Wanfo Lake Rainbow Falls rift 2nd in West Anhui dabie mountains tour

Wanfo Lake-Rainbow Falls-rift, 2nd in West Anhui dabie mountains tour

   Decimal, Anhui, landscape has seen a lot of southern Anhui, and this time we go to West Anhui, will play three of the best attractions in West Anhui again trip. 

  Cattle in transit orders, distributed in Nanjing tourist centre group fight. Price at the car with, is the way cattle lowest price.


Wanxi three essential attractions covered 

Sales price: ¥ 247

Throughout all shopping, the first big ticket included, accommodation in comfortable hotels.


Overall impression:

  One was different from other travel, relaxing holiday, full time not. Also with hills and water falls, very fun to play.

Attractions: wanfo Lake

  Wanfo Lake surrounded on three sides by water, lakes and mountains, vast, floating Island, sparkling, sailing on the lake water was blowing, if in the thousand Island Lake on the cruise ship.

Attractions in two: Wanxi rift

  China version “rift” reputation, valleys split track like a knife cut in general here. Millions of years ago, changes in the Earth’s crust, mountains are heaven and split in half to form the spectacular v. This is the Earth’s scars, seeker of the Holy land. Climbing adventure in the Rift Valley has stirred your heart and test your strength and perseverance. No road within the Great Rift Valley, at the foot of each step is difficult, every step should be grounded. As long as into the Rift Valley you can only go forward not backwards. As in our lives, while hundreds of ups and downs but still want to move forward.

Three attractions: dabie Mountain Rainbow falls

  Rainbow monkey cliffs plunging down the waterfall, magnificent, ROAR like thunder. River against a large rock splash, spray cloud, the Sun through mist presents a brilliant rainbow road, visitors there, pedestrian moving Rainbow, dream-like feeling. Huangguoshu waterfall, see Hukou waterfall, see de Grand Falls, see channeling large waterfalls, seen flying in the water dragon Gorge waterfalls. I was struck by the Rainbow Falls here.


1: bring your own snacks and mineral water.

2: across the Great Rift Valley to travel light and wear non-slip shoes. Physical poor never through the Great Rift Valley, from the road next to the Rift Valley. Mobile camera had better not, box office registers, if really needed, must pay attention and be careful.

3: go to the Rainbow Falls is best to wear a raincoat or umbrella will get wet. Fog is too large to protect the camera.

4: to the Great Rift Valley and Rainbow Falls must choose a good weather, rainy day across the rift is very dangerous, no Sun’s reflection there is no Rainbow Rainbow Falls.



Wanfo Lake
> Wanxi rift
> Six anruianhaotai hotel > Six anruianhaotai hotel

The year 2015-05-16

  As early as 6.45 long 17th in Garden Road, Nanjing East station, although it is spelled but everyone was punctual, no one was late. 7.00 time punctuality, shucheng County, in Central Anhui Province, arrived more than four hours wanfo Lake scenic area.

The bus is very comfortable and very clean, the driver Shi Fu driving is stable.

Wanfo Lake-Rainbow Falls-rift, 2nd in West Anhui dabie mountains tour

So glad this group of visitors a high quality, on time, do not make much noise, public health, and praise one!

  Outside the scenic farm for lunch (take care of 25 Yuan per person), not many tourists, food on the farm soon. Food portion is very large, steaming

Wanfo Lake

  Wanfo Lake is the national AAAA level tourist area, national water conservancy scenic area, national geological parks, provincial-level scenic areas, provincial tourist holiday resort. Anhui tourism one of the top ten holiday base. Known as the “Beidaihe, the back garden of Hefei in Anhui Province”. Here is the “Lakes and mountains, Barry Gallery; mountains drunk, leisure paradise.”

  Wanfo Lake is a large lake in longhekou reservoir, is one of important part of pishihang irrigation area, is one of the ten major reservoir in Anhui Province. Lake of 50 square kilometers, capacity of 820 million cubic meters of water, as big ten West Lake in Hangzhou. In 1958 by the farmers built of hand-dug shoulder-kilometer dam, called the world’s “most”.

