WeCoach timeless Chen How do we iterate the hardware

For the fitness of the people, if economic conditions permit, first you need to find a personal trainer for professional guidance, the only way to more rational planning and avoid adverse movements pose a burden to the body. But for many busy people and a lot of ordinary people, can only stay in the gym and coach think phase. Before a special smart hardware WeCoach for sports and fitness to be listed, accumulating thousands of users. As a first generation product, CEO meaningful told Chen Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), user feedback to their many needs. On this basis, they developed a second generation product WeCoach Pro.

WeCoach timeless Chen: How do we iterate the hardware?

As a second generation product, ArtiWares team collected user devices of last generation products very little support, and does not remember the ridicule of the step, it is not waterproof. Pro an increase in arms, ankles, worn, so as to adapt to different movements. After adding water and running Guide, products and most importantly, the new heart rate detection features.

For fitness, sport is a required course in a certain heart rate range, also purchased heart rate test equipment. In order to meet the health needs of the users, obviously to increase the heart rate measurement function on the new, meaningful, Chen told reporters, static measured heart rate in the market is very simple, also many related products, but exercise heart rate is difficult, detecting heart rate can’t avoid shaking, photoelectric detection and data can’t be used.

They take the form of relatively “crude”:

Increasing the area of photoelectric sensors, even shaking can collect enough data

9-axis sensor, judge movement, forming a reverse to eliminate errors.

For accuracy, meaningful, Chen said the measured errors of about 5 beats per minute, can be relatively accurate.

WeCoach timeless Chen: How do we iterate the hardware?

Different from the previous generation, Pro is highlighted by a rounded triangle gone bad, material is also of aircraft aluminum. Shape will change, the main reason is that they think the market round and square too many devices, and the triangle is a more powerful, more robust shape, in line with the positioning of their sports and fitness equipment.

Because of the increased heart rate detection, equipment for data gathering capabilities improved. For data, ArtiWares team has their own view:

During exercise, the value of collecting data can interact in real time, using voice guide sports standards.

Data collection for the exercise, based on heart rate and other factors, according to different people in different States of performance targeting plans.

And many wearable devices to be worn by the user for a long time different, meaningful Chen reckons its products where value is the movement of the time, all aspects of the design are also designed for sport. “Since the choice of dress market niche, it is difficult to take into account all aspects, the product is not a tool to collect data, but rather a product that can help users better movement. ”

WeCoach timeless Chen: How do we iterate the hardware?


Research and development more important than competition

When a reporter asked whether he worried about the competition of other products, meaningful, Chen said he was not worried about, they have not found doing well compared with similar products in the domestic, while abroad, it is clear that there is no competition. And they think that as a team, should focus only on product development, hoping to attract more users through good products and sell more products with users of Word of mouth advocacy. GUCCI iPhone

Fitness video from the early, with mobile Internet APP integration courses for users to learn, there will be more interactive. He hopes new products will meet the needs of this part of the user.

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When you raise

Only thousands of product sales, but is now Taobao to raise Pro has sold more than 10,000 units. Chen meaningful opinion, part of which is the primary user of the product, and the growth in demand for his product model information.


WeCoach timeless Chen: How do we iterate the hardware?

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