Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves because we are in Thailand


    For the people who like to travel, there are still two words will inspire them to work toward their favorite destination–“the world is so big, I want to see”, “not crazy, we’re old.” Over a long period of time, these two words always appear in my mind, as a generation of us, yearning for travel time. Last year Shanghai’s winter is quite cold, I thought to go to a bit of hot places, so that you can take off the body of coats, wearing more casual clothing, and eventually, with his wife and two friends explore, we chose Thailand in Bangkok and Pattaya. Many years ago, embarrassing Thai hot, adding Thailand tour heat, someone will ask me, why go to Thailand, because Thailand embarrassed yet? Answer is Yes, said: no, but others will ask me, you are going to heat it? Certainly not. Thailand’s charm, not just rely on one of the Thai embarrassing showing, not its temperatures moderate, increasingly fond of domestic tourists, Thailand: why so attractive? You may wish to look at this Thailand Bangkok, Pattaya 6 days 5 nights of travel, I believe reading travels, you might know that Thailand why so attractive.


It is to go abroad, so their preparation is important before, some people may not know what, so I have listed the information might help you.

About the weather: 2 days before travel, learn within the next 7 days, local weather, and of help to his route and plans. Thailand’s annual average temperature is around 26 degrees. Recommended time to visit is November to February, this time was Thailand’s winter, although in winter, but the temperature is between 25-30 degrees, very suitable for tourism. Remaining period of temperatures higher than this time.

Out the essentials: travel abroad, passport must bring the body, but also to carry ID card without, with 2 photocopies will be fine, just in case. Change of clothes (underwear, socks, shorts) according to play days, Thailand’s high temperatures, so bring a few short sleeve if it is winter, you can take 2 long sleeve, because large temperature difference between day and night. Sneakers with a pair of slippers can take two pairs, as by the sea Pattaya, always go to the beach. Sun protection clothing recommended one piece, body wash, facial cleanser, sunscreen cream liquid, towels, toothbrushes, mosquito, bags, sunglasses, umbrellas, motion sickness drugs, dressing, power converter, charge card, mask, snorkel, camera waterproof cover. Some tourists will travel with stomach and cold medicines, here, I don’t recommend because Thailand’s drug is good, where can buy.

On visa: Thailand on China is open landing signed of, so to Thailand also can is one “said go on go” of travel, certainly, also can in domestic first do good visa, to Thailand on can directly handle entry has, I is recommends everyone first in domestic do good, because arrived Thailand Hou, handle landing signed visitors many, basic are need waiting for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, also need fill a Zhang entry card, everyone can reference pictures in the of Chinese translation for fill in, also also need 2 Zhang 2 inch of documents as Oh, Visa processing fee of 1000 baht. In addition, if the entry is a Thailand take 20000 Pearl in Thai currency, actually Thailand customs check is very low, tour visitors won’t find you, individual visit, chances are very low, with more money, just in case, if it is found and that amount is not enough, to be deported home, we’ve had tourists it is.

On currency and bank card: the baht is Thailand’s currency, exchange rate of RMB 5:1, which is 1 Yuan = 5 baht, can banks change, if Thailand Airport Exchange, the exchange rate will be low, probably around 4.7:1, visitors can also bring some currency, Thailand Street currency exchange points, exchange rate is about 5:1. I am not suggesting that you change in the country, and for more Thai baht, Thailand had been fraudulent credit cards, therefore not recommended for small shops and supermarkets charge, cash safe. If you prepare the baht and the Yuan are used up, it can only be in Thailand on the ATM machines to withdraw money, Thailand directly withdraw money ATM, first Union free of charge every day, Thailand received fees of 50 baht, Thailand Street is filled with ATM, Chinese display, which is very convenient. Shopping, if you need to swipe your card, we recommend using UnionPay cards, do not use the VISA, because VISA and transit fees.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

On tip: everyone to know, consumption is Southeast Asia national of features, said is these place of people income lower, tip is they important of income source, basic to a 20 Thai baht on can has, if in domestic bank for of are is some large of currency, can in Thailand of airport within of duty-free shop in buy a bottle water or some life supplies, put money for money. If a group tour, then no worries, because the guide will prepare many small-denomination Thai baht for the tourist, and guides before your flight and we exchanged a lot of small Thai baht.

