have lamented the wonders of nature.

Green represents life on behalf of energy, used to like blue, Green has now become one of my favorites!



Taicang shaxi
> Taicang Golden warehouse Lake Park > Taicang Museum

Taicang shaxi

Nineth day: an authentic old town tour!

“Bridges, water, household,” this is the most characteristic word description of Yangtze, Yangtze River also has its deep historical and cultural heritage and Qingli graceful town landscape, the Wu Kingdom soft language of ancient folk customs, let the world know. Relative to the already excessive development of Zhouzhuang, xitang and other famous ancient town the hustle and bustle, I prefer to look for the more primitive town. The shaxi town, Taicang visit, I feel a more honest and authentic southern town.

Shaxi town, first had as night fell, shaxi town, night quiet, drizzly rain shaxi night even more attractive. Although overall lights at night is not as colorful as tour– nor hang red lanterns along the coast, but embellishment is just right, and simple without losing the town’s share of the smart.

Ancient town is free, there is no too much commercialization, rain in the town of alterations, exceptionally quiet. Night seemingly plain, but relative to the tourist town of truxton, crowded commercial State, here for everyone to walk, emptying down mood, enjoying the authentic charm of the town at night.

Walking in the rain all day, we went back to the House very early. Next to the hotel we found a family seafood restaurant, ordered some freshwater fishes and seafood treat his stomach, toiled meimei’s end of day.

Shaxi town tourism development is not particularly sophisticated, hotels around selective is not large, we ended up staying at James St location is quite good, S359 province road on the edge of town in about 10 minutes on foot, next door has a supermarkets, shopping convenience. Hotel room is clean, fully equipped, small holiday house price 180-220 Yuan/room, high cost performance.

New day begins, estimated last night is a night of rain, also under the rain in the morning, day three of us continued to walk in the morning in shaxi town, has been used to walk in the rain, continued to feel the South town under the rain.

Shaxi town located in Qi Pu Tong on both sides, Tang north main street, the architectural remains of the Ming and Qing styles, at the entrance to ancient Street entrance on the left there is a big mobile phone store, that’s easy.

Both mother and daughter walk in the rain, the weather is not very suitable for taking pictures, hurriedly walking with her daughter in the town back under the frame, leave a light, leaving a memory, don’t forget the travel intentions!

There is a old town noodle shop, walk into town almost 200 metres you can find, such a cold, rainy weather, still attracts a lot of diners to the table.

Featured features duck of a bowl of noodles, and a bowl of fried fish noodles, soup becomes clear with a light caramel, white and fine, a few green onion green, plus authentic toppings, pure southern flavor.

Outside the rain harder and harder, sitting in the House, listening to the rain outside the window falls in between the eaves of corrugated, trees and flowers, close your eyes, you can feel the baptism of spring rain to the Earth.

Rain is slightly smaller, and we continue to walk in the town on the slippery cobblestone, Ivy crept over the walls I was impressed by the image.

Shaxi town with many snacks, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar rice cake, sweet sticky glutinous, and most suitable for this season, the Green Group, red bean paste filling, not sweet and not greasy, grass aroma with a light but long.

Small ya two Green Group, eat sweet, on this rainy day reward yourself for small stomach is also a good choice, with good mood we came to a stone bridge – Temple of the town’s most famous bridge. Shaxi town from West to East, three ancient bridge across the Qi Puhe, Temple bridge is one of them.

Because our food’s sake, xiaoya came to Temple bridge’s mood is also very good, although the bridge up to play an endless stream of visitors, but is also very patient with my shots. Sometimes I feel that they are running out of patience, but still very cool to stay on the bridge’s central deep stared into the distance, perhaps to kill with intrigue xiaoya also brought unique touches.

Daiwa small bridges, green bricks, Misty Rain and lingering charm long, in ancient times a certain fascination with how many literati, and now for me, used the camera to this most beautiful moment, Misty Rain town is probably are looking south of the most beautiful scenery in my heart.

Xiaoya on the river looking back a faint smile, but also so mellow and sweet, small bridges, Misty Rain environment all the more memorable.

Yangtze River Bridge, the bridge is always the soul of a Jiangnan waterfront town, a stone arch bridge connecting the ancient alleys, ancient remains.

Taicang shaxi town

There is no bar, Teahouse was built along the river is also very consistent with the town’s culture! if you have time, make a pot of good tea, smell the fragrant tea, rely on the window, listening to the rain, should be a kind of ultimate comfort!

Tearoom decoration but also do not have a taste, although not too much makeup, decorations, but in this quiet and quaint and fresh and elegant.

If you are tired of the noisy bustle of the well-known ancient town in makeup, that wish to see Sandy Brook and feel the South town original.

Taicang Golden warehouse Lake Park

Tenth session: in the rain, I’m happy running!

