4 Ways To Save Money At Lowe’s

We have spent thousands of dollars at Lowe’s the past few months while we build our house.  I will show you the 4 ways we have saved hundreds of dollars (without shopping the clearance rack) of at least 5% savings per purchase!  They are all pretty easy and only require a little proactive effort.

Similar methods might work for other hardware stores like Home Depot, but Lowe’s is the only chain in our town so I know these work with them for sure. Lowe’s the past few months while we build our house.  I will show you the four ways we have saved hundreds of dollars (without shopping the clearance rack) of at least 5% savings per purchase!  They are all pretty easy and only require a little proactive effort.

1. Order Coupons From eBay

My wife looks for good deals on building materials nearly every day on the internet, especially Craigslist & eBay.  But you cannot buy everything secondhand & people only have so many leftovers from their own projects.  The next best option is to look for discounts on what you need to buy from a store.

All you need to do is type Lowe’s Coupons into the search box at eBay & it will come up with several search results with pictures of coupons like the image below.  The listings always change, but the option she purchased was ten 10% off coupons for $30.  We have used these on most of our purchases so it was definitely $30 well spent.

Ways To Save Money At Lowe's

One Of The Coupons We Received

Some items to look out for if you decide to purchase coupons this way:

  1. Expiration Date
    1. Pay attention to the expiration date.  We bought our coupons in March & had two months before they expired.  Buying a bunch of coupons in late April that expires on May 15th, might not be the best strategy to save money.
  2. Coupon Codes Only Good Once
    1. I personally wouldn’t buy a coupon from eBay if the picture is like the one attached that has the 16-digit code visible.  These coupons can also be used for online orders, so somebody could try the code & get the 10% coupon on one of the coupons you ordered.
      1. This is why most of the pictures hide the numbers and barcode.  To keep savings hackers from getting a “free ride.”
      2. Try entering the discount code for this coupon.  I doubt it will work as I used it for a purchase right after I took the picture.

**See how else we have saved money using eBay**

2. Project Starter Coupons

Another way we saved money was contacting Lowe’s Customer Care.  My wife sent them a message that basically went to this effect:

Lowe’s Customer Care,

Hi, my name is __________ and we’re building our house. We plan on doing a lot of business at your local store in City, State. Do you have any coupons or project specials we can use during the building process?

As a result, they mailed us a Project Starter Coupon that was “$100 off a $1000 purchase.”

So we found $1011 worth of merchandise and got a $100 discount.  We did have to use this coupon in person, the fine print says it can be used in-store or online but it kept giving us a rejection code when we tried to place an online pickup order.

This coupon expired about a month after we received it so you will need act fast & not stuff it in the drawer.

Lowe’s might offer different spending thresholds depending on your project (I’m unfamiliar with their policy).  If they don’t offer a coupon, the only thing it cost you was your time.  But, if you have to spend the money anyways it can’t hurt to try, right?

3. Cashback Portals

I love cashback portals because “you get paid to shop online.”  If you order online, it’s possible to get 1% back with either of the two apps listed below:

  • Giving Assistant. Receive payment when your rewards balance reaches $5.01. They have a web browser extension which makes sure you never miss a cash back opportunity. But they don’t have a mobile app.
  • TopCashback Has a mobile app that makes it easier to shop from your phone. You also get a redemption bonus when redeeming your rewards for Amazon gift cards. They don’t have a web browser extension.

Both apps are easy to use. Make sure you complete your purchase through their special shopping session to get cash back.

As of January 2019, Lowe’s no longer partners with any of the cashback portals. Unless you can find a random online discount code that happens to work. You can’t use Ebates to get bonus cash rewards on your online purchases.

4. Lowe’s Credit Card

I saved this option for last because Lowe’s does actively promote this “money-saving” way.  Credit cards should be used with caution as you all know.  Any purchases made with this card get a 5% discount.  Except when you use a different coupon, then you only get the coupon discount.

Even if we don’t get the additional discount, we still have been charging our purchases to this card.  It allows us to track all our Lowe’s purchases from one source.  I keep a running spreadsheet with every purchase since we purchased the building permit, but some expenses fall through the cracks when you pay different people using checks or credit cards.  This is one instance (for me) when credit card hacks are not worth the hassle.

I’m not a big fan of store credit cards, but this one has helped us save money & we pay the balance off each month.  It’s convenient when you do not have any coupons & know that you still save 5%.


So you probably didn’t know that saving money was this easy!

Every option requires a little initial effort, but we were going to spend the money anyway so it was worth it to us.  Sometimes the discount was the primary reason we decided to purchase from Lowe’s.  We do not buy everything we need from Lowe’s, but we have been able to get some sweet deals beyond shopping their clearance sections.

How have you saved money on your DIY projects?


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