Generation: Freedom–A Business Documentary for Teens and Adults

Documentary movies, teens, and young adults are three terms that don’t always mesh well together. So, I naturally flinched when I was asked to view a 21st-century entrepreneurship documentary titled Generation: Freedom.

But, being a freelancer for three years, I’ve run across the stories of several of these entrepreneurs and figured this puppy would be legit:

  • Pat Flynn
  • Paula Pant
  • Stephen Chou
  • Chris Huntley

There are a few other contributors with compelling stories you can enjoy as well.

While this video isn’t solely intended for people under the age of 25, after watching Generation: Freedom, I feel they have the most to gain from watching this video and applying the advice from the various presenters. After all, how likely are you going to become an entrepreneur when you have a relatively stable job with benefits and a family to feed.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t become an entrepreneur if you’re older. In fact, this video can be the motivation you need to launch your own business or even go out on your own.

What to Expect from Generation: Freedom

There isn’t a magic formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur but there are a few common denominators:

  • Hard work
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Learning from trial and error

Generation: Freedom is a 90-minute video that helps walk you through the basics of what it takes to start a physical or digital business. The documentary has a good flow and has lots of substance. It’s also filmed with high-quality video and audio quality, so it’s not someone’s afterthought to make a quick buck by promising to make you rich but failing to follow through.

While I know a decent amount about being self-employed (my wife and I are both self-employed in different niches), I haven’t made it to the big time as the 17 mentors interviewed have. So, it’s safe to say that I learned a few things too.

Why Teens and College Students Should Watch This Film

Now it’s time for my anti-traditional American college experience rant.

I’m not against college, but I’m against the mentality and expectation that everybody needs at least a bachelor’s degree to be successful. Or, thinking that working fast food or retail is the only way to make money during summer break.

Instead of watching movies and playing video games in my free time, I wish I would have taken online side hustles more seriously as life could have played out differently from an employment standpoint at least.

While watching this film, the thought that came to my mind is that it’s perfect to watch during those final weeks of each high school year when the state requires students to attend number of school hours each year even though all the standardized testing and final grades are already posted.

Plus, this could be something to show college freshmen who are trying to declare a major still.

What I Like About Generation: Freedom

  • Lots of successful mentors from various physical and digital niches
  • Does a good job of walking you through the different steps of planning, launching, and executing your idea
  • Watching a 90-minute video can be more effective than reading free online content
  • It only costs $19….this is pretty reasonable as similar courses can costs at least $50 for similar content

What I Dislike About Generation: Freedom

My biggest hesitation for recommending is the foul language in the last five minutes. There are several four-letter words that would have caused me to put a bar of soap in my mouth if I said them as a child. I’m probably the exception to the rule on this topic, as these words are more common in everyday vernacular.

The production team asked for the guests to keep language at a minimum, so the last few minutes aren’t like the rest of the film. If you’re a teacher or parent showing this in class, you can prescreen the movie and make a note of when to cut it off.

Otherwise, I think it’s worth watching to catch the spark that you don’t have to hold a corporate job in today’s world to be successful and earn a reliable and steady income.


You can purchase Generation: Freedom online for $19. It’s worth a watch if you or somebody you know what’s to blaze their own entreprenuerial trail but doesn’t exactly know how. This movie is best for beginners with zero or minimal experience in this arena.

Generation Freedom

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