On communications: travel Qian, can in online purchase Thailand local happy card, seven days no limited 3G Internet added 299 Thai baht of phone fee, only 40 block money around, Internet speed soon, check a map what of is to force, but in purchase of when, need see is Apple phone also is other Ann Zhuo system of phone, because operation way will has different, can put operation way took down, to has Thailand airport on can operation has

About time: Thailand and China time is 1 hour, for example if there is any at 9 in the morning, Thailand is at 8 in the morning, some friends like friends, need to pay attention to the time difference, otherwise Thailand at 10 o’clock in the evening, the domestic is at 11 o’clock at night, not someone like, Oh.



We set of tours is day flights, from Shanghai fly Thailand Bangkok almost is 4 hours not to, so to has Bangkok Hou, night also can to around, such also not white waste day, boarding Qian 2 hours need to Shanghai Pudong airport, Shanghai Pudong airport within has day Shang duty-free shop, if to buy cosmetics of visitors, in day Shang duty-free shop within buy cosmetics also is is deal of.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

We of flights belongs to spring aviation, everyone of impression in the, spring Aviation of seat will compared narrow, height 188 of I certainly sat with is uncomfortable, so added has 140 Yuan for has emergency channel near of seat, space will slightly big is, spring flights of luggage box limited heavy also will compared small, only 15 kg, but in domestic said heavy of when, not is Shang carry carry of items, if from Thailand back is ride spring words, will is Shang with Shang aircraft of items of weight has. Spring Airlines has a characteristic is in the process of air navigation, the crew would recommend their products to passengers, my wife did not have the temptation to buy 2 boxes mask.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand
Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

After less than 4-hour flight, we arrived in Thailand suvarnabhumi international airport in Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is now a total of 2 airports, suvarnabhumi international airport is a new airport. Get off the plane, you need to fill out the entry form, fill out entry form has a special place in the Hall, will fill in the arrival area of the table, there are lots of Chinese tourists, what problems can help each other.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

In addition, there will be a lot of currency conversion and ATM, but has also said that the exchange rate just a little.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

Spring Aviation of aircraft no free of aircraft meal, arrived Bangkok of time and just is dinner time, so we entry Hou first pieces do of things is to airport restaurant eat dinner, airport restaurant somewhat like Shanghai of “big food generation”, various Thai type of fast food rendering in front, basic each species dishes of price in 60-100 Thai baht within, equivalent to Yuan 20 Yuan within, also is is cheap of, seems this Thailand of line must will eat fat many.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand
Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand
Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

Late supper time, our hotel is Bangkok Palace Hotel, Palace Hotel is about 45 minutes from the airport to Bangkok, Bangkok Palace Hotel offers complete facilities, restaurant, cafe, bar, swimming pool and the environment is clean. Each room daily 2 bottles of water, and water are bottled in glass, as Thailand hotels are very eco-friendly, using plastic bottles. Each room will have a simple cleaning supplies and Water Kettle if passengers need a hairdryer, you need to call the front desk, hair dryer and a waitress within 5 minutes away. Hotel guests also receive breakfast vouchers, restaurant with free buffet breakfast in the morning.

Winter in the country can still wear short sleeves, because we are in Thailand

Our hotel is very central, place luggage, can go to the night market in Bangkok shopping, Bangkok road is not very wide, basic 2 lane streets is more narrow, Thailand the drivers are more civilized, rarely honk, so walking down the street, watching behind any vehicle you want, so as not to block the driver ahead.

SEVEN ELEVEN Thailand everywhere, many tourists can buy dried fruit or “big brother” Nori rolls to take home for a friend, and what SEVEN ELEVEN is still pretty cheap. Thailand’s street vendors are also a major feature, most appeals to me is the banana bin, with butter fried banana bread, top scattered with condensed milk or chocolate sauce was delicious, the price is very cheap, 30-40 baht, RMB equivalent of 6-8.

Thai type massage is Thailand of another a big features, basic to Thailand of visitors will to enjoy Thai type massage, a to night, feasting of street next everywhere are can found massage shop, massage shop of price is relative unified, body massage basic in 200-300 Thai baht within, massage time for 1 hours, if to some top waist or more rich of massage, that price on will again your is. After the massage, remember to tip the massage master Oh, 20 baht is OK, when I went to massage master asked them 100 Baht, which is dirty business. Need to be reminded of is that massage is not necessarily good, because massage is in point, press once a week is OK, some visitors know Thai massage is good, and cheap, on a daily basis, it’s not good for your body only. Massage finished, wash away the day’s fatigue, is tourism really began the next day.



