Wheels for measuring Middle Earth New Zealand s North Island South Island 20

Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)

Let the brain simply happy emptying,

Let the thoughts of carefree wandering,

No life,

No chicken soup for the soul,


Scenery only to share with you all the way.

Itinerary (actual travel for 20 days, plus the departure date and the return date, a total of 23 days): 5 day North Island, South Island for 15 days.

    Do a lot of homework before the trip, collected online close all advocate, design a rough schedule, because it is a self drive and just the two of us, so travel is more random, at the time, wanted to go and wanted to stay, feel free to adjust the stroke, playing beauty.

  I think travel is to find with their combination of unique travel routes, with mind and body to experience the process of each journey is supposed to be.



   Full drive for 20 days, accumulated travel 3500 km. From here, the last stop in Christchurch on the South Island, and then flew back to Auckland from Christchurch, then flew back to Beijing.

New Zealand national has no toll roads, gas stations are self-service, gas in their report the number for refueling, toll collectors will know how much you add.


   Accommodation, car rental fees, fuel costs, local transportation, food, tickets and souvenirs, about 2.5 million yuan per capita, not including return air tickets.


   In New Zealand, has many forms available for accommodation:

1, Backpackers: represented by YHA Backpackers may be many self-help tourists are most familiar with, public toilets, kitchens, generally 30-35 Yuan/person, low prices. Compare person for young people or go out alone.

2, Motel: a motel, but in New Zealand more like a bed and breakfast Apartment. Usually 1 bedroom or 3 bedroom, with all the appliances (some even have a DVD machine, dryer, dishwasher), complete kitchen, was the feeling of home, suitable for in family or a few friends rented, SGD is approximately 40~80 per person. Prices are higher with washing machine.

3, B&B: family hotel, bed and breakfast, live in such families can experience local life.

4, is the standard of the hotel.

We prefer Motel along the way, there are three main reasons: first, many hotel rooms are larger than standard hotel, is equipped with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, second kitchen is equipped with a full set of utensils, pots and pans were readily available; third, they generally provide parking for opportunites to this special need. But keep in mind that cooking be sure to clean up the kitchen.


   In New Zealand, and natural attractions are all free, is feeling it, any place in China can take a 100-200 tickets. New Zealand’s national parks is free, only private estate Ranch will charge. Natural landscapes are basically no money. But New Zealand people come up with a way to let you spend: allows you to experience the experience elsewhere less than stimulating, such as parachuting, paragliding, bungee jump, jet boat, flying altitude sightseeing, boat out to sea, the price is not cheap, but it is well worth the experience.

Mi Foer Fjord (Milford

Next stop-meter Gorge, leaving the afternoon-Queenstown-Te Anau (Te Anau), access m fjord and the fjord National Park (Fiordland NationalPark) must pass through, which was described as “the Pearl of the Southern Alps” was most fitting. Town hovers around Te Anau Te Anau Lake (Lake Te Anau), Lake Te Anau is New Zealand’s second largest lake, the largest lake in the South Island. This small town of lakes and mountains, simple and pure, no shine diamonds, pearls with a touch of brilliance, let people calm.

Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)

Heavy rain was surrounded by army of sheep on the way, it took almost 20 minutes out of the siege.

Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)
Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)

Rush out of the sheep circle, staying at Lake Te Anau hotel, opened the window, lakes and mountains at a glance, but overcast.

Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)
Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)

Put down the baggage to the Mi Foxia, starting from Te Anau to 120 km long fjord of metres away, is a landscape routes

Along the idyllic scenery.

Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)

Reach meter fjord cruise ship docks, hopefully then every cloud/end of day, through cloud and blue sky! My sky master!

Wheels for measuring Middle-Earth--New Zealand's North Island, South Island 20 day self-drive tour (below)

Dan for zhaoyun, evening rain.

Fat baby MoE died, I really want to meat in her winning small bites on the face, HA HA!

Us-Mi Foxia, “spectacular” Word!

Seal point

Lazy, collective NAP!

This fjord is a “waterfall”, falls from a 200-meter-high fall, Wolf hit the splash water on the rocks, then set off bursts of spray straight into the fjord. Cruise intended to paste into navigation allows visitors to experience the falls, tourists wrapped in a mist of the falls stir up to deck the wind blown up, scaring someone screaming into the now wise I was leaning against the window of the great elegant Cup of coffee, this panoramic view, dodged! HA HA! What glee!

Fiordland National Park area of 12120 square kilometers, is New Zealand’s largest park, is one of the world’s largest National Park, the film locations for the scene where most of the magic community.