Kanakura Lake Park for xiaoya, is one of the best in the travel, I imagined a family of three surrounding Jin Canghu bike, soak up the Sun, breezy scenes, xiaoya will be very happy. But this spring rain disrupted our rhythm, but we arrived at the Park in the rain, maybe little maid still hope the rain might sue to stop for a while.

Taicang Golden warehouse Lake Park is an exercise bike on the theme of ecological, leisure and sports park. Water area of 1000 MU. Barely discernable lawn of 80,000 square meters, is the best place for recreation close to nature, go to navigation guided them towards the West Gate, did not open on the day we traveled to the North Gate into the Park.

Entering the Park, neatly rolling roads peach tree, if the height of the season this is a pinkish-white flowers. Rain a little small at this time and in the breeze blowing emits fragrance, scattered petals over the lawn, such as fat as jade, translucent. It is little girls favorite colors, Xiao Ya was no exception, rain began to pick up the petals, only for her mother to a petal rain … …

Rain into the collective unconscious, put a raincoat xiaoya, which liberated the small hands, more freedom in the rain to find she was not as happy.

We arrived at the Park in the Mall, barely discernable Kanakura lakeside lawn with more than 100,000 square metres, and is Taicang’s largest lawn, weather good to put a kite should be just fine.

This weather to play this more than our family, was able to see some visitors with children to this, the little boy stopped a person holding an umbrella on the Mall for a long time refused to leave, maybe the atmosphere in his little heart will also bring some different feelings.

The wooden plank road to the Lake twists and turns, where you can feel the wide gold bunker Lake, although there is not much scenery, another smoggy but rainy Lake, the rain is really big, this trip to Taicang baptism is intimidated by a camera lens.

Rain was heavy, we do not have to go too far, unfortunately, next time you have the opportunity to take small Ah Jin Canghu to feel the other items and experiences.

On small ya for didn’t can completed ring Lake riding line of wish how many some disappointed, but children of mood also and this weather as says, along returns to big lawn again see this eyeful of green, small ya of mood moments and happy up, off to himself of Poncho in Meng Meng rain in the happy of run up, may on like out zhiqian she said of “even rain again big and can how”. Xiaoya time has influenced us, xiaoya company travel is always so exciting!

Travels wrote to here, this Taicang of line to I brings has many feeling,, travel of purpose is what, just began wrote travels of original is what, may is when returned to beginner’s mind, more left some time accompanied Xia family, more left some time records they through of of each a footprint, for small ya for records he adult Hou by not memory of that copies childhood should is I wrote travels maximum of power where!

Taicang Museum

11th day: trace, Taicang aftertaste!

Taicang Taicang, last stop of the trip – museums, went to local museums of the city feel the city’s culture and history is essential. Overall shape of the Museum as “silo”, which played the “granary”, take the “containers” of God, into the “greatness” of Chinese heritage, storage of Taicang city, the long history of crystallization and human essence.

Whether outdoor or interior design is really great, especially indoor Center Hall design is very powerful, and the whole exhibition hall is a three-story glass Atrium, giant bamboo-shaped ornament high down the middle of the cover, below the “six terminals” dimensional simulation of landscape.

“Taicang” roughly since the end of the Yuan dynasty in the name of, and its history can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period as a national warehouse, this sparsely populated coastal village is Wu Wangxuan hoards grain storage, this functionality has not changed, later dubbed “too” Word, because aspect within the development of watercourses, as well as the prevalence of grain shipping.

At Taicang from liujiagang to South door Zhang Jing shut up 30 in of range within are is long di Terminal, Jia dignitaries gathered, shop Brigade establishments lined, Taicang drove out of merchant to North can up today this Korea, to South can up this Viet Nam Thailand, shipping trade flourished, “six country Terminal”, and “Fairview South gold Taicang” of name also with commercial of promoted spread world.

Museum offers four exhibitions: Taicang history society Memorial, cultural artifacts Exhibition Hall, Hall of Fame, “” four kings “monument. Stop and savor every exhibition here, to feel the history and culture of the city.

Small ya favorite Taicang historical and cultural exhibition on the second floor of the Museum where relics from ancient times are beginning to understand the origins of Taicang.

Here is the original port of simulations, a prosperous scene, here are a few live-action shows, including shops, specialty of the year, there is a hologram, tells an old story.

Four building Taicang Revolutionary History Museum, here with pictures, words, objects, sculpture and reproduces the Taicang revolution history and the history of the heroic struggle of the revolutionary martyrs.

Taicang Museum finished the end of the tour, our trip to Suzhou will also close, in Taicang Museum we can feel the city’s long history and prosperous economy and splendid culture.

This spring, Suzhou, feel a warm, sunny spring, the catkins float fine Jiang nan, also allows us to understand an obscure poem, cloud steam fog, wind, rain slanting cover to kill with intrigue. Ten attractions also lets us find the classical Jiangnan is different and modern Jiangnan beauty, this spring, I find in Suzhou in the heart of the most beautiful southern spring.