Since high school (& college) graduations are happening across the country over the next few weeks, this article would be my message to the graduating class of 2017 (if I was invited to be a speaker). I know several readers of Money Buffalo are taking a different, more cost-effective approachContinue Reading

Parents with college-aged children have several financial expenses to juggle.  They might have younger children at home to clothe and feed, plus they are frantically scurrying like a squirrel before winter paying off a home mortgage and saving for retirement, in addition to helping their child pay for college.  TheContinue Reading

It is almost expected in 21st Century America that high school graduates need a college education of some variety.  Let’s face it, you need a post-secondary education for virtually any occupation that pays above the minimum wage.  You might even need a college diploma just to be invited to an interviewContinue Reading