Known as the “Lake” (MirrorLake), the Lake is small, the weather was fine when there is no wind on Lake reflection peaks reflected in the tranquil lake, quiet beauty.

We just look at each other for a long time, seemed to understand each other! HA HA!

Lonely cattle alone on one side, and concubines but not near! Sad!!!

Way South, passing through town

New Zealand native’s southernmost town of bluff is located in New Zealand-South region of the South coast, is a beautiful town,

Is also a seaport, is the door to Stewart Island.

The famous lighthouse of Stirling, from the North Island and lighthouse to the South of Rennes Sterling the Island Lighthouse,

Is New Zealand land full length.

Brough, was a world-renowned town due to oysters, produced in the town of bluff oysters (Bluff oysters) is the world’s most delicious oysters, plump, juicy, creamy and tender, best eaten raw. Every year in April at a local celebration of the bluff Oyster Festival. Hungry chest put back, served up a Gorge, elegant cocks fast finish to remember to take a photo, so white and fat oysters gone, hehe!

Throughout New Zealand’s end of the #1 Road, signposted here is Earth’s southernmost, arrows pointing to 12 different directions, world was silently separated, signage display here from London 18958km; 15008km from New York, and so on.


Eating seafood continued on the road, second city of Dunedin on the South Island City building is a typical Scottish style, known as the “outside Scotland as Scottish” foreign cities.

Famous is located at the University of Otago in Dunedin, which was founded in 1869, is a New Zealand established

A University, is the most prominent Gothic Renaissance architecture

The Dunedin railway station was opened in 1906. Ancient building of the station is a large, magnificent, magnificent.

With plenty of stone-built station, with black-glazed tiles, with a mosaic floor, Royal Island, is New Zealand is one of the most photographed buildings.

Dinner-stone-cooked beef, tender beef on hot stone, cut into small pieces and slowly cooked, heat control, the high requirements of eating beef, be tender enough and fresh enough, New Zealand beef is really out of the ordinary, and praise one!

The first church, gothic revival of one of the era’s most prominent buildings.

Discovered the poison mushroom, is said to be the more bright colors, stronger toxicity, far from it!

Lanake Castle is New Zealand’s only Castle, is located on the Otago peninsula stretches the Group Ridge.

Castle Peak, glance.

The steepest street in the world-the Baldwin Street people, “Wang Road, sighing.”

Along the line, the venue for King, beautiful, crossing the vast expanse of wilderness, the scene, drunk!

Dikabo Lake

Out of Dunedin, this station is a dikabo Lake, passing through New Zealand’s highest peak Mount Cook, it’s eight o’clock, the Sun has not yet set, let me sprinkle some wild in the grass!

Around a small bend to see Lake Pukaki (pukaji Lake), Lake than dikabo is not inferior, I feel even worse, the top blue accompanied by Cook in the distance on the snow that will make people dizzy!

Postcard-like lake view, let my senses a bit of trance, has it to heaven, can see God he later, hehe!

Water is also a kind of spiritual practice!

Man cold, body stripes!

Reach the hotel, now nine, believe it, it is so light.

Front desk inform you came a little bit late, reservation for others, Wu wuwu! Like thunder!

But … … The Suites give you a duplex structure, higher than our original room

1 time price!!! HA HA HA! Life is such a bittersweet turn!

This is a view room, large living room, large balcony on the second floor, cool is dead! Get cooking!

Looking out the window of the snow-capped mountains, sunset, ate join seafood noodle soup and vegetables warm, happiness reached

Vertex! HA HA!

This is New Zealand’s most photographed landmark-the Church of the good Shepherd, although the Church is very compact, covering only twenty or thirty meters, but the inside facilities. The present Church of the good Shepherd has become the first choice for weddings all over the world and one of the this unique Chapel located in the dikabo Lake Shore, vast landscapes and towering mountains in the background, a picture. Every couple wants their wedding unique, distinctive flavor, Church of the good Shepherd is an ideal choice for them. It is said that the Church of the good shepherd in the solid rock of love and rock-solid for ever and ever, which is held sacred and romantic wedding couples choose this another reason.

Two bike cruise United Kingdom guy, all luggage is all, compared with large bags of our,

Really sorry Ah!

Passing the town, looking for food to stave off hunger, visit shops, nice boots, good thought for himself (a bit pricey), but on second thought Beijing would also get a few drops of rain all the year round, or stepping on dry ground around it to Joseph chewing molars after I had!!! Sometimes needs and their struggles, WINS, like this little girl sucking her fingers look good, huh!

Really admire those people who have the courage to travel alone, but also the girls, so cool!