Thailand Royal Hall
> Chao Phraya River water in the world
> Jade Buddha Temple
> Grand Palace > Zhaopayamingzhu

A good night’s sleep, travel started in Bangkok, after getting up in the morning, buffet breakfast is served in the restaurant of the hotel voucher, you can go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, and also many kinds of breakfast, porridge, bread, noodles, fried rice, and so on, there are sausages, beef, muscle, poached egg mix, new day stored energy.

Thailand Royal Hall

We of trip in the, first a attractions is Thailand Royal Royal Hall, also can called “anandashamakong Royal Royal Hall”, has “Thailand White House of said”, is is located in law real County of important building, this is Thai Emperor and Queen of anandashamakong Palace, accept congratulated reigned 60 annual from 25 a national of King and the Royal members blessing of place, it is Bangkok law real Palace within interview Hall, Hou was to Museum and exists. The architectural style used on Italy and neo-classical buildings of the Renaissance, let people in to see her “shock” as the word they eventually feel. Pity that, when we go, Thailand Royal Hotel is in the closing period, exclusive, so can only be outside and enjoy the clubhouse scene.

Chao Phraya River water in the world

Waters of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok is Bangkok water an important location for trade between the two sides, but now the water no longer exist on the market, is now open for visitors is just the Chao Phraya River Cruise, enjoy the scenery along the Chao Phraya River. Locals in Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River cruise ships can be considered local transport, cruise ship is very low, boat speed, water will splash in the Chao Phraya River to the tourists who, so I do not suggest that you sit next to the boat, because the water in the Chao Phraya River is quite dirty. When cruise, there will be vendors to “sell” the local tourists, anyway, as long as 20 baht, buy a bunch, take a few pictures to remember is still pretty good.

As a tourist, rode in the boat a little excitement, but pay attention to safety, bezel because cruise is still pretty low, large waves of the Chao Phraya River, the river often splashes, electronic devices or to put in place to avoid water.

Lunch we were dining in a restaurant near the Chao Phraya River, and buffets, and definitely filling.

Jade Buddha Temple

After lunch, we will go to Thailand very famous Jade Buddha Temple, since it is a must-visit attractions, so the number of tourists is very much. Visit the Jade Buddha to note: don’t wear shorts, sleeveless, ladies wear skirts below the knee, if worn, there are many vendors selling scarves at the door, dressed in colorful Thai can enter, scarf around price 100 Baht.

Tickets: tickets for 400 baht of the Jade Buddha Temple.

Thailand is a 90% national Buddhist above country, temples in Thailand can be said to be everywhere, this, movie in the setting of the embarrassing show a lot. Thailand’s Jade Buddha Temple was built in 1784, Wat Phra Kaew is Thailand Grand Palace part of the area around the Grand Palace 1/4. Wat Phra Kaew is Thailand Royal family dedicated to Jade Buddha statues and ritual places, is so named because houses Jade Buddha Temple. Temple Jade Buddha Hall, Wang Dian, Buddha’s temple, Sutra, the Bell Tower and the URN. Jade Buddha Hall is the main building of Wat Phra Kaew, in the middle of the main hall of Shrine dedicated to Thailand as a national treasure of the Jade Buddha.

When we went to visit the Jade Buddha Temple, Thailand’s Royal family was just within the Jade Buddha Hall worship, so visitors are not allowed in, luck is so bad, first Royal Guild Hall Museum, then for the Jade Buddha Hall are barred, but part of the Jade Buddha Jade Buddha Temple, the rest of the building really is to give visitors gaped so lavish temples, also in Thailand can be seen.

Grand Palace

Big Palace is by many of complex composition, has 28 seat fine building, accounted for to area 218,400 square meters; which has four fine of Grand building: respectively is section base Palace, and law real Palace, and amalingong and Jade Buddha Temple; big palace complex in of building and gorgeous, painting art, carved technique, color draws, decorative process, building style, are is world most, deeply States visitors of appreciates and welcomes. Grand Palace, built in 1876, is Thailand’s largest Imperial Palace, known as the Grand Palais. Now, the large Royal Palace except for the coronation, court celebrations and other ceremonies and activities, usually open, Thailand famous tour place.

