It might seem a little too early to start thinking about 2020, but, let’s admit it, life is a blur from Thanksgiving until New Year’s.  As it can be real easy to primarily focus on the negativity around us, there are still lots of blessings that many of us canContinue Reading

For this week’s post, I encourage you to head over to Dollar Diligence where I wrote about How Being Frugal Allowed Me to Switch Careers. In case you haven’t caught a theme on this blog. My wife and I crave frugality. By keeping our expenses as low as possible eachContinue Reading

So I might ruffle a few feathers with this post as it seems like everybody LOVES Amazon. Even people in my own family are Prime members. And, they have to be doing something right for a single share of stock to be worth $1,000. So let me tell you whyContinue Reading

A topic that my wife and I have talked about several times a month for maybe the last year has been if communities still exist. In my own opinion, community, has taken on a different approach in the digital age. While I’m certain communities still do exist, they aren’t as commonContinue Reading

Hey everybody!  One of the primary reasons I started Money Buffalo was to help tell others how my wife & I effectively managed our money to change careers and “settle down” into a less stressful lifestyle.  The decision to make these changes didn’t just happen overnight.  I didn’t quit myContinue Reading