Parked discovered an intruder!

By shaving wool grass mud horse, exposing the lushanzhenmian, the original looks like!

Christchurch New Zealand

Most traditional United Kingdom “Garden City,” Christchurch (Christchurch) is located in New Zealand South Island’s East Coast, is New Zealand’s third-largest city, the South Island’s largest city. Is the second largest city of Auckland (Auckland), wheeling, the capital (Wellington), New Zealand’s third largest city, is New Zealand apart from Auckland, and from the world’s second-largest Internet portal.

Christchurch is the United Kingdom other than most English style city, has a strong artistic, literary youth

Stop Exchange places.

Cathedral square

Live on the square of the old man, I play my, not to give is your thing!

Maori song and dance performance on the Cathedral square

In front of the guests made faces, staring, spit tongue looks terrifying, even to point the spear the guest, it is friendly to you. This custom is very strange!

Buy a CD of their recording, very nice, Ethereal voice with our then ride all the way.

Christ Church Cathedral (The Christchurch Cathedral), once the main symbols of the city and attractions. Regret is that the Cathedral after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake of September 4, 2010, and February 22, 2011, after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, unfortunately damaged tower to fall, because of its age, unable to restore it with modern materials, plus the repair will consume more money than reconstruction, after several rounds of negotiation, the Government decided to demolish the Cathedral. In July 2011, which were removed, so far, this has a 150-year history of building only in front of the wreckage.

The catastrophe left this city in ruins, is still startling.

Cathedral square on the barrel filled with Memorial oration.

Trams are the city’s main public transport, just buy a ticket and you can always up and down, very convenient.

I’ve been thinking about mankind’s eternal themes, please do not disturb!

Lunch time, when heard about the hunger goes well with coffee and sushi Oh! HA HA!

Largest outdoor park in Christchurch, Hagley Park, everywhere flowers, grass and trees flourish, worthy

The “Garden City” of reputation.

Very high face value of small beautiful girl to the swallow, no, HA HA!

Beautiful Avon River runs through the Park, stroll along the flowing river water, delicate beauty everywhere, it’s no wonder here is considered to be the most comfortable and pleasant place.

Someone call it “wind dancer”, New Zealand albatross. Legendary albatross is considered the patron saint of sailors, if over the ocean to see its shadow, it is a symbol of good luck.

Flight of the albatross is a well-deserved home, 80% in its life time is spent in flight. Young albatrosses in the first 3-5 years has been all at sea, not land. It can fly 600 kilometers a day, maximum speed up to 100 km. They do not seem to know tire, flight is a part of life, during its lifetime, a total flight distance can reach millions of kilometers.

To the North of Christchurch, Hanmer Springs Hanmer Springs town, the road old Jalopy, hehe!

Even the cemetery is so pastoral.

For bungee jumping enthusiasts, Thrillseekers is one not to be missed. Thrillseekers jumping poles located in Hanmer Springs town on a more than 100-year history of the big iron bridge, bridge between cliffs, is flowing under the bridge of the Waiau River, surrounded by the picturesque. Bungee jumping from the 35 m-high leap off a bridge, bent down and rushed to the surging River, experiences a moment of excitement and heartbeat.

Arcadia Hanmer Springs Hanmer Springs town, the famous geothermal hot springs. Throughout the spa town of 900 people, serene stillness, absolute paradise.


Leaving Christchurch road to NATO about 3 hours drive to Kaikoura (Kaikoura), here is the whale and

Perfect destination for fishing, called the New Zealand portal of marine wildlife.

In the Maori language, Kaikoura (Kaikoura) meant for a lobster dinner, Kai meaning food, Koura is lobster, eat here is first and foremost a lobster dinner. This is the high exposure of a lobster restaurant.

Pan-green mussel is around New Zealand largest export product, with a fresh want to cry!!!

Lobster restaurant just next to our Motel, good and convenient!

Today’s program–to the sea whale, at six o’clock in the morning came to the visitors ‘ Center by bus to the dock.

In the visitors center, hemp didn’t buy toys for kids, curly-haired head after boarding has been depressed.

Although appears to be calm, but out half an hour later, began swinging badly, parents are advised before starting take earlier in the visitors center to buy medicine for seasickness, I ship one France women tourists on Board later Halo badly, and what a miserable all the way, lucky, or is the same fate!

Heinous cornflower blue!!!

