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Apple’s AirTag is not a revolutionary new product. Rather, it’s a significant refinement of an idea that, up until now, has been fairly niche. It works very, very well, but it works so well it seems to undermine Apple’s attempts to focus its products on privacy and security. We spentContinue Reading

There are many different kinds of tents available on the market today. Today we will talk about two types that people use often. Pop up tents became very popular among campers and hikers since they are easy to pitch. Meanwhile, cabin tents have a different story. Families and groups loveContinue Reading

We recently returned from a two-week excursion across the United States and drove 5,250 miles in a rental car. To save some cash, we booked one of the numerous Hotwire rental car deals. While it was a relief not having to drive our decade-old vehicle with 160k miles on it,Continue Reading

If you’re reaching the end of your career and inching closer to retirement, you probably have some pretty exciting plans ahead of you. Perhaps you’re looking forward to spending some time out on the golf course, or maybe you’re planning on taking up oil painting. Whatever it is you’re doing—Continue Reading

Travel is only for the rich, right? Between flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, food, and fun, the expenses of travel can really add up. How can you think about spending money on all of these travel expenses when there are bills to pay and kids to send to school? NotContinue Reading