Wanfo Lake-Rainbow Falls-rift, 2nd in West Anhui dabie mountains tour

   Due to their water source from the scenic city of Foshan, is named the wanfo Lake. Wanfo Lake is the first in China, Anhui Province, the first “national AAAAA grade tourist zone”, China’s first “national water conservancy scenic area” and was awarded “national afforestation 400” the glorious title of Anhui Province, and “95” tourism award. Chinese and foreign tourists to her “Qiandao Lake in Anhui Province,” Fitch, whose tourists each year among the forefront of scenic spot in Anhui Province.

(Admission is included in the 80 yuan/person, cruise 40 Yuan/person for oneself, time 120 minutes)

Wanfo Lake-Rainbow Falls-rift, 2nd in West Anhui dabie mountains tour

Through the bridge into view

Walk of Fame on both sides of the celebrity sculptures

Dam in longhekou reservoir.

Go to the ferry, I carefully counted down for 70 steps.

Longhekou 碼

Tour questions

   Wanfo Lake had more than 60 large and small islands. Is currently in development. Has developed 10 Islands for tourists to visit.

We went to the first island is the swallow island.

  Swallow little island, there are Peacock flying Southeast show. Due to the time constraints, we did not see, only went to Peacock Park looked at.

Haha, the island is limited, half an hour again to another island.

A second small island called the Gold Coast, with lots of entertainment.

For half an hour, no time for entertainment, around the small island has a circle.

Clear lake water, green trees, and fresh air.

Stand in the pavilion where you can clearly see the longhekou dam across more than 1000 meters long.

  The third island is a small island. The island is relatively large, there’s a great East China a big Buddha statue, there are Mahavira Temple and pagoda.

This is one great Buddha in East China.

To look at the main hall.

Thousands of pagodas, in back of the main hall.

Was supposed to go to four island, as the afternoon going to the Great Rift Valley in West Anhui, due to the time constraints only to the three island.

Landed on pine ferry Wharf, song du 碼 TOU is in East China’s largest floating dock.

  Wanfo Lake locals selling products on the wharf. This small dried shrimp, 20 Yuan a kilo, green, Oh! Think of really inexpensive, little shrimp sold in Nanjing also 451 pounds.

Wanxi rift

   The Great Rift Valley in West Anhui, located in Luan city, Anhui Province, Jin Zhang Zhen. Is the closest to the Hefei national geological park,

Located in the dabieshan, crack mountain is the rare spectacle. Formerly known as refuge from the rift in West Anhui Wang yan. Starting from the late Ming dynasty and early Qing dynasty peasant

The rebel leader Zhang Xianzhong in battle of liuandiqu flow of facts and folklore. Legend, known as the King of BA Zhang Xianzhong,

Escape the army siege, discovered the easily defensible natural barriers, and led the remnants, hiding soldiers here. When Liu and Deng’s Army advancing in dabie mountains, the most important battle of battle of shop, Zhang Zhen.

  Rock like a mountain was splitting axe, hatchback Cliff pole day standoff, the middle is a 2 km long winding

The stone steps, under the cliffs with natural rock walls and winding corridors and across gullies, caves along the lush wildflowers, herbs which, MOSS-stained wall,

Vines hanging, qingxi downs, when when the birds to form a quiet, tranquil atmosphere, deep, it is outside its borders, writing

Reverie for a long time refused to leave. (Admission is included in the 70 Yuan/person, tour time 120 minutes)

  In the most exciting way through the Rift Valley crack in the door, you may have to go a lot of places, but in this case,

Crack this mountain wonders would definitely give you a completely new experience.

  To go through the rift left here, don’t want to go through the rift on the right. But across the Great Rift Valley of adventure

You absolutely can not understand and can not imagine. Only man can experience in the crack at the bottom through the feelings.

  Crossing the rift will be three gate, than a hardship. Here no one so far without the help of any tools manual

Through the past, HA HA, no Xin you try!

Would you follow me through this beautiful deep rift now!

Here are the ground, at one point is only one person.

Valley on both sides of the mountain was covered with MOSS, sky overhead, and splashed the water with you

Rift within the light was Dim, the rise of visible sky.

Following the Rift Valley to experience the thrills!

Rocks from time to time drop to body, feet wet, be sure to pay attention to safety.

Fat man cannot live in some places, I estimated that more than 160 pounds would be difficult to pass.

  Enter the bottom can only forward not back, there is no turning back. Better not take pictures in the rift, because here essential is hands and feet, you can’t take the camera shots. Haha, I was still taking pictures. Very dangerous and very dangerous, be sure to pay attention to safety. Accidentally fall out of the back of the camera, does not give good touch on the rock is finished! Let me tell you, the hardest when I left the camera using JAWS.