Long-awaited, figure of a sperm whale appeared, beautiful streamlined body, tight smooth skin, dancing between the vast expanse of water, dance gracefully, subroutines, head shooting water into the air from time to time. Floated at the surface to breathe for more than 10 minutes later, leaped, and high tail sticking out of the water. Boat tour guide tells us: “this action says the whale until they are 45 minutes to 2 hours after going out for air. ”

New, a lot of dolphins!

Sparkling, dolphins playing in the jubilant happily, they seemed to have “Dolphin mind” to see more people,

Huanshi they writhe, the better.

Sea sprite, using it on the body surface of most smart draw the most beautiful curves!

Small-town coffee shop sign is quite distinctive, is filled with the taste of the sea.

After end of the whale at sea, back at the hotel Pack, move! We want to live in a small town for two nights, so I want to try different forms of accommodation, this move to a B&B, walked into the small hospital that I fell in love with it, picturesque backyard has a

Small pond.

Dog lying on the floor, watching with alarm.

Family pets, I call it “white” do not fear, a look that is seen, with his own voice danced the swing dancers, I straight up, HA HA HA!

The landlord is a retired police, white met master, a bird to look.

Host family’s kitchen, the hostess here prepared sumptuous breakfast.

Hostess is a life, tasteful and creative woman, home waste are well

Use it, old shoes is she planted flowers, it’s perfect.

Abalone shells were used as ashtrays

Not the old bathtub into a lounge chair in the yard, fantastic!

He built a small greenhouse tomatoes.

In town a Thailand restaurant after lunch, drive half an hour and not far from the small town of lavender Manor, which is a private estate, charged SGD 2 tickets per person.

The dark purple, light purple, Lavender Rose, roses and some unknown flowers surrounded by walking up the garden path, bursts of scented, submerged myself in purple in this one, absolutely wonderful!

Lavender products on the farm stores, many products are made from garden harvest lavender, lavender-flavored ice cream, honey, lip balms, oils, moisturizers, soaps and so on, there are a lot of related products, very delicate.

Every corner of the store is designed to be very tasteful, I love every thing, all my dishes!!!

Wandering for a long time and refuse to leave!

Finally dragged by my eldest son from Lavender Manor, Coast moves Southeast from the town center, good trails, beautiful scenery, and seals can be seen.

Parking lot encounter fish return guy, rewarding!

Bush a lot of seals on the rocks, slept woke up few people approach also ignored, at best,

Open your eyes you.

This was nasty, suddenly got up and chased runs, small brother were scared and ran away shoes, lol, smile the shit out of me!

Little baby seals lie on the rocks, so cute!

Distance and my house is the residence of Fife coat color, built 160 years ago, is the first European-style architecture of Kaikoura. It is famous because of its long history and the Foundation of the building is made of whale bone structure, the Whale bones from bull in front of the residence of Southern Right whales in the Gulf was killed in.

Ate a hearty breakfast the next morning to say goodbye is very nice policeman and his wife, a lovely little white, street, Esplanade along the coast, arrived at Point Kean fur seal area.

Tourist train sped

The English name of the seals for the fur seal, meaning that fur seals are New Zealand unique, it has two layers of skin, the inner layer of thermal underwear, outer layer has long hair, is the protective layer. When they are on land tend to hide in a cool place, jumped into the water to reduce the temperature of the time.

“Wind dancer”, proclaim from the wings, very powerful!

We move on to Ohau waterfall, in November-December in the Ohau stream pups born on the estuary rocks on both sides will arrive at the waterfall up the April of the following year, stay here for a few days the collective life, and every few days must be returned to the sea to look for their mother milk.

Lobsters are sold by the sea, clearly the price written on the lobster body, now buy now to eat.

It is found in the sea of abalone

After abalone fish, use a ruler to measure, if not legal size, must be returned to the sea, no supervision

All by self.

From Kaikoura, Christchurch, was homecoming day tomorrow, more than 20 day journey is coming to an end.


Arrive Christchurch had lunch at the hotel and headed for France style town Akaroa (Akaroa), 1.5 hours drive. Christchurch to Akaroa Highway picturesque Akaroa’s essence is not in the town itself, but on the way the landscape is strongly recommended. Mountains on either side, there is a road, inadvertently seemed to 318 of Sichuan-Tibet highway …

Best place to take pictures over the highest mountain pass after the first downhill, there are parking places,

Can get to the most beautiful views of the Lake, Oh!

Small town waving France flag, all the street names are French, restaurants and coffee shops. From a local family name and the naming of streets, on the traditional architecture and cuisine, settlement of French romantic to them here, France style wanders in every corner of the Akaroa.

The next day, Christchurch – Auckland – Beijing

See New Zealand, fell in love with this piece make you unable to land.