Note: the Grand Palace is, after all, Thailand’s Royal Palace, the appearance of photos available, but also and the palace guards and take pictures, but the inside region cannot be photographed, this is Thailand a respect of the Royal family.

Tickets for tickets to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew is the ticket, so visitors to buy tickets to the Jade Buddha Temple, you do not need to buy tickets to the Grand Palace.

Zhaopayamingzhu number

Zhaopayamingzhu, is a ship Chao Phraya River Shang of sightseeing ship, ship Shang also provides catering service, night will has 2 class ship, first class is 5 points around began, cruise time for 1.5 hours, in this 1.5 hours within, ship Shang will provides dinner to visitors, because this ship cruise hospitality of most are is China visitors, so provides of food demand also is is big of, like we such of young basic in ship Shang eat what, also also some small of singing project. Eat a good dinner, you can stand on the bow, and enjoy the views of the Chao Phraya River.

Zhaopayamingzhu, Shang of dinner just is some General of food, to meet we this foodie, night returned to hotel, slightly acting about things, we will continues to to walk in Bangkok of street, find has a compared has features of Thai type restaurant enjoy supper, said Thai type of dishes, winter Yin work seafood soup is most famous of, Thailand of each home restaurant within will has, again points several small food and a copies pineapple seafood rice, a meal supper on easily get, Thai type dish of volume also pretty foot of, we this meal supper, is down dish 800 degrees Thai baht , 150 Yuan for more than one point, Thailand’s consumption was very low.



Tropical long Hu garden > Mini freak city

Tourism of third days, we is from Bangkok to Pattaya, I has a habits, each to a seat city, always find day to feel it of morning, third days morning up of compared early, I wife also in sleep, I a people for good clothes, to Bangkok of street within go has a, personally experience to Bangkok of morning, Bangkok locals to livelihoods, from early will began kick with, roadside assessment of breakfast is attract people, Bangkok of caused, so kick, is and so quiet.

Because we are with the group, so you don’t have to worry about Bangkok to Pattaya by car problems, from Bangkok to Pattaya, whole 2 hours or so.

If there is any free, walking from the East bus station in Bangkok more convenient, BTS in the E7 (Ekamai), from the 2nd exit (Exit 2) down at the intersection is the Eastern Bus Terminal, the first ticket sold tickets to Pattaya, direct (Non-stop) air-conditioned bus fare 134B, two hours by car. Air-conditioned buses daily from 6:00 to 20:30, and leaves every half hour, last train to 22:00. Return from Pattaya Beach Road opened the Regent Marina Hotel, from 6:00 to 20:00, every half hour class, last train to 21:00. Fare: one way 90-128 Thai baht, from 180-240 baht.

Tropical long Hu garden

Dragon Tiger Zoo is Thailand one of the most famous tropical gardens, the Dragon and the Tiger Park located near Pattaya, sriracha, is an educational and fun set of environmental and ecological protection, wildlife protection, high-tech farming and tourism and leisure as one of the tourist attractions. The Dragon and the Tiger Park was founded in 1989, has more than 20 years of time, developing breeding crocodiles for more than 100,000 articles; tame and in close contact with the Tiger has more than 300 pieces available, artificial breeding is the highest in the world.

Park view to performances of a tiger and the Tiger photo, photographed and to feed baby tiger and Tiger needs to charge, shoot 200 baht, feeding 500 baht, sometimes a little tiger had enough, not fed; in addition to pig racing and pigs do arithmetic, and crocodile shows, both of which are free. Crocodile show worth watching, the breeder would put his head in an alligator’s mouth, very thrilling, if necessary and crocodile photos of visitors, fee is 200 baht. Long Hu garden tickets for 350 baht, after the purchase will be given a number card, need to be attached to the body.

Mini freak city

Shemale, is Thailand’s distinctive skyline, from Bangkok to Pattaya, will go through a mini freak city, is not so much shemale, I think it was more like a bazaar, because only the middle of the stage area, there will be a cabaret, the rest of the rest are small shops that trafficking in Thailand products. Mini shemale shemale photo project in the city, and shemale photo’s consumption is 20 baht, although said to be shemale, but they were warm, when my friend went and shemale photo, also under a lot of my friend in the face, micro-signals also asked my friend, scared my friends.

Dinner on the third day, also in shemale in town to eat, very ordinary meal because you can stay in hotels Pattaya later, near a lot of snacks, such as banana bread, the whole trip, I eat a banana every day cake.

About Bangkok’s adult show, we should all know that Pattaya’s nightlife is very rich, particularly Thailand featured adult shows, adult show in my travels is not introduced, everybody got to Pattaya, to travel independently, is in need of attention, watch adult shows do not carry a cell phone to enter, otherwise they will be confiscated by the security personnel. Adult tickets for the show will be more expensive to buy, and can be bought online, to get there again to Exchange e-ticket if bought online, a subject that is about 150 Yuan, to buy, to 1500 baht, which is 300 RMB.



Island sands
> Siam Princess > Pattaya night market

Pattaya is Thailand’s seaside city, the fourth day of good weather, so the blue of the sea in the Sun’s radiation is, standing on the shore, you can see the sea has a lot of entertainment.

Water Shang glide umbrella platform, in whole Pattaya ya waters, this platform has good multiple, in here can for water Shang glide umbrella project of play, because I and I wife in Mauritius of when play of too more has, so on Pattaya of on not interested in has, but I friends also is is wants to play of, so we on is responsible for photo has, he play of when, we also can appreciate whole Pattaya di ya waters of landscape, Sun, sea, sky, this is we wants to of tourism. Glide umbrella of costs for 500 Thai baht a circle, if people less of when, you can and he bargain, had was cut to 600 Thai baht 3 circle of, glide umbrella started of when, need demo of visitors followed with run, or is easy fell, once fell, knee on will was knock broken, so age big of visitors I on not recommended you to play glide umbrella has.

Island sands

Jin Sha island is a small island located in the Pattaya area, Golden Sands on the island, you can freely enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. You can not only under the bright blue skies, swim in the crystal clear sea, where you can also enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as riding a jet ski, enjoy the stimulation of jet skis. Of course you can also sunbathe on the beach, it is very comfortable. You can also pitch a tent, an unforgettable seaside barbecue. Golden sand beach on the island is a diving destination, you can rent a boat to enjoy diving or fishing in the sea. Golden sand beach on the island is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset. You can find a beach restaurant, tasting the food while enjoying the beautiful sands island and moving.

Water play tired, remember to add water, Thailand’s fruits are excellent, very sweet and also very cheap.

Siam Princess

Princess of Siam and Oriental Princess is Pattaya’s popular cruise ship, visitors need to take the ferry boat to Princess daxianluo Princess or the East. Cruise Shang gathered with large of shemale, also called Thailand shemale of training camp, except shemale, ship Shang also provides dinner, except fish zhiwai, other of are is Chang eat, just dishes really of is general like, beer drink, visitors are may on shemale of interest big too food’s, dinner began Hou, shemale will gradually debut for performances, and shemale photo of environment visitors are are is excited, and a Zhang shadow is 20 Thai baht, compared enthusiasm of shemale also will let you of hand to feel those silicone, said truth some shemale also really of is like woman Oh.

Pattaya night market

Pattaya di ya of night market and Bangkok of night market is not as, Pattaya di ya of night market to bar entertainment mainly, each bar within will has sexy of bar girl to attract customer, like bubble’s of visitors in here can HIGH makes, Pattaya of style street has 1 km of long, whole article Street are is bar, will can imagine to Pattaya di ya of night market is how of passion. If bar is not interested visitors can find a massage in this street style shops rest and relaxation, or a fish store, and remove your fatigue.

Pattaya is a coastal city, so seafood needs to taste, shark’s fin, snow jelly, crab, now remembered simply mouth watering, this seafood meal fee of 200 Yuan, and there are many famous people have eaten this seafood, so when an atmosphere.

Fourth days of trip is Thailand Tourism most interesting of part, Pattaya di ya is a very enthusiasm, also very passion of city, can play, can see of things very more, these entertainment project in domestic is rarely see, or is see not to of, this day everyone are play of is happy, also play of is tired, night returned to hotel, can to massage once, or to Thailand compared famous of fish therapy, price also is cheap, such day of fatigue also will get relax.



Gold Silver Spoon
> Tropical fruit garden > Star Bangkok ladyboy show

The fifth day, also in Thailand the last day, we remained in Pattaya during the day, not just Pattaya entertainment, there are many other attractions are also worth a visit.