Pull chain shangtianti

Three gates more difficult to walk on again, basically on the hands and feet.

A large stone blocking the way, I climbed Zheng tied up for a long time.

Men come up hard, not to mention the woman. Besides me!

  Three gate didn’t take much photos, it is not as hands are Moss, mud. Look back at the road, I really admire their courage

With a happy mood down, then across the rift!

What is this plant looks like a Cobra, came, and out of curiosity went back to shoot down.

Shan Qing Shui Xiu beauty

Taking the time to play a handful.

Six-anruianhaotai hotel

  Night staying at six anruianhaotai hotel, hotel Gan Jing comfort, wiFi very 暢, also has a computer in the room. Had some bring their own food to rest early tomorrow to Rainbow falls in the dabie mountains. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Six-anruianhaotai hotel

  Day trip very happily, tour arrangement well. In particular through the Great Rift Valley, experience the thrills at the end before. Think: a man is not how much we have, but how much experience, insights and how much. Friends, if you like adventure, then you come to the Great Rift Valley in West Anhui, you will be struck by the wonders of the mountain split here, you will experience the victory over yourself, challenges, difficulties and joy.



Rainbow falls

The year 2015-05-17

Six anruianhaotai the breakfast particularly good wine (10 at their own expense), I visited Anhui tourism had the best breakfast.

Rainbow falls

  Rainbow falls in the dabie mountains scenic spot located in yuexi County, Huang Weizhen, distance is 34 km and Huoshan, yuexi County County, Jinan

Export 1.5 km wide high-speed six-dive yellow tail. Scenic mountain peaks, and mountains from Cui, Qi, staggered, deep canyon, Valley

Aspect ratio, winding, the famous foziling reservoir, the source of one of the monkey River–junction with Huang Weihe.

  Legend has it that the cowboy cattle grass mountains and herding cattle in the dabie mountains, ran into Weaver in the monkey River Canyon, and the achievements of the myth and legend of a sigh,

They met the annual Rainbow dream become infinite of monkey River and Rainbow falls in the dabie mountains


Rainbow Falls tickets and preferential policies are as follows:

A. free policy: height 1.2 m free of charge; elderly people over 70 years old with ID card free of charge.

B. the preferential policy: children buy child tickets between 1.2-1.5 m tall; 60-70 years old with ID card to buy tickets for the elderly; active duty

Soldiers with military ID at half price.

Area square

  From scenic to scenic rafting there are shuttle buses at the door (10), walking past half an hour. We walked past, way or view photos now!

  Through the stone road, roadside stone was salvaged in the scenic river.

Here scenery, fresh air, pleasant.

Huang Weihe and monkey River meet here, also known as Shuang he Kou.

How can such a good water didn’t float! Drifting 110 Yuan per person, team price of 60 Yuan.

See Rainbow falls from afar, Li Bai’s poem “away to see the waterfall before hanging River” where appropriate.

  Moving forward there is a temple, Temple left walk to Rainbow Falls, right to White Dragon island. Watch out, don’t get it wrong.

Heard the roar of the falls from hundreds of meters away, who are also feeling the water fall.

See the Rainbow, but the mist of the waterfall as the rain falls on the body. Camera can’t take it anymore, just snap some photos.

This is not special treatment, is my camera has water, camera cannot be opened.

  In the water channel to take some pictures of waterfall wide and 25 meters and a height of 80 meters, flow of 2.0—5.0 cubic metres per second on average. Waters confessions Monkey Rock drop down, magnificent, and ROAR like thunder.

Through long stretches of water across the channel to close near the waterfall the waterfall, bridge and holding an umbrella was also wet.

Along the monkey River in Canyon continues to move forward, scenery is particularly beautiful.

Monkey River Dam

From here to go by boat across the rock climbing

Cableway from here, I really want to experience it. Don’t have enough time, only large forces to move on.

Beautiful monkey Valley is a place where people escapades.

Of time, high road to make it, through the Rainbow tunnel Hill.

  Lucky to see a rainbow today, thank goodness, and adjusted guides will travel, or we have to see the Rainbow. All in all it was a happy journey, and maybe soon I will come to Anhui again!