“Yunnan” image · first, Lijiang

Is still fully in mind at first, Lijiang airport, sunny atmosphere of joy and relief. My self-talk and hears everything will be wonderful, so I’ll keep to foil that good with a sincere smile.

Millions of people go to Lijiang, and love those “travel day” and “funky” love those “zhú Lán Chair” and “Siheyuan”, love the “bridges” and “man and nature” loved those “enthusiastic tone” “national culture”. I don’t know quotes these words, how much of it is truly and faithfully reflect the so-called went to worship the “Humanities”. Many visitors think when you enjoy the purest form of cultural influence, perhaps warm reception did their “Naxi” are now back off clothes, holding a copy of the encyclopedia of Naxi people are cramming for tomorrow how to prepare summary of Naxi people pretending to recruit business. Before going to the Tibetan region, in Lijiang spent 11 days, so I thought I was better than most of the so-called “self help” “depth” visitors ‘ understanding is deeper and more real.

When early into the city, I’m just curious to wander, capturing 100 corners 10,000 kinds of fragrance.

“7 days, 1300 kilometers” Langmusi Jiuzhai gǎng

I lived the first Inn. (Before and after Lijiang Dayan lived for a total of three Inns)

Sunny afternoon, lock out, finally once don’t have to try to maintain their usual sense of direction and time, but a lazy walk and try to get lost.

Ancient stone bridge Street singer to sing very emotional, sounds nice.

Sifang Street is the ancient city Dayan hinterland (actually is in every city hinterland).

Sifang Street is full of lots of supermarkets, restaurants, the casual visitor center. Along the street out of the Northeast, is the East Main Street, sees Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stands in the North.

May the blessing of snow for the sake of the Jade Dragon snow mountain in the century of the United States must. The biggest snow in the history, black Tu Tu Yu long in previous years, this year under the clear sky of the Pan are light blue and white. It is no wonder that when I first saw her, a very, very happy.

Is parallel to the bar street and East Avenue. Calculated to bring tourists to “which match to Wang Huan” atmosphere are pushed out, to express their own “paradise on Earth” theme. This is my least favorite places in Lijiang, but red lanterns and silly song of the night was also very interesting.

Totem is the bird of the Naxi people, since matrilineal clans evolved. Female image were only hard on most of the folk crafts.

No shortage of food in Lijiang, although many of these were arranged for the visitors, but also carefully studied, also will find no less delicious.

Naxi arts and crafts products, is a real craft.

Bar street, not at night, but kept quiet.

Flowers, streams flow.

Wen Chang Temple, Lion Rock, Twilight city panorama.

Just like that, or perhaps modification of heaven after I quiet my on a piece of paper, it is always the perfect paradise.