Gold Silver Spoon

In Pattaya, there was a Manor, is Thailand Chinese richest spent 1.4 billion baht to build, and Taiwan version of Meteor Garden view, that is gold with a silver spoon. Gold-rich houses built close to the sea, its extraordinary style, Seiko fine cut carvings can be seen everywhere, multicolored gems mosaic art how to make people wonder. Thailand people is proud of this, Manor’s richest man used to for people to watch.

Pattaya blue sky added to the beautiful manor, into the yard, a stretch of Chinese and Western flower, flower bed surrounded by Angel, lining up into the third floor Hall, tulips painted roof, porch of orchids, especially the corridor whose hilly, gives us the shock, but within the House Interior, wonder where the rich character.

Take the battery, in the garden after a mildly and came to a Hall on the right, the former Office of the Thai King’s large portrait hanging on the wall, the wall on the other side, Thailand King and members of the Royal family around the world in Thailand photo occupies the entire wall, the left side of the Hall, is placed a fruit buffet lounge.

Into the inner courtyard, is a large conference hall-style houses, made of pure gold of the Manor’s most famous Wang Hai-yin Buddha Hall of pop, tall goddess gold dress, Goddess of mercy seat of pure Jin Lianpeng, Lotus diamond and represents the whole Sapphire pool enough people are amazed. Many visitors take.

Out of the Hall, outside of the garden flowers, two golden lion statues standing in a garden outside the door, a fountain decorated with beautiful Sea Garden, looking back in the garden, rounded roof and Chinese cultures. A rich and luxurious garden, people lamented the rich are different from ordinary people’s values.

Tropical fruit orchard

Visit finished gold rich housing, whole Pattaya di ya of trip also end has, we and from Pattaya di ya prepared returned to Bangkok, returned to Bangkok of way, we after a tropical fruit Park, to here of visitors fruit, except Durian zhiwai, remaining of fruit can free Chang eat, for like fruit of we for, really of is mouse fell into meters pit has, called waiter added fruit times, eat not finished of banana, and papaya, and pineapple, and watermelon.

Bangkok star shemale show

Returned to Bangkok, also has one shemale show in waiting for with we, this is this travel in the last of once shemale show, but Bangkok of shemale show and Pattaya di ya than, to poor many, shemale of Yan value not high, and photo of costs and your, I personal is think price not high of, but in see shemale show zhiqian, can eat a meal Chang eat of pot. I suggest you spend time on shopping street in Bangkok, Bangkok, buy some local specialties.



Thailand Tourism on the last day, in fact, only half of the time, as is afternoon flight, so only play again in the morning. A long time ago, Thailand had snakes, and now Thailand snake medicine research has been very thorough, Thailand is also one of the few countries can produce a snake medicine, last day, we went to have a look at in the morning Thailand snake culture. Bare-handed catch snake Kung Fu, giving visitors stunned. But some time ago with Chinese tourists and snake playing “Kiss” when bitten by a snake bite, not recommended for visitors to experience, performance is OK.

Arrive at the airport, Thailand 6 days 5 nights tour will be over, returning the plane, if it is spring and autumn, unchecked items will weigh, if you go, you can get your boarding pass and a weight, it can be removed from the excess baggage charge. Through the security check, if foreigners there at the King power duty-free shop shopping, remember to take delivery. The duty-free shop at the airport, although there are many items you can buy, but estimates are all there is nothing more to buy, obediently waiting for boarding.

Tour summary

This Thailand 6 days 5 nights of travel, I deeply understand that Thailand culture, life, history, religion, and entertainment, I found that Thailand is a country that is worth a visit, for the following reasons.

Portability: domestic departures, Thailand 4 hours of flight time, time is not long; Thailand has many local Chinese language not to worry, when language is not a barrier, that tourism will become very smooth.

Low consumption: Thailand’s spending power is very low, compared to what country is cheap, my wife and I both, for a total of 15000 baht, there should not, eat cheap, something cheap, shopping is cheaper than domestic.

Entertainment: Thailand is not the only freak show, there is the beach project, night markets, and even the future will explore the jungles in Chiang Mai, Phuket waters, these are young people like.

Passion: Thailand is a country that likes to smile, “sawadika” represents their enthusiasm, tourists go there, do not feel constrained, we treat each other with courtesy, will feel that this is a real tourist.

If this is the first time I went to Thailand, I suggest with the group tour, first understand Thailand’s local culture, living conditions, wait until the next time, you can free, because Thailand has an understanding of cultural environment. Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand tour began, and Chiang Mai, Phuket and